Against the Gods - Chapter 286 - Desperate Struggle

Chapter 286 - Desperate Struggle

Chapter 286 - Desperate Struggle

Yun Che wasn’t sure of just how much power was contained within the blood of the Emperor Profound Flame Dragon. Yun Che was at the early stages of True Profound Realm when he refined the Dragon Blood Pellet, and one pellet was infused with only four drops of dragon blood. Only under the suppression of a variety of miraculous medicine was the power made gentle, and even then, after eating one pellet, it took at least one to two days to refine.

And today, he directly drank the dragon blood. In a short few breaths, with the dragon blood quickly dripping all over, more than a few hundred drops of Flame Dragon blood flowed into Yun Che’s mouth, and with it a fiery heat of energy flowed into his stomach. The hunger in his stomach vanished in an instant, and even his originally empty spirit was roused.

Yun Che had the Evil G.o.d’s fire seed within him, thus making him immune to any flames. But right now, he still felt as if an incomparably hot flame had exploded within his stomach. This heat wave was like spilled mercury that pervaded every pore as it wildly surged through his whole body… four limbs, internal organs, blood stream, bone marrow… As if every part of his body, every single cell, had scorching oil poured into them. In addition to this, his bones and his soul was thoroughly in pain...

It was an extremely excruciating pain where his whole body seemed to completely crack apart and completely explode.

The dragon tail in Yun Che’s hand fell to the floor as the sweat on his forehead rained down. In an instant, this sweat had completely evaporated, and his body staggered backwards, falling onto the ground. His body spasmed from the pain, and his face distorted greatly.


The clothes on Yun Che’s body were burnt to a crisp and was sent flying away, revealing crimson red skin. This crimson red was deepening in color, eventually becoming a frightening dark red color. A frightening “pa pa pa” snapping sound rang out from every part of his body...

That sound of his bones cracking apart, being calcined!

“Kid… are you tired of living?!”

The demon gazed at Yun Che through his dirty white hair. With his level of strength, he could easily see that the ma.s.sive dead dragon was a flame type Emperor Profound dragon. When the huge dragon appeared, he was shocked about how Yun Che, with his miniscule profound strength, could even come to possess a corpse of an Emperor Profound dragon. He also had never thought that Yun Che would actually drink its blood!

Not to mention he was merely only in the early stages of Spirit Profound Realm, even if a person in the late stage Earth Profound Realm dared to take a large gulp of blood from an Emperor Profound Realm dragon, he would be courting death!

This was something only a true madman would do!

After his exclamation, the expression in his eyes filled with more and more surprise. He stared wide-eyed at Yun Che’s skin slowly becoming dark red. Then, it burst apart with a fish scale pattern, and heard the sound his bones exploding and calcining… This kind of pain was simply unimaginable. Even with his strength, he still trembled with fear. He completely understood that even an Overlord at the Tyrant Profound Realm would find it extremely difficult to withstand this kind of pain.

But not a single trace of a scream emerged from Yun Che’s mouth! His face was already completely distorted, his pair of eyes became a crimson red, but within the widely forced open eyes, apart from infinite pain… he was still undeniably wide awake!

That kind of pain, even if it was himself, he would definitely howl or scream, but this youngster… did not even let out a sound!

How much terrifying willpower did this require!

Impossible! This cannot possibly be the amount of willpower a youngster would possess!

The demon raised his head with eyes filled with shock. He had always been calling Yun Che a freak because his power was not suppressed by the formation, and with profound strength at the Spirit Profound Realm, he could actually release power rivalling the battle strength of an Earth Profound Realm. But at this moment, he was shocked about this youth’s terrifying amount of willpower. He was a freak amongst freaks, causing him to be incapable of not being deeply shocked.

But even if his willpower and endurance was stronger, it did not mean that he could live through the erosion of the Emperor Profound dragon’s blood. He regretfully said with a low voice: “You really overestimated yourself! Seeing how you’re being destroyed and burnt to a crisp, I really should have killed you cleanly in one strike instead!”

“Shut… up!!”

What caused the demon to be shocked was that Yun Che actually spoke… and in this terrifying condition, he didn’t give out a blood-curdling scream, and instead he had let out a cold, calm voice. His voice was incredibly hoa.r.s.e and displeasing to hear, as if it came from a dying elderly, but his p.r.o.nunciation was exceptionally clear: “I… will not… die… before… killing… you… I… definitely… will not… die!!!!”

Both of the demon’s eyes narrowed. He saw that Yun Che’s skin was completely burnt black, the bones’ crackling sounds were concentrated, as if a few hundred pieces of gla.s.s were broken at the same time. Yun Che’s current miserable condition couldn't help but make the demon have a sense of horror. He howled: “Good! Then let me see… just how you plan on staying alive!!”

Yun Che’s teeth were nearly completely chewed until shattered at this moment. He could feel his flesh, bones… even his bone marrow felt like it had been put on top of a fire and burned, being fried as if immersed into boiling oil. This kind of pain, absolutely could not be described with any kind of words. He basically couldn’t breathe. His four limbs were immobilized, his organs exhausted or even broken down. He could also feel a countless streams of irritable energy in his body thras.h.i.+ng around. The surface of his body was already completely pitch-black, filled with detailed cracks leaking out countless streams of blood.

His body in this instant was as weak as a tissue that could be ripped apart with one tear. His bodily functions had nearly decayed completely. What was left was only his willpower and obsessed soul.

Yun Che used every single bit of willpower to keep himself in a stable sitting posture. He shut both of his eyes, closing off his five senses and consciousness. The cracks on his body rapidly increased, and the burnt black body gradually deepened. Apart from this, Yun Che was completely still, like a weathered sculpture.

