Against the Gods - Chapter 343 - Ling Jies Advice

Chapter 343 - Ling Jies Advice

Chapter 343 - Ling Jie’s Advice

“Really? Who… Who exactly murdered my brother!” Xiao Lingxi also asked urgently. Even though she did not personally experience it back in the days, she had felt the hards.h.i.+p Xiao Lie had gone through all these years as thought they were her own. She, too, had always wished to find the murderer back then.

Yun Che muttered to himself for a bit, and said: “Grandfather, I know that finding the culprit was your greatest wish for all these years. However, the force that killed Uncle Xiao back then, is far more powerful than we’ve ever imagined… You have to prepare yourself mentally.”

As Ling Jie heard to here, his heart suddenly rattled. He quickly went and dragged up Fen Juecheng, and said: “I’m going to feed my Fierce Zephyr Bird, just holler when you are ready to leave.”

After he finished speaking, he dragged Fen Juecheng a far distance away, and also suppressed his sense of hearing.

Xiao Lie’s chest heavily undulated. A little while later, his heart finally calmed down a little, and he spoke: “Go ahead and tell. In these ten-odd years, I wanted to know who murdered my son even in my dreams… No matter who it is…”

Yun Che slightly nodded, and said with a low voice: “Grandfather, have you heard about the Four Great Sacred Grounds before?”

“Four Great Sacred Grounds? What kind of place is that?” Xiao Lingxi had a blank look.

Xiao Lie slightly froze, then his expression greatly changed. He indeed had heard of the Four Great Sacred Grounds. Moreover, he actually had learned the name of the Four Great Sacred Grounds from the mouth of his son Xiao Ying. He knew that those were the greatest four forces in the entire Profound Sky Continent, an existence that looked down upon all of the Profound Sky Continent like an inquisitor. Their might, far surpa.s.sed the Four Major Sects; they were legends of pinnacle that they could never touch in their entire lives, and even hearing their name would be rare. He spoke with a shocked voice: “Don’t tell me, don’t tell me the person who murdered my son, is… is…”

“As for the exact person that murdered Uncle Xiao, I don’t actually know who it was. I only know that he comes from the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, one of the Four Great Sacred Grounds!” Yun Che said with a solemn tone.

Xiao Lie’s entire body went stiff, his eyes and hands were both intensely trembling under endless agitation and shock. While Xiao Lingxi still seemed to be at a loss as she whispered “Mighty Heavenly Sword Region”. She who had never heard the name of “Four Great Sacred Grounds”, fundamentally didn’t understand just how frightening of a concept the four words “Mighty Heavenly Sword Region” was. A powerful being such as Heavenly Sword Villa’s Villa Master, basically couldn’t even be considered average at Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.

Once, Xiao Lie had wanted to take revenge countless times. He had swore in his heart that no matter who the culprit was, he’d personally make the culprit pay the debt of blood when he finds him. However, the name “Mighty Heavenly Sword Region” pressed onto his heart like a mountain so tall that one couldn’t see the peak of. It made him feel a deep despair, and the fire of vengeance was instantly suppressed to the extent of almost extinguis.h.i.+ng...

Amongst the Profound Sky Continent’s seven nations, Blue Wind Empire’s size was the smallest, strength was the weakest, and even needed to send consecration to Divine Phoenix Empire every year. And the Four Great Sacred Grounds, were existences that surpa.s.sed the Profound Sky Continent’s seven nations. Even the mighty Divine Phoenix Empire absolutely would not dare to provoke the Four Great Sacred Grounds. Before the Four Great Sacred Grounds, all living things were as insignificant as ants… This vengeance, how could he take it? What could he use to take it?

Xiao Lie’s response allowed Yun Che to know what he was currently thinking. He stood in front of Xiao Lie, and said each word unyieldingly: “Grandfather, even though this foe is far stronger than we had predicted, it absolutely does not mean that we cannot take revenge. Even more so, it cannot make us give up on revenge here… With my current strength, I’m far from qualified to head to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and make them repay their debt; but I ask grandfather to believe me, that there will definitely be one day when I’ll slaughter my way into the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and collect this debt of blood!! Because this is not only Grandfather’s and Uncle Xiao’s debt, it is also my biological grandfather, biological parents.... and my own debt! In this life of mine, as long as I am alive, I’ll certainly make Mighty Heavenly Sword Region pay, not a single cent less!”

