Against the Gods - Chapter 299 - Seeing the Light of Day Again

Chapter 299 - Seeing the Light of Day Again

Chapter 299 - Seeing the Light of Day Again

In the dusky s.p.a.ce underground, Yun Che knelt for an entire three days and three nights.

To Yun Canghai, death was indeed a form of relief. In these past hundred years, he had longed to die countless times, yet couldn’t die because his body carried the important object from the Illusory Demon Realm and the enormous secret. Now, he had entrusted everything to Yun Che, and it was finally time for him to obtain relief. Besides, his own relief could trade for Yun Che’s freedom.

Furthermore, this wasn’t only to let Yun Che obtain his freedom, but also the best way to guarantee his safety. The Heaven’s Punishment Sword and Meteorite Chains both contained soul imprints set by the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, so if Yun Che forcefully escaped from the suppressive power of the Heaven’s Punishment Sword, the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region would certainly discover him and investigate how he got out of the suppressive power of the Heaven’s Punishment Sword. If he had escaped with Yun Canghai, then the consequences would be even more unimaginable. With Yun Che’s current strength, he couldn’t even be considered an ant in the face of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. Only Yun Canghai committing suicide, allowing the Heaven’s Punishment Sword and Meteorite Chains retract their power after not having an objective anymore, was the best method to allow Yun Che to escape safely.

Yun Che understood all this, but to him, this was just too cruel. Because Yun Canghai was his first blood-related kin he had found in both worlds, he had yet to completely experience the feeling of warmth and connection of blood that only blood relatives could have. But now, he was right in front of him, forever gone from this world.

Yun Che, who had originally desired to leave this place, chose not to leave immediately after obtaining his freedom. Rather, he knelt in front of Yun Canghai’s body for three whole days… to keep watch beside him for three days, and also to use three days’ time to calm his heart of all its ripples and sorrow.

At the same time, a name had been firmly engraved within his sea of consciousness over these three days.

Mighty Heavenly Sword Region!!

Three days pa.s.sed, and Yun Che finally moved. He opened his eyes, and got up incomparably slowly. He carefully s.h.i.+fted Yun Canghai’s body into the Sky Poison Pearl, and said gently in a low voice: “Grandfather, you’ve suffered through a century of hards.h.i.+p; you must’ve longed to return to your homeland. Wait for the day I have the capability to set out for the Illusory Demon Realm; I will bring you back to the clan you have missed and worried about for this entire time. I will let you sleep peacefully on the soil of your homeland… Wait for when I have children; I will bring my wife and children, and visit you every year. I won’t let you be lonely…”

Amidst his low words, Yun Che also stood up straight and looked up at the sky… Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, regardless of whether you are evil or not, right or wrong, virtuous or vicious, just because you hounded my Grandfather to death and killed Uncle Xiao who saved me, the day I have sufficient capability, I will definitely force you to pay the heaviest price in order to offer a sacrifice to the spirits of my Grandfather and Uncle Xiao in heaven!

Yun Che’s temperament was much stronger than that of an ordinary person’s. After three days of endless mourning and following his placement of Yun Canghai into the Sky Poison Pearl, the expression in his eyes became a field of ice. His heart was also empty and alert. He raised his head to look up, drew a small breath of air, and jumped up.


With a trembling noise, Yun Che directly blew away the land above, which no longer had any suppressive power…


Heavenly Sword Villa’s Sword Management Terrace, a quarter past five in the morning.

At the first glimmer of light in the morning, Ling Jie arrived at the Sword Management Terrace for his morning exercises as usual. But these past few days, he always trained absentmindedly because his head was filled with thoughts about Fen Juecheng and Princess Cang Yue’s marriage.


The Celestial Yang Sword flew out of his hands, causing waves of light to ripple like waves before flying back to his hand. And at this time, an unusual rumbling suddenly spread over from downwards diagonally. This unusual sound caused him to stop his actions for a moment. Just as he was about to concentrate and listen attentively to the sound, the surface in front of the Heaven’s Punishment Sword suddenly ruptured, and a black silhouette flew out from within.


Ling Jie was startled by this sudden unforeseen change, and retreated in panic whilst screaming involuntarily. That human silhouette flew upwards for several tens of feet before dropping down rapidly and landing heavily in front of Ling Jie. Under the great pressure brought by Dragon Fault, a large area of the land underneath him shattered.

“You…” Ling Jie took another step back, and subconsciously held the Celestial Yang Sword horizontally in front of his body. After shouting out one word, his eyes suddenly stared wide, and gave another startled cry involuntarily: “B… boss!!”

