Against the Gods - Chapter 308 - Temporary Truce

Chapter 308 - Temporary Truce

Chapter 308 - Temporary Truce

All members of the Burning Heaven Clan had withdrawn.

More than two thousand disciples, eight strong profound pract.i.tioners in the Sky Profound Realm. Under the huge threat that Yun Che brought, their faces turned grim and they left without any dignity.

Even though Yun Che’s battle capabilities were shocking, he would not be a threat for the entire Burning Heaven Clan. However, with all his weird techniques that could not be guarded against, in addition to the cruel and heartless methods, he successfully penetrated Burning Heaven Clan’s psychological barrier. Yun Che’s last move of throwing Fen Juecheng back to them magnanimously made them wary and not dare to act recklessly.

Not only was Burning Heaven Clan’s bride escort unable to bring back Princess Cang Yue, they had still lost two hundred disciples and Fen Juecheng was severely injured… This was further witnessed by everyone present. Their reputation and prestige had all been tarnished. On the other hand, Yun Che, who managed to force the Burning Heaven Clan to such dire straits, fiercely shook everyone’s heart and soul.

Yun Che, who had almost been made into a legendary character by the people, had not only revived, he was also several times stronger that what the rumors had mentioned! The previous rumors which were treated as exaggerations and laughable “G.o.dly versions” now seemed as though they had been weakened severely!

At such a young age, he was able to force the Burning Heaven Clan, whom the people treated like a large and sacred clan, to retreat, and even defeated pinnacle profound pract.i.tioners like Fen Moran and Fen Duancang. The limits of his future were completely unimaginable! It was no wonder Princess Cang Yue was attracted to him and that the Fairy of Frozen Moon was his wife… Even the incident involving Chu Yuechan seem to appear more acceptable now.

“Junior Brother Yun!!!”

Cang Yue rushed up and tightly hugged Yun Che, buried her forehead into his chest, at times laughing and at times crying; how could she still care about the appearance of a royal princess and the surrounding gazes. In this period of time that Yun Che had "died", her entire world was dark. To still be able to hug him so warmly and realistically, she felt like she no longer desired anything else.

“Heheh.” Cang Wanhe started to laugh as well. His laugh was even more soothing than when he realized they had obtained first in the ranking tournament: “As expected of our daughter. Yue’er has a good eye for people.”

“Yes. At this point, Her Highness is probably better than Your Majesty at it.” Dongfang Xiu said happily.

“Hahahaha…” Hearing that, not only did Cang Wanhe not get angry, he laughed heartily instead. However, after just laughing twice, a long string of coughs followed.

“What happened today was completely out of my expectations.” Dongfang Xiu looked at Yun Che and let out a sigh of relief: “This kid’s future, not even I have the right to judge or predict it. After what happened today, he had undoubtedly turned into the person the Burning Heaven Clan wanted to kill the most. However, I do not know why I am not worried for him. Instead, I worry for the Burning Heaven Clan.”

“We think the same as well.” Cang Wanhe’s pale face revealed a smile, before he closed his eyes again and sighed: “It’s a pity We would not get the chance to see you prosper in the world… If only he could take good care of Yue’er, this way, even if there were an internal struggle for power, We would be less worried and guilty… Dongfang Xiu, help us personally invite Yun Che to the palace.”

“Alright, everyone leave.”

The imperial palace guards were mobilized to scatter the large groups of people watching. After Cang Wanhe had fallen sick, he had rarely appeared. Even people living within the imperial city would not be able to see him. Now that he had finally appeared in public, all eyes shockingly did not fall on him. Instead, they were all gathered on Yun Che. There were gazes of shock, amazement, admiration and even excitement… They were originally here to see the princess get married, but now, they actually witnessed such a ground breaking scene.


The princess’s marriage changing at the last minute was supposed to be an unfortunate affair. However, the palace was celebrating now. Cang Wanhe was in an exceptionally good mood today. His face did not have its usual gloominess and he rewarded the whole palace largely upon returning.

Yun Che and Cang Yue were side by side behind the Emperor’s imperial chariot. Along the way back to the palace, they were greeted with the excited stares of the crowd. Upon entering the palace, they met the hastily leaving third prince, Cang Shuo. Seeing Yun Che and Cang Yue return side by side, he was stunned for a moment and then, his face changed… However, since they had already seen each other, there was no way to avoid it. Cang Shuo could only grit his teeth and force the most kind smile he could muster: “Royal Sister. You’re back. This must be Brother Yun… Your performance today was a great eye-opener. I could not help but be amazed.”

“This is my third royal brother.” Cang Yue explained simply, her voice carried no emotion.

“Woah!” Yun Che had a face of revelation and he started to grin: “Ohh, it’s the reputable third royal prince. I pay my respects. I remember that the third prince had just returned to the palace and now, you’re rus.h.i.+ng out. Did something happen? Is there anything that I can help with?”

Seeing the smile on Yun Che’s face, Cang Shuo immediately became cautious and even his scalp turned numb. Previously, when Yun Che was battling against Burning Heaven Clan, he had seen it clearly. Yun Che, who looked completely harmless, was able torture the Young Clan Master of the Burning Heaven Clan so easily. Yun Che probably could not care less about his ident.i.ty as a prince. If he angered him, killing him was probably no different from killing a chicken.

Cang Shuo immediately calmed down and spoke in a friendly manner: “I only have some unimportant private matters to settle. No need for Brother Yun to worry.”

“Woah… Working on unimportant minor matters on your own, Third Prince sure is hard working. You must be the role model of the imperial family!” Yun Che replied laughingly. Not only was Cang Shuo one of the main culprits of the internal struggle for power, he was also the main culprit behind Fen Juecheng’s marriage with Cang Yue. Of course, Yun Che did not like him.

