Against the Gods - Chapter 283 - New Lease of Life

Chapter 283 - New Lease of Life

Chapter 283 - New Lease of Life

Where… is this...

I’m… not dead yet?

It was difficult enough for Yun Che to barely open his eyes. This was a gloomy place filled with a stale and rotten smell. In the darkness, there were small streaks of light that came fom an unknown place, but it allowed one to roughly see the surroundings. Yun Che’s whole body was heavy and painful, especially his back. The pain on his back was excruciating.

Under such pain, his half conscious self felt a surprising sense of happiness. This was because he could still feel pain, which meant that at the very least, he was not disabled.

“You’re finally awake.”

Jasmine’s relieved voice rung. Although Yun Che had just barely escaped from death, the anger in Jasmine still exploded: “Have you ever counted how many times have you ‘died’ within these two years! You are always so reckless. For your objective, you would not care about your own life. Every single time, I have to make a huge sacrifice just to save you. I thought that once I sealed my own powers, it will make you more cautious, as you no longer have anything to rely on. However, I would never expect you to give up your own life even though no one is trying to hurt you. If not for the protection of the Great Way of Buddha and the strong body granted by the Dragon’s blood, you would have already been completely destroyed.”

“Do you even know how to appreciate your own life! I helped you rebuild your profound veins,

granted you Divine Arts, and had to save you even though I knew my poison would relapse after that. I entrusted all my hopes onto you! And this is how you treat your life, and this is how you repay me!?”

The more Jasmine said, the angrier she became. All her worries, her frights and anger that she had been holding in for the past few days had swarmed up with Yun Che’s awakening. She scolded him ferociously and Yun Che, who had barely gotten back his life, did not dare to utter a word. Only until she had finished scolding did he weakly say: “Jasmine, I was wrong. I know that I shouldn’t have been so rash. But when I saw Yuanba in trouble, I didn’t care about myself… Sss! So painful… huu… If it were you who got into trouble that time, I would do the same for you… Even if… I know that I’ll die…”

“Hmph!” Jasmine replied coldly as though she did not care: “Already half-dead and yet you still remember to flaunt your skills in sweet-talking girls. Stop talking. Control your breathing. Don’t use any profound strength. Immediately concentrate on activating the power of your dragon’s blood and the Great Way of the Buddha to recover your injuries! The demon knew you were not dead but did not come and take your life these few days. He is probably wondering whether or not you are able to regain consciousness out of boredom. If he knew you’re awake, it’s highly likely he’ll come for your life… Therefore, before he finds out that you’re awake, you need to control the injury on your back and gather enough strength to use Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow once!”

Yun Che immediately understood Jasmine’s words. He controlled his breathing as his gaze moved slightly, looking towards the s.p.a.ce beyond the borders of the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation. As long as he could execute the Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow once and instantly escape beyond the barrier, even if the demon wanted to kill him, it would still be impossible.

If he were to use the slightest bit of profound strength, he would most likely aggravate the already serious injury on his back and alert the demon. However, the Great Way of the Buddha was something that could be activated with just thought, and would not be detected. Needless to say, the activation of the dragon blood was the same as well.

Yun Che closed his eyes again and his entire body kept still. He controlled his breathing to an extreme point. Although his body was in great pain, the pain was still insufficient to cause him to make a sound.

His initial injury was no doubt extremely serious. Even with Dragon Blood and the Great Way of the Buddha, he was merely one step away from death. For a normal person, five days of unconsciousness would speed up the worsening of the injury. A normal person might not even last five hours. However for Yun Che, he had the Rage G.o.d’s Great Way of the Buddha; instead of his injuries worsening, they had instead slowly recovered. The presence of Dragon’s Blood also sped up the process of recovery to a large extent.

Yun Che’s current injuries could no longer be considered fatal, but only seen as serious. His broken spine had reconnected by itself in the past five days of resting.

As Yun Che awoke, following his mind spurring it on, the Great Way of the Buddha activated at an even faster rate. In the silence, it also quickly recovered his external injuries.

Since I’m able to escape death… Then… I’m going to use all my might to survive… I absolutely cannot die!!

Time pa.s.sed by slowly in the silence. Other than his own heartbeat, Yun Che could not hear anything else. Behind him, there were no sounds that signified the presence of the demon. However, even his significantly weaker self could sense the occasional scary gaze of the demon scanning pa.s.s his body.

Finally, a hoa.r.s.e voice sounded: “He’s such a weird fellow. Suffering such injuries but still not dying after five days! I really want to see whether he is able to wake up in the end… However, even if he were to wake up, it’s impossible for him to live!”

The demon muttering to himself meant that he still had not realized that Yun Che had woken up. Yun Che felt slightly relieved in his mind as he controlled his breathing again and concentrated again, focusing solely on survival, quickly activating his Great Way of the Buddha.

One day…..

Two days...

On the third day, Yun Che’s injuries were still very severe. However, he recovered to the extent where he would not die from using a bit of his profound strength. Furthermore, his body was no longer so heavy. Within his profound veins, he could now muster enough profound strength. He opened his eyes and saw the s.h.i.+ny yellow borders of the barrier as his fist started to clench together tightly.

