Against the Gods - Chapter 329 - Fury that Burns the Heavens (3)

Chapter 329 - Fury that Burns the Heavens (3)

Chapter 329 - Fury that Burns the Heavens (3)

“So?” Fen Juecheng twisted his brows, his features becoming slightly savage: “We should immediate release his two relatives, and go beg Yun Che’s mercy? We can preserve our Burning Heaven Clan’s prestige like this?”

“You!” Fen Duanhun’s palm raised up, and was just about to give Fen Juecheng a slap on the face. But seeing his miserable state of being heavily wounded and the resentment on his face, this palm did not slap down in the end.

“Our entire clan’s dignity, was all tore into pieces by Yun Che on the day of my bridal procession! In the Blue Wind Empire right now, who isn’t laughing at our Burning Heaven Clan?! Our Burning Heaven Clan’s thousand years of prestige, have all now completely turned into a foil for Yun Che’s prestige! If the news of Great Elder’s group of seven all dying under Yun Che’s hand gets out, then we would thoroughly be reduced into a joke! And in this situation, if we instead choose to be hesitant in taking action, and endure it for now, even I, who is the Burning Heaven Clan’s Young Clan Master, will look down upon Burning Heaven Clan!” Fen Juecheng almost roared as he clenched his teeth. He, who had always been ordinarily obedient in front of Fen Duanhun, actually did not yield in the slightest today.

“Only by killing Yun Che would we recover the prestige we lost and be able to face the Elders and our past ancestors who are dead! For this, what fault is there in being unscrupulous with our methods!? If Father is afraid that it would taint his own name from this, then after killing Yun Che, you can push all responsibilities onto my head, and say that it was me who acted on his own and abducted Yun Che’s family, say that it was unrelated to anyone else in the Burning Heaven Clan.”

Each and every of Fen Juecheng’s words were harsher than the previous. For him to do this, the so-called prestige of the clan was only a small part of the reason; the larger part of the reason, was naturally to seek revenge against Yun Che for his hatred that penetrated down to his very marrow! As Fen Juecheng’s father, Fen Duanhun, of course knew what Fen Juecheng’s true intentions were, yet every one of his words had all directly struck at his vitals… Within the Elder’s Council, most opinions he had heard were all similar to this. If not for the vast majority of them agreeing to do this, how could he, the Clan Master, only receive the news of this today.

Anyone else could be impulsive, and could be unscrupulous in methods for their personal emotions, but he couldn’t. As the Burning Heaven Clan’s Clan Master, he would have to think about the situation as a whole, and weigh the advantage and disadvantages regarding everything… But since things has already reached this point, other than baiting Yun Che here though this and killing him, he already had no other options.

“Forget it.” Fen Duanhun’s hand drooped down, and helplessly sighed. However, his gaze was still incredibly cold and harsh: “From childhood until now, let alone bullied, you have almost never been refuted by others. Yet you were humiliated in Yun Che’s hands once and once again, and I know that you wouldn’t be reconciled if you don’t obtain this vengence. The vengeance of killing the Great Elder and others, must indeed also be repaid… I’ll let your capriciousness slide this once, and personally go arrange the formation to kill Yun Che... But only this time. If you dare to act on your own without thinking about the consequences like this ever again, I absolutely will not be merciful on you!”

Fen Duanhun’s imposing pressure as the Clan Master, naturally wasn’t something Fen Juecheng could truly resist against. His upper body slightly trembled, as he immediately replied: “My hatred toward Yun Che is extremely deep. Second Elder, as well as the others, also urgently wish to kill Yun Che to avenge Great Elder. So… so that’s why I did this behind father’s back… Juecheng promises that there will never be similar things happening again. After killing Yun Che, on the fault of me acting on my own wishes, I will also accept any of Father’s scolding and punishments.”

“Hmph!” Fen Duanhun coldly snorted and exited with a turn of his sleeves. When he arrived at the door, his footstep stopped as he suddenly asked: “Why did you make Chen’er bring people to do this? His morality is staunch, and absolutely wouldn’t accept this kind of method of holding one’s family hostage; just how were you able to convince him?”