Cang Shuo could obviously feel the sarcasm in his words, he forced himself to laugh, saying: “I thank Brother Yun for the compliment. I have to go, goodbye, next time we’ll definitely…”

“Ohh, I have a question I need to ask the Third Prince.” Yun Che did not give him the chance to leave immediately as he asked laughingly: “I have long admired your little sister Cang Yue, and hope to tie the knot with her. I’m not sure how… Third Prince feels about it?”

Cang Shuo’s face stiffened slightly before revealing an elated expression: “Brother Yun is undoubtedly a most outstanding person. There probably isn’t anyone in this world that can compare to you! As her royal brother, I have long seen that my royal sister’s heart is already yours. If Brother Yun can tie the knot with my royal sister, it would unquestionably be a match made in heaven. Even a thousand years down the road, there would only be praises for this marriage. For the imperial family to obtain a talent like Brother Yun, it must be our good fortune! As a royal prince and Cang Yue’s royal brother, I would naturally fully support it.”

“Then, does Third Prince think that I’m more suited for Princess Cang Yue than Fen Juecheng?”

“That’s obvious.” Cang Shuo replied with the same expression: “What is Fen Juecheng? He is only trash that relies on the power of his clan. Compared to Brother Yun, it’s like comparing the clouds to mud. If not for fear of Burning Heaven Clan’s power, and producing a strong enemy for the imperial family… Even if I died, I would definitely stop Fen Juecheng’s savage thoughts. Luckily, Brother Yun appeared at the right time and stopped my royal sister from marrying that trash. It was only after that had I let out a huge sigh of relief.”

“...” It was no wonder he was the only one among all the royal princes that was able to be vying with Crown Prince, Cang Lin, for power. Such thick-skin and quick-thinking. His ability to say what one wants to hear was nearly at a divine level. This made Yun Che unwillingly gain a sense of respect towards him. As Yun Che grabbed Cang Yue’s hand, he said in a half jokingly manner: “Since Third Prince has already said so, I shall be rest a.s.sured. On the day when I marry Cang Yue, Third Prince must come and attend the wedding.”

When he finished, he did not wait for Cang Shuo’s reply and instead turned, entering the palace with Cang Yue. Cang Shuo turned around, looked at his back view, and he laughed coldly while muttering to himself: “Insolent fool, making enemies with Burning Heaven Clan. Do you really think you can still live for long!”

After returning to the Palace, Cang w.a.n.ghe descended his carriage and told Yun Che with grat.i.tude: "Yun Che, it’s such a relief you’re still alive. Previously, when you won the ranking tournament for our imperial family, We were absolutely elated. However, what came afterwards was the bad news that you had fallen. All this time, We were worried. Although Yue’er acted as though nothing had happened in front of me, We could tell that she was suffering deep inside. Luckily, you have come back alive and We can finally heave a sigh of relief.”

“Father!” Cang Yue shouted: “Now that we have the Burning Soul Flower and Junior Brother Yun is back, your illness can definitely be cured…”

“Your Majesty is too kind. I only hope my actions today would not cause trouble from the imperial family.” Yun Che replied humbly.

“Haha!” Cang w.a.n.ghe laughed loudly, replying: “This, you can rest a.s.sure. Even though the Imperial Family does not have as much power as those powerful clans, they’re still unable to do whatever they like. Furthermore, they wouldn’t blame us about today’s matter. Instead, I could blame them for failing to protect the princess, causing such a tragedy during her wedding and tarnis.h.i.+ng the Imperial Family’s image. Yun Che, what plans do you have now? If you don’t have any, why not stay in the Imperial Palace temporarily? Or do you want to go to back to the Blue Wind Profound Palace?”

“Let’s not return to Blue Wind Profound Palace.” Dongfang Xiu laughed bitterly: “Although Yun Che is only in the Earth Profound Realm, in terms of battling capabilities, he has even exceeded Qin Wushang. With his talent, returning to the Profound Palace as Palace Chief would still be a waste.”

Yun Che shook his head, saying: “Within three days, Burning Heaven Clan would undoubtedly send people to me. Staying here would only bring danger to the Imperial Family. As for where I want to go, I have already decided. I thank Your Majesty for your kindness.”

Cang w.a.n.ghe was not persistent and nodded: “Alright! Since you are to use such cruel methods against the Burning Heaven Clan, We shall a.s.sume that you must have some plans. Initially when you obtained the prestige of victory in the ranking tournament, We had planned to hold three days of grand meals to celebrate but were unable to do it. Now, let today be a replacement for then. Men, pa.s.s down our order...”

“Wait!” Yun Che raised his hand and spoke: “Yun Che understands Your Majesty’s kindness. However, the matter concerning Burning Heaven Clan requires me to leave as soon as possible. Therefore, I do not have much time left and need to settle some important stuff first… Let me cure Your Majesty of your illness first.”

Cang w.a.n.ghe’s body trembled and Dongfang Xiu’s face let out an excited expression. Cang w.a.n.ghe asked agitatedly: “You… You are now able to remove the parasite from within our body?”

The power struggle within the imperial family was originally partly due to his severe illness.

If he could recover and remain in control, with the power that he had established among the years, he would be able to sway the neutral parties back to his side. At that time, Cang Lin and Cang Shuo would also be afraid, and the Burning Heaven Clan and Xiao Sect’s plans would be foiled.

“Last time, Junior Brother Yun said that as long as we found the Burning Soul Flower, he would be able to cure father. Now that we found it, I believe Junior Brother Yun would definitely be able to do it.”Cang Yue said in elation.

Yun Che nodded and said while smiling: “Indeed, I am certain… However, I no longer require the Burning Soul Flower. The Burning Soul Flower was one of the betrothal gifts from the Burning Heaven Clan. It’s better to return it to them and avoid any gossip.”