Against the Gods - Chapter 249 - Heaven Basin Secret Realm (1)

Chapter 249 - Heaven Basin Secret Realm (1)

Chapter 249 - Heaven Basin Secret Realm (1)

Ling Kun knitted his eyebrows, gave it some consideration and nodded saying: “It’s definitely the southeastern direction. Why do you ask?”

Xuanyuan Yufeng stood up, her face turning extremely ugly. Ever since the various sects left, Heavenly Sword Villa’s guest area had been virtually empty. The only sect that had remained in the southeast area... was Frozen Cloud Asgard!

“Uncle Ling, do me a favor...”


A lone moon hung in the night sky, with several stars s.h.i.+ning brightly.

Ling Yuefeng flew through the night sky. He was originally heading towards Ling Yun’s courtyard, but changed directions midway and went towards Frozen Cloud Asgard’s residence.

The atmosphere around Frozen Cloud Asgard’s courtyard carried a unique calmness. Ling Yuefeng shut his eyes and lightly inhaled, as if he was savoring something. A short while later, he opened his eyes and gazed at the room Chu Yuechan stayed in. The lights were still on. Though, as he gazed upon the light in the room, he felt a piercing cold chill emitted from within... He knew he had been discovered. Chu Yuechan’s current cultivation wasn’t beneath his.

Ling Yuefeng inhaled slightly, then used voice transmission, projecting his thoughts towards Chu Yuechan: “I, Ling Yuefeng, would like to request a meeting with the Fairy of Frozen Beauty. Would you grace me with your presence?”

“What do you want? Speak!”

Chu Yuechan didn’t appear. She only replied with five short words, each of them without a shred of emotion in them. They were cold to the point where they could freeze humans into ice sculptures.

In the Blue Wind empire, only Chu Yuechan would dare to speak to Ling Yuefeng in such a manner. Even the Mistress of Frozen Cloud Asgard wouldn’t dare. Hearing such cold words from Chu Yuechan, Ling Yuefeng could only bitterly smile. “Ever since the first time we met in the Ranking Tournament, I’ve gone to Frozen Cloud Asgard twenty times within ten years, but I’ve never been able to see you even once, until this year’s Ranking Tournament...”

“There’s no need to speak of matters of the past. If Villa Master Ling has any matters, please speak of them immediately.” Chu Yuechan coldly said.

Ling Yuefeng sighed: “Back then, everyone knew about how I felt for you. Even if I had to be the laughingstock of the entire world, even if I had to incur my parent’s anger, I still continued to visit Frozen Cloud Asgard. All I hoped for was to meet you once again… Alas, after so many years, my memories of you are still of that year... Even today, the greatest wish of my lifetime is that I could see you once again... I no longer wish to obtain your love, all I wish is to see you once more, so I can see how you look like now…”

Ling Yuefeng was a pa.s.sionate person, but it wasn’t easy to get him infatuated. Before meeting Chu Yuechan, he had devoted all of his efforts into swordsmans.h.i.+p. But on the day he met Chu Yuechan, the emotions he’d been burying burst open. Thirty years have pa.s.sed since that moment. Figuratively speaking, any emotion should have waned over the long period of time, but in Ling Yuefeng’s heart, Chu Yuechan’s image had never waned. Was it because of Lin Yuefeng’s undying pa.s.sion, or was it because Chu Yuechan was simply too charming? n.o.body knew.

“You already have a wife and plenty of kids. You and I are simply strangers who’ve met a few times, there’s no need to meet again. My current appearance has nothing to do with you. If you have no further matters, please leave. Your hospitality should not include disturbing female guests late in the night!” Chu Yuechan remarked, with a faint hint of anger in her voice.

“Sigh, your temper hasn’t changed since that year. All I wish is to see you once more, so I can put aside my wish. I have no other hidden agendas. Once I’ve seen you, I will immediately leave. I will not bother you for as long as I live after that...”


Following a slight tearing sound, an icicle came out of nowhere and flew directly towards Ling Yuefeng. Ling Yuefeng stuck his hand out and grasped the icicle. The icicle’s freezing feeling quickly spread throughout his hands, into his heart.

Without bidding Chu Yuechan farewell, without having said anything, Ling Yuefeng left. His lonely figure vanished in the night sky very quickly. That year, he was not only the Young Villa Master of Heavenly Sword Villa, but also an incomparably outstanding youth. The amount of female admirers he had was not few... but he had blindly fell in love with one he wasn’t supposed to. With his strength, in the Blue Wind Empire, he could obtain fame and power easily. There was nothing he couldn’t obtain within his lifetime, with the sole exception of Chu Yuechan... The heavens had blessed her with the most beautiful outer appearance, but had given her an icy cold heart. She was the only missing piece in Ling Yuefeng’s life.

Not far away at a dark corner, Xuanyuan Yufeng was trembling with a very ugly expression on her face.

Under Ling Kun’s profound strength’s isolation, neither Ling Yuefeng nor Chu Yuechan were able to sense their presence. Although they have been communicating using voice transmission, everything they’ve said had been silently tapped by Ling Kun. Xuanyuan Yufeng was only trying her luck originally, but when she had heard everything Ling Yuefeng had said to Chu Yuechan with her own ears, she exploded with rage.