Ling Jie’s appearance simply looked like someone who had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

Someone who had been presumed to be dead for a year had suddenly appeared in front of him from underground. If it wasn’t a ghost, what could it be? In that instant, Ling Jie truly believed he had encountered a zombie from the myths.

“Little Jie?” Yun Che looked at him with amazement. He never would’ve thought that the first person he would see after coming out was Ling Jie. After sixteen months of no contact, Ling Jie had already grown a lot, and although his expression still contained hints of his childish nature, on the most part, it was as sharp as the tip of a sword.

Having heard his voice and felt the aura of strength emitted from him, Ling Jie, as if he had awoken from a dream, revealed an enormous expression of pleasant surprise. He retrieved the Celestial Yang Sword, charged over, and said incomparably excitedly: “Boss, y-y-you… you didn’t die? You actually didn’t die... You really didn’t die?”

“Nonsense. If I died, would I be standing here right now?” Yun Che smiled, but also sighed in his heart. Without a doubt, in this period of time, everyone believed that he had died. For those that cared about him, how sorrowful and heartbroken they must be…

“But, the day you were struck by that demon and sealed together underground, there was basically no chance you would survive…” Ling Jie said as he subconsciously swept over the Heaven’s Punishment Sword. Suddenly, he noticed that the formless suppressive force of the Heaven’s Punishment Sword had disappeared. These past several days, when he was training at the Sword Management Terrace, he had felt that something wasn’t right all along, but never considered the Heaven’s Punishment Sword.

Ling Jie stared wide, and said: “Could it be that you didn’t die after receiving such a grave injury that day, and the demon didn’t try to attack you anymore… after, you survived, and ended up killing the demon in return? Wahahaha! That’s right, that’s must’ve been what happened. Only after that demon died would there be some chance of escaping the suppressive force of the Heaven’s Punishment Sword! Boss, you’re truly too awesome… ahhhh! Worthy of being this Ling Jie’s boss; there’s simply nothing you can’t do in this world. I really am stupid to have thought that this Ling Jie’s boss would’ve died that easily… Hahahaha! Boss, did you know, you’re currently an unsurpa.s.sable legend in the Blue Wind Empire. When the news that you survived spreads, you’ll become an even greater legend!!”

“Wow! Your current profound strength aura is actually even stronger than my Big Bro’s. Could it be that your profound strength is above the fourth level of the Earth Profound Realm?” After detecting the richness of Yun Che’s profound strength aura, Ling Jie cried out in shock again. Sixteen months ago, Yun Che’s profound strength was only at the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm, yet now, his profound strength aura’s richness already surpa.s.sed that of Ling Yun’s, who was currently at the fourth level of the Earth Profound Realm! This was so startling that Ling Jie almost dropped his jaw in shock.

Yun Che, when he was at the tenth level of the True Profound Realm, was already capable of defeating Xia Qingyue, who was at the Earth Profound Realm. Now, Yun Che must be above the fourth level of the Earth Profound Realm; his fighting capability was simply impossible to estimate!

“I’m currently at the sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm… I didn’t kill the demon; he severed his own heart veins in order to allow me to obtain my freedom.” Yun Che said with incomparable tranquility.

“Earth Profound Realm… sixth level?” The corner of Ling Jie’s eyes twitched as he swallowed forcefully. To have advanced from the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm to the sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm in sixteen months’ time, and underground with no resources, this speed was simply legendary. In contrast to this enormous shock, the later half of Yun Che’s words were basically unimportant. He stared wide at Yun Che, and said blankly: Boss, you’re simply an omnipotent G.o.d. My admiration and reverence towards you can no longer be described with any language… Although I’ve worked really hard this past year, I’m currently only at the tenth level of the Spirit Profound Realm… Will you still accept me as your little brother?”

A seventeen year old at the tenth level of the Spirit Profound Realm who had crushed Ling Yun, who was the former number one of the younger generation, shaking the Heavenly Sword Villa, and Blue Wind Empire in turn. Ling Jie was also once immensely pleased with himself when he did that, but he suddenly discovered that this achievement of his, in the face of Yun Che, who had advanced from the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm to the sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm, was simply a plate of pure slag.

