Against the Gods - Chapter 229 -

Chapter 229 -

Chapter 229 - Yuan Yang Combination


s.p.a.ce was split apart by the incomparably deafening sound. As the sword energy of the Celestial Yang Sword in Ling Jie’s hands swept across the air, it cleaved the air, and even the hard surface of the Sword Discourse Arena was directly cut open like tofu. Three hundred meters away, a sharp imposing force came at the entire audience, infiltrated to the bottom of their hearts, and sent a chill down almost everyone’s back. It was as if that extremely cold orange sword light and sword intent was pressed against their backs.

Once Ling Jie took action, it was indeed with full strength. Facing the sword energy that was sweeping towards him, Yun Che used both hands to sweep his sword. When he activated the fundamental stage of Prison G.o.d Sirius’ Tome, the profound energy in his entire body exploded. Along with a low and deep exploding sound, Overlord’s Colossal Sword welcomed the Celestial Yang Sword’s sword energy with a strike of its own.


The sharp and tyrannical forces loudly came together with a loud bang. A frightening windstorm of profound energy disclosed without restraint. The profound energy barrier suddenly trembled. Like spiderwebs, cracks instantly rushed out on the arena’s stone floor below feet of the two opposing members.

The faint orange colored sword energy was unceasingly destroying, creating cracks, as the heavy sword’s powerful windstorm also quickly tore the ground. Throughout the frenzied intermingling of the forces, the two people’s gazes struck the other… One was as peerlessly sharp as the edge of a sword while the other had a mountain’s majesty and tranquility.

Once their strikes collided, both their hearts were simultaneously shocked. The audience at edges of the Sword Discourse Arena were even more inexplicably horrified as they widened their eyes one after the other.

“So… So strong! Even from this far away, I could feel that terrifying sword energy!” A sect disciple who placed in the top hundred exclaimed with a trembling voice.

“I also felt it! Ling Jie’s actually this strong. In the previous matches, he basically had never gone all out. No! He didn’t even use half his strength. If this strike was aimed at me, I simply would not be capable of resisting in the slightest. Is… Is he really only at the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm?”

“As expected, people from Heavenly Sword Villa are all monsters! But… But this kind of strike, Yun Che actually received it!!”

With the sword force and sword intent released by Ling Jie with all his strength as well as the Celestial Yang Sword’s Sky Profound might, the magnificence of this one strike, transcended everything that happened in yesterday’s Quarterfinals! Not only was it those young profound pract.i.tioners, even the elders watching this scene were dramatically moved.

“Not only has he subdued the Celestial Yang Sword, he even released at least sixty percent of the Celestial Yang Sword’s power.” A deep tremor was visibly heard in Xiao Juetian’s voice: “This one’s future accomplishments, would definitely far surpa.s.s Ling Yun’s.”

Xiao Juetian’s gaze spun towards Yun Che. Ling Jie’s strike completely stunned him. And the Yun Che, who had completely received Ling Jie’s strike made by the Celestial Yang Sword with only an Earth Profound Sword, left him at a complete loss. He did not know what words he could possibly use to evaluate him.


The two forces simultaneously exploded, and the two people were also sent backwards from the impact. Ling Jie stepped off the ground with his back foot. As fast as a flitting phantom, his entire person suddenly dashed forward, and the Celestial Yang Sword in his hands had lost its presence… as if it had vanished into thin air.

“So fast!” Yun Che was slightly shocked. Whether it was Ling Jie’s movement speed or sword speed, they both far exceeded his expectations, to such an extent that even his eyes could not catch up.

Yun Che did not attempt to catch Ling Jie’s sword mirage anymore. With a surge of profound strength, the Overlord’s Colossal Sword was wildly swung outwards. Following the heavy sword’s swinging arc, lines and lines of sword rays exploded and broke in succession. The heavy sword swept towards Ling Jie’s figure, yet it could only touch a faded afterimage… At the same time, an ice-cold chill was felt from the nape of his neck.


The orange-yellow sword energy pierced down like lightning, drawing a black scar through the air as it also sliced the remains of Yun Che’s afterimage into two. Yun Che’s real body reappeared ten meters away, and he came smas.h.i.+ng back with a counterattack. The heavy sword’s berserk windstorm and Ling Jie’s sword energy tightly concentrated and crashed.

There were many disadvantages in choosing the heavy sword as one’s main weapon of choice; the most notable disadvantage was the difficulty level in mastering it, as well as the fact that the heavy sword’s excessive weight would implicate one’s movement speed by a substantial amount. But Prison G.o.d Sirius’ Tome allowed Yun Che’s mastery of the heavy sword to a close to perfect level. Even if for Dragon Fault, a Sky Profound heavy sword, Yun Che only used a few days to completely master it. As for the heavy sword’s burden on one’s movement speed, the unpredictable profound movement skill, “Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow”, made up for that deficiency.

The existence of both Prison G.o.d Sirius’ Tome and Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow perfectly offsetted the two major flaws of the heavy sword, and also made Yun Che the person most suitable to use the heavy sword. In comparison, the powerful arm strength bestowed by the Great Way of the Buddha was actually secondary… because as long as one’s profound strength level was high enough, no matter how heavy it was, they could still pick up a heavy sword. However, the heavy sword mastery’s difficulty level, as well as the burden of the weight itself, was not something that profound strength could interfere with by any means.

