Against the Gods - Chapter 266 - Disruption

Chapter 266 - Disruption

Chapter 266 - Disruption

Yun Che didn’t hear what this valuable clan treasure was, but looking at the degree of importance they placed on it to the point that they started a big fight over it, it was probably something incredible. Perhaps, it really was an item of the “sacred object” grade like the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus.

Since the clan’s treasure was precious to the point that it could be the hope Grandwake Clan was looking for to become a peak sect of Azure Cloud Continent’s Supwake Country, the decision of who to use this precious treasure on was of the utmost importance! If they used it on an ordinary disciple, it would undoubtedly be a waste. Due to the incredible precaution this matter required, they still never used the clans’s treasure up until this generation, but had hidden it in an unknown place instead. Additionally, that hidden place could only be opened by a special key, and that special key was always in the hands of the next Clan Master.

In this generation, it was in Su Hengshan’s hands.

Su Hengyue was an extremely ambitious person. He had coveted the clan’s most valuable treasure ever since he was young, but although his apt.i.tude was incredibly good, it still wasn’t stunningly good. However, he still reached a high prestige within Grandwake Clan, and all these years, he had been enticing an ample amount of a.s.sistants, and was also making an extreme effort towards collaborating with the Blackwood Stronghold. All the elders in the Grandwake Clan who shared these thoughts naturally gravitated towards him.

Right now, the reason why Su Hengyue resolutely wanted Su Hengshan to hand over the treasure key to the point that he didn’t care about Su Hengshan turning hostile or borrowing Blackwood Stronghold’s power was all because of his son, Su Haoyu!

This year, Su Haoyu was a full twenty years old and his profound strength was already at eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm! In all of Grandwake Clan’s history, this had never happened before! He believed that with his son’s natural talents, he was completely qualified to obtain the clan’s most valuable treasure. He mentioned this to Su Hengshan over and over again, and even encouraged those in the clan to pressure him together, but Su Hengshan never agreed. Although Su Haoyu’s natural talents were astonis.h.i.+ng, he was absolutely not at the level of “World Stunning” that their late ancestors mentioned. Furthermore, Su Hengyue was always ambitious. If he actually gave the clan’s most valuable treasure to Su Haoyu, in the future, the authority of the Grandwake Clan would also completely fall into Su Hengyue’s bloodline… For his own selfish desires, he discriminated against the Grandwake Clan and relied on Blackwood Stronghold’s strength. If the Grandwake Clan fell into his hands, their future would be utterly inconceivable.

“Su Hengshan, if you took out the clan’s most valuable treasure a bit earlier, then my son Haoyu would have soared into the skies a long time ago, and in less than ten years, he would have taken our Grandwake Clan to a height that we could only dream of right now!” Su Hengshan callously laughed and said: “Don’t believe that we don’t know what you’re thinking. You’re envious of my son’s natural talents and want to personally consume our clan’s treasure. Heh, people being selfish and envious is completely normal. However, you want the entire Grandwake Clan to be dragged by you. As one of Grandwake Clan’s elders, I’ll never agree to that!”

“Bulls.h.i.+t!” Su Haoran angrily roared: “It’s obvious that you’re the one who’s selfish. For the sake of getting your hands on the clan’s most valuable treasure, you actually slander us in reverse. You have no sense of shame at all!”

“Yoh!” Su Hengyue said coldly: “Before an elder finished talking, your son has already lost his cool. Could it be that this Clan Master’s own son is more qualified to use the clan’s treasure than my family’s Haoyu? That’s right, if you can win against my Haoyu, then you will naturally be more qualified than Haoyu. Haoyu, come and compare your moves against your brother Haoran.”

“Yes, father.”

A youth around twenty year old completely dressed in white walked out from behind Su Hengshan. Although his expression was completely calm, his gaze exposed all of his pride: “Brother Haoran, no matter how much nonsense you say, it is useless. If you beat me, then I’ll have no face to use the clan’s most valuable treasure, and we would not have any dissent with the Clan Master regarding this matter from now on. Please.”

