Against the Gods - Chapter 295 - Blood Relative (1)

Chapter 295 - Blood Relative (1)

Chapter 295 - Blood Relative (1)

Yun Canghai’s sudden roar scared Yun Che and caused him to jump. He immediately turned around, and surprisingly saw Yun Canghai’s whole face distort, his eyes were so excited that a frightening layer of crimson red covered it. His right hand clawed forward and his whole body desperately struggled, which brought about rus.h.i.+ng sounds on the chain.

This exaggerated reaction caused Yun Che to suddenly ask: “You’ve seen this thing before?”

As he spoke, he hurriedly held up the pendent before Yun Canghai’s eyes. Then, he opened up the pendant, exposing the extremely ordinary small mirror within the pendant.

Yun Canghai’s eyes focused extremely hard on that mirror. Both eyeb.a.l.l.s trembled, as if they were going to fall out from his eye sockets. After a brief moment of silence, his struggling body became more severe, as he fiercely roared: “Where did you get this thing!! Why would it be with you… speak! Why is it with you! Speak!!”

Yun Canghai’s reaction completely showed that he knew what the thing in his hand was. Not only did he recognize it, it seemed extremely important to him. His heart was excited due to this, and he took a step back, hung it around his neck, and used the calmest voice he could muster to answer: “When I was born, it was already with me. It was the only thing my birth parents, whom I’ve never seen, left for me… Since you recognize it, can you tell me what it actually is? Who is the original owner of this item? The two who put it on me… are most likely to be my birth parents!”

The air instantly coagulated.

The two were both excited, as both stared at the other with wide eyes… Yun Che longed for his answer. This pendant was the one and only hope of knowing his past, and was the key to finding his parents. Today, he finally found someone who recognized it, and in front of him, Yun Canghai’s gaze went from intense to dull… more and more dull...

“This is… what your parents… left for you?” He looked at Yun Che and asked with a slow, hoa.r.s.e voice that had difficulty speaking.

“Yes!” Yun Che nodded, lifting up the pendant. Breathing in deeply, he said: “Not long after I was born, my parents were being hunted down, and an intimate friend of my birth parents, who was my adoptive father, secretly swapped his son with me to protect my life… After my parents left, there were no more messages, and the only thing they left with me was this pendant! Since I was young, I wore it with me, because it is the only proof that I have to find my parents! Since you recognize it, then, do you know who left it with me… Who my biological parents are?”

Yun Che, who urgently desired to know the answer said as much as he could possibly know. His eyes open wide open expectantly, waiting for the news he wanted from Yun Canghai’s mouth. As he narrated what he knew, the expression in Yun Canghai’s eyes trembled more and more violently. So much that… more and more tears flashed around.

Yun Canghai’s extended right hand was stiff in the air and he spasmed for a while without putting his hands down. Or maybe… under the extreme excitement, he forgot how to control his own body. He stared at Yun Che, not blinking for the whole while. After Yun Che finished speaking, his lips were agape, but he didn’t make a noise. It wasn’t until a long time later that his trembling voice said incomprehensibly: “Child… you… you… this year… how… how old are you?”

“Nineteen.” Yun Che replied. He just had his birthday this time last month. He was exiled from his family at sixteen, and it had nearly been three years since he’d been forced away from Grandfather and Little Aunt.

“Nineteen… Nineteen… Nineteen…” Yun Canghai murmured, and each time, the expression in his eyes became more and more uncertain. His stiff arm in the air moved, and his fingers becoming a relatively soft posture: “You… come here… show me your left hand… don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you, and won’t s.n.a.t.c.h your stuff… show me your left hand…”

Yun Canghai’s expression became incomparably strange, surprising Yun Che for a bit. But from Yun Canghai’s gaze, he could not find any malice or chill. He only hesitated for a moment, then took two steps forward and extended his left hand.

Yun Canghai extended his hands and grabbed Yun Che’s wrist. Suddenly, Yun Che felt a bizarre and gentle hint of power come upwards from his wrist, which quickly wrapped around his whole left arm. He was just about to ask about it, when he suddenly saw a little finger sized, bright white sword shaped marking slowly appear atop the back of his left hand.

“What is… this?” Seeing this imprint suddenly appear from his body, Yun Che asked with astonishment.

And in the moment Yun Canghai saw the marking, he suddenly teared up. He looked at Yun Che through his misty eyes filled with tears… that was a gaze that Yun Che could not understand. The “om” sound he let out from his lips… was a type of weeping tone caused by his emotions that had gotten out of control: “This is my Yun Family’s… mark of an unawakened Profound Handle! It… It proves that you are a descendant of my Yun Family… my… Yun Canghai’s… biological grandson!!”

