Against the Gods - Chapter 358 - Phoenix Flame, Frozen End (1)

Chapter 358 - Phoenix Flame, Frozen End (1)

Chapter 358 - Phoenix Flame, Frozen End (1)

“Just now, that was dimensional interference! His sword intent is already strong enough to pierce through s.p.a.ce. Even though it’s the lowest grade and barely considered an entry level s.p.a.ce interference, it is more than enough against you.” Jasmine coldly said: “Against him… You have no chance of victory!”

“s.p.a.ce intervention? Interesting!” Yun Che’s finger gently touched his chest as he quickly stopped the blood from flowing out of the wound. “The larger the stepping stone, the wider the world one gets to see. In this world, one can actually stab through s.p.a.ce using sword intent… Heh, no wonder he is known as the strongest man in Blue Wind Empire, the Sword Saint.”

“However, your two slashes only gave me two wounds that neither hurt nor itch… It wasn’t much!”

Though Yun Che did not speak loudly, Ling Tianni still managed to hear everything clearly. He did not say anything and merely took a step forward in midair. His green longsword slowly pointed forward… Instantly, a two meter long sword beam burst out from the tip of the sword. Then, it instantly split into two, five, ten, numerous sword beams… By the time the sword beams were close to Yun Che, they had already completely filled the skies and s.p.a.ces around him and completely sealed him in.

Yun Che lifted his face, then looked down, and furiously slashed Dragon Fault downwards.

“Overlord’s Fury!!”

The sound of an angry dragon’s roar rang loudly from within the green sword’s formation, blasting a three meter wide hole among the sword beams. With a Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow, Yun Che escaped from the hole and struck straight towards Ling Tianni.

Ling Tianni couldn't help but feel admiration as his own sword formation was broken so easily. However, he soon recovered his indifference and gently pointed his sword outwards.


The tip of the green sword and the thick edge of Dragon Fault clashed together. Under the heavy pressure of Dragon Fault, the green sword instantly bent into a crescent shape. Yun Che knitted his brows as he continued using strength. Suddenly, he felt an overwhelmingly frightening strength attacking from his front… The bent sword suddenly straightened, forcefully striking back against Dragon Fault. Yun Che’s arms seemed as though they were struck by a heavy hammer, and they turned numb immediately. Dragon Fault was nearly disarmed from him as his entire body was knocked backwards with the sound of the collision.


Yun Che harshly fell onto the ground, causing large cracks on the ground below him. At the same time, Dragon Fault finally flew out from his hands. There were plenty of wounds on his right arm and they bled profusely. His internal organs were in bad condition and the pain was unbearable, as though he had been cracked into pieces.

The person in front of him was the person recognized by the as the strongest within Blue Wind Empire. Yun Che obviously would not underestimate him. However, only when Yun Che had actually faced him did he realize how strong he truly was. He was much stronger than Yun Che had expected. In strength alone, although the gap between Yun Che, who had strength equivalent to that of someone in the fourth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, and Ling Tianni, who was in the sixth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, was huge, it was not too exaggerating.

However, the realm in which Ling Tianni was in was completely beyond Yun Che… He was at a level that Yun Che was unable to comprehend even now. His sword intent was overbearingly strong and ever changing. It could be sharp enough to cut through anything, then also as vast as the sea. It could even interfere with s.p.a.ce, rendering opponents unable to defend or prepare against.

Yun Che was completely suppressed in his exchange with him. Even before his Dragon Fault had touched Ling Tianni's clothes, he had already been wounded several times.

But how could the arrogance carved in Yun Che’s bones allow him to lose just like that!

He stood up and stretched out his bloodstained right arm. Dragon Fault then flew up by itself and returned into his hands. Yun Che stared coldly at the Sword Saint in midair. Not only was there no fear coming from him, his intent to battle and anger were enhanced several folds.

“Not bad at all. You actually forced me to use seventy percent of my strength to defeat you. It’s no wonder you were able to destroy Burning Heaven Clan.” Ling Tianni slowly descended from midair and the green sword in his hands flashed with a cold light that was fearful to look at. “Such a talent, yet his soul is evil. It’s such a waste that I have to eliminate you today!”

The voice of Ling Tianni when he pa.s.sed his judgement was low yet impactful. His unusually clear voice allowed half of the Imperial City to hear him. As he finished speaking, his sword’s intent surged and the green sword of his suddenly glowed with seven colors as an overwhelmingly frightening sword’s force enveloped Yun Che.

Suddenly, a green figure rushed out from the Imperial Palace. The figure was that of a flying Fierce Zephyr Bird. On its back, was a youth with a face filled with worry who shouted anxiously from a distance away: “Grandpa, STOP!”

Ling Tianni’s sword stopped in midair as his gaze wavered, looking at the youth who suddenly appeared. “Jie’er? What are you doing here?”

The Fierce Zephyr Bird swept forward quickly, bringing Ling Jie in between Ling Tianni and Yun Che. Ling Jie wiped the sweat on his head in one motion and nervously placed his hands together, begging: “Grandpa, you can’t kill him! I’ve known him for a very long time. He is definitely not the type of evil person Grandpa speaks of.”

Ling Tianni did not withdraw his sword and the seven colours on his sword glowed exceptionally beautifully, causing one to shudder at the same time. “Instead of obediently staying in the villa, you have come here to protect this evil kid? He ma.s.sacred more than seventy thousand people. Just this sin, is unredeemable no matter how many times he dies!”