And since these two major flaws were no longer there, then the power that the heavy sword released was one in which other weapons would never be able to reach. Its power was violent enough to make both ghosts and G.o.ds s.h.i.+ver.

The heavy sword did not have a sharp tip. With its great swings and body, each strike shattered a few, or even a dozen different lines of frenzied yet dazzling sword light. The profound energy barrier shook violently. The windstorm conjured by the heavy sword brought about an unceasingly long tornado in the center of the Sword Discourse Arena. The gullies and cracks beneath their feet grew aplenty. The smashed pieces of the broken arena were lifted up by the windstorm, shooting out in all directions like arrows and darts.

It was not known how many times the heavy sword had been swung, and it was also not know how many orange yellow sword lights had been smashed apart, but under Ling Jie’s shocking speed, not a single corner of his clothes had been touched.

It appeared as if the two were in deadlock. Even though Ling Jie appeared to be on the offense, he was actually constantly complaining in his head. In his eyes, the speed at which Yun Che swung his heavy sword was not that quick. The time he took to swing once, was enough for him to swing a dozen or so times. But even these dozen strikes, could be completely thwarted by one strike from Yun Che. The power from Yun Che’s one offensive strike could only be cancelled by a dozen of his… which he could only do after rapidly retreating back a certain distance. If he had not moved away from his original spot during his counterattack, he wasn’t completely certain that he could block it… even when he was wielding the Celestial Yang Sword.

Every time he thought that he had at last seized an opening, what pierced was always Yun Che’s afterimage, and Yun Che’s subsequent counterattack would always make him feel that he was surrounded by danger.

He definitely did not dare to directly attack Yun Che. If it was a head-on collision, even though he was confident that he would poke a hole through Yun Che, if he was touched by Yun Che’s strike, losing half his life would be considered as getting off lightly.

In the past, whenever he could get close to an opponent, Ling Jie’s sword was usually able to easily force his opponent into checkmate. But right now, Yun Che was like a demon G.o.d that could not be neared. It made Ling Jie’s attacks appear uninhibited and dazzling on the surface, but the truth was that he felt extremely bound up and was startled with every single attack he made.

This never before felt feeling, made Ling Jie extremely uncomfortable. Because before Yun Che, he had never met an opponent who used the heavy sword.


In the brief moment the Celestial Yang Sword and the Overlord’s Colossal Sword touched, following the Overlord’s Colossal Sword’s impact, Ling Jie leapt very far away. When he landed, the Celestial Yang Sword pointed upwards in the air as a loud shout came out from Ling Jie’s mouth: “Heaven’s Might Sword Formation —— Heavenly Star Frenzy!”

The Celestial Yang Sword flew up. During its flight, it glowed even more radiantly. Then, as if an illusion, its light quickly dispersed, scattering to make more than a dozen Celestial Yang Swords that looked exactly the same. Soon after, it became several tens of copies until it became more than a hundred copies. The hundred or more Celestial Yang Swords were like chaotic meteorites with different trajectories as they flew at Yun Che from every direction. These Celestial Yang Swords were no mere illusions; because each and every sword carried an incomparably sharp sword aura.

This kind of outrageously bizarre sword formation made many young profound pract.i.tioners pale on the spot. Yun Che’s brows slightly creased yet he did not show any signs of fear. His heavy sword swept upwards as the profound energy in his entire body wildly erupted above

“Falling Moon Sinking Star!”

The pitch-black heavy sword conjured a giant black moon. Just like a bottomless black hole, the frenzied meteor engulfed everything in its path.


Under the violent storm’s force, the lines and lines of sword silhouette containing a Sky Profound sword’s power were like fragile icicles as they easily shattered one after the other. After their diffusion, they were smashed once again by the storm’s force, and then turned into powdery particles. But in the blink of an eye, before the mighty and terrifying frenzied sword formation had even touched a single hair on Yun Che’s head, they had all been torn to shreds. In less than two breaths of time, every sword silhouette had completely disappeared, only leaving the Celestial Yang Sword that blasted off back into Ling Jie’s hands.

“Wh... at!!” Ling Yun’s brow suddenly sank as his face filled with surprise: “Heavenly Star Frenzy had actually been broken that easily!?”

“Because that is a heavy sword!”

Ling Kun, who had practically never spoken during these past ten or so days suddenly started to talk. His hawk like eyes silently fixated at Yun Che as he indifferently said: “He has completely brought out the heavy sword’s might. As for the heavy sword’s disadvantages, on his body, they have been suppressed to their limits. This one’s master, is definitely an incomparably extraordinary being.”

“Heaven’s Might Sword Formation possesses a power that can smite the heavens and there is no man who does not fear it. In this world, the only thing that can restrain Heaven’s Might Sword Formation to such an extent is the heavy sword!”

The surrounding audience had already become stupefied, after seeing such a frightening sword formation… get completely broken like that!?

Atop the Sword Discourse Arena, Ling Jie had already leapt high in the air, and caught the falling Celestial Yang Sword. In midair, he turned around as his sword flickered with light. His entire body seemed as if it had completely merged with the sword light as he flashed in front of Yun Che.

Heavenly Sword Villa’s ultimate instantaneous sword technique —— Sword Brilliance of Extreme Lightning!