Against the Gods - Chapter 231 - Overlords Fury (2)

Chapter 231 - Overlords Fury (2)

Chapter 231 - Overlord’s Fury (2)

Ling Jie stared at Yun Che’s stance, and the Yuan Yang dual swords which he had initially placed down was once again held horizontally in front of his chest. “As expected of the person who subdued me. That’s the spirit you’re supposed to have! Even if you lose, you will have to fight until the very end! Alright, I will give you, my future little brother, the most respectable defeat!”

“Heh!” The corner of Yun Che’s lips slightly curved up, and a dangerous light flashed in his eyes. “Little friend, you seemed to have completely misunderstood something. The reason why I raise this half-destroyed heavy sword, is not to receive a respectable defeat, but to defeat you.”

“Defeat me? Eh… Are you sure?” Ling Jie’s staring eyes widened even more.

Yun Che calmly said. “To be honest, during our exchanges earlier, I did not use all of my strength. As a habit, when there isn’t a need, I will always keep some of my strength in reserve, especially when I’m under everyone’s attention. Because, my countless experiences have told me that, every bit of power you reveal in front of people, it’s equal to exposing another trump card, and exposing oneself to another bit of danger. But, not only were you able to slightly injure me, you even slashed apart my heavy sword. This was seriously out of my expectations, and you indeed possess the qualifications for me to treat you seriously… With this half-destroyed heavy sword in my hand, I will allow you to personally witness what a heavy sword really is!!”

Yun Che said those words calmly and lightly, however, those words greatly stimulated Ling Jie’s self-esteem, causing him to be extremely unsatisfied, and at the same time, furious to a certain extent. He growled. “Fine! Then let me witness your full strength! If you’re able to use that half-destroyed heavy sword to beat me, forget about calling you boss, I’m fine if you want me to call you father!”

Although they were separated by about three hundred meters, with Ling Yuefeng’s hearing ability, when Ling Jie uttered those rash and wrong words, Ling Yuefeng’s face cramped.

“... Forget about calling me father! If people were to find out that I have such a big son, how am I going to pick up girls in the future!? Prepare yourself… to take this blow of mine!!

Ling Jie was about to speak, however, before he could voice anything out, he immediately swallowed them back. His eyebrows tightened out of deep surprise.

Wielding the half-destroyed heavy sword in his hand, Yun Che’s Prison G.o.d Sirius' Tome began to channel without restraints. In an instant, his connection with the heavy sword had already reached the realm of perfection. His aura and the broken Overlord’s Colossal Sword were completely fused together. The Overlord Colossal Sword was no longer just a piece of weapon in his hands, but turned into a part of his body.

The feeling of the complete fusion of their auras was extremely mysterious, and to be able to reach this step, was definitely harder than stepping into heavens itself. After Ling Jie subdued Celestial Yang Sword, his final wish was to completely subdue Celestial Yang Sword, and fuse with its aura. Although his talent was extremely good, he knew that it would take him at least years, or even dozens of years to reach his ideal. And if it was someone else, it would be impossible for an extremely large number of them to succeed.

When Yun Che was wielding the heavy sword earlier, it felt extremely imposing and majestic, as though it was an unmovable mountain. But currently, Ling Jie could no longer feel the aura of the heavy sword. In his eyes, even though the half-destroyed sword was evidently in Yun Che’s hands, his senses told him that the heavy sword no longer existed, and had already completely a.s.similated into Yun Che’s power and soul… Seamlessly, and flawlessly!

This was Yun Che’s biggest gain from hunting countless thousands of strong profound beasts within the Endless Plains in the Dragon G.o.d’s Trial.

This sort of feeling, was exactly the perfect realm Ling Jie was prepared to chase after his entire life. Yet, currently, it was completely and flawlessly revealed before his eyes, causing his soul to violently stir.

“Take… this!”

This time, Yun Che took the initiative to attack. He made a low jump, waved the half-destroyed heavy sword in his two hands, and directed an extremely normal leap slash towards Ling Jie.

Ling Jie had faced Yun Che’s heavy sword smash several times. However, this time, the moment the heavy sword was raised, he felt he was completely suffocated, and the moment Yun Che leaped upwards, it was as though he was looking at an unsurmountable mountain cras.h.i.+ng down onto him from the skies.

Even though it was a heavy sword with only half of its blade left, the strength and might of this strike had surpa.s.sed every previous single strike!


Although the heavy sword was broken, due to its complete form being overly gigantic, its half-broken state was still hundred and fifty centimeters in length, which was basically the same length as the Yuan Yang dual swords in Ling Jie’s hands. Ling Jie’s figure blurred, avoiding the strike far away like the breeze. Yun Che’s strike fell through the empty air, and the half-destroyed heavy sword fiercely smashed onto the ground, bringing about an earth-shattering boom. In an instant, shattered rocks wildly flew, sand and dust filled the air, and a large crater numerous meters deep appeared beneath Yun Che’s feet.