“Father perhaps does not know,” Fen Juecheng said, “The reason why Third Brother wasn’t able to attend the Ranking Tournament, was precisely because of Yun Che. When he was at the Blue Wind Profound Palace, not only did Yun Che defeat him, he even squashed him underneath his feet… Back then, Second Brother’s single sentence of humiliation already made him leave the sect for many years, swearing to make Second Brother pay. Yet Yun Che stomped his dignity beneath his feet. Pavilion Master Duancang, who was killed by Yun Che, was even more so the person he admired the most in his life. His hatred toward Yun Che, is definitely not inferior to mine! I promised him that when Yun Che is on the verge of death, I’ll let him humiliate Yun Che to his heart's content and finish him off personally, and so he accepted… As for the reason why I made Third Brother go…” Fen Juecheng drooped his head down: “Was because only Third Brother was out of the clan and didn’t return for many days, so father wouldn’t become suspicious or notice something early.”

“Hmph!” Fen Duanhun turned his head around. Without speaking another word, he left in a fury. After ten breaths of time, his overcast voice had already seeped into every single corner of Burning Heaven Clan: “All Elders and Pavilion Masters hear my command! Everyone must gather at the Great a.s.sembly Hall within fifteen minutes, there is an important matter to discuss!”

“Old Jiu! Where are those two being imprisoned at?” Fen Juecheng yelled.

Outside, a person whose back slightly bent forward walked in, answered with a low voice: “Xiao Lie is imprisoned at the lowest floor of the Dragon Confining Prison, and as for that girl called Xiao Lingxi… She was locked within the Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion on Third Young Master’s order.”

“Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion?” Fen Juecheng froze for a bit: “You sure that this is Fen Juechen’s own orders… Heeh, this really is interesting. Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion had always been a taboo ground that belonged to him, and even I would be hit with his frown if I were to stroll in; he actually locked a woman who is used as bait in there.”

The person who was referred to as Old Jiu spoke with a obscure tone: “Even though Xiao Lingxi is Yun Che’s aunt, she seemed to be even a little younger than Third Young Master. Her looks are extremely beautiful, and she has a kind of unique aura. Third Young Master perhaps has some other ideas about her.”

“Oh, is that so?” The corner of Fen Juecheng’s mouth distorted, and suddenly formed into a sinister smile: “Come with me to Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion… For Yun Che to hear the news and come here, will at least take seven or eight more days. In this period of time, there are many things that can be done!”


Burning Heaven Clan was located within the Burning Heaven Valley. The clan’s premise wasn’t a flat ground, but a mountainous land with up and downs. Within it, mountain cliffs of various heights laid throughout the land one after another. Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion was Fen Juechen’s residence, and as to why it was called “Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion”, that was because it was constructed on the the tallest cliff within Burning Heaven Clan, which was nearly a hundred meters in height.

This was Fen Juechen’s residence, and would occasionally be treated as a training ground. No one was allowed to step in at will. Of course, if Fen Juecheng insists on entering, no one would dare to stop him either.

Fen Juechen was not in Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion, and Fen Juecheng entered the Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion with incredible ease. The moment he pushed open the gate, he immediately saw the girl who was looking back at him with a panicked face beside a wooden window.

Seeing this girl, Fen Juecheng’s eyes immediately lit up, and revealed the l.u.s.tful glare like that of a hungry wolf.

The girl before his eyes looked to only be seventeen or eighteen years old. Even though the information he obtained said Yun Che’s aunt was not very old, he never thought that she was young to such an extent; she was evidently even a little younger than Yun Che. The girl’s tender features were smooth and charming, her rosy lips were vivid and juicy, her pet.i.te and raised nose was refined and delicate, and under the pure black eyelashes were a pair of eyes that revealed panic, yet were still as beautiful and clear as diamond and stars. The long tunic she wore was very plain, and even appeared to be slightly worn out. But on her body, it instead appeared to give out an elegant and refined feeling.

Fen Juecheng’s gaze stared fixedly at her, unwilling to move after a long time. The small Floating Cloud City, a place that he simply didn’t bother to care, he would never have thought that a place like that could give birth to such an extremely beautiful girl composed of all the charmingness of the world. Compared to her tender and beautiful features, what made one’s heart beat even more was her refres.h.i.+ngness that seemed to have never been tainted by a hint of the mundane. On her body, she clearly emitted a tender and delicate feeling which caused one to uncontrollably gain a desire to protect her. Especially her pair of charming eyes; they were crystal clear and lovingly fascinating like a pool of glistening spring water.

