Against the Gods - Chapter 241 - Battle Between Husband and Wife (3)

Chapter 241 - Battle Between Husband and Wife (3)

Chapter 241 - Battle Between Husband and Wife (3)

“Dragon Fault?” Ling Jie felt that this name sounded somewhat familiar. He thought about it for a while before saying with astonishment: “Dragon Fault, wasn’t that the heavy sword recorded in our sect’s history? Don’t tell me…”

“Dragon Fault’s written accounts could be traced back to a thousand years ago. Heavenly Sword Villa had just been recently established then, and the Villa even had a heavy sword department.” Ling Yuefeng explained slowly: “But it only took two generations for this department to decline. During the third generation, those who practiced the heavy sword dwindled to such a small number that did not even reach ten. At that time, in order to make a breakthrough and revive the heavy sword, the elder of that department left for the Wasteland of Death with Dragon Fault… Records say that the Dragon Fault Sword was forged by our ancestors using Ten Thousand Year Old Ardent Gray Stone. Sealed within the sword is the soul of a young Sky Profound Dragon’s soul, which was why it was named Dragon Fault. But ever since the Dragon Fault Sword had been born in this world, it had never once displayed its true Sky Profound might. After that heavy sword department elder entered the Wasteland of Death with Dragon Fault, he had never once came out. And from that point onwards, the Dragon Fault Sword vanished without a trace.”

“According to the information that I’ve received, Yun Che had once gone deep into the Wasteland of Death before. The Sky Profound sword in his hands is exactly the same as the Dragon Fault written in our records… Without doubt, that must be Dragon Fault.” Ling Yuefeng creased his brows as he said that. He deeply understood what kind of concept it was to have “gone deep into the Wasteland of Death.”

“Ah… Father, are you thinking… of demanding to have the Dragon Fault Sword back after the ranking tournament?” Ling Jie probed as he carefully a.s.sessed Ling Yuefeng’s reaction.

“No.” Ling Yuefeng shook his head: “At that time, Heavenly Sword Villa had searched for the Dragon Fault Sword for many years, yet ended up empty-handed. In the end, they gave up. Him obtaining Dragon Fault is due to his own ability and luck. Our Heavenly Sword Villa has no right to demand it… But this can also be regarded as fate between him and our Heavenly Sword Villa. After all, that is a heavy sword that our ancestors themselves, personally casted.”

“This is the last battle of this session’s ranking tournament. The victor, will become the new leader of Blue Wind Empire’s younger generation and also receive the ‘Dragonscale Armor’ bestowed by one of the Sacred Grounds, the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region…”

When he said the words “Dragonscale Armor”, a pained expression of heartache clearly flashed past Ling Yuefeng’s face. A Sky Profound protective armor was obviously even more rare and precious than a Sky Profound Weapon, and this Dragonscale Armor was also the highest of highest grade. It was originally suppose to belong to their Heavenly Sword Villa. Never did they expect that “making feints” would become a “submissive hand over”. Not feeling brokenhearted would be weird.

“Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che against Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Xia Qingyue… Battle start!!”


Dragon Fault was pulled out by Yun Che from under his foot, bringing along small pieces of broken rock that flew in the air as it released an unrestrained powerful yet dignified imposing aura. Both his hands firmly held onto Dragon Fault. In the blink of an eye, his aura had already become one with Dragon Fault’s aura. While watching Xia Qingyue, he spoke lowly: “Do you still remember what I told you that night? If we become adversaries, I hope that you will use all our strength, without ever holding back!!”

“Burning Heart… Open!”

Yun Che suddenly roared in a loud voice, and Evil G.o.d’s Second Gate —— Burning Heart, opened without the slightest hesitation! In an instant, the profound energy aura on his body suddenly increased explosively at an incomparably shocking rate. The aura’s level was still of the tenth level of the True Profound Realm, but it was not known how many times the thickness of this aura exceeded the limits of the True Profound Realm. It was actually so strong that it quickly drew near to the intensity of Xia Qingyue’s aura.

