Against the Gods - Chapter 268 - Engagement

Chapter 268 - Engagement

Chapter 268 - Engagement

Yun Che’s words suddenly blanked everyone’s minds. Whispers began to sound from every direction and there were many that constantly shook their heads to show that they knew absolutely nothing about this matter. Everyone’s expressions were especially strange since Su Ling’er was after all, still young. She was only ten years of age this year. If the two unsuspecting people were betrothed before they were even adults, that would still have been quite normal, but Yun Che was a full grown adult! There certainly was something wrong with that...

Looking at the situation in front of them, no matter who it was, they thought it was extremely likely that this was just a fabricated excuse to thwart Su Hengyue’s ambitions.

Su Hengshan was caught in a daze as well, but he quickly reacted. He took a quick glance at Yun Che and without changing his expression, he said: “That’s right, Yun Che is the number one genius of the younger generation amongst the ones I’ve seen. I quite admire him, since, in terms of natural talent he is at least ten times better than Su Haoyu! You have seen this fact with your own eyes; additionally, he also saved my daughter’s life, so I have arranged for my daughter to marry him. When my daughter reaches sixteen years of age, they will marry!”

Su Ling’er blinked her innocent watery eyes. She had a look of confusion all over her face. After all, she was already ten years old this year and not some two or three year old little kid. She already knew what “marriage” meant. Even if she didn’t understand it completely, she was aware of what it basically meant. She looked at her father and then at Yun Che. Her heart was beating wildly as she was at her wit’s end.

“Bunch of c.r.a.p!” Su Hengyue clenched his teeth and angrily said: “Su Hengshan, don’t treat everyone like an idiot! This child is only someone who recently helped you. This marriage thing, is just an excuse! Otherwise, how can there not be a single person here who knows about it!”

“Hehe, that’s only because I haven’t publicly announced yet. Don’t tell me that my own daughter’s marriage requires the consent of others?” Su Hengshan said indifferently. He looked at the crowd and then calmly continued: “Looks like, all of you aren’t too convinced. That’s fine. I, Su Hengshan, will publicly announce this matter right now…”

He looked at Yun Che, and Yun Che also looked at him... Su Hengshan’s expression was incredibly complicated, but Yun Che’s expression was incredibly unwavering and tranquil. This was the meeting of eyes between two men who loved the same girl dearly. From the expression in their eyes, one of them had the pure love of a father, and the other had an expression that shook one’s heart… undying determination.

After seeing the look in Yun Che’s eyes, Su Hengshan’s heart and mind also calmed down. All of his nervousness became the feeling of wonderful calmness.

His mood before was always immersed in the shock that Yun Che instilled. Although he loathed the Su Hengyue father and son pair, he had no choice but to recognize them. Su Haoyu’s natural talents were incredible, and no one in Grandwake Clan could reach him. But this kind of genius, had actually suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat in front of Yun Che, who was two or three years younger than him. And his following strike was able to severely injure Li Yunji who was in the Earth Profound Realm. He was only at this age, but he already had such frightening strength. Within his cognition, this could only be described as unimaginable.

A young man who possessed such a strength must have been born in a top top notch sect in the Country of Supwake… wrong! The sect he was born in must be top notch even in the Azure Cloud Continent!

Although Grandwake Clan controlled the everything east of Supwake River, he wasn’t delusional that such a disciple like this could appear within their younger generation. The sect that he belonged to was an existence that Grandwake Clan could only kneel to and wors.h.i.+p. He was absolutely certain about this point without a trace of doubt. The same opinions also emerged within the hearts of practically everyone present.

Now, the only concern was if Su Ling’er was suitable for him, since he was completely suitable for his daughter.

Yun Che’s looks were one in ten thousand. His personality, as well as his deep and unfathomable expressions, was something no one could reach up to… These things were all secondary within Su Hengshan’s heart, but the love and protection that he showed to Su Ling’er came from the depths of his soul and bones. The unwavering determination to protect her life that he showed once before made him unable to feel anything but emotional. Although he and Su Ling’er had obviously just met this morning, the sensation that he felt was so incredibly clear that amazed him from the bottom of his heart.

