Against the Gods - Chapter 368 - Drawn Swords and Armed Bows

Chapter 368 - Drawn Swords and Armed Bows

Chapter 368 - Drawn Swords and Armed Bows

The moment Feng Xichen’s words fell, the atmosphere in the great hall instantly froze. Tense gazes focused on Yun Che one after another.

Truthfully, no one felt it was strange that Feng Xichen would suddenly target Yun Che. Because in the Ranking Tournament two years ago, Yun Che had exposed his Phoenix’s flames. And only people who were attached to the Divine Phoenix Sect and possessed the Phoenix’s bloodline, were capable of wielding Phoenix flames!

The Phoenix’s bloodline was where the Divine Phoenix Sect’s soul was located, and it was also something the entire sect would unhesitantly exhaust everything to protect. They would definitely not allow this soul and bloodline be leaked outside. Hence, unless Yun Che was a genuine disciple of the Divine Phoenix Sect, the moment the news of him possessing the Phoenix’s bloodline spread, the Divine Phoenix Sect would definitely come knocking on his doorstep one day.

And this day, had finally come.

And the person who came, impressively, was even the prince of the Divine Phoenix Empire, the Divine Phoenix Sect’s Young Master-cla.s.s figure! When he was facing Yun Che, his words were even straight to the point, immediately referring to the word “bloodline”.

Xia Qingyue’s snow-like face turned slightly solemn, Chu Yueli’s arched brows heavily sank as well. Cang Wanhe’s expression, was even more so, changing constantly… However, regarding the Divine Phoenix Sect’s bloodline, even if he was the Blue Wind Emperor, he had absolutely no right to speak up. He could only look towards Yun Che, with a gaze carrying deep worry… Currently, he could only wish that Yun Che’s “Phoenix’s bloodline” was just a misunderstanding. After all, although outsiders had spread that the flames Yun Che used were Phoenix’s flames, Yun Che had never admitted it, and it might just be similar.

Yun Che’s expression, however, was incomparably calm. With a flat tone, he said. “Oh? A grave matter related to your sect’s bloodline? That’s something I can’t understand. I, Yun Che grew up in Blue Wind Empire’s soil, my bloodline comes from my parents, and they had never left the Blue Wind Empire in their life, nor had they taken even half a step into the Divine Phoenix Empire. How could I even have the slightest relations.h.i.+p to your Divine Phoenix Sect’s bloodline?”

“Junior, cut with your pretense!” The black clothed elder behind Feng Xichen took a step forward, saying with a stern tone. “My Divine Phoenix Sect’s bloodline is incomparably valuable, ever since the creation of the sect, protecting our Phoenix’s bloodline had always been our sect’s number one priority, and we would definitely not allow the slightest bit of our bloodline to be leaked outside. Even if the people of sect were to marry with an outsider, their future generations would have to forever stay in the Phoenix Divine Sect as well. We never allowed the slightest bit of compromise when it comes to matters regarding our bloodline.”

“As for you… At the Ranking Tournament in Blue Wind Empire two years ago, everyone present had all personally witnessed you using Phoenix flames! And only by possessing the Phoenix’s bloodline, can one light up the flames of the Phoenix! Your body clearly carries the Phoenix’s bloodline. It can be a.s.sumed that you should be a b.a.s.t.a.r.d child left outside by an extremely audacious disciple from the sect!”

“That’s right.” The red clothed elder slowly nodded, his gaze was like a hook. “If it’s not because you possessed our Divine Phoenix Sect’s bloodline, how could a small little pract.i.tioner like you who grew up in Blue Wind without any background from any sect, possess the shocking, overbearing talent to suppress all of the Blue Wind’s youths in the Ranking Tournament? Hmph, for you to be able to acquire your achievements till this day, the Phoenix’s bloodline that your body carries is the best explanation!! In front of the G.o.dsent strength of the Divine Phoenix, the other so-called sects’ lineage, or one-in-a-hundred-year geniuses, are basically incomparable to even dog’s s.h.i.+t. For you to be capable of acquiring the top position of this Blue Wind Empire’s Ranking Tournament, is truly perfectly normal!”