The last few words thundered and exploded next to Yun Che’s ears, and caused his heart to be shocked: “Wh… wh… what did you say?”

“That white Profound Handle imprint is the Yun Family bloodline’s proof… The thing you wore since you were young is our Yun Family’s treasure that we protect for the Demon Emperor’s Family! I normally wear it on me, and it had never left my body. When we left for Profound Sky Continent to find the Demon Emperor, I entrusted it to my son… and my son entrusted it to you… You are the son of my son… I am your… biological grandfather!”

Yun Che’s mouth opened, eyes went wide open, and this message from the sky stunned him. He wobbled and took two steps back, then soullessly shook his head: “Impossible… impossible… how can you be my grandfather… how can there be such a coincidence… impossible… impossible…”

The “impossible” was said unconsciously under his muddled condition. After he knew Xiao Lie wasn’t his biological grandfather, the words “Blood Relative” became an incomparably distant and ethereal notion. The pendant that had always hung around his neck became the only link between him and his blood relatives.

And now, under an completely unguarded state, Yun Canghai, who brought him into this abyss, who coexisted with him for over a year, who became someone who he had to kill… suddenly told him that he was his family, and even his biological grandfather. His brain subconsciously could not accept this, causing him to fall into a chaotic state of mind, nearly completely losing the ability to think.

“Yes… in this world there unexpectedly can be this type of coincidence…” Yun Canghai’s face was filled with tears as his excited voice became completely indistinct: “Your Profound Handle marking and the pendant on your body is indisputable proof… Do you remember the day I brought you down here, the junior from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region once said, that twenty years ago, in order to find me, my son and his wife intruded into the Profound Sky Continent, and eventually found somewhere close to this place… Afterwards, they were hunted and chased by Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… time, experience, area… coincides completely! You are the descendant my son, within those two to three years in Profound Sky Continent…. left behind!”

Yun Che: “!!!!”

“If… you really do not believe, then we can use the blood paternity test to prove familial relations.h.i.+ps… that is the most direct, impossible to falsify and question, way of proof!

Yun Canghai said excitedly. At the same time, turned over his right hand, and drops of fresh blood fell from the tip of his index finger.

The blood paternity test was the most authoritative way to prove family relations. Two drops of blood mixed together, with the most basic profound energy. If it was a lineal blood relative, it would fuse even more completely, and if it wasn’t a lineal blood relative, it would instantly separate… there was no exception!

What Ling Kun said that day was obviously heard loud and clear by Yun Che. Thinking back at this moment, the timing did surprisingly coincide.

Don’t tell me...

Don’t tell me...

Don’t tell me it’s really...

Seeing Yun Canghai’s blood drop that had dripped from his fingertips, Yun Che was so nervous that he nearly suffocated. He clenched his jaw tightly, allowing his mind to be as calm as possible. He didn’t speak, took a step forward and extended his finger, profound strength surged and broke through his fingertip. A drop of blood slowly agglomerated and drew downwards, then touched Yun Canghai’s drop of blood.

Yun Che squatted while holding his breath. He extended his palm towards the two drops of blood that were touching… His palm moved ever so slowly, the distance that should have been crossed in an instant, but he felt as if a whole century had pa.s.sed by. Finally, a strand of the most basic profound energy was released from his palm, enveloping downwards...

The two drops of blood vibrated at the same time, then practically, instantly… fully and completely, merged together...

Yun Che’s brain felt a wave of dizziness...

Yun Canghai’s body trembled as an endless grief and happiness swarmed within his heart, causing him to not know whether to cry or to indulge in laughter. He waved his only movable arm, and shouted with a hoa.r.s.e voice that even he could not hear clearly: “Ahhh… My grandson… you are my grandson… my biological grandson… biological grandson….”

The two completely merged drops of blood were deeply branded within Yun Che’s eyes and soul. He raised his head,looked at Yun Canghai, and absentmindedly whispered: “You really are.. my… grandfather… my… grandfather…”

“Yes… Yes I am!!” Yun Canghai extended his head towards the sky, not knowing whether to cry or laugh, and howled: “The heavens are not unkind to me, not only did they let me have a grandson, they sent him to my side, and he’s even so outstanding… The only young person I have admired in my life, is actually my biological grandson… haha… hahahaha! The heavens are not unkind to me, the heavens really are not unkind to me!!”