Against the Gods - Chapter 288 - Inflated Ambition

Chapter 288 - Inflated Ambition

Chapter 288 - Inflated Ambition

The longing Su Ling’er had for Yun Che was a bit baffling to outsiders, so much that it seemed somewhat unreasonable. Even Su Ling’er herself wondered why his figure had filled her mind and heart ever since she met him. Waiting for his return, had almost become everything that she wished for. And what Su Haoran had said to her, was undoubtedly the cruelest words in the world, because every one of his words was like a poisonous steel needle that stabbed at her most beautiful and happiest dream.

“You’re lying… you’re lying!” Su Ling’er forcibly shook her head and yelled angrily: “Big Brother Yun Che said that he likes me. He said that he’ll come marry me when I grow up. Big Brother Yun Che won’t lie to me… You’re the liar! You can’t lie like that!”

“Oh, really?” Su Haoran began to grin: “If he really liked you, why didn’t he bring you along with him at that time? Since he likes you that much, then did he tell you where he lived, and which sect he was born in?”

Su Ling’er’s little face paled instantly: “That’s because… that’s because…”

“That’s because he never even liked a little girl like you, so why would he bring you with him? He was scared that you might go looking for him, which was why he didn’t tell you about his birthplace. Also, the others have said that aside from his name, what else do you know about him? Perhaps, even his name was made up too.” Su Haoran laughed as he said this, without caring about how cruel those words were to Su Ling’er.

“You’re lying… You’re lying! They’re all lies! Big Brother Yun Che would never lie to me, he will definitely come for me.” Su Ling’er used both hands to cover her ears and fiercely shook her head. She powerlessly defended as her eyes began to water.

Su Haoran spread out his hand: “Then just continue on with your delusion. But what a pity, my good little sister, as Grandwake Clan’s great princess, you would have your pick of men in the river east in the future, yet you want to stupidly wait for a person who played you for a fool. If this matter were to be spread, tsk tsk, I’m afraid that our entire Grandwake Clan would be made fun of.”

“You’re lying… Everything you say is a lie, I hate you!!”

Still covering her ears, Su Ling’er ran far away into the refres.h.i.+ng bamboo forest, and the faint sounds of her suppressed weeping could be heard.

“Why was Su Hengshan’s little girl here?” Not far from Su Haoren’s rear, a middle-aged dressed in black walked over. It was actually Su Hengyue!

“Ignore her.” Su Haoran casually curled his lips as he turned around: “I heard that you had something important to tell me. What is it?”

“With Haoran’s great intelligence, how could you not be able to guess it out?” Su Hengyue faintly laughed: “Of course it’s to help you get the clan treasure earlier, and become the Clan Master!”

The two looked at each other for a while, and then began to laugh at the same time.


It was only until nightfall that Su Ling’er finally arrived back to the Grandwake Clan. On the entire journey back, she had been completely s.p.a.ced-out. She was unwilling to believe what Su Haoran had said, but that nightmarish voice continued to swim in her mind, making her unable to forget it.

Big Brother Yun Che would not not come for me, right...

No! Big Brother Yun Che would definitely not lie to me… He’s so nice to me, and when he looks at me, his gaze is as warm as the bamboo forest’s moonlight.

But, why didn’t he bring me with him that day, why didn’t he tell me where he lived...

I only know… his name… and don’t know anything else...

If he really forgets about me, if he doesn’t like me any more… What do I do… What do I do...

Su Hengshan walked out from the Training Room and immediately saw Su Ling’er’s light, powerless footsteps. He hurriedly rushed forward and asked: “Ling’er, where did you go? Why did you return so late?”

Su Ling’er lifted her tear-filled eyes. While trying really hard to not cry, she asked pitifully: “Papa, is Big Brother Yun Che… really not coming back to marry me? Was he… was he only casually saying that, has he already forgotten me?”

A few teardrops were already hanging from Su Ling’er’s cheeks, and it was obvious that she had already cried earlier. Su Hengshan stared blankly for a while before squatting down and answering with a slight smile: “Ling’er, tell me what you feel, do you think he liked you?”

Su Ling’er gently blinked her eyes and then nodded: “Big Brother Yun Che… definitely likes me.”

“Then that’s the case.” Su Hengshan nodded with a slight smile: “If other people’s words and your feelings are in conflict, you obviously have to believe in your own feelings. It’s not only Ling’er, even I feel that your big brother Yun Che really likes you. When he looks at you, it was like he was looking at his life. Especially on the day he was leaving, I could tell that he really wanted to take you away with him… but it was just that you were too young. If he took you away now, or marry you now, it would definitely bring about many criticisms. That’s why he wanted you to wait for him, and when you grow up, he will definitely come back and marry you… Even though he’s not by your side now, you two are already engaged, and even had so many witnesses. This fact, absolutely cannot be severed.”