And to a father, was there anything more relieving than entrusting his own daughter to a person who was willing to protect her with his life?

At the same time, Su Ling’er also clearly displayed an unreasonable amount of trust and dependence towards Yun Che.

He was incapable of determining what Yun Che’s morals were like. Today, in a situation where he could have absolutely avoided from the start, he unhesitantly showed his power, and put himself in a dangerous situation. This was also a kindness that he had towards Su Hengshan and the Grandwake Clan, but he felt the reason why Yun Che acted like this was entirely because of Ling’er.

In conclusion, if he could entrust his daughter’s future to this kind of person, he could feel at ease about his daughter’s entire life. If he had to find a blemish, it would be that Yun Che was already married. If his daughter were to marry Yun Che in the future, she could only become a concubine.

The mood of Su Hengshan, who had never thought about the matters concerning Su Ling’er’s marriage before today, became incredibly calm. His face contained a slight smile and he used an ample voice to declare: “Today, I’ll formally declare that my daughter, Su Ling’er will be betrothed to Yun Clan’s son, Yun Che. The girl is still young right now, but when she is sixteen, they will set a date for marriage! Everyone here shall now bare witness!”

Every one of Su Hengshan’s words were resounding. No one was able to hear a strand of falseness or reluctance at all. Once he finished talking, he lightly nodded towards Yun Che with a smile on his face and warmth in his eyes… That was the expression of a daughter’s father who was closely examining his son-in-law. Even the most vicious person there could not see a strand of fake acting.

Yun Che quickly walked forward, knelt on one knee, and sincerely said: “Son-in-law Yun Che, thanks father-in-law for his consent!”

“Yun Che, you must think it through clearly. The girls of our Grandwake Clan will never marry outsiders. If you want to marry my daughter, then you will become a member of my Grandwake Clan!”

Yun Che nodded without the slightest bit of hesitation: “I understand! From today, I, Yun Che will become a disciple of the Grandwake Clan! I will share both the honors and disgrace the Grandwake Clan!”

Yun Che raised his head and looked towards the stunned Su Ling’er. He gently smiled… Ling’er, during those times, I had never given you the tiniest amount of commitment. I owe you way too much. This is a dreamscape, but it is also a beautiful dream. Let me give you everything that I can within this dream.

“Hahahaha, good!” Su Hengshan walked forward and helped Yun Che up. He let him and Su Ling’er stand together, then faced Su w.a.n.gji and Su Hengyue and said: “Grand Elder, Yun Che is my son-in-law now and is also a son-in-law of the Grandwake Clan. Naturally, he is now a member of my Grandwake Clan. In terms of age, he is younger than Su Haoyu. In terms of natural talent, hehe, Elder must have surely seen it clearly. Grand Elder had just suggested it, and everyone here heard it clearly. I believe with the Grand Elder’s seniority and prestige, you certainly will not go back on your words. So now, I’ll have full authority regarding the matters regarding the clan’s treasure in the future. I believe that you, elder, will certainly not have any objections.”

Su Wanji’s old face was rigid and extremely ugly all over; he was speechless. His words before were completely for Su Hengyue to get his way. He never could have imagined that in the blink of an eye, it had become the big pit that he was jumping right into.

“Su Hengyue, do you have anything else to say?” Su Hengshan asked with raised eyebrows.

“Hmph!!” Su Hengyue’s gaze was gloomy. His hands, which were pressed against Su Haoyu’s chest, were trembling.

“Hehehehehe!” An unpleasantly cold laughter sounded. Heimu Qingya, who had always been watching by the side, slowly walked forward towards Su Hengshan. Two elders of the Blackwood Stronghold closely followed from behind him. Heimu Qingya didn’t stop until he was less than three steps away from Su Hengshan, then he raised his hand toward Su Hengshan: “I sincerely congratulate Clan Master Su in finding such a wonderful son-in-law. Not only did you solve a lifelong problem for your daughter, you even have completely handled of the matter regarding your clan’s valuable treasure.