The might of this one strike, caused Ling Jie, and everyone around the Sword Discourse Arena to forcefully take in a cold breath.

“Flowing Light Slas.h.!.+”

Ling Jie took a deep breath. The Yuan Yang dual swords circling his body danced quickly in the air, bringing about numbers of sword silhouettes filled with sword intent capable of willfully tearing apart air and s.p.a.ce. Facing the attack of two powerful Sky Profound Swords, Yun Che’s expression was mysteriously calm. Without even looking at the two Sky Profound Swords, he locked onto Ling Jie’s position, and waves after waves of the half-destroyed Overlord’s Colossal Sword were sent towards him.






WIth every swing of Yun Che’s sword, a deep crater would always form on the ground, accompanied by the ear-trembling booms and the shattered rocks and dust filling the air. It could be imagined how much near-catastrophic strength was hidden in every single strike. The ear-trembling and heart-shaking booms were as though a giant was currently walking towards them from afar. Even the incomparably firm profound barrier trembled severely with every single swing of Yun Che’s heavy sword.

When Yun Che dealt his first strike, everyone was already shocked. With his every single strike, it was as though a sound of thunder was roaring in their ear and hearts. When his Overlord’s Colossal Sword was slashed apart, nearly everyone believed the compet.i.tion was over. However, with a half-destroyed heavy sword, he swung strikes after strikes which contained shocking strength… The might of these strikes, had even surpa.s.sed the strikes he dealt when was wielding the complete heavy sword earlier.

Earlier, Ling Jie was still able to slice apart the blasts of wind caused by the heavy sword with his Yuan Yang dual swords, however, the heavy sword’s strength which had suddenly increased by several times easily blew away the Yuan Yang dual swords which were filled with sword intent time and time again. Forget about slicing them, the two swords could not even approach them. Even when he captured a weak point with his extremely high level profound movement skill and fast sword speed, Yun Che basically would not care about the Yuan Yang dual swords which had already approached close to his body. He would simply produce a single smash, which would cause a terrifying blast of wind that completely covered a radius of several meters, forcing Ling Jie to have no choice but to retract his swords and dodge far away.






The mix of ear-piercing tearing sounds and ear-shattering booms fiercely smashed into everyone’s eardrums and souls. In their exchanges, the two of them had moved a distance of numerous tens of steps, but beneath them, more than a hundred overlapping craters were created. The rows of cracks were even more packed, and there were so many of them that it was basically impossible to count their numbers. The entire center of the Sword Discourse Arena was destroyed, with no resemblance of its original state.

Sand, dust and shattered rocks rose high in the air. Reaching a height of dozens of meters, it completely submerged the two figures within. Only their moving shadows and their speeding cyan and orange sword beams, which looked as though they were the blazing light of shooting stars, could be faintly seen.

“Is… Is… Is this real?”

“Yun Che’s heavy sword was evidently broken by those two Sky Profound Swords. But why did its might suddenly increase by so much when it’s only at a half-broken state? Unless…”

“Could it be that Yun Che did not use his full strength at all earlier… or maybe, he did not even bring out half of his true abilities?”

“Tenth level of the True Profound Realm… Oh my G.o.d, is this a genius, or a monster!?”


Yun Che smashed his sword onto the ground. Even though Ling Jie dodged it with an incomparable speed, he was still sent flying backwards by the wave created. Before landing onto the ground, a cold light flashed in Ling Jie’s eyes, the Yuan Yang dual swords intersected before his chest as the cyan and orange glows became incomparably dense...

“Heaven’s Might Absolute Sword… Moon Break!!”

This was the attack Ling Jie used to slash apart the Overlord’s Colossal Sword earlier. No matter its speed or might, they were both extremely terrifying. However, Yun Che had suffered a big loss due to this strike of his, so how could he fall in the exact same place twice? When the sword silhouettes of the Yuan Yang dual swords flashed, Yun Che’s vision had already condensed onto them. With his heightened mental concentration, the speed of the two lightning-fast sword beams were no longer that terrifying, as a clear trajectory of their slashes were perceived.

“Don’t think that only light swords can create sword beams, a heavy sword… can do the same as well!!”

Facing this terrifying attack which was even able to slash apart the Overlord’s Colossal Sword, with sufficient time to prepare this time, Yun Che, who could completely dodge the attack with his Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow, did not choose to avoid it. Rather, he lifted his half-broken Overlord’s Colossal Sword as a layer of dim black profound glow suddenly enveloped the heavy sword’s blade.


Yun Che roared loudly, and he slashed down his heavy sword ruthlessly at the Moon Break sword beams flying towards him. Immediately after, a whistling that was close to tearing a person’s eardrums sounded, and a gigantic deep black sword beam was explosively shot out under everyone’s contracted pupils, cras.h.i.+ng against the cyan and orange sword beams.

“Wh… What!!?” Ling Yuefeng immediately stood up, exclaiming uncontrollably.

