Against the Gods - Chapter 364 - Wedding Date

Chapter 364 - Wedding Date

Chapter 364 - Wedding Date

“Father, why… why did you suddenly bring this up?” Cang Wanhe’s words caused Cang Yue to be at a loss for a moment. Forcefully tugging onto Cang Wanhe’s clothes, half of her expression was filled with anxiousness… However, the eyes she quietly cast on Yun Che, revealed expectations that she was making an utmost effort to hide.

As long as one was not an idiot, anyone would clearly understand what Cang Wanhe’s words meant. And when he said these words, Cang Yue was just beside him. With her here, obviously, Yun Che was unable to prevaricate. His lips moved, his gaze made a slight contact with Cang Yue’s eyes, and then, he said with a serious expression. “Your Majesty, Senior Sister and I are mutual in our love, we have once experienced a tribulation of life and death together, and have once made a lifetime promise. However, back then, I did not know that Senior Sister Xueruo was actually Princess Cang Yue. I, Yun Che, am only of common birth. As long as senior sister is willing, as long as your majesty does not mind, in this lifetime of mine, I will definitely use my life to protect senior sister, and will never betray her.”

“Junior Brother Yun…” Cang Yue’s lips trembled, her beautiful eyes instantly turned misty.

“Good! Hahahaha!” Cang Wanhe nodded strongly, and then, he laughed out loud with his head raised. “Yun Che, with these words of yours, we can finally put down the biggest worry of my life. For your own relatives, you could exterminate the entire Burning Heaven Clan in anger without a single hesitation. From this, we know that you’re definitely a righteous person who takes bonds very seriously. By pa.s.sing Yue’er to you, we can be completely at ease. Hahahaha.”

Cang Wanhe laughed out loud heartfully. Yun Che’s current strength, influential power, had already reached Blue Wind’s summit. The Sword Saint’s defeat that he caused, had made all the sects shudder, and had even brought the mighty Xiao Sect to traverse a long distance to seek a compromise without any hesitation. If Cang Yue was able to marry to him, then, with his abilities, his deterrent strength, and that seemingly extreme protection for his relatives, he could bring down ten thousand people. And the entire imperial family, would rise into incomparable might because of this!

Dongfang Xiu, who was behind Cang Wanhe, began to nod smilingly as well.

Cang Wanhe’s loud laughter finally stopped. Then, his expression changed, and he said with a serious tone. “Since the two of you are mutual in this relations.h.i.+p, then there are no other problems. On the eighth two months later, it will be the most auspicious day of this year. On that day, we will host your wedding in this imperial palace. Do either of you have any objections?”

“Ah!” Cang Yue let out a tender cry. She completely never expected that Cang Wanhe would suddenly bring up the wedding.

“Ah… This… This is…” Although he had a hunch, when Cang Wanhe said that it would be set two months later, it still caused him to feel at a loss for a moment. “Isn’t this… a little… too rushed…”

“Too rushed? How is it rushed?” Cang Wanhe glared, his voice instantly rose to a high volume. “Yue’er is twenty and one years old this year, and should have married long ago. You have reached nineteen this year as well, and should have taken a wife long ago. There are many hands in the palace. In a span of two months, let alone a single big wedding, even ten weddings could be prepared! How is that rushed!?”

“Father…” Cang Yue tugged the corner of Cang Wanhe’s clothes, hanging down her head. She said somewhat shyly. “This matter… About this matter, isn’t father a little too hasty… Also, Yun Che already had a wife three years ago. If he marries again, shouldn’t we first…”

“We naturally know about this!” Cang Wanhe waved his hand. “In this day and age, which man does not have three or four wives? This basically isn’t a problem! Yun Che, I say, as a man, with only a single wife at the age of nineteen, even we look down upon you. Even if you yourself don’t progress in this aspect, you have to think of your grandfather as well…”

When he spoke of “grandfather”, Cang Wanhe slapped his own head. “We actually forgot about such an important matter… Brother Xiao, ah, no, Senior Xiao. You’re Yun Che’s elder, naturally, this wedding must go through your approval first. What do you… think about this?”

Cang Wanhe was very willing to call him “Senior Xiao”. He was Cang Yue’s father, Xiao Lie was Yun Che’s grandfather, if the two were to be wedded, in terms of seniority, Xiao Lie would be his actual elder then.

Regarding this matter, Xiao Lie naturally would not have any objections. For his own grandson to marry the only princess of the Blue Wind Imperial Palace, prior to this, it was something he would not even dare to dream of. And, the two of them, clearly, had long been deeply in love, so how could he still have the slightest hesitation? He chuckled. “It is Yun Che’s great fortune to be able to marry the princess as his wife. Naturally, I won’t have any objections in this matter. This decision shall be left to your majesty, and the two juniors.” He turned towards Yun Che, and said with a calm voice. “Che’er, since you and Princess Cang Yue have already promised to be lifetime companions, then, what’s wrong with getting married at an earlier date? If the time is not convenient, then you can just say it, and have your majesty set it on another date.”

