Against the Gods - Chapter 304 - Killing Ten People Per Step

Chapter 304 - Killing Ten People Per Step

Chapter 304 - Killing Ten People Per Step

No one had expected that the first one to act was actually Yun Che! He actually really took action… And when he acted, it meant that he would be going against this terrifying Burning Heaven Clan party, and he would no longer have a place to turn back to!

In this group which comprised of more than two thousand people, all of them were elites of the Burning Heaven Clan. Forget about a single youth, even if it was a sect within the Blue Wind Empire other than Four Major Sects, there was not a single possibility of being able to resist them!

Yun Che’s action, could no longer be termed as arrogant and mad… it was simply lunatic!

“Junior Brother Yun, be careful!”

Although Cang Yue had long gotten used to seeing Yun Che’s various shocking actions, this time, she was still frightened by Yun Che to the point that her heart had almost jumped out of her chest… This time, what he was facing was not just Fen Juecheng alone, rather, it’s the entire ma.s.sive Burning Heaven Clan group! Among them, there were even eight ultimate experts at the Sky Profound Realm!

Cang Wanhe had also turned pale from shock. Seeing Yun Che coming back alive, he was extremely surprised, and he was absolutely not willing to have him fall in a place like this. With a hurried voice, he said. “Dongfang Xiu, hurry and stop him! We wish to protect him with all our might, We will definitely not allow him to die here!”

Yet Dongfang Xiu did not make any movements. He looked at Yun Che, and calmly said. “The situation now is not something I am able to stop. There is also no need for Your Majesty to be too worried, let us calmly watch as the situation unfolds. I definitely do not believe that a seventeen year old monstrous genius who, at the age of seventeen, without the support of a sect, yet, was able to obtain the top position at the Ranking Tournament, would do a foolish action of exposing himself to death. He might have some plans of his own.”


A loud roar shook everyone’s ears. Facing the combined a.s.sault of over a dozen fire dragons, Yun Che, as though he did not see them, did not dodge or avoid them, and allowed the large scarlet flames burn his own body. Raising his Dragon Fault, an Overlord’s Fury was smashed to the front.


With a loud boom, a large piece of the ground was violently torn apart. As though they were geysers, sand and rocks were thrown up to more than thirty meters in height, and the dozens of Burning Heaven Clan experts, who surrounded and attacked Yun Che, all screamed, as they were sent flying far away to the back. The dancing flames that were surrounding Yun che were all ripped apart as well, and then, they quickly dissipated.

“Wh… What!?”

“How is this possible!?”

This scene, caused everyone’s faces to pale from shock… The rumors regarding Yun Che were known nationwide, and his strength had naturally long been known by everyone. Sixteen months ago, when he obtained the number one rank in the Ranking Tournament, his profound strength was at the tenth level of the True Profound Realm, yet, he was barely able to defeat Xia Qingyue, who was at the Earth Profound Realm. He had clearly demonstrated that, when he was at his maximum limits, his battle strength was comparable to an early-stage Earth Profound Realm. And the thirteen people who had surrounded and attacked him earlier, were all experts at the Earth Profound Realm!

Yet, all of them were blasted away by a single strike from Yun Che!

No, that’s incorrect!

They were definitely not merely blasted away. The Burning Heaven Clan disciples who had been sent flying; none of them were actually able to stand after they landed… On each of their chests, a gigantic splatter of blood had clearly been bursted open!

With a single strike, he heavily injured dozens of Earth Profound Realm experts!

With just a single strike, a single exchange!!

Everyone stood there dumbfoundedly, and even the Emperor, Cang Wanhe’s pupils had shrunk by a large degree. Qin Wushang, who was familiar with Yun Che’s former strength, was even more shocked, to the point that he did not dare to believe his own eyes.

Yun Che’s strength had been exaggerated to a large degree in various versions of the rumors. However, currently, the Yun Che whom everyone saw now, his strength was many times stronger than the one in the rumors! To heavily injure dozens of Earth Profound Realm experts with a single strike, at the very least, he had the strength of a middle stage Sky Profound Realm!