“You!!” Su Haoran’s restrained his facial expressions until it was red all over; nevertheless, he didn’t dare to walk forward. Even though Su Haoyu was half a year younger than him, his profound strength already reached the eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. Su Haoran wasn’t his match at all. If they really fought, the only outcome would him being oppressed into the dirt, and losing all his face.

Su Hengshan’s chest puffed up, and then viciously huffed out.

“What? Could it be the Brother Haoran doesn’t dare? Heh… Brother Haoran doesn’t need to be so tense. We’re only comparing moves, that’s all. I certainly won’t hit you too hard. Besides, just in case you beat this little brother, would you not have gotten what you wished for?” Su Haoyu pointed his fingers at Su Haoran with a face full of ridicule as a sneer appeared in the corner of his mouth.

“That’s enough, don’t argue anymore.”

An old voice sounded. Grand Elder Su Wanji, who sat on the chair, opened his eyes. His slow voice was serious and awe-inspiring: “For this matter, Hengyue was indeed a bit improper, but it is still a misunderstanding. Oh Hengshan, although our late ancestors told us to wait for a world shaking disciple to appear before using the clan’s most valuable treasure, our ancestors’ “world-shaking” could have meant many things. Haoyu is a genius that’s hard to come by even in a hundred years. He is only twenty years of age, yet he has already stepped into the eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. In the Country of Supwake, he could already live up to the word “world-shaking”. It seems to me that Haoyu definitely has the qualification to use our clan’s most valuable treasure. I can guarantee that in the following century, it is practically impossible for a disciple with greater talents than Haoyu to appear within the Grandwake Clan.

All of Su Wanji’s words were clearly biased towards Su Hengyue’s side, but these words were irrefutable. He stared toward Su Hengshan and quietly said: “This year, Haoyu is twenty years old. He is not young anymore. If he grew up a bit more, using the clan’s most valuable treasure would naturally be much less effective. Hengshan, if you still obstinately do not understand, and is willing to die guarding the clan’s most valuable treasure before releasing it, then what if a so-called “world-shaking” genius never emerges within our Grandwake Clan, will the clan’s treasure be forever sealed? Our clan could have soared into the sky a long time ago, but had been stagnant for a long time because of this. If the day comes that our clan encounters a calamity, using the clan’s most valuable treasure at that time, would be far too late!”

The harder Su Hengshan tried to restrain his eyebrows, the tighter it became... if Su Hengyue was a dutiful elder and Su Haoyu had a kind-hearted nature, then if enough people recommended him to offer out the clan’s treasure, even if Su Hengshan felt that it was somewhat inappropriate, he wouldn’t be so determined like this. Since Su Hengyue’s line made these series of actions for the sake of obtaining the clan’s most valuable treasure, this matter was completely uncompromisable!!

Him enticing the clan could be forgiven. But to pressure them by using the strength of the Blackwood Stronghold was essentially an action that betrayed the clan!!

To these avaricious and unscrupulous people, even if he were to die, he would never agree on giving the clan’s treasure!!

“How’s this?” Su w.a.n.gji squinted and slowly said: “Hengshan, If you can find a disciple under twenty in our clan that can defeat Haoyu; then Hengyue will never raise the matters regarding the clan’s treasure ever again!”

Everyone among Su Hengyue and Su Haoran’s group began to laugh. Su Hengyue sternly said: “Very well! If there is anyone under twenty in my Grandwake Clan that can defeat Haoyu and prove that his natural talents aren’t the greatest, then I’ll immediately slap my a.s.s and leave. I’ll never mention a word regarding the clan’s treasure ever again and I’ll apologize to the Clan Master for my inappropriate behaviors today… But, what if no one can defeat Haoyu?”

“Then please Hengshan, give the key to the clan’s treasure to Haoyu. I believe none of the elders and the members of the clan present here want see this matter be dragged out or bickered over.” Su Wanji said very slowly.