“It’s about time! Go now!”

Just as Jasmine had finished talking, Yun Che took in a large breath and instantly activated Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow. Having laid down for nearly eight days, his corpse-like body suddenly rushed forward like a bolt of lightning. With a ripping sound, he rushed out and fell heavily outside the barrier and rolled instinctively for some distance before finally stopping. He laid on the ground, taking in deep breaths while grimacing in pain.

The Yun Che now, had finally, truly escaped death. Previously, he was under the gaze of the demon. If the demon were to ever have the intention to kill him, he would definitely die. Now however, not only did his condition improve, he had also finally escaped from the clutches of the demon.

As the demon looked up, a pair of frightening eyes flashed pa.s.s in the darkness. Looking upwards, he suddenly started laughing: “HAHAHAHA! I never expected that I had unintentionally brought such a weird kid in. Not dying after suffering such serious injuries for eight days and is actually able to recuperate without me knowing. In the end, you were still able to obtain an advantage over me! Other than those mongrels from the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, you’re the first person who is actually capable of doing so!”

One Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow used up all of Yun Che’s strength. He gasped for air for a while before replying: “Demon, I… won’t die so easily!!!”

“Hmph, you’re truly overestimating yourself. Do you really think you have nothing to worry about anymore?” The demon pulled along his steel chains, shouting back with a frightening voice: “This place is being suppressed by the Heaven’s Punishment. It can only be activated once every twenty years! So what if you have regained consciousness! Even if your injuries were to recover, what can you do? There is no food nor water here. With your profound level, are you really that naive to think that you can live for twenty years?”

“No! No need to wait twenty years… There’s one way that I can get out!” Yun Che stared at the demon, gritted his teeth, and said: “And that is to kill you! The Heaven’s Punishment Sword is here to seal your soul. As long as you’re dead, the Heaven’s Punishment Sword would deactivate automatically! Then, I’ll be able to get out!”

This was of course not observed by Yun Che but instead, told to him by Jasmine. What was trapping the demon was not the Meteorite Chain. Although the Meteorite Chain existed to restrict his movements, what actually trapped him there was the Heaven’s Punishment!

The demon was surprised for a moment, then he laughing loudly once again: “HAHAHAHA! Such an interesting kid. What you said is absolutely right. As long as you kill me, you’ll be able to escape from this place. However, it’s a pity that you wouldn’t live till the day that you’ll kill me.”

“I will definitely… kill you!” Yun Che said viciously as he clenched his teeth while looking at the demon with eyes filled with hatred. The demon went crazy under the Ling Kun’s provocation, nearly killed Xia Yuanba, and almost caused him to enter the afterlife. Although he had survived, he was trapped here, unable to control his own life and death. All of these were caused by the demon, which simply made him hate the demon to the bone!

He could predict that the people outside must have thought that he had already died. In the end, his close ones suffered while his enemies were happy! This was all also due to the demon!

“Then, I want to see how exactly you are going to kill me!” The demon laughed wildly. A savage form of excitement was revealed under his grey white hair and dried face. The prison only had dull darkness and frightening loneliness to accompany it. To Yun Che, this was like dropping into a deep abyss. However, to the demon, having one extra person made it seem like heaven in this h.e.l.l. Even if he was able to touch Yun Che now, he might not even want to kill him.

“You look like you really hate me… That’s right! How can you not! Go ahead and hate me all you want. Let me see whether your hatred can kill me. Let me see how long you can survive here! HAHAHAHAHA…”

The demon’s excited laughter carried a slight craziness. In the dark s.p.a.ce here, his voice seemed eerily frightening. Yun Che stopped talking to him, gritted his teeth, and slowly sat up. His injury was mainly on his back and every inch he moved brought along great pain that was nearly unbearable. When he had finally sat down cross-legged, his whole forehead was drenched in cold sweat. He closed his eyes and placed his fists onto his knees. Before long, his mind and body had calmed down. His face was no longer pale and his breathing returned to normal.

His mind entered the Sky Poison Pearl. Once inside, he saw Jasmine gazing at him with a strong killing intent. He laughed awkwardly before making a large number of promises to her. Then, he started to quickly look for numerous medicinal herbs before taking out the piece of Purple Veined Heaven Crystal that Xia Qingyue had given him.

The Purple Veined Heaven Crystal was able to provide strong recuperating strength to an injured part of the body, such as skin, bones or even organs. Drawing on the power within the crystal could even increase one’s profound strength. This was why its value could not be measured using money. If Yun Che wanted to recover in the quickest time possible, he would have to use the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal.

Under the refinement of the Sky Poison Pearl, Yun Che was able to complete the preparations of all the required medicine within an hour… Just when his mind was about to leave the Sky Poison Pearl, he seemed to have thought of something and examined around, which caused his heart to sink to the bottom.

All the food, water that he originally stored… were all gone! Not one bit was left!

It was all inside the purple spatial ring he had given to Su Ling’er, who was in the distant Azure Cloud Continent!