Against the Gods - Chapter 347 - Burning God Print

Chapter 347 - Burning God Print

Chapter 347 - Burning G.o.d Print

Even though battling with Fen Yijue was extremely difficult for Yun Che, he had complete confidence in defeating, and even killing Fen Yijue after figuring out Fen Yijue’s full strength, because he had many trump cards that Fen Yijue could never expect.

But Fen Ziya’s appearance was outside of Yun Che’s expectations, making him feel way more pressure than before.

“Yun Che, no matter how shrewd and despicable you are, you have still fallen in our hands. Today, even if you have extraordinary miraculous powers, you won’t be able to escape my palms! Die!”

Fen Ziya flew up, his Golden Flame Blade brought up a nine meter long flame chain and smashed down, with the intent to lock Yun Che within the flame chains. Fen Yijue also loudly roared. The Absolute Flame Blade blossomed with brilliance as blade beams explosively shot out, piercing straight toward Yun Che’s throat.

The enormous might of two great Emperor Profounds simultaneously attacking made the clouds and wind before the Bluefire City gate sway. The sky had even suddenly darkened, as though the storm of the apocalypse was about to come. Yun Che’s figure swayed, instantly forming into four figures moving in four different directions. Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya simultaneously saw two Yun Ches coming straight at their face...


Fen Yijue’s blade beam pierced Yun Che’s afterimage, and sliced out a ripple in s.p.a.ce that lasted an instant. Fen Ziya’s blade posture changed, and the thick chain of flames twined in the air, simultaneously entangling the two Yun Ches. One of the Yun Ches instantly disappeared, and the flame chain that touched Yun Che’s true body disappeared as if it had touched a thousand year old profound ice. Yun Che’s heavy sword swung out like a swooping dragon, as an Overlord’s Fury violently smashed down.


Fen Ziya consecutively retreated over a dozen steps, his entire right arm became severely numb as it faintly trembled. On his Golden Flame Blade, a two inch wide gap as well as a cracked line that almost spread through one third of the blade’s body had shockingly appeared.

“It’s actually a… Emperor Profound Sword!” Fen Ziya looked at the heavy sword in Yun Che’s hands, as that terrifying might actually caused the Golden Flame Blade in his hands to involuntarily tremble.

Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya had the absolute advantage in terms of movement, and it wasn’t like Yun Che didn’t have any advantages… which was the absolute suppression in terms of profound weapon!

Fen Ziya’s Golden Flame Blade was a pinnacle ranked Earth Profound Weapon which neared the Sky Profound, but the two realms of difference made it a completely suicide for Golden Flame Blade to face against Dragon Fault, directly breaking it in just one collision. Fen Yijue’s Sky Profound Weapon, Absolute Flame Blade, also had countless gaps of various sizes on the blade’s edge from colliding with Dragon Fault earlier.

“Ziya, his comprehension of the law of fire far common sense, it is very difficult for profound fire to harm him. Don’t waste profound energy to use profound flames, instead, use the Burning Heaven Blade and Burning Heaven Prints to deal with him!” Fen Yijue said with a leaden voice.

“Understood!” Fen Ziya nodded, and directly put the Golden Flame Blade away. Both of his hands simultaneously formed hand gestures.

Burning Heaven Print was the Burning Heaven Clan’s insurmountable profound skill and requires an Emperor Profound Realm’s profound strength to cast. In the entire Burning Heaven Clan, only Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya could conjure it. Even Fen Moli, who was half a step into Emperor Profound Realm didn’t have the ability to use it. Even though every Burning Heaven Print’s expenditure of power was enormous, it posessed a might that could cause the sky to rumble and the earth to shatter. In terms of small area destruction, it even far surpa.s.sed Burning Heaven Flames on the same level.

“Burning Heaven Print!”

“Burning Sea Print!”

Two enormous handprints came two Thrones, carrying an incomparably terrifying pressure as it smashed down from the sky above.

Forcefully countering against a single Burning Heaven Print would be no pressure at all for Yun Che. But directly defending against two Thrones' Burning Heaven Prints, even if Yun Che’s strength fundamentally laid in ferocious power, it would be very difficult for him to do. If he were to forcefully block it, it would be accompanied by extremely great exhaustion and unpredictable danger. He continuously casted Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow, his body dispersing into four mirages that couldn’t be told apart from the true body, and chaotically drifted around under the Burning Heaven Print that came from above.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...