“AHHHHHHH!!” Ling Jie leaned forward as his mouth gaped open and released a seemingly frightened yell. Originally, even when he had been defeated yesterday, he still felt that it was not an easy win for Yun Che. However, when he brought out Dragon Fault, his self-confidence immediately took a hit. And at this moment, the intensity of Yun Che’s profound energy suddenly increased explosively. It was obviously not the same as yesterday’s, and this fact ruthlessly hammered at Ling Jie’s heart.

It turned out that in yesterday’s duel, not only did Yun Che go easy on him weapon-wise, in regards to profound energy, he did not even go all out.

If Yun Che had displayed such a profound strength and used Dragon Fault for a weapon, wanting to defeat him, would have been a completely easy task.

However, the situation was not as simple as what Ling Jie believed it to be. Yun Che’s profound strength was just too low. Even with the support of the second stage of the Great Way of the Buddha that he had broken through to, he could barely maintain the Burning Heart state. It was still “barely”, so if the battle lasted too long, it might perhaps leave a definite repercussion.

And the limit in which he could maintain the “Burning Heart” state, was approximately five minutes.

And these five minutes of the “Burning Heart” state, was the only thing he could rely on to withstand Xia Qingyue! In other words, he had to defeat Xia Qingyue in less than half a quarter of an hour. Otherwise, after he becomes incapable of maintaining “Burning Heart”, he would not even have a sliver of hope.

Yun Che’s sudden dramatic rise of profound energy startled everyone, including Ling Yuefeng and Qin Wushang. From the start of the ranking tournament up until now, one after another of ridiculous and incredible situations emerged from Yun Che, but he had actually never revealed his true strength. Through the progression of the ranking tournament, his opponents grew stronger and stronger, yet he had only released only a bit of his true strength… And at this moment, he had truly released all the strength he possessed without reservation.

Yun Che horizontally gripped Dragon Fault in front of him. With a loud shout, he suddenly smashed towards Xia Qingyue. Among the enemies in his past life, there were countless foes that far surpa.s.sed him. He was the most clear about what to do against an enemy that far surpa.s.sed him in strength during a situation in which he could not escape. The most foolish way to hand it would be to contend, and attempt to control the other. The best way to handle it would be gather all his strength for a concentrated all out attack!

So once Yun Che approved, he mobilized his full strength without a trace of restraint! Atop the Dragon Fault that weighed more than four thousand kilos, surged the aura of a devil’s berserk strength.


The oppressiveness of this strike made Xia Qingyue choose to not block it, and she floated far away. Following a booming sound, the pitiful Sword Discourse Arena suffered a large amount of destruction once again. Yun Che, who had hit empty air, did not stop at all. He suddenly leapt up as another strike shot straight for Xia Qingyue’s chest. The heavy sword brought about a howling noise similar to that of an evil spirit’s.

The Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon had also surrounded Xia Qingyue’s entire body at this time. Facing against Yun Che’s oppressive strike, the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon did not retreat one bit as it made Yun Che’s strike miss again. Then, it suddenly scuttled along Dragon Fault and tightly wrapped around it...

The Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon had once sent Ling Yun’s Celestial Yuan Sword flying, but Yun Che and Dragon Fault were perfectly synchronized, as if it was Yun Che’s own arm. Even if it was the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon, sending it flying was a definite impossibility.

Right when the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon’s tearing force was recently unleashed, Dragon Fault suddenly released a soul-shaking dragon roar. A tyrannical force suddenly exploded, and shook the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon open. Yun Che’s gaze was as sharp as a sword as Dragon Fault abruptly smashed down. And when Dragon Fault was going down, he activated Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow at the same time, instantly conjuring three figures that looked exactly the same. The third shadow appeared diagonally above Xia Qingyue and struck downwards...

“Overlord’s Fury!!”

The activation of Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow was silent and formless. The broken false shadows and true shadow were entirely identical, and the scariest thing about it was that during its launch, there was no fluctuation in profound energy. One could only depend on the profound energy aura that could be felt after the true shadow s.h.i.+fted to determine its position, but when that happens, it was oftentimes too late.

Xia Qingyue’s Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon unfurled forward with the intent to meet Yun Che’s overbearing strike. But weirdly enough, a dangerous aura suddenly came from the behind. Shock was revealed in her eyes as she realized that there was simply not enough time for the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon to defend her rear. She had no choice but to quickly use Frozen Cloud Arts to construct a thick ice crystal barrier.



