Against the Gods - Chapter 326 - Collecting Debt

Chapter 326 - Collecting Debt

Chapter 326 - Collecting Debt

Nascent Profound Realm, to Yun Che of three years ago, was an elusive realm which he could only look up to with envy. However, in the current Yun Che’s eyes, it was no different from child’s play. Facing Xiao Yang’s face which disgusted him, Yun Che smiled coldly. Without moving his upper body, he kicked out his right leg.

How could a mere Xiao Yang have the ability the react to the current speed which Yun Che was currently capable of demonstrating? Just when he could see his own hand grabbing onto Yun Che’s neck and picking Yun Che up like a little chick, suddenly, at his waist area, he felt… as though he was ruthlessly struck by a gigantic mountain.



Xiao Yang screamed, his entire body flew away like a rubber ball, and he rolled around dozens of times in the air. When he landed on the ground, his entire face was covered in blood. He was breathless, and it was unknown if he was still alive.

“Yang… Yang’er!” Xiao Bo paled from shock. and roared out loudly as he leapt out. After checking Xiao Yang’s pulse, his face instantly turned as red as a pig’s liver. Xiao Yang’s injuries were not enough to be called life-threatening, however, his profound veins, had actually been completely shattered! Even if he possessed the legendary Great Firmament Golden Pellet, it would still be impossible to restore them… Which also meant that, from now on, Xiao Yang would completely become an absolute and utter trash.

“You… You…” Xiao Bo stood up shakingly. In the midst of shock and anger, his old face was already blood-red. “Xiao Che, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d child… What did you do to Xiao Yang!? I… I’ll kill you with my own hands, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d child!”

Xiao Bo rose up in explosive anger. Like a hungry wolf who had already lost his reasoning, he pounced towards Yun Che. The arm which he swung out under extreme fury, was filled with a hundred percent of his strength. Facing Xiao Bo’s attack, Yun Che seemed to have been frightened silly, or he might basically did not have the ability to dodge it, as he did not have any movements, and Yun Che’s chest was ruthlessly struck by Xiao Bo’s heavy punch.

Everyone in the Xiao Clan had initially thought that with this strike, Yun Che’s chest would directly break apart, and he would at least be at near-death, or worse, lose his life right there and then. However, when Xiao Bo’s fist landed on Yun Che’s chest, there was not even single hint of a sound of impact, as though Xiao Bo’s punch, which he had poured his entire strength into, did not smash onto a person’s body, rather, it had seemingly smashed onto the softest possible ball of cotton instead. Forget about smas.h.i.+ng Yun Che flying, his entire body did not even move, nor did it even tremble in the least.

What a joke. A palm strike filled with extreme anger by a figure like Chu Yueli, was only capable pus.h.i.+ng a defenseless Yun Che back by a few steps. The profound strength of Xiao Bo who was merely at the eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, to Yun Che, was basically no different from having a mosquito collide with his chest.

With his fist firmly and solidly smashed on Yun Che’s chest, before Xiao Bo could even reveal a cold smile of delight, he turned completely senseless. Looking at his own right fist which seemed as though it had been sucked into Yun Che’s chest, his pair of eyes were widened to the extreme… and casting upon his eyes, was the cold laughter Yun Che was currently making, like that of a devil’s.

In the midst of disdainful cold laughter, Yun Che’s chest lightly bounced out.


An incomparably miserable scream spread throughout the entire Xiao Clan in an instant. Xiao Bo sprayed out scarlet fresh blood as flew towards the back, his entire right fist had completely shattered into a pile of rotten flesh, several streams of blood scrambled as they poured out of his right arm… His entire right arm, under the force of terrifying strength, from outside to inside, from his skin to his bones, seemed to have been shattered into a hornet’s nest. He laid on the ground, swinging his right arm which had already completely lost its senses. He cried out loudly due to the incomparable pain, shrilling, like a wailing banshee.

In the entire Xiao Clan, other than Xiao Bo’s screams, there was only silence. Every one of their faces was filled with fear, and an extremely strong sense of disbelief.