In the period of time he left the Sword Management Terrace of Heavenly Sword Villa, Yun Che had traversed to the imperial city, traversed to the snow region, returned to New Moon City and Floating Cloud City, and traversed to the Bluefire Region… He did not have a single day of rest, nor did he have the spare time to think of the word “marriage”. When Cang Wanhe suddenly brought it up, he lost his head instinctively. However, after slowly calming himself down, he suddenly felt that this was clearly something wonderful.

He loved Cang Yue, not because of her ident.i.ty as the princess, rather, it was because she was Senior Sister Xueruo, who had unknowingly engraved herself in his heart.

He felt unworthy for Ling’er...

He had lost Chu Yuechan...

Now, when Cang Yue was by his side, shouldn’t he grasp onto her firmly, and have her belong to him forever?

He looked towards Cang Yue, and Cang Yue was quietly looking towards him at this moment as well. In her eyes, he could see unease, loss… but there were even more expectations and joy. He unconsciously smiled, and that small amount of fl.u.s.ter on his face completely disappeared. He bowed towards Cang Wanhe, and said decisively. “To be able to take senior sister as my wife, is also my lifetime’s wish. Thank you, your majesty for fulfilling it. Everything, shall go according to your majesty’s decisions.”

“Good! Good! Good!!” Cang Wanhe said the word “good” three times, then, he raised his head, and began to laugh loudly to his heart’s content, to the point where tears began to appear from the corner of his eyes.

At this moment, Yun Che suddenly felt an irregular surge of profound energy coming from outside. Right after, this aura suddenly rose into the air, and then, with incredible speed, it flew towards the far north.

This is… Qingyue’s aura?

She had always been outside? Then, she had heard their entire conversation.

Wait a minute, the direction she was heading to, and that ever-increasing speed… Clearly, she was leaving the imperial palace!

“Hurry and declare to the entire world, our Princess Cang Yue will be married to Yun Che in two months! Have the literary department quickly draft out invitations, and invite the entire world…”

An eighth of an hour later, Cang Wanhe’s roar rang within the palace. As though a cauldron had exploded, the initially quiet imperial palace instantly became noisy as well. While Xia Qingyue, however, left without saying her goodbye...


Unknowingly, two months pa.s.sed.

The Blue Wind Empire was not calm in these two months, and there was only a single reason for it… which was the great wedding between Princess Cang Yue and Yun Che.

Originally, although a princess’s wedding was an event where half a country celebrated it, that would still only be limited to among the commoners, and could be said to be unrelated to those sects. However, with Yun Che’s inclusion as the other party, that would be two completely different notions.

Someone who was merely nineteen years old this year, who had exterminated the Burning Heaven Clan and heavily injured Ling Tianni, his future, could only be described as immeasurable. Undoubtedly, he had caused countless of people to wors.h.i.+p and admire him, and similarly, he had caused countless of people to dread and fear him. Now that it was the day of his great wedding, it was exactly the opportunity for them to express themselves. If they could be on-site personally, even if all they could do was leave a tiny bit of impression, that would still be an incomparably huge harvest. From another aspect, if other sects were to go, while one’s own did not, that would undoubtedly be a sign of disrespect. Yun Che could even exterminate the Burning Heaven Clan just as he had said so, if they were to really incite this master’s dissatisfaction, exterminating their sects might as well be child’s play to him.

In an instant, no matter if they were big sects or small sects, no matter if they received the invitations or not, they began to get busy, racking their brain juices to find various gifts that could satisfy Yun Che. The best would be a congratulatory gift that he would pay attention to, and for this, the auctions of various large cities were packed in every session, and the moment some priceless treasures appeared in the Black Moon Merchant Guild, the various big sects would swarm there at a moment’s notice… Because of this, several fights between huge and small sects were brought about.

Elegant Wind City was situated in the west of Blue Wind, and was one of the few larger main cities in the Blue Wind Empire.

Currently, in a tavern of Elegant Wind City, several people were chatting by their own tables.

“Three days later, it will be the day of Yun Che’s and Princess Cang Yue’s big wedding. This time, our sect has exhausted much efforts, yet, we’re still only able to find a piece of three thousand year old Blood Ginseng, but now, we just don’t know if we get to present ourselves.” A middle-aged pract.i.tioner said while drinking a cup of wine. Although he sounded reserved, a look of content clearly flashed past his face. Blood Ginsengs were few and rare in the first place, and a three thousand year old Blood Ginseng was naturally, even more so, a priceless treasure.