Fen Juecheng’s gaze switched between greed and l.u.s.t. Closing the room’s door with a kick, he walked toward Xiao Lingxi with a lewd smile.

“Who… Who are you? Just what are you guys going to do?” Coming into contact with Fen Juecheng’s gaze, Xiao Lingxi’s entire body felt a chill, and she panickedly retreated as her right hand tightly grabbed onto her clothing in front of her chest.

“Oh, forgot to introduce myself.” Fen Juncheng said while grinning: “This one is Burning Heaven Clan’s Young Clan Master, Fen Juecheng. You’ll have to remember this name well. You, are that aunt of Yun Che’s? If I remember correctly, your name, is Xiao Lingxi? There aren’t many in this world who could make me, Fen Juecheng, remember their name. But it’s good that not only did you not disappoint me, you’ve even given me a very great joyous surprise.”

As Fen Juecheng spoke, his smile became even more wanton.

Burning Heaven Clan, to Xiao Lingxi, was originally a force that only existed within legends. Burning Heaven Clan’s Young Clan Master, was more so an extraordinary being in those legends; someone she had expected to never have any contact with in her entire life. But in just one night, an unpredictable misfortune descended just like that. She and her father, were actually brought to this legendary enormous sect… On the way here, from conversations of the few Burning Heaven Clan’s people, she intermittently heard something. She faintly understood that the reason why she and her father was brought here, was because of Yun Che… And Yun Che, was precisely that Xiao Che she had dreamed about and yearned for through day and night.

Only, she still didn’t understand what exactly had happened amongst them.

When the entire Blue Wind was pa.s.sing around and discussing Yun Che’s name, Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie who were imprisoned in the rear mountain was ignorant of everything… And it was impossible for them to know anything. Her image of Yun Che, still rested on that weak youth with crippled profound veins that needed her protection and worry, yet could also resolutely stand in front and fend for her when facing against Xiao Sect’s oppression.

“I… I don’t understand what you are saying.” Xiao Lingxi had pa.s.sed every single second here under panic and fear. Xiao Juecheng’s gaze made her even more afraid. She shook her head and said: “What about my father? Where is my father? Did you do anything to him? What exactly are you guys going to do!”

“What are we going to do? Heheh, you don’t need to know that.” Fen Juecheng raised his left hand which was bound by bandages, and leisurely exercised his shoulders a little: “But you are about to know what I am about to do next… Hahahaha, I am suddenly a little grateful to Yun Che now, to actually let me find such a fine thing in the world. Before he comes, let me first collect some good interest on your body!”

After he finished speaking, Fen Juecheng laughed obscenely, and pounced toward Xiao Lingxi.

“Ah… Don’t come near!” Xiao Lingxi dodged to another corner as she screamed, her hand placed on the center of her chest: “Go.. Go away! If you dare to come one more step closer… I’ll… I’ll snap my own heart veins!”

“HAHAHA!” Fen Juecheng laughed wantonly: “Your profound strength is only a pitiful early stage Nascent Profound Realm, and you want to snap your own heart veins in front of me? Then why don’t you feel free and try…”

As Fen Juecheng laughed, he pounced toward Xiao Lingxi again… At this time, a rumbling sound suddenly came from behind him, and the tightly shut door was violently kicked open. Fen Juecheng quickly turned around, and abruptly saw Fen Juechen who had on a somber expression, standing by the door,

“Who said you could enter!” Fen Juechen’s eyes fixedly stared at Fen Juecheng, as if he was staring at his arch-nemesis.

“Oh, Third Brother, you’re back.” Fen Juecheng turned his face around, and said with a grin: “I saw you weren’t here earlier, so I came in on my own accord. You came back at the perfect time; I’ll be taking this woman.”

Fen Juechen’s initially overcast expression abruptly sunk once more. Within his gaze, there faintly carried a surge of ice-cold… killing intent. He spoke coldly: “I am the one who brought her here! I only said that I would bring them back, but I’ve never said to hand them over for you to manage… Leave right now!”

“Oh?” Fen Juecheng’s eyes narrowed: “Tsk tsk, Third Brother’s reaction is really somewhat rare. Could it be that third brother took a fancy to this girl?”

“So what if that’s the case?” Not only his gaze, even Fen Juechen’s aura now carried the intent to kill, as though if Fen Juecheng still didn’t leave, he would immediately strike out.