The three layered ice crystal barrier was completely shattered consecutively in an instant. As though a storm, an enormous thrusting and explosive force rammed Xia Qingyue flying. Without waiting for Xia Qingyue to regain her balance, Yun Che had already roared. Along with Dragon Fault, which followed his shadow, he immediately rushed towards Xia Qingyue...

“What!?” Chu Yueli stood up with wrinkled brows. She had never expected that once they had began to fight, Yun Che was actually the one who took the initiative. The intensity level of that last strike’s profound energy fluctuation was enough to make Xia Qingyue receive internal injuries.

However, this obviously did not mean that Yun Che’s all out strength topped Xia Qingyue. Rather, it was his approach. The crazed attack was like the sudden attack of a berserk beast that forced Xia Qingyue into a pa.s.sive state.

One Overlord’s Fury was like a heavy hammer that fell on her shoulder, and directly numbed Xia Qingyue’s entire left arm. Her internal organs had also suffered light injuries under the profound energy a.s.sault but she did not panic. Instead, her expression had calmed down. With Chu Yuechan’s word of advice from last night still beside her ears, the fact that she had to use her entire strength echoed along with it. She slightly concentrated and instantly became as cold and pure as ice and snow. With a slight fluttering spin, she stabilized her balance. Like a streak of white lightning, the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon charged at Yun Che.


Each and every strike from Yun Che all brought along an ear-splitting explosion. Directly engaging against a heavy sword with a frontal attack was the most foolish of decisions. But when facing against Xia Qingyue, Yun Che’s heavy sword had met its match...

The Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon was as soft and flexible as water, and as nimble as a snake. When exchanging attacks with Dragon Fault, its overbearing Frozen Cloud power actually did not collide with the heavy sword. Instead, the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon used its nature to form a large pulling force, drawing each of the heavy sword’s attacks towards empty air every single time. At the same time, an increasingly cold energy silently enveloped towards Yun Che. Then, with a “crack” sound, a thick layer of ice solidified on both his shoulders.

The ice-cold energy bore into the heart with a bone-chilling coldness, as if countless numbers of knives had stabbed into one’s body. Yun Che’s gaze went cold. After a low growl, a cl.u.s.ter of scarlet colored flames suddenly combusted on his body, and rose to a height that was close to ten feet in the blink of an eye. Under the scarlet fire, the ice-cold energy was rapidly dispersed. The layer of ice was also quickly melted.

Meanwhile, Dragon Fault had also been completely wrapped up in the scarlet phoenix flame, and became an enormous flame sword. It brought along dancing sparks as it directly a.s.saulted forward once more.

“He actually is able to ignite such an intense flame! Looks like his fire attribute profound art is absolutely not as simple as the one he had displayed earlier.”

“It’s only the lowest level scarlet fire…” The young disciple who had said that suddenly opened his eyes wide at this moment, and continued with shock: “This… this… how is this possible!!”

An innumerable amount of ice crystals from all directions came flying to Xia Qingyue’s front, and condensed together to become a fantastical light blue ice lotus. The ice lotus slowly rotated, and then suddenly dispersed. Each flower petal had transformed into seven ice crystals that flew at Yun Che. Each ice crystal was as thin as a cicada’s wing, and was as clear as pure gems, yet it was also bone-piercingly cold!

“Star Scorching Demon Lotus!!”

With Yun Che’s body at the core, a flame lotus that was at least ten times as large as Xia Qingyue’s ice lotus blossomed from the soaring heat wave like a flame gigantic flame beast opening its mouth, and completely swallowed up the ice crystals flying there. None of those ice crystal were able to approach Yun Che because they had already disappeared completely.

The surrounding audience were all stupefied… Even Ling Yun’s sword beams could not shatter Xia Qingyue’s ice lotus, so how could it be easy melted by an insignificant scarlet flame!?


“Phoenix Flame!” Fen Moli said with shock.

Ling Yuefeng’s gaze immediately turned towards the Blue Wind Imperial Family’s seats… Does this mean that the sect Yun Che was taught by, was actually the Divine Phoenix Sect!?