“Sect Master Hua is too modest, our sect has only barely managed to get a hands on three pieces of Dragonmarked Purple Jade. I’m afraid that when the time comes, I will feel embarra.s.sed bringing them out.” Another middle-aged man said with an “ashamed” face.

Another person, at the same table, said. “This time, this Li did not find any find any decent congratulatory gift. When compared to the two Sect Masters, it’s basically not worth mentioning. However, this Li, did bring my daughter along. Heheh, heheheheh.”

The moment he revealed his laughter, how could the two people not understand his thoughts? Instantly, they snorted one after another. “Are you trying to use a honey trap? Forget it! Yun Che’s first wife, Xia Qingyue, is as beautiful as a celestial fairy, no less beautiful than Chu Yuechan back in the years. She is generally acknowledged as the number one beauty in Blue Wind, and we don’t even need to mention Chu Yuechan whom he had made pregnant. Princess Cang Yue is an exquisite beauty as well, her ident.i.ty is, even more so, incomparably grand, and you think he will fancy your daughter? I’m not trying to shock you, but I’m afraid he might not even cast a glance… heheh.”

The pract.i.tioner with the surname Li, however, was not the least bit angry, and he said with narrowed eyes. “It seems like you two are not well informed. I happened to hear that two months ago, the Main Elder of Xiao Sect, Xiao Boyun, personally brought three sixteen year old girls who were beautiful as flowers as congratulatory gifts to Yun Che… Heheh, and Yun Che accepted them all. He’s currently not even twenty, he’s exactly during the period where men are the most hot-blooded. Would men in this day and age dislike having many women by his side? Although my daughter’s looks can’t compare to Xia Qingyue, her looks are still one in ten thousand. If she’s fancied by Yun Che, even if she’s simply given to him as a concubine or a maidservant, that will still be a single step into glory, when that time comes… Heh, I wonder who will still dare to provoke our Jadeshatter Sect.”

These words caused the expressions of the two person who were listening, to turn lifeless. Their lips trembled, hating themselves for not being able to give birth to a daughter with exquisite beauty.

At this moment, a group of four entered the tavern. Their footsteps were slow, with prideful gazes, every single one of them had a lofty look that seemed as though they were overlooking all living beings.

In the tavern, there were several Sect Master-cla.s.s figures who were rus.h.i.+ng to the imperial city. Gazes and att.i.tudes like that caused them to feel extremely irritated. The four people walked to the only empty table, and before they sat down, a gold-gilded invitation card was slapped onto the tavern table with a “pa” sound. The four’s expression, became even more prideful as well.

See that invitation card, the entire tavern instantly quietened down. A few of them looked straight at it, and they held their breaths right at that moment.

“It’s an invitation card!”

“I saw it… Speak softly, only the top hundred sects in terms of strength, have invitations, they’re not someone we can afford to offend.”

“Haah, big sects sure have it good. Most probably, people like us without invitations, can’t even enter the side hall.”

“I recognize them now! That’s the Iron Palm Sect! That person wearing green clothes is the Sect Master of Iron Palm Sect! According to rumors, his profound strength is already at the fifth level of the Sky Profound Realm. The Iron Palm Sect is one of the three ruling sects in the northwest. In the previous Ranking Tournament, they were ranked twenty-seventh!”

The moment the people from Iron Palm Sect revealed their invitation card, the entire tavern quietened immensely. The lively chit-chatting earlier, instantly turned into soft whispers. Four people silently sat down, using the gaze of a superior person to sweep across the surroundings with a distinct arrogance on their face.

“Rubbish. With strength at that level, they can actually rank twenty-seventh in the Ranking Tournament? Haha… I can’t be hearing a joke, right?”

At the corner of the tavern, three people sat by a somewhat out-of-date table. The young man in the middle looked to be around twenty years old, wearing a qilin robe, his eyes were sharp, possessing extraordinary qualities, his tied-up hair carried a touch of scarlet. Playing with the cup of wine in his hands, his face carried a light smile. The person who spoke was him as well. His voice was definitely not soft, however, not a single person out of the rest of the people in the tavern heard him. It seemed his voice was being isolated by a certain invisible barrier.

Sharing the same table, were two elders who looked to be fifty to sixty years old. One was in a black robe, while the other in a red robe, their gazes carried a form of profoundness which could not be seen through. The black robed elder lightly said. “Your Majesty, you have no need to be shocked. In this Blue Wind Empire, Spirit Profound pract.i.tioners are already experts, Earth Profound experts can be taken as instructors, Sky Profound pract.i.tioners can already be a master revered by thousands of people, and late-stage Sky Profound pract.i.tioners are near invincible. Thrones are as rare as a phoenix’s feather, other than the Four Major Sects, there’s no other sects with the existence of Thrones. The Sect Master of this sect is at the fifth level of the Sky Profound Realm; in Blue Wind Empire, it can already be considered to be a first-grade sect.”