Although the two’s words were blurted out, they incomparably clearly projected overbearing arrogance, and their contempt and disdain towards the Blue Wind pract.i.tioners. Anger instantly rose in the hearts of several pract.i.tioners present, however, they dared to be furious, yet, they did not dare to speak up. Because putting their feelings aside, their words were basically the truth. In front of the almighty strength of the Divine Phoenix Sect, the entire profound pract.i.tioning world within the Blue Wind Empire was basically not worth mentioning at all. Not just that, several people present had always suspected whether the reason why Yun Che’s talent was so shocking, was because he possessed the Divine Phoenix Sect’s phoenix bloodline.

Feng Xichen’s eyes lightly blinked. Waving his jade fan lightly, he leisurely said. “Alright now, you two do not need to be so impatient. It’s the wedding of the Blue Wind Emperor’s daughter today, if everyone were to be disturbed because of this, then we will be the ones in the wrong. Yun Che, I believe you definitely understand what we’re trying to bring across. The matter of whether your body possesses the Phoenix’s bloodline is extremely important to my Divine Phoenix Sect, hence, this prince requires a little bit of your blood. Once your blood is in this prince’s hands, whether you possess the Phoenix’s bloodline will be clear at a glance. Then, are you prepared to draw your blood yourself, or do you want this prince to help you release some blood?”

The great hall’s atmosphere instantly became even more oppressed. Cang Wanhe took a step forward, opened his mouth, but he was unable to let out a single sound. In the huge matter regarding the Divine Phoenix Sect’s bloodline, he had no right to speak up at all.

The corner of Yun Che’s lips moved, smiling lightly. “My skin and hair were given by my parents, the ones with the rights to take my blood, are only my loved ones. The two of us are neither friend nor foe, and we’re far from being familiar with each other… so what rights do you have to ask of me to give my blood to you?!”

The moment these words fell, everyone was surprised in their hearts. After the Burning Heaven Clan was exterminated, Yun Che’s tyrannical and overbearing ways was rooted deeply in everyone’s hearts. However, no one had expected that when Yun Che was facing the prince of the Divine Phoenix Sect, his manner of speaking would actually be as unyielding as before. Forget about being humble, he was not even the least bit courteous.

“Insolence! Lowly junior, you actually dare to be arrogant in front of His Highness!” The black clothed elder exploded with fury. “Your Highness, with your n.o.ble status, you basically do need to waste your words with such a lowly b.a.s.t.a.r.d child. It’s fine to simply allow me to seize him directly, and release his blood… If Your Highness thinks it’s too troublesome, hmph, killing a b.a.s.t.a.r.d child like this, is fine as well! There’s no need to even test him.”

A lowly b.a.s.t.a.r.d child? Yun Che’s brows instantly sank, a killing intent that was cold to the extreme flashed past in the depths of his eyes. These three words, not only humiliated him, but his parents and relatives as well.

“Hahahaha!” Feng Xichen was not even the least bit angry, rather, he raised his head and began to laugh out loud. “Yun Che, ever since the first day this prince stepped onto the soil of the Blue Wind Empire, I have heard of your heaven-defying arrogance. After seeing it firsthand today, it’s really not even the least bit untrue. But this prince fancies people like you, because an arrogant idiot like you who doesn’t know the difference between heaven and earth, is always able to give this prince some joyous moments. If this world lacks idiots like you, this prince’s life will really be devoid of too much joy.”

“The two of you, stand back. Today, this prince shall personally play with his blood!!”


The jade fan in Feng Xichen’s hands instantly opened up. Such a casual action, actually brought about a soundwave as though s.p.a.ce was being torn apart. The surrounding several wedding tables instantly crumbled by the terrifying profound energy, with various gla.s.s cups and jade plates scattering onto the ground.

This was the Blue Wind Imperial Palace, and it was even the place where the princess’ wedding was being hosted. In Blue Wind, even if one had a heavenly huge grudge, one would never dare to act rashly at such an occasion. Yet Feng Xichen dealt out his hand just as he had said. Evidently, he basically never placed this Imperial Palace in his eyes at all. And when this single blow of his was unleashed, the surrounding guests all paled from shock. Even those Sect Master-cla.s.s figures who possessed almighty strength, all had pale faces as well as they retreated out of fear...

Because the formidable might released by Feng Xichen, was impressively, a Throne’s power!!

A Throne, was an existence at the ultimate summit of Blue Wind Empire, and the number of Thrones in the Blue Wind Empire added up was even less than ten. But this prince who was only around twenty years old, and was ranked thirteenth in the Divine Phoenix Imperial Palace, actually possessed a Throne’s power! The aura of the two elders he brought along, also did not seed to be the least bit weaker than him either! Clearly, they were similarly genuine Thrones as well!