The members of the Burning Heaven Clan were even more severely shocked. Fen Juecheng’s eyeb.a.l.l.s had even almost popped out of their sockets. His former calm expression was instantly filled with panic. His figure began to slowly retreat, and he unconsciously muttered. “Impossible… This is impossible…”

“It seems like, the strength of this Yun Che is even more exaggerated than the rumors.” Fen Duancang appeared by Fen Juecheng’s side, and said with a slight frown. “At such a young age, he actually possesses such strength. This is basically unthinkable! No one from our Burning Heaven Clan can compare to him; he does indeed have the capital to be arrogant… If he had hidden himself, and waited for his wings to be fully spread, he could have become a frightening foe in the future. However, to jump out and act wildly in front of us with only strength at this caliber, he is simply too ignorant and foolish.”

“Third Uncle, are you going to take action?” Seeing Fen Duancang beside him, Fen Juecheng’s panic instantly disappeared completely.

“I still won’t bother acting against a junior. He shouldn’t not understand what’s he doing. Looking at him, he should have came here with you as his target. My current mission is to protect you. If he’s really capable of charging over, he shouldn’t think of touching even a single strand of your hair.” Fen Duancang calmly said.

What Fen Duancang said was right. Naturally, Yun Che would not be so naive to think that he was really able to go against the terrifying Burning Heaven Clan. He was simply unable to gain victory against just a single late-stage Sky Profound Realm expert, whether it be Fen Moran or Fen Duancang. His target, was Fen Juecheng… Fen Juecheng, as the future Clan Master of Burning Heaven Clan, as long as he was able to capture him, then it was absolutely enough!

However, Fen Juecheng was under heavy protection here, so in the eyes of everyone present, it was basically something impossible to achieve.

As Yun Che walked forward, he went straight in the direction where Fen Juecheng was. None of the people blocking his path were not experts, however, they were definitely unable to imagine just what kind of level Yun Che’s strength had reached, and they were even more so unable to understand how terrifying and tyrannical the might of the heavy sword was in his hands.


Yun Che swept his heavy sword horizontally, and with a bang, the twenty odd Burning Heaven disciples that came rus.h.i.+ng from the front were all swept away instantly, their screams resounded in the sky. The suppressive ability of regular weapons would usually only target a single person or a few number of people, while, once a heavy sword’s suppression was formed, even the user was to face a huge army of soldiers and horses, he would still be unstoppable. Under Yun Che’s heavy sword, in the lighter cases, these Burning Heaven Clan experts suffered heavy injuries, while in heavier cases, were killed… The Burning Heaven Clan had wanted him to die in the first place, so naturally, he did not mind forging an even bigger enmity with the Burning Heaven Clan. There was not a least bit of mercy in his attacks, and before the Burning Heaven Clan could completely react to this situation, several dozens of Burning Heaven Clan disciples had already been killed under the wild might of his sword.


And another explosion sounded. Before the dozens of Burning Heaven Clans that were approaching from the side could even close into ten meters away from him, they had all been sent flying with a bang. The bodies of the three people at the very front were instantly smashed into two pieces, and blood rained down from the sky… This terrifying might caused all of the spectators’ expressions to pale from horror.


Within the Burning Heaven Clan party, a large amount of furious roars sounded, and a total of fifty or more Burning Heaven Clan disciples leapt up high from the back, as dozens of scarlet red Burning Heaven Blades came descending upon Yun Che. From all around, the concentrated number of Burning Heaven disciples swarmed in even more. Under the formation of concentrated attacks that were like a metallic drum, a gigantic feeling of oppression tightly enveloped Yun Che. Yun Che’s expression darkened. Under the activation of the Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow, he suddenly disappeared, and, while everyone was caught unprepared, his body had already appeared seventy or so meters up in the sky...

“All of you, scram!!”

Yun Che’s figure descended like a shooting star. Dragon Fault ruthlessly swung downwards, and a Falling Moon Sinking Star was sent cras.h.i.+ng down. A destructive power wildly surged towards the bottom, and instantly, a total of nearly a hundred Burning Heaven disciples, under the extremely violent power that was as though they were being pressed down by Mt. Tai. A large half of them were instantly pressed onto the ground… And that power that was causing them to despair, descended mercilessly upon them at this time as well.


The earth shook heavily for a moment, and a number of buildings at the sides of streets collapsed in an instant. A few dozen meters deep of earthen soil were completely lifted, and then, it descended, burying the corpses that were completely shattered by the violent power. The Burning Heaven disciples who were in the vicinity of the eruption of power were also sent flying far away, as though they had been struck by a heavy hammer. At the back, all of those Burning Heaven Clan disciples who originally wanted to charge over, stared at the scene with their tongues tied. Their bodies were trembling, and they did not dare to take a single step forward.