Su Hengshan clenched both his fists tightly and his fingers began to make popping sounds. Suddenly, right before he wanted to angrily reprimand them, an arrogant young man’s voice came from his side.

“Good idea! Truly a good idea! Worthy of being the Grand Elder, even your ideas are so fair. Such a good idea, I will approve by raising both my hands!”

A smile hung over Yun Che’s face as he slowly and relaxingly walked over. On his hands, he dragged a nervous faced Su Ling’er who tightly leaned on Yun Che’s body.

When Yun Che absolutely could not watch this any further, he left the Dragon Perching Pavilion and happened to find a peeping Su Ling’er who hid behind a tree. Seeing him leave his room, Su Ling’er ran over with her little steps right away and urgently said: “Big Brother Yun Che, Papa said you can’t go over there! It’s really dangerous over there.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t be in any danger.” Yun Che smiled and said: “Ling’er, you stay here. You can’t go near there no matter what… Once this matter is settled, I’ll play with you.”

Once Yun Che finished talking, he continued forward. Just as he took a step, he stopped once again and said to Su Ling’er: “Ling’er, do you believe that I can protect you?”

Looking at Yun Che eyes, Su Ling’er unhesitantly and nodded with all her might: “Mn!”

“Then, let’s go over there together! No one can hurt you as long as you’re by my side!” Yun Che lightly said and then took Su Ling’er’s hand. Because in his heart, the safest place Su Ling’er could stay at, was by his side. He wouldn’t be relieved if she was anywhere else.

Once Yun Che’s pridefully arrogant voice transmitted outwards, he suddenly became the focal point of the scene. Su Hengshan suddenly turned pale in great alarm: “Little Brother Yun, and Ling’er… Why are you here! Quickly, leave this place. The matter here is unrelated to you, and it is not a place you should have come to!”

Earlier when Yun Che saved Su Ling’er, if he was recognized by the Blackwood Stronghold as the one who destroyed their important plan, then they might have gazed at him. As far as Su Ling’er was concerned, it was even more dangerous for her to be here. Once the plain and honest words were said, he had already lost all of his anger and bitterness, and planned to stop them right there. This was a place they absolutely should not be in.

“Papa, I… I’m not afraid. I’m here to cheer Papa on.” Su Ling’er sweetly smiled towards Su Hengshan; nevertheless, she neared Yun Che even more and held onto Yun Che tightly with both of her little hands.

“It was me who wanted to bring Ling’er here, because I won’t be at ease if Su Ling’er was anywhere else but by my side.” Yun Che stood upright, and said in a low voice: “But I implore Senior Su to be at ease. Even if I were to die, I won’t let a single strand of hair on Ling’er be hurt.”

“...” When Su Hengshan looked at the expression in Yun Che’s eyes, he was stunned for a while… Through the tens of years of his trials and hards.h.i.+ps, he had heard those similar words many many times, but none of those times could have moved him as emotionally as this time's. That statement “even if I were to die, I won’t let a single strand of hair on Ling’er be hurt” wasn’t only spouted out from Yun Che’s mouth, it was something that originated from his will and his soul… Looking at the expression in Yun Che’s eyes, he felt the determination contained in his words. He was extremely convinced that if the price to protect Ling’er involved a life, he would absolutely sacrifice himself without any hesitation.

He lightly grasped Su Ling’er’s hand. That kind hazy imposing feeling was precisely the same as if he was protecting his entire world.

And Su Ling’er was also firmly grabbing and hugging him. Even though he arrived in front of the father, she still remained by his side and did not rush to his side. Her eyes contained her worries for him, but they were fearless... It seemed like as long as she cuddled by his side, she had nothing to fear.

Yun Che and his daughter had clearly only met today. He was incapable of understanding how these two were able to form such an intimacy to this degree. He believed that even two people who were inseparable for more than a dozen years could not achieve such a pure dependence and protection.

Could it actually be some sort of heavenly fate?