Cang Wanhe had absolutely never expected that Feng Xichen would actually act in the palace’s wedding ceremony, as he loudly exclaimed. “Thirteenth prince, please listen to us…”

When Cang Wanhe’s words fell, Feng Xichen did not even care in the least. The jade fan in his hands suddenly flew out; spinning at extreme speed, it turned into a life taking flying wheel, flying towards Yun Che. Behind the flying wheel, a long thin black line trailed behind it… shockingly, that was s.p.a.ce being torn apart. And the place it was flying to, was directed right at Yun Che’s throat. Clearly, he wanted to immediately splatter out blood in this wedding ceremony.

“Watch out!” Ling Yun, Ling Jie, and Dongfang Xiu exclaimed.

Facing this incoming jade fan with a life taking aura, Yun Che’s brows tightened. He did not block it, rather, while turning his body, he rose with a leap. With a loud sounding bang, he smashed through the great hall’s roof, and accelerated towards the south.

“Heh? Trying to flee?” Feng Xichen smiled coldly. With a wave of his hand, the jade fan flew back into the palm of his hand. His blazing figure blurred and when he broke through the door, it looked as though his body had teleported, as he chased towards the direction Yun Che sped to.

No one had ever expected that such a change would actually occur to this big wedding which the entire empire was focused on. The various experts of Blue Wind Empire looked at each other, their faces were pale, yet, none of them dared to stop Feng Xichen —— even though this was Blue Wind Empire’s territory. What a joke. Even if they would end up offending Yun Che, they definitely would not choose to offend the Divine Phoenix Sect. Although their names and their sects’ names may shake the Blue Wind Empire, in front of the Divine Phoenix Sect, it was basically impossible for them to possess the least bit of strength to resist. Even if their rage had boiled all the way up to their brains, they would definitely not have the audacity to step into the matters of the Divine Phoenix Sect.

Inside the Moon Embracing Palace, Cang Yue, who had long finished dressing up, was quietly, and anxiously sitting in front of the dressing mirror. Hiding under the lightly swaying gla.s.s ta.s.sels, was her absolutely breathtaking beautiful face. Beside her, Xiao Lingxi had been accompanying her. Occasionally, she would speak with her, calming down the anxiousness in her heart.

In another few short moments, Yun Che would be coming to lead her by the hand, to wors.h.i.+p to the heaven and earth with her, and become husband and wife.

At this moment, an ear-shaking boom suddenly came from outside. After the loud boom, series of disorderly noises rang. The initial sounds of gongs and drums suddenly stopped abruptly, and what remained, was only chaos. Although the Moon Embracing Palace was very far away from the big wedding hall, these sounds could still be heard clearly.

“What’s that sound?” Cang Yue spoke up anxiously. “What happened outside?”

“I’ll go take a look.” Xiao Lingxi instantly became anxious as well, and she ran outside with quick steps.

Yun Che consecutively leapt into the air several times, speedily moving far away from the wedding hall. After landing on an empty land in the imperial palace, his steps suddenly stopped, while Feng Xichen seemed to have immediately landed behind him right after, his speed was really as quick as a ghost’s. Seeing Yun Che stop in his steps, he began to laugh in ridicule. “Come on, run, why aren’t you running anymore? It’s been a very long time since this prince has played hide-and-seek. At the very least, you should let this prince play his part.”

“Run?” Yun Che revealed a cold smile. “You think I’m afraid of you?” Today is the day of my wedding, I simply do not wish for your blood to dirty my wedding hall.”

Feng Xichen’s expression did not change as haze gathered within his two eyes. Yun Che’s degree of arrogance, was way above his expectations. Since he was young, this was actually the first time he had encountered someone who dared to speak to him in such a manner. The corner of his lips slowly raised, his laughter sounding even more dangerous. “My blood? Hahaha! You’re really arrogant and idiotic to the point of being cute. Do you think that a mere someone like you, have the right to see my blood? But from the looks of it, regarding this matter of bloodline, there’s already no need to test it any longer. You’re actually, very sincerely, courting your own death in front of this prince!! Though, it’s good to change to a more s.p.a.cious location. By leaving that wedding hall or whatever intact, after this, it’s even more convenient to change it into a spirit hall.”

“A spirit hall? For your own usage?” Yun Che said with narrowed eyes.