Ling Jie shook his head strongly and pleaded: “You’re wrong Grandpa. Although him killing the entire Burning Heaven Clan is a little… a little overboard. But I’m more aware of the entire situation than you, Grandpa. It was Burning Heaven Clan who had been provoking him all along, and even forced him into near-death situation several days ago. He was forced to an extent where he could no longer tolerate it, and therefore eliminated the Burning Heaven Clan in anger.”

“Hmph! Killing an entire clan over a personal grudge! Even if half of the Burning Heaven Clan are evil, wouldn’t the other half, that were innocent, have died for nothing? You are actually protecting such an evil person? I’m truly disappointed… Quickly stand down!”

Ling Tianni had supreme in authority in Heavenly Sword Villa and although Ling Jie was a little frivolous and often ignored what his father, Ling Yuefeng said, he did not dared to act presumptuously in front of Ling Tianni. His every phrase was like an immovable mountain pressing on Ling Jie, making him so nervous he could barely breathe. His face was now flushed red as he gritted his teeth and replied stubbornly: “Grandpa… He is the big boss that I recognize and the only person in this world I truly admire. If he was indeed the person that Grandpa think he is, how would I willingly recognize such a person as my boss… Grandpa, I beg you to please stop. Don’t kill him… If you are bent on killing him, you’d have to kill me first!”

“YOU!” Ling Tianni stared at him, slightly swinging the sword in his hands… Yun Che’s expression was stiff. Never did he expect that Ling Jie would say such a thing in front of Ling Tianni.

All of these had happened because of Yun Che. Ling Jie ignored all consequences and used his life to protect Yun Che. This made Yun Che exceptionally thankful. However, how could he allow his own matters to affect the relations.h.i.+p between Ling Jie and his own Grandpa? He walked forward a few steps and place a rea.s.suring hand on Ling Jie’s shoulder, and said smilingly: “I will forever remember you standing up for me… However, that’s already enough. This is my own matter and I will settle it myself.”

Ling Jie turned around and looked at him extremely worriedly: “But…”

“Don’t worry.”Yun Che said straightforwardly: “Even though your grandfather is frighteningly strong, it’s still not that easy for him to kill me. If my life ceased so easily, I wouldn’t be alive now. Stand down, I a.s.sure you everything will be alright. You being here would make matters more troublesome and also difficult for me and your grandfather.”

Yun Che’s words always seem to possess some sort of power that made Ling Jie believe in him. He hesitated for a moment before nodding and retreating slowly. However, his eyes continued to nervously stare at both of them.

At this point, the seven coloured sword on Ling Tianni’s sword finally burst forth. A bright and beautiful mirage appeared in midair, s.h.i.+ning straight at Yun Che.

Yun Che looked up and in his eyes, a savage madness flashed past.


Yun Che’s eyes instantly turned scarlet and the phoenix flame within him ignited ferociously, savagely burning under the encouragement of the Purgatory state which made it seem like he had turned into a bright sun.


The sound of a frightening explosion came from Yun Che’s surroundings as the strength in his body surged tremendously before gathering at both his arms, causing it to instantly grow to thrice its size. The sudden surge in profound strength caused the surrounding air to berserkly flow, tremoring s.p.a.ce.

“Destroying Sky Decimating Earth!!!”

The moment Dragon Fault struck, the surrounding s.p.a.ce distorted largely. Even observers who were several kilometers away all held their breaths. It was as though all the air in the world had been distorted at that moment… Once again, Yun Che had executed the most frightening move he possessed! The strength of the Sword Saint was beyond his expectations and his chance of victory would only lie in this attack that he had put his all in!!

Facing this attack, Ling Tianni's expression changed.

As the strongest person in Blue Wind Empire, Ling Tianni possess strength unrivaled within the whole empire. There was no one in Blue Wind whose profound strength could exceed his.

However, the strength that had exploded from Yun Che’s sword had obviously exceeded even Ling Tianni’s limits!! It was a frightening strength that he could not muster even if he used his all! In that instant, Yun Che seemed like a ma.s.sive Primordial Dragon in his eyes!

Nineteen years old… Seventh level of the Earth Profound Realm… How could he have such explosive power!

In his shock, all the muscles in Ling Tianni’s body swelled. He had released all one hundred percent of his power, without restraint! He adopted a weird stance and all his body had now released a milky white glow.


The crisp noise was exceptionally ear-piercing and the ma.s.sive sword’s intent within the seven colored rainbow sword beam was easily shattered by the berserk power of Dragon Fault. The strength of the Evil G.o.d and the heavy sword instantly filled the air like a ma.s.sive roaring dragon rus.h.i.+ng through the skies and completely swallowed Ling Tianni. Just as it had come into contact with the milky glow, an eerie roar could be heard by the entire city as it completely overshadowed the involuntary screams of the present.

Facing this frightening strength, even Ling Tianni had chosen to use all of his strength to protect himself. However, when the strength of “Destroying Sky Decimating Earth” collided against the Sword Saint’s protective strength, it was suppressed by the true G.o.d’s law. Under this double suppression, strength was established instantly and the creamy glow was quickly destroyed and engulfed. Within three breaths of time, the glow had already lost half its brightness and was near to collapse… At this time, two awe-inspiring sword beam flashed past Ling Tianni’s eyes...

“Heavenly Sword Domain!!!”

Ling Tianni opened both his arms and thousands of swords appeared in midair, invoking a ma.s.sive sword typhoon which began to wildly cut apart the strength of “Destroying Sky Decimating Earth”.