“Your… biological grandfather?” Xiao Lie was struck dumb.

Yun Che lightly nodded: “Last year, I found my grandfather amidst an enormous accident. He was heavily wounded by Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, and was sealed within an abyss of darkness for an entire hundred years. If not for being at the right place at the wrong time, I probably wouldn’t have met him in my entire lifetime. From my biological grandfather, I made sense of some matters back then, and found out about my birth parents' ident.i.ty, and also found out the culprit that murdered Uncle Xiao back then.”

“Then your grandfather... how is he right now?”

“...” Yun Che closed his eyes, gently turned his face away to look into the far and empty distance: “He pa.s.sed away… In order to allow me to escape, he snapped his own heart veins… Before his death, he wanted me to pa.s.s on his grat.i.tude to you… He said that you are the person he was the most grateful and guilty toward in his entire life.”

Xiao Lie had on a dumbfounded expression, and he didn’t speak for a long time.

“On the day my biological grandfather died, I had already sworn that I’ll collect this debt of blood from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region no matter what. When that day of me barging into Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and finding the culprit that killed Uncle Xiao comes, I’ll take him before Grandfather alive, and let Grandfather personally dispose of him.” Yun Che said resolutely.

Xiao Lie’s gaze trembled again. A long while after, he slowly nodded, and spoke as if he had lost himself in a dream: “O… kay... Okay…”

Xiao Lie was usually an extremely composed person, and Yun Che had very rarely seen him lose control over his emotions. Yet Xiao Lie’s mind at this moment, was evidently already in chaos. He thirsted to know the murderer back then, but the truth was extremely cruel to him. From Xiao Lie, Yun Che had even felt the will of dying that suddenly emerged within him...

What had supported Xiao Lie through all these years, was not only Xiao Lingxi and Yun Che, but also the fixation on finding the culprit and taking vengeance.

But when revenge became wild wishes, shock, powerlessness, and the feeling of having failed his son and wife… these all made the fire of his heart dismal. Yun Che resolutely swore he would definitely take revenge, but that was Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, the pinnacle of existence in the Profound Sky Continent. He wouldn’t think that Yun Che really had the ability to ask such a colossus for vengeance, and more so didn’t wish for Yun Che to face danger for this, to the point of even losing his life.

Looking at Xiao Lie’s expression, Yun Che silently sighed in his heart, and said: “After me and my biological grandfather recognized each other, I’ve found out about some things… Back then, after my birth parents had left Floating Cloud City, they weren’t caught by Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, and had instead safely fled back to their own homeland… Grandfather, do you know what this implies? This can at least make certain, that the one who followed my birth parents and left… Uncle Xiao’s son, your biological grandson, wasn’t killed, and instead arrived at an absolutely safe place together with my birth parents in the end…”

Yun Che’s words sounded like rolling thunder beside Xiao Lie’s ears. His eyes instantly stared wide, and his originally dead grey eyes instantly exploded with incomparably intense vividness. He grabbed Yun Che’s shoulders with both hands, excited to the extent where his entire body was shaking: “Is what you said true… Is what you said true!?”

“Undoubtedly true!” Backhandedly grabbing Xiao Lie’s arm, Yun Che said as he looked him straight in the eyes: “When my birth parents fled to Floating Cloud City, they were already wounded all over and burnt out. If the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s people had caught up to them by then, they would have definitely met their end. But they safely returned to their homeland in the end, which proves that they had not encountered any other enemies afterwards. Then, the child in their arms, would also definitely be safe… His age is similar to mine, and as for today, he is also… nineteen years old like me. Grandfather’s bloodline, Uncle Xiao’s bloodline… had never been cut off!”

Xiao Lie’s entire person froze there, and in a moment his aged eyes were already full of tears.

Yun Che lowered his voice and said: “I am hoping to reunite with my birth parents, and he, must also be hoping to reunite with his blood-related family. So Grandfather, you have to be strong; your biological grandson is still waiting to recognize and reunite with you.”

Xiao Lie’s hands gradually loosened. His face was full of tear marks, but the color in his eyes became much more energetic, replacing all of the dead grey of before. He heavily nodded, and said in a low voice: “Okay… Okay!”

They were the same two words, yet they were no longer murky and powerless, and more so no longer had any hint of the wish to die.

Yun Che secretly let out a breath of relief. He called back Ling Jie, and carried Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi onto his mount, the Fierce Zephyr Bird.