When Xiao Yang suddenly flew back and lost consciousness, they were shocked. However, it was not enough to appal them. But what kind of strength did Xiao Bo have? Eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm; he was an expert with strength at the highest level in the entire Floating Cloud City, yet, his attack was as though it was just an itch to Yun Che, while Yun Che had simply used a light action that could not be any lighter, that instantly shook his entire right arm and shattered it! That terrifying aura which lasted for a mere instant, caused them to feel as though they had sunk into a pit of ice, as though their heart had stopped.

What kind of strength was this?

This was an almighty strength that had completely exceeded their understanding!

However, the person in front of their eyes, was clearly the trash of Xiao Clan that every single person in Floating Cloud City knew of back then. A trash who was born with crippled profound veins, who could never have any sort of future!

“Old dog Xiao.” Yun Che said with a cold laugh. “Watch your mouth. One, my name isn’t b.a.s.t.a.r.d child; two, my name isn’t Xiao Che either… Since three years ago, my name has already been changed to Yun Che! Since then, other than my grandfather and little aunt, and the debt which I need to collect, I no longer have any relations with your Xiao Clan!”

The name “Yun Che”, was as though a thunder had rang right beside everyone’s ears, causing a similar color of terror to surface in every single one of their faces. “Gulp”. Xiao Cheng strongly gulped down the saliva down his throat, and asked with a trembling voice. “Could it be… Could it be… that… Yun Che… of the Ranking Tournament… is you?”

The second day after the Ranking Tournament ended, the name “Yun Che” had spread to every corner of the Blue Wind Empire. After that, following after his fall, his name was like the sun in the sky as the number of rumors regarding him grew… and among them, naturally included one that claimed he came from Floating Cloud City, and the Xia Qingyue he married, came from Floating Cloud City as well…

These rumors had naturally spread into the ears of the Xiao Clan as well, and there were many information in the rumors, especially the point of him marrying Xia Qingyue, had coincided very well with the Xiao Che whom they had kicked out of the Clan. However, in every corner of the Xiao Clan, even the entire Floating Cloud City, the residents were incomparably determined, and believed that these rumors were definitely, definitely false. After that, even when there were rumors saying that Yun Che had come from the Xiao Clan, they had simply taken them as jokes.

The reason was incredibly simple. Everyone in the Floating Cloud City knew that Yun Che was born with crippled profound veins, and was a pure trash who basically could not even break through into the first level of the Elementary Profound Realm in his entire life. While that legendary Yun Che, even though he was at a young age, he consecutively defeated the descendants of various great sects, and even received the princess’s favor, as well as the heart of a Frozen Asgard Fairy. He was a pinnacle existence, as though he was a favorite pet of the heavens… The two people’s differences were like the clouds above and the dirt below, no matter how, it was impossible for the two to be the same person.

If a person with average potential were to have a miraculous encounter, it was not impossible for him to soar into prominence, however, for a complete trash to become an absolute genius of the first-rate Ranking Tournament… This was simply a huge joke. Among the rumors, there were even a few that mentioned that Yun Che was the “Descendant of the Divine Phoenix Sect”, the “direct disciple of a certain hidden supreme expert” and more, which was even more unrelated to the Xiao Che they knew.

However, in that short instant earlier, in their convulsing brains, the terrifying strength demonstrated by the person whom they had always seen as trash, and the name he spat out, the “joke” they had always believed in, was instantly pulled towards reality.

A black light flashed in Yun Che’s hands, and Dragon Fault surfaced. Subsequently, Dragon Fault had landed heavily on the ground, an explosive sound rang as the incomparably firm marbled floor under his feet instantly cracked apart. Dozens of crack lines wildly spread, and continued to spread until the feet of the people of the Xiao Clan a few dozen meters away. Yun Che grabbed onto the hilt of the sword, and said with a low voice. “Obviously, I’m the only Yun Che in this world!”