“Ling Yuefeng… You really are a pa.s.sionate man... It has already been thirty years, thirty d.a.m.n years, but you’re still unable to forget that woman... I thought you were unable to accept what happened in the Ranking Tournament, so I comforted you for half a day... but who... knew you were actually thinking of that woman! You even dared to ask to meet her in secret!”

Xuanyuan Yufeng uttered each word with deep hate and rage: “I, Xuanyuan Yufeng, shortchanged myself, shamed my family, and married into this migre Heavenly Sword Villa for more than twenty years... Yet I am still not equivalent to a woman who had made a fool out of you in front of the world, who refuses to even meet you. Ling Yuefeng... you’ve really outdone yourself!!”

When a woman had sufficient hate and envy, she would transform into the most terrifying demon. Ling Yuefeng and Ling Kun were still members of the same clan, so Ling Kun didn’t want this matter to continue spiraling out of control. He immediately urged: “Yufeng, you don’t have to get this angry. You’ve already been with Yuefeng for more than twenty years and should know his personality. What he has said just now was very clear, all he wanted was to see Chu Yuechan one last time. From then onwards, he wouldn’t think about her again. I’ve heard that in the past, in order to obtain her love, he’s made many visits to Frozen Cloud Asgard within a span of ten years but has never succeeded. All he’s doing now is to fulfill what he was unable to do in the past: to see her again.”

“Rightfully speaking, as the Villa Master of Heavenly Sword Villa, n.o.body would dare to humiliate him and not give him face. But today, that woman treated him coldly, without giving him any face. As his wife, this is where you should feel bad for him. If instead, you return and start quarreling with him, all you would be doing is creating discord between the both of you. However, if you do not stop him from doing what he’s doing and treat him as per normal, he might feel guilty because of what he’s doing. If that’s what happens, you would benefit instead, right?”

“Not stop him? How can I not stop him?!” Xuanyuan Yufeng’s chest shook while saying so, but the anger in her voice was already half gone. She stared at the light within Chu Yuechan’s room and softly said: “Uncle Ling’s words have enlightened me. I should not be blaming Yuefeng. The fact that he hasn’t forgotten that woman also shows that he’s honest to his feelings... If this woman no longer existed, what I wouldn’t want to see wouldn’t happen! While Chu Yuechan has harmed Yuefeng.... someone else is doing the same to Yun’er. Yun’er hasn’t been himself as of late, I suspect he’ll make the same choices as his father once did.”

“You’re talking about Xia Qingyue?”

“I’m going to destroy Frozen Cloud Asgard for causing harm to my husband and son.” Xuanyuan Yufeng colded remarked.

Ling Kun furrowed his eyebrows as a strange light flited past his eyes. Towards Xuanyuan Yufeng’s proclamation out of envy and hate, he had not only not stopped her, but instead nodded, saying: “If you really intend to do so, there’s no reason for me not to help you. Except, Frozen Cloud Asgard is not a normal, easy to destroy sect. The fact that it has existed for a thousand years shows its considerable influence. How about you return to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region with me and let the Ninth Elder know of this matter. He has missed you for so many years and would not reject any request from you. At that time, I will personally volunteer myself to carry out this mission. Within three years, we’ll make Frozen Cloud Asgard vanish, never to be seen again. n.o.body will know that Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was behind this. How about it?”

Xuanyuan Yufeng had only said that she wanted to destroy Frozen Cloud Asgard in a moment of rage. Who knew that Ling Kun had actually agreed to do so. If one of the Four Great Sacred Grounds had agreed to help, getting rid of Frozen Cloud Asgard was as easy as squas.h.i.+ng an ant. Bearing great hate towards Frozen Cloud Asgard, how could Xuanyuan Yufeng disagree? She nodded, saying: “We’ll do as Uncle Ling had advised. Yufeng thanks Uncle Ling.”

“Hoho, it’s only a small matter.” Ling Kun laughed. His laughter had concealed deeper meaning.


Deep into the direct north of Heavenly Sword Mountain Range was a flat clearing. Within the imposing Heavenly Sword Mountain Range filled with sword energy, this place was one that was completely different. The atmosphere was calm and quiet, and even the sounds of the wind were exceptionally soothing.

At noon, a group of people arrived. This group of people were all of the ten sects who had ranked in the top ten of the Ranking Tournament. This was the entrance to the Heaven Basin Secret Realm. Everyone here carried varying levels of excitement, especially those who’ve yet to enter the Heaven Basin Secret Realm before. Their eyes were oddly bright and looked as if any possible encounters were already in front of them, within reach.

However, within this group of people, Yun Che was not present. Representing Blue Wind Empire’s group was solely Qin Wushang.

Ling Yuefeng stood at the front and announced: “Shortly, the entrance to Heaven Basin Secret Realm will appear. Before that happens, I will need to remind all of you of some things.”

“Heaven Basin Secret Realm can only take at most fifty people at a time. With that said, each sect can only send five representatives. As for which five, you are free to choose. After entering the realm, you will only stay for two days. After forty-eight hours, you will all be teleported back here against your free will. There’s only one exception to this rule…”

Ling Yuefeng coldly said: “And that is a dead person!”