“Little Che, you have to be careful, be sure to not overexert yourself, and be even more sure to not let anything bad happen to yourself!” Xiao Lingxi tightly gripped the corner of her clothing as she exclaimed with anxiety and worry.

“Don’t you worry.” Yun Che said with a relaxed smile on his face: “I’m invincible right now, you know. I don’t even need to put an insignificant Burning Heaven Clan in my eyes. I had just reunited with you, so how can I be willing to let myself die... Tour the Imperial City with all your heart for a few days. When you guys are done playing, I ought to be back too.”

“Heh, haven’t seen each other for three years, and Little Che had actually also learnt how to talk big.” Xiao Lingxi faintly smiled. She looked at the Fen Juecheng slacked onto the ground not far away, suddenly thought of something, and said: “Little Che, if, you really could destroy Burning Heaven Clan, then, can you spare a person there?”

Yun Che slightly froze for a bit, then said: “The person Little Aunt is talking about is?”

“I remembered that his name was… Right, it’s Fen Juechen!”

“Fen Juechen?” Yun Che’s brows abruptly sunk, and he said with a surprised tone: “Why spare him? It was clearly he, who abducted you to the Burning Heaven Clan!”

“But he was also listening to that person’s orders…” Xiao Lingxi extended her hand and pointed at Fen Juecheng: “Also, after arriving at Burning Heaven Clan, to me, this detestable person wanted to… wanted to… It’s Fen Juechen who stopped him. Or else, I might have already.... Also, when you came, it was also this person who wanted to use me to threaten you, and it was similarly Fen Juechen that stopped him. He was even heavily wounded because of that.”

Xiao Lingxi’s words, made cold sweat instantly emerge all over Yun Che body. He fiercely turned his eyes and stared over at Fen Juecheng as the intent to kill crazily surged all over in his heart. Only after using all of his willpower, did he finally forcefully suppress this surge of killing intent. He slowly nodded: “I understand, I’ll spare him.”

“Phew…” Xiao Lingxi patted her chest, and let out a breath of relief: “Even though he looks scary, his heart isn’t bad at all… But this person called Fen Juecheng, is thoroughly bad!”

Fen Juecheng, who was paralyzed on the ground, uttered a painful moan, as though he wanted to refute or beg for mercy, but in the end, he could only powerlessly slump back down.

The Fierce Zephyr Bird slowly ascended, yet Ling Jie stood on the ground for a long time and didn’t leap up. After hesitating for a while, he suddenly said toward Yun Che: “Boss, this time, are you really going to destroy completely Burning Heaven Clan?”

“Yes!” Yun Che nodded without a single bit of hesitation: “Like what I said before, I must let everyone know the outcome of harming my family members… There is absolutely no leeway.”

The corner of Ling Jie’s mouth moved, as he faintly let out a sigh and spoke: “There’s something, I might… might need to tell you. My grandfather had a period of friends.h.i.+p with Burning Heaven Clan’s Grand Clan Master Fen Yijue before. Even though I hadn’t seen Grandfather many times before in my life, I had heard my Father say that my Grandfather extremely values friends.h.i.+p and loyalty. I’m worried… I’m worried, that if Burning Heaven Clan really reached that step, Grandfather may possibly act.”

Yun Che: “...”

“Ten years ago, Grandfather was already at the middle stages of Emperor Profound Realm. He is currently the publicly recognized number one of the entire Blue Wind Empire. Burning Heaven Clan’s Grand Clan Master Fen Yijue’s power is incredibly strong, but even if there are three of him, it would be impossible for him to beat my Grandfather. If my Grandfather really acts, I’m afraid… I’m afraid…” As he spoke till here, Ling Jie shook his head once with force, and said with a smiling grin: “Uh, it’s just only a tiny possibility. Maybe I’m thinking too much. Besides, Grandfather had said long ago that he doesn’t bother with worldly matters anymore… Anyways, Boss, you have to be careful.”

“Mn, I got it. Thank you for telling me these.” Yun Che said as he nodded.

With a faint howl of the wind, Ling Jie leapt onto the Fierce Zephyr Bird. The Fierce Zephyr Bird extended its wings, and left as it broke through the air. Looking at that touch of cyan colored silhouette that went further and further away, Yun Che’s brows sunk as he sank into deep thought.

Yun Che had occasionally heard Cang Yue mention Ling Jie’s grandfather before.

Sword Saint Ling Tianni! Number one in the current Blue Wind!