The earth that cracked apart, was nearly thirty centimeters wide, and the tear was bottomless. The faces of Xiao Yunhai and the rest revealed horror-stricken expressions; every single one of their complexions looked as though they had completely lost the redness of blood from extreme aghast and terror. Every single one of their eyeb.a.l.l.s looked as though they had popped out of their sockets as well, while a few disciples whose mental endurance ability were weaker had fallen to the ground right there and then as their bodies trembled from shock… What emerged in front of their eyes, was a form of power that they could not understand, or even imagine! This was basically a terrifying strength that only a G.o.dly genius in their fantasies could possess...

Even if they dreamed, they would never think that, the Xiao Che who had been mocked and scorned by them for dozen of years, would actually return with such terrifying ability, that they could never possess in their entire life, and would never dare to hope for even in their dreams. Looking at the face in front of them which they had once looked at with nothing but disdain and scorn, what they were currently feeling, was only fear and horror.

Xiao Yunhai’s heart and face were twisting severely. The earthcrack caused by the G.o.dly might of Dragon Fault had coincidentally pa.s.sed between his legs, causing his soul to leave his body at that every instant. Even now, his entire body was dripping with cold sweat. He raised his right hand, and he struggled to reveal an extremely ugly smile on his face. “So… So you’re actually… that legendary Yun Che! Haha… Haha… I should have known of this fact long ago. I did not expect that after my dear nephew left the Xiao Clan, he, the fish, had actually leapt over the dragon’s gate… really… this is really worthy of celebrations…”

“Your eighteen generations of ancestry are worthy of celebrations!” WIth a face filled with a cold smile, Yun Che interrupted Xiao Yunhai. Raising his arm, Dragon Fault was lifted off the ground. “I shall say this once more. Today, I’m here to collect the debt from you people!”

Yun Che’s figure suddenly flashed; a broken shadow flashed past like a ghost, rus.h.i.+ng right towards Xiao Yunhai. Xiao Yunhai’s eyes blurred, and when he basically had yet to see everything clearly, a gigantic strength of around fifteen thousand kilograms smashed onto his chest. He spat out a heavy amount of fresh blood, and directly rolled onto the ground. He wanted to cry out painfully, but a foot firmly pressed onto his lips, and he was not even able to spit out a single sound.

Yun Che’s right foot stepped on Xiao Yunhai’s head, causing a large half of his head to be stepped into the ground, and he coldly said. “Xiao Yunhai, as the Clan Master of Xiao Clan, for your personal interests, so as to curry the favor of that Xiao Sect trash, you actually planned to frame my little aunt, and had almost caused my little aunt to plunge into hopeless abyss! The act you displayed back then, was really extremely brilliant. With that superb acting along with your despicable and malicious heart, for you to be a mere Clan Master of Xiao Clan, the heaven are truly blind!”

“Don’t you dare harm our Clan Master!”

Xiao Li roared out, and suddenly pierced his sword out towards Yun Che’s back. Yun Che did not even turn his head. He casually stretched out his hand to grab towards the back, caught onto the tip of Xiao Li’s sword, and instantly seized the sword in his own hands. Then, with a flip and turn of his palm, the longsword, like a poisonous snake, flew out in the opposite direction, piercing into Xiao Li’s shoulder. The sword hilt stuck onto his shoulder blade, as it brought him flying far away. With a “boom” sound, the sword deeply pierced into the tall walls at the back, nailing Xiao Li there just like that.

A slaughtered pig-like scream was released from Xiao Li’s mouth. As if he had gone mad, he struggled about. However, the more he struggled, the deeper the blade stabbed into his shoulder blade, and his bones were painfully penetrated into. Blood spurt out from his shoulder like a fountain, dripping down his body, and very quickly, a big pool had acc.u.mulated right below him.

Xiao Ze and Xiao Cheng had initially wanted to take action together. However, seeing Xiao Li’s miserable state, and Xiao Bo who was miserably wailing out on the ground, their faces were as white as paper, and their scalp and skin grew numb. With eyes filled with terror, both of them obediently kept their swords, shrunk their bodies, and no longer dared to take even half a step forward.