“Oh!” Fen Juecheng revealed an obscure and knowing smile: “So that’s what it is. Third Brother had always been stoic and lack the desire for love, and always acted with the same manner toward women. I had actually always worried that Third Brother would be homs.e.xual, but it seems like I am worrying too much as your elder brother… Since she’s a woman whom Third Brother fancies, then naturally I, as the elder brother, will leave her to you.. But Third Brother should take care to not forget that she is Yun Che’s aunt!”

With a faint smile, Fen Juecheng carefreely walked out. When he stepped out of the room, the smile on his face vanished. His expression suddenly darkened as a hint of killing intent flashed through his eyes.

If it was any normal day, Fen Juechen definitely wouldn’t be his match. But currently, his left arm was heavily wounded, his right arm couldn’t move, and there were even internal injuries in his body. If they really fought like that, it really was uncertain whether he would be Fen Juechen’s match. Furthermore, Fen Juechen was someone who would become crazy the moment he falls into a disadvantage in a fight; Fen Juecheng absolutely did not want to fight with him under an injured state.

“Thank… Thank you.” Only after Fen Juechen left, did Xiao Lingxi’s panic recline by a little. Stroking the center of her chest, she expressed her grat.i.tude in a light voice.

She and Xiao Lie, were brought to here by Fen Juechen. All of the misfortune in these few days, had all stemmed from him. Yet she still sincerely said “thank you” because he chased away Fen Juecheng… She was still so innocent and kind to the point that it made one’s heart ache.

Fen Juechen’s heartstrings were faintly plucked by an indescribable feeling. He sat beside the desk as his brows twitched. It was only after a long while did he finally suddenly speak: “No need! Don’t worry, you are only brought here to be bait… No one will harm you!”

“Bait? It’s for… dealing with Little Che?” Xiao Lingxi immediately became even more panicked. She anxiously said: “What exactly happened between you guys and Little Che? Why are you doing this to him, if… if he did something wrong to you, I… I’ll admit fault in his stead, and apologize to you, is that ok? Please spare him.. Little Che is a really kind person, he definitely didn’t provoke you guys on purpose.”

“Admit fault? Apologize?” Fen Juechen clenched his teeth, and said with a voice filled with resentment: “How laughable! The faults he committed, must be repaid with his life!”

Xiao Lingxi’s heart suddenly tightened, and completely filled with fear… What she feared for wasn’t her own situation, but the most important person imprinted within her heart. She didn’t understand just how he managed to provoke the Burning Heaven Clan, and even had a huge grievance that he must pay with his life. She bit her lips, and suddenly said somewhat angrily: “If you really have such a deep grievance, then why don’t you solve it using honorable methods! Your Burning Heaven Clan is so great, but to deal with Little Che, you actually… actually held me and my father hostage and as bait. Don’t you guys… Don’t you guys feel despicable and shameful!”

Xiao Lingxi’s words, made Fen Juechen’s expression violently convulse for a while. His hands fiercely clenched tight as he spoke with clenched teeth: “It is… despicable... and shameful... Doing this, is indeed extremely despicable and shameful! But… Yun Che stepped my entire life’s dignity under his feet, and even killed someone who was half a father, and half a master to me! With my current ability, I simply cannot win against him at all... If I could have this vengence, so what if I am despicable and shameful this one time!!”

Right at this time, Fen Juechen suddenly felt smothered in his chest. A surge of ice-cold and sharp bloodl.u.s.t, which carried deep hatred came from who knows where, made him suffocate all of a sudden… In his entire life, it was the first time he had experienced such a terrifying killing intent. And at this time, a screaming roar descended from the sky like furious thunder from the nine heavens above:


The heaven shaking furious roar shook the entire Burning Heaven Clan, and even the entire Burning Heaven Valley. That wave of sharp killing intent had even completely shrouded the enormous Burning Heaven Clan, making every single person in Burning Heaven Clan feel like they had fallen into an icy cavern, as their entire bodies uncontrollably s.h.i.+vered once. The expressions of Fen Juechen, Fen Juecheng, who had not fully exited the Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion, as well as Fen Duanhun and various Elders who were having a meeting within the Great a.s.sembly Hall, all changed at once.

Them abducting Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie, was precisely for baiting and forcing Yun Che to come.

But they absolutely did not think that Yun Che would actually come so quickly! So quick to the point that it almost caught them completely off guard!