Although the spectators in the surroundings were far enough, there were still a couple of people who were dazed on the ground due to the frightening shockwave. Completely dumbfounded, they sat on the ground, and had completely forgotten to stand up.

This was the Yun Che from the rumors?

Were the rumors all a lie? Clearly, he was ten times… a hundred times stronger than the rumors! The terror of that power seemed to have surpa.s.sed everything they had seen in their usual lives! In front of him. These innumerable Burning Heaven Clan elite experts, were actually just as vulnerable as a bunch of ants.

Surrounding Yun Che’s body, a large crater of a few dozen meters appeared. His landing point was right at the center of the large crater, and Dragon Fault was stabbed deeply into the ground. However, his pause had only lasted for that short instance, and Dragon Fault was already instantly pulled out. His body transformed into a streak of light as he went towards the Burning Heaven Clan crowd, and instantly charged towards the position where Fen Juecheng was!

After stepping over a large field of corpses, what approached in front of him was another packed crowd of Burning Heaven Clan disciples. However, currently, the running steps of these Burning Heaven Clan disciples who charged over were actually slow and timid, and fear evidently hanged on their faces. They were unable to imagine how this youth, who clearly did not look past twenty years old, was able to possess such terrifying strength… And this was not the main point. The most terrifying thing was that the attacks of this person whose strength was so terrifying, actually left no room for mercy, and every move held the intent to kill! Also, none of the clan members who died under his sword had their entire bodies held intact.

In this world, how many people would dare to kill the disciples of the Burning Heaven Clan? Even if it was a conflict between two large sects, at the most, there would only be heavy injuries. Neither side would dare to lay a killing blow and completely break out into actual conflict...

However, this Yun Che, was simply like a madman!

He was actually really recklessly, violently, and killing the members of their Burning Heaven Clan in cold blood! And he was even killing a bunch of them one after another!

A scene like this was completely unexpected to everyone. After looking at those piles of corpses, even the complexion on Fen Duancang, who basically had yet to take this seriously, had agitatedly changed.

“At such a young age, he’s actually this ruthless and merciless. Is he h.e.l.l bent on becoming mortal enemies with our Burning Heaven Clan!?” Fen Duancang growled with an expression filled with rage. “Elders, do not mind your status, take action immediately! Otherwise, even more of our disciples will die under his hands.”

As the dozens of Burning Heaven Clan disciples at the very front faced the quickly approaching Yun Che, they bit the bullet and charged forward. At this moment, an explosive roar sounded from the sky above. “Maggot, die!!”

A white-haired old man descended from the sky above Yun Che. His two hands were equipped with claws, and his entire body was surging with flames.

“Junior Brother Yun, be careful!” Cang Yue cried out. Because the person currently charging towards Yun Che, was one of the eight great Sky Profound experts within the Burning Heaven Clan party!

Under the terrifying strength of the Sky Profound Realm, the air around Yun Che crazily stirred, and then, suddenly, a vortex of incomparable heat was swept up as an enormous ripping strength came a.s.saulting from the sky, as though it desired to tear him apart.

Under this sort of oppressive aura, Yun Che’s expression sank, his eyes were breathtakingly cold, like the furthest cold star. Facing the gigantic vortex of purple flames, Dragon Fault smashed towards it.


With an explosive bang, the vortex of purple flames which were several meters in height, was actually directly sliced into two by Dragon Fault. Then, it disappeared without a trace in a blink of an eye.

“Wh… What!?” That elder of the Sky Profound Realm had thought that if he took action, any casual blow would have been enough to crush him. He did not expect that the strike which he had put a total of eighty percent of his strength in, would actually be easily extinguished by Yun Che. His eyes were extremely wide, and for a moment, his entire mind was entirely blank, as he was simply unable to accept everything he had just saw.

“Playing with fire in front of me?” Yun Che’s brows sank as he gave a cold laugh. “You’re courting death!”

Behind him, a dangerous presence was approaching at extreme speed. Fen Moran was already rus.h.i.+ng over frantically. Yun Che did not turn around, rather, he looked at the surrounding Burning Heaven Clan disciples who were planning to attack. Smiling coldly, he swung Dragon Fault, and a gigantic fire lotus was blooming crazily with his body as the center.

“Star Scorching Demon Lotus!!”