Every single time a Burning Heaven Print smashed down, a six meter deep enormous pit would be blasted in. The clothes on Yun Che’s upper body were already extremely tattered, but he had not yet received any real damage… With his body of the Dragon G.o.d, he wouldn’t receive too heavy of a wound even if he were to frontally take a Burning Heaven Print, let alone the impact of its residual energy.

Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya were both in the high skies sixty meters up, looking down from above as their position was already undefeatable. Their Burning Heaven Prints had even more so, caused Yun Che to consistently be in danger from the smas.h.i.+ng, without any spare strength to counterattack at all. But after over a hundred Burning Heaven Prints, their expressions also became heavier and heavier… Yun Che’s movement profound skills really were eccentric to the extreme. About those four figures that continuously scattered and s.h.i.+fted, they simply couldn’t discern which ones were real and which ones were fake. Under the continuous attacks, even though they made Yun Che look to be in a extremely difficult position and completely at a disadvantage, they clearly knew that not even one handprint had directly smashed onto Yun Che yet, while every single Burning Heaven Print would be accompanied by extremely great consumption of energy. After smas.h.i.+ng down over a hundred Burning Heaven Prints, they both distinctly felt the enormous exhaustion of their profound energy.

“Burning Mountain Print!”

A “山” shaped handprint shrouded down from above, and an overwhelming pressurizing force plummeted down like a mountain. Before it even reached the ground, the earth below was already deeply caving in.


The ground was entirely flipped up and countless shattered stones were blasted flying over a hundred meters into the air. Instantaneously, Yun Che’s figure appeared in a flash over thirty meters away as if teleportation, yet was still forced to retreat backwards from the impact of energy. He didn’t resist against this surge of impacting force, and let his body tumble into the air. A vicious glimmer flashed across his eyes, and with a low roar, Dragon Fault violently swept up toward Fen Ziya’s direction.

“Phoenix… Break!!”

The two continuously smashed down Burning Heaven Prints from above, pressing Yun Che to the extent of unable to breath. But they absolutely didn’t expect that Yun Che, who was being blasted flying by the Burning Mountain Print, could actually counterattack all of a sudden. That stroke of phoenix flame suddenly striking toward them was as fast as a meteor; the heat and might it carried made Fen Ziya’s expression slightly change. No longer having time to avoid it, he could only fill his palms with energy, then push it out toward the phoenix flame flying at him amidst a loud roar.


Phoenix flames exploded in front of Fen Ziya and poured down a rain of phoenix fire all over the sky. Phoenix Break was absolutely not as simple as pure phoenix flames; it was more so filled with the berserking power of the heavy sword. Even though Fen Ziya and Fen Yijue were both of the Emperor Profound Realm, Fen Ziya, who was at the second level of the Emperor Profound Realm, was far weaker than Fen Yijue who was at the fourth level of the Emperor Profound Realm. Yun Che’s heavy sword attacks was something that Fen Yijue could barely defend against, but it wasn’t something that Fen Ziya could handle.

With a miserable scream, Fen Ziya’s left wrist directly dislocated. The instant the phoenix flames touched his palm, it quickly ignited as if meeting dried gra.s.s, and completely engulfed both of his palms in the blink of an eye. After he drove the phoenix flames away with extreme difficulty, his two palms had already been badly scorched, and nearly half of his hands were burnt black. Places that were most heavily scorched were even revealing spooky white bones.

Fen Ziya practiced fire attributed profound arts for his entire life and had extremely great resistance to profound fire, yet was still rendered to such a miserable state. If it was someone else that dared to forcefully receive the phoenix flame like this, both of their hands would probably be burnt to the point where only the bones would be left.

“This brat!!” Fen Ziya quickly wrapped his hands with profound energy, grimacing from the acute pain.

“Hmph, I had thought that capturing him alive would be best, but now, it’s better to just directly send him to h.e.l.l… Ziya, lend me your strength!” Fen Yijue said solemnly as he took a glance at Fen Ziya’s state of injury.

Fen Ziya slight froze for a bit, then understood what he meant. Flipping up both of his palms, he pressed onto Fen Yijue’s back without contact, and poured his profound energy into Fen Yijue’s body without restraint.

“Brat, you actually dare to wound me… This time, I’ll make you pay the price of being smashed to bits and pieces!” Fen Ziya viciously roared as he stared at the Yun Che below. Fen Yijue, who was in front of Fen Ziya, clasped his palms as all the energy his body crazily surged. On the surface of his body, shockingly emerged a scarlet colored brilliance… When looking at it, it was as if blood was leaking out.