“Heimu Qingya, our Grandwake Clan’s valuable treasure concerns the prosperity of my clan. It doesn’t belong to anybody else but our Grandwake Clan. Hmph! If you wish to talk about my Grandwake Clan’s matters again, before the matters regarding you outsiders’ ulterior motives, I still haven’t paid my debts for the matter regarding the fact that you tried to do something to my daughter! I’d like to see just what kind of explanation you’ll give me today.” Su Hengshan said sternly.

“Heh, Clan Master Su does not need to be so angry. I’ll certainly have an explanation for you. However, before that, I have something to remind Clan Master Su.” Heimu Qingya’s eyes were half squinted and a dangerously cold light radiated from between the cracks of his eyes: “The reason you can be so happy go lucky right now is because of this son-in-law of yours that came out of nowhere. As long as you have this son-in-law, the number one disciple of your generation can never be Su Haoyu, but what if he were to suddenly die…”

When Heimu Qingya spoke to here, his figure suddenly flashed and charged like a streak of black lightning towards Yun Che. A fist imbued with violent surges of profound energy grabbed toward Yun Che’s chest.

“Qingya old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you dare!!”

Su Hengshan’s expression transformed into great anger. Just as he was about to take action, the two elders behind Heimu Qingya were already facing him to completely block his attack, to prevent him from hindering Heimu Qingya during this exact moment.

Heimu Qingya possessed strength of the Sky Profound Realm. There were only already only a few people within Grandwake Clan who could contend against him. Additionally, since Heimu Qingya was already closeby before he suddenly took action, Grandwake Clan’s experts of the elder cla.s.s were all too far away, and were unable to block it in time. All of them could only look on helplessly as Heimu Qingya directly charged at Yun Che’s front.

Heimu Qingya was an extremely despicable and immoral person, but no one could have imagined that he’d be despicable to this degree. Even with the ident.i.ty of a Hold Master, he actually went as far as to sneak attack a junior in front of everyone’s eyes!

When Heimu Qingya was talking with Su Hengshan, Yun Che had already placed Su Ling’er behind him to protect her and strengthened his awareness at the same time. Perhaps Su Hengshan could not sense it, but he was extremely perceptive to things like killing intent; he had sensed that Heimu Qingya had a desire to kill him with one strike. During Heimu Qingya’s charge, Yun Che’s brows lowered and Burning Heart opened. Along with a loud shout, “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun” instantly activated.


Heimu Qingya’s palms struck against the barrier of “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun” and a stuffy noise sounded. A huge shock wave transmitted from ahead and caught him off guard, causing him to retreat several steps.

But Yun Che and Su Ling’er, who was behind him, were in fact unmoved and completely unharmed. However, “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun” was directly shattered by Heimu Qingya’s single palm.

Heimu Qingya was greatly shocked. He never could have imagined that he would be shocked into retreat by this youngster. He was shocked and angry. Following a low roar, he mobilized all the profound energy in his body and blasted towards Yun Che with his palm again: “Junior... die!!”

Yun Che was not frightened, nor was he in a panic. He quickly grabbed Su Ling’er and prepared to escape with Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow... He only needed to dodge this single strike from Heimu Qingya. By then, the elders and disciples of the Grandwake Clan would catch up, and Heimu Qingya also would never be able to think about harming him and Su Ling’er ever again.

But at this moment, an ice cold beeze suddenly blew past. Within the cold wind were many pieces of floating snowflakes. A long white ribbon followed the wind and snow to lightly meet Heimu Qingya’s fist; it was as light as breeze.


The moment this white ribbon that was as light as a feather brushed against Heimu Qingya’s fist, an explosion erupted. It was in fact an earth-shattering power that caused Heimu Qingya to cry out loudly. All five of his fingers were broken and his entire body flew far away. A breeze of cold wind followed behind him and blew away all the Blackwood Stronghold disciples who were currently trying to rush over. Instantly, black figures filled the air, and like the transit of dense locusts, their wretched screams were unceasing.

This sudden turn of events stunned everyone at the scene. Those who were fighting also unanimously stopped… A white figure followed by icy spirits that fluctuated up and down in the sky slowly descended in front of Yun Che.