Su Hengshan understood that after Yun Che had left, everyone believed that he would never come back, and that his and Su Ling’er’s engagement was randomly brought up just to settle the dispute with Su Hengyue. But Su Hengshan didn’t believe that. The way Yun Che looked at Su Ling’er, and the way he treated her so well… was not something that could be completely faked.

Her father’s words were as warm as the spring breeze, and immediately dispersed all of Su Ling’er’s worries and fear. She nodded happily: “Papa, I understand! I knew it, Big Brother Yun Che definitely likes me… I’ll quickly grow up, and wait every day for him to come back and marry me.”

“Haha,” Su Hengshan laughed somewhat helplessly. This ten year old daughter of his, who was originally an innocent and carefree little pixie at a tender age that should not know how to love yet, had actually begun to be immersed in love-sickness all day long after meeting Yun Che, and even thought about marriage every single day. This made him, as the father, really not know whether to laugh or cry. He asked on a whim: “Did someone say something to you that hurt your feelings?”

Su Ling’er lightly nodded: “Uu.. It’s elder brother, when I was in the bamboo forest, he also came there, and told me that everything Big Brother Yun Che told me were lies, so… so…”

“You said… your elder brother went over to the bamboo forest area?” Su Hengshan twitched violently.

“Mn! Papa, what’s wrong? Why did you suddenly become so serious?”

“Oh, nothing.” Su Hengshan hurriedly made a smile. He took a glance at the Dragonscale Armor under Ling’er outer garments, tightened Su Ling’er’s collars up, then once again exhorted seriously: “Ling’er, do well to remember what I said before. This dark golden colored clothing of yours, you have to wear it at any time, and you must also properly hide it and not let anyone see. That includes the brother and sisters in the clan who regularly plays with you. If it were to be accidentally found out by others, it’s highly possible for it to be s.n.a.t.c.hed away. Do you understand?”

Su Ling’er subconsciously tightened her outer garment, and nodded very seriously: “I understand Papa, this was given to me by Big Brother Yun Che, I’ll definitely properly keep it safe.”

Su Ling’er finally opened the knot in her heart and ran away happily, while Su Hengshan’s heart became weighed with worry.

Only after the curtains of the night complete fell, did Su Haoran finally sneakily return to the Grandwake Clan. The moment he returned to his room, he discovered that his father Su Hengshan was actually standing in there. His heart suddenly throbbed, and he hastily spoke: “Father, why are you here?”

“I have something to talk to you about…” Su Hengshan gave him a sideways glance, and said indifferently: “Where did you go this afternoon?”

“I trained too long this afternoon and was a bit tired, so I went for a walk in the rear mountain’s bamboo forest, and even met Ling’er. I wonder what important matters Father needs to speak to me about?” Su Haoran respectively spoke without a change in expression.

“Other than Ling’er, did you not meet anyone else in the bamboo forest?” Su Hengshan’s expression became faintly overcast, and his voice also became a little menacing.

Su Haoran lifted his head, his face revealing surprise: “The rear mountain’s bamboo forest had always been secluded. I indeed had only met Ling’er, and spoke a few words with her. Other than that, I did not meet anyone else. Why is Father asking me this?”

After Su Hengshan stared him in the eyes for a long while, he moved his gaze and spoke lightly: “Haoran, it’s not a bad thing for a mature man to have ambition. Without ambition, one would never reach the top. Cruelty, ruthless, sinister and cunning, are often necessary things for a successful person of power. But these, are only fit to be used on enemies. If they were used on one’s dearest family, then this person cannot be called a person, but a swine. This, you must remember.”

Su Haoran’s eyebrows jumped, then he immediately nodded forcefully and spoke sincerely: “Haoren shall bear Father’s teaching in mind.”

Su Hengshan turned his face toward him, and lightly nodded: “It’s important for one to know their limitations. Whether your father here was a successful Clan Master or not, I very well understand in my heart. Many times, I wasn’t decisive enough, not ruthless enough, not unyielding enough. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be someone running wild and rampant in front of this Clan Master’s face here. However, I, Su Hengshan had never done anything of guilty conscience in my entire life. Even though I am mediocre, I can still face the heavens and earth, face the sect, and face our ancestors… You are my, Su Hengshan’s only son. I hope that in the future… you will never disappoint me.”

“Yes… This child will not forget Father’s words, and definitely won’t do anything that would disappoint father.”

“Mm!” Su Hengshan uttered a slight confirmation, and walked out with a slow pace without saying anything else.

Watching Su Hengshan leave, Su Haoran’s expression slowly darkened, and then revealed a sinister smile: “Even though I have the ident.i.ty as the Clan Master’s son, in terms of apt.i.tude, my position really is too dangerous, so I can’t help but to plan ahead for myself… Dearest family? Heh, if I am to be so pedantic and irresolute, then this Grandwake Clan will never have a spot for me. When that happens, it’ll really be over for me. As your son, how would I let you be disappointed…. Hehehehe…. HAHAHAHA…”