A wave of extremely terrifying imposing pressure also caged the s.p.a.ce below, and everything within a few hundred meters completely fell into stasis under this pressure.

“Could it… Coud it be…” Fen Yijue’s appearance made all of the Burning Heaven Clan’s Elders simultaneously think of that ultimate profound skill in legends, and for a moment, they were all excited to the point that their entire bodies trembled. Their eyes stared as wide as possible, and didn’t dare to blink even once, afraid to miss any single moment that would happen next.

“Burning… G.o.d… Print!!”

“Devilsp.a.w.n, meet your death!!”

Fen Yijue explosively roared and blood red handprint blasted out, quickly expanding as it swiftly descended. In the blink of an eye, it had already filled the entire s.p.a.ce above, as though the entire sky had been flipped upside down.

Not only did this profound print’s power surpa.s.s the ones before by severalfold, it also enveloped nearly three hundred meters of s.p.a.ce. Even if Yun Che consecutively used Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow, he wouldn’t be able to escape. Continuously retreating several steps, he firmly watched the blood colored handprint that became increasingly near as a deep viciousness flashed through his eyes. With a low roar, a dragon’s cry and a wolf’s howl resounded through the heavens as a Sky Wolf Slash blasted out toward the air...


The Sky Wolf’s image collided onto the blood colored profound print, and unyieldingly stalled the enormous blood colored profound print in midair. This scene made both Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya reveal a expression of shock, as the profound energy in their entire body surged, pouring into the Burning G.o.d Print.

“Crackle Crackle Crackle!”

After a short stall, the Burning G.o.d Print once again pushed down, slowly engulfing the Sky Wolf’s image bit by bit. And in this entire process, the Burning G.o.d Print was also gradually shrinking, but the shrinking speed was clearly above the speed of the wolf image being engulfed. In the end, when the Sky Wolf’s image was entirely engulfed, and the Burning G.o.d Print that was still nearly one third its size abruptly fell, it smashed onto Yun Che’s body. The rampaging energy savagely tore apart his protective profound energy and rushed into his body.

A noise as though a bedsheet was being ripped apart sounded, and the clothing on Yun Che’s upper body completely burst apart. A stream of blood from within his mouth, chest, and shoulders respectively shot out. His entire person was violently smashed below the ground, then deeply buried by the sand and stone that fell after being swept up.

A wave of shocked cries came from afar. Yun Che, who had not lost under the might of Emperor Profound Realm since the beginning, was finally heavily smashed down this time. That handprint was so frightening; it made them deeply believe that simply no one in the entire Blue Wind could defend against it… Has Yun Che, the heaven blessed prodigy who broke history, truly fallen this time?

Looking at the ground below that buried Yun Che, Fen Yijue slowly retracted his palm. Fen Ziya also lowered his arms, and said with a frown: “To actually forcefully dissipated nearly seventy percent of Burning G.o.d Print’s power, this brat is simply a monster… But having eaten a Burning G.o.d Print of thirty percent power is also enough for all of his organs to burst apart.”

“No, he shouldn’t be dead yet.” Fen Yijue said: “But this is fine too, even if he isn’t yet dead, he would certainly be on the verge of death! Letting him die like this, is simply too good of a deal for him! Let’s go, and drag him out!”


Just as Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya was about to descend, a explosion suddenly came from below. The ground was completely blown up, blasting off sand and stones like an overwhelming tide of flying gra.s.shoppers. A figure vaulted out from within, and heavily landed on the ground. His head was messy and his clothes were tattered into countless strips of cloth. b.l.o.o.d.y wounds covered his entire body, as lines after lines of blood flowed down the heavy sword and then fell onto the shattered ground.

What Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya’s felt at this time, could only be described as utterly terrified. Even though the Yun Che who jumped out from the ground below was full of b.l.o.o.d.y wounds and looked to be in an extremely sorry state, he stood as straight as a pen and his body didn’t sway in the slightest. Not only that, the aura of his strength was not in the slightest weakened compared to before; instead, it carried an ice cold killing intent several times more gruesome than before.

With this appearance of his, let alone on the verge of death, he couldn’t even be considered heavily wounded… At most, he was in a injured state a little bit more serious than being lightly wounded. Moreover, his strength barely deteriorated at all because of this.

Being hit by the Burning Heaven Print, yet actually only received such a wound… was his body forged from fine steel or something?!

Amidst the terribly shocked gaze of the two great Thrones, Yun Che slowly lifted his head. An extremely terrifying, ferocious and sharp aura was being emitted from his eyes: “You have… successfully... enraged me!!”