Did he die?

Not yet… from his body, the demon still felt a slight trace of life.

If it was any other person at this stage, they would have definitely pa.s.sed away long ago. But on Yun Che’s body, there was still a trace of life. As time pa.s.sed, unwilling to disappear, this trace of life continued to hang onto Yun Che.

The demon shook his head and sighed. So what if there’s still a breath left? In this condition, there was basically no hope of surviving. With the Emperor Profound dragon blood entering his body, the tyrannical power would destroy his organs, bones, blood, physical body… and before this, the first thing to be destroyed, were the profound veins!

Even if he stubbornly has a breath of life left, what could he even do?

But the demon had no way of knowing that even though Yun Che’s body was ninety percent destroyed, his profound veins at the moment, were completely fine!

Because the profound veins came from a True G.o.d! How could it be destroyed from the strength that came from merely a few drops of an Emperor Profound dragon’s blood!

And it was exactly the Evil G.o.d’s Profound Veins and Great Way of the Buddha that Yun Che relied on when he crazily drank the Flame Dragon’s blood when he had no other choice!

He supported his life with his willpower, refined the dragon’s blood with his profound veins, and after refining, recovered his body with the Great Way of the Buddha...

Life through success, death through failure!!

With his five senses and consciousness shut off, he could not hear anything, and he already could not feel the pain on his body. Inside his mind, the only thing that remained were the alternatively twinkling red and blue lights inside the Evil G.o.d Profound Veins, and a weaving stream of power from the Flame Dragon blood...

Time, for Yun Che, became endlessly long.

Two hours pa.s.sed...

Four hours pa.s.sed...

Six hours pa.s.sed...

In this period of time, the demon’s gaze was locked onto Yun Che’s unmoving body. A whole six hours had pa.s.sed, and that last trace of life was still tenaciously clinging on, neither increasing nor decreasing.

The only word he could think of right now was: “incredible”.

At this time, Yun Che’s body finally showed some movement. A strange cyclone appeared on top of his head. The cyclone originally spun around slowly, then started spinning faster and faster… until it reflected a shadow of a small and delicate silver paG.o.da!

“What is that?” The demon had lived for over three hundred years, but it was the first time he had seen something like this. That paG.o.da contained a bizarre power, as if it was some kind of profound art… but he had never seen this type of profound art before.

Wait… profound art!!

Was… he actually using a profound art!?

This discovery caused the demon’s body to shake in shock. He suddenly moving forward, causing his chains to brawl loudly. He obviously should have died a long time ago, but while clinging onto his last breath, he clung on for six hours and had yet to die. Instead, a sign of him using profound arts had appeared!

How is this possible!

At this moment, the demon desperately wanted to break free from his chains to get closer to Yun Che and find what kind of condition he was in!

Even if a dead person suddenly started moving, that would still be nowhere as close as the shock Yun Che brought him at this time.

The silver paG.o.da on top of Yun Che’s head started to spin slowly, and started to expand whilst it was spinning. After six hours, it expanded until it was around three foot tall, and when the silver paG.o.da reached its size limit, it turned from a ghostly image into something substantial, as if a real, small paG.o.da was actually suspended above Yun Che’s head. Then, the small paG.o.da disappeared without warning.

At this time, Yun Che’s life force suddenly burned as if a prairie fire, quickly combusted, and the combustion becoming more and more exuberant. Within four hours, that small trace of life became flames of life that filled his entire body!

Demon: “...”

Sixteen hours after drinking the dragon blood, Yun Che finally opened his eyes. The instant his eyes opened, there was a faint stream of fiery light flas.h.i.+ng within his pupils.

Not only did he opened his eyes, he also slowly stood up.

The moment he stood up, the pitch-black crust that wrapped around his body suddenly rustled and fell, revealing a baby-like tenderness, and flawlessly smooth rebirthed skin. He stood up straight, spread both his arms, and lightly gulped. A surge of profound energy had suddenly released, causing the burnt crisp on his body to completely burst open, showing a perfect and flawless body without a trace of injury. Even his hair was completely rebirthed, growing to the length it was previously at.


This powerful being who shook entire Illusory Demon Realm, who stood at the peak while looking down at millions of people, was shocked, and stared dumbfoundedly, tongue-tied at this seventeen year old teenager.

Because everything he saw in this moment completely overturned everything he knew.

Not only this, he could also clearly feel that Yun Che, who should have been dead, was not only perfectly fine. In fact, even his profound strength… had increased to the second level of the Spirit Profound Realm!!

Yun Che, who miraculously survived from the abyss of death, did not say a word to the demon. Picking up the piece of dragon tail from the floor, he grabbed it in his hands as his palms blazed with profound fire, burning the tail until Yun Che thought was cooked well enough. He brought the tail up to his face and started to chew, eating large chunks of half cooked dragon flesh with his teeth. He was way too hungry, and that exaggerated face of eating was like a hungry demon that had been starved for several hundred years.

In a short while, around three kilograms of dragon flesh was eaten cleanly by Yun Che like a tornado. He licked his lips and burped out with satisfaction. The power density within the dragon flesh was not as much as the dragon blood, but there wasn’t too much difference. At this time, that feeling of immersion in oil exploded within his stomach, causing his body to once again burn crimson red in a blink of an eye.

Without panicking at all, Yun Che was calm to a terrifying degree. He quickly sat down and closed his eyes. His face, that had begun to show signs of emerging cracks was nevertheless a field of silence.

The demon unwaveringly stared at Yun Che. Hearing sounds of his bones cracking once more with his ears, his brain continuously vibrated with these same words...

This monster!!

This madman!!