If we were to describe Ling Jie’s cyan and orange sword beams as two crescent moons, then the sword beam that came from Yun Che, was a gigantic deep black full moon.


The three sword beams clashed in mid air. The might of the three swords exploded at the same time and they crashed against, interweaved and engulfed one another, producing a fantasy-like a colorful mix of light. Within the light, countless of sword intent wildly poured out, but when these sword intents clashed against the deep-black full moon, they would shatter completely and disappear without a trace in a blink of an eye. Gradually, the cyan and orange colors decreased within the light, and in the end, they completely disappeared, leaving a deep black full moon, which was not even depleted by a half, that fiercely flew straight towards Ling Jie.

Ling Jie moved a large distance away, dodging the attack by a hair’s breath while being incomparably fatigued. Before he could even steady himself, an earth-shaking boom sounded behind him. With a twisted expression, he looked at Yun Che, and simply dazed there for a moment.

Heaven’s Might Absolute Sword —— Moon Break, was actually destroyed by Yun Che in a direct confrontation.

And, the weapon he used to do it, was a destroyed heavy sword, with half of its blade slashed apart!

“So… So strong, so strong…” Ling Jie unconsciously chanted softly. Only then did he completely understand, that the words “did not use my entire strength” Yun Che said earlier, were not a tough act on his part. Facing the current Yun Che, he felt as though he was unable to breathe.

In that short of moment of silence, other than the whistle of the gentle wind, only Ling Jie’s heavy panting could be heard. After a good while, his breath and emotions had finally calmed down. After standing straight up and looking straight at Yun Che in the eye, suddenly, with a tap of his feet, his entire body shot upwards, jumping straight up to the height of thirty-odd meters.

Yun Che’s sudden outburst of strength shocked every single person, including Ling Yuefeng. His evaluation on Yun Che rose time and time again, however, Yun Che would time and time again prove to Ling Yuefeng that he had still been underestimating him by far too much. When Yun Che unleashed that unbelievable heavy sword beam, which completely extinguished the Moon Break sword beams, he understood that it was already impossible for Ling Jie to win in this battle.

“He’s going to use that move now.” Ling Yun raised his head. Looking at Little Jie, who leaped high into the skies, he softly said.

“... This might be his last hope.” Ling Yuefeng lightly sighed. “I didn’t expect that. I really didn’t expect that Yun Che could actually unleash the might of a heavy sword to such an extent. I’m completely unable to see through the depths of this young man… Just who was the person who actually brought up such a peerless monster…”

Yun Che raised his head and looked towards Ling Jie in the high skies, as Ling Jie’s cautious voice sounded in his ears. “Boss, this move, you have to definitely block it. Because, if you’re unable to do so, you might really die from it… I believe you have the ability to block it… If you succeed in blocking this strike of mine, I will become your little brother willingly! And I will definitely not regret it!”

As he said that, the Celestial Yuan and Celestial Yang swords had already flew out of Ling Jie’s hands, with each sword floating on his left and right. On the swords’ blades, an incomparably strong glowing light beam was being emitted. This was a form of sword beam that broke through limits and common sense. As the sword beam expanded, the glows became even more piercing to the eye. From afar, it looked as though there were two more suns, one cyan and one orange, in the sky.

An extremely sharp sword intent covered the sky and the earth, faintly painting a gigantic sword formation, and Yun Che’s current position, was the center of this particular formation. Yun Che’s raised head lowered. His two hands slowly gripped onto the broken Overlord’s Colossal Sword as prepared himself to unleash Fallen Moon Sinking Star. But at this moment, the Overlord’s Colossal Sword suddenly shook, and a black glow faintly flashed. And at the same time, from an unknown origin, a few segments of a soul were suddenly added into Yun Che’s mind.

These segments, recorded the majesty of a war hero, an Overlord who shook the era he lived in. Within thousands and thousands of troops and horses, with just a swing of his sword, it brought about a catastrophical airwave, and countless hundreds of ferocious enemies were blown apart by that one strike, turning into the many corpses on the battlefield. His every swing were as though they were capable of shaking the sky and earth. The enemy troops were vast and mighty, and their numbers looked endless from one’s eyes, yet not a single person was able to get within thirty meters from him. Within the large army of enemy troops, his tyrannical brandishes with his heavy sword were unstoppable.

And the weapon he wielded, was exactly the Overlord’s Colossal Sword in Yun Che’s hands.

These segments of the soul, were the spa.r.s.e images that the tiny spiritual conscience of Overlord's Colossal Sword had recorded. It was also the glory it would never forget as an Overlord’s sword.

The power of Fallen Moon Sinking Star dispersed. Yun Che closed his eyes. Following the Overlord’s stance within the soul fragment, he raised the half-destroyed Overlord’s Colossal Sword, and an incomparably tyrannical sword force, slowly gathered onto the heavy sword.

“Old partner, thank you for bestowing me such a treasured gift at the end. This strike, shall be named —— Overlord’s Fury!!”