Yun Che smiled casually, and said: “I used a very special method to get to the Earth Profound Realm; in fact, there really isn’t anything extraordinary about it. In the time I was suppressed, a lot must’ve happened in the Blue Wind Empire…”

“Mn, mn, mn, mn!” Ling Jie immediately nodded: “Boss, you didn’t know, after you died… ah, pooh, pooh, pooh! After you had been pulled down by the demon, your achievements had also widely spread across the entire Blue Wind Empire. In that time, every single part of the Blue Wind Empire were talking about you, especially those young profound pract.i.tioners that have no sectoral backing; almost all of them had made you into a religion. Because of you, the Blue Wind Imperial Family had also obtained supreme honor and glory. It has been said that in this year’s Blue Wind Profound Palace and other Profound Palace branches’ registration, there had been an increase of seven times the amount of disciples! That little courtyard you stayed in when you were in the Blue Wind Profound Palace’s Inner Palace is also being independently safeguarded. In front of the Inner Palace’s Supreme Profound Hall, there’s even a sculpture of you! I heard that the words on the sculpture’s description also stated that you were Blue Wind Profound Palace’s most outstanding disciple in all of history! Even until now, there are still stories about you everywhere in the Blue Wind Empire. That being said… Boss! You’re just too awesome! Those things that you did… just how did you do them?”

“...” Yun Che had a face full of amazement. Didn’t he just obtain first place in the ranking tournament? Causing a sensation was just typical, but it shouldn’t be so impactful to such a degree, right?

He still was not fully aware of the fact that ranking first in ranking tournament was only secondary when it came to causing a sensation within the Blue Wind Empire. The main reason, was because he had no one supporting him in the rear. An unknown individual that practically n.o.body knew of, had actually married the publicly recognized number one beauty, the younger generation’s current number one, Xia Qingyue, and even had gotten the number one beauty in the past, whom many sect masters could only dream of, the Fairy of Frozen Beauty, pregnant! He had even made plans with Blue Wind Empire’s only princess, who had the most n.o.ble of ident.i.ties, to marry him...

Such a fellow could only be described with three words… Cool as f*ck!

As long as it was a man, they would admire him to the point of wors.h.i.+p, or be jealous to the point of wanting him to go down all eighteen levels of h.e.l.l.

“Is it really that exaggerated?” Yun Che muttered in a low voice, and then cautiously asked: “After I was supressed by the Heaven’s Punishment Sword, how were Princess Cang Yue, Yuanba, and them? What happened afterwards?”

When Yun Che mentioned Princess Cang Yue, Ling Jie’s expression stiffened. All of his excitement had also cooled off. The sudden change in his expression tugged at Yun Che’s heart as he promptly asked: “What? What happened afterwards?”

Ling Jie drew a breath of air, and said evasively: “Boss, there is something… uh... after I say it, you must not get angry… it definitely wasn’t Princess Sis’s real intention… uh... Princess Sis… she… she… she’s about to marry… Fen Juecheng…”

“Wh…at!!” Yun Che’s body distinctly shook, and his complexion sunk immediately.

“Boss, don’t worry about right now; Princess Sis definitely didn’t consent to it. Perhaps she was coerced, or because she was forced to do so as a last resort…”

“Tell me. When will they be married, and where will it be?”

Yun Che coldly interrupted Ling Jie with an incomparably calm voice… So calm that it made Ling Jie break into cold sweat, and subconsciously replied: “Burning Heaven Clan’s procession is already headed towards the Imperial City to escort the bride. The latest that they arrive would be tomorrow at seven to nine in the morning. They will be getting married at Burning Heaven Clan’s Fiery Sun Hall…”

Just as Ling Jie’s words fell, Yun Che had already charged out like a gust of violent wind, traveling tens of feet in the blink of an eye.

“Wait! Boss!!”

Ling Jie quickly ran to catch up, and simultaneously extended his left hand. Following a flas.h.i.+ng streak of light, an approximately six meter long large bird, that brought about a gust of wind, charged at Yun Che: “This is my contracted profound beast, the Fierce Zephyr Bird. With its speed… you might might make it in time!”

The Fierce Zephyr Bird was a high level Earth Profound Beast. In terms of speed, it was no way inferior to that of the Fierce Storm Hawk, and had even more than ten times the endurance. Yun Che turned around and leapt high, then landed on the Fierce Zephyr Bird’s back. In the wake of the Fierce Zephyr Bird’s long cry, it broke into the sky and directly flew in the direction of the Blue Wind Imperial City.

“Phew… definitely have to make it in time!” Ling Jie tightly clenched his fist. Then, at this time, he suddenly thought about the discovery about Chu Yuechan being pregnant sixteen months ago, and immediately shouted: “Boss! Wait, there’s another very important thing…”

With the Fierce Zephyr Bird’s extreme speed, it had already become a little black dot in his line of sight. It was already impossible for his voice to be heard… and even if Yun Che, who was currently burning with anxiety, heard the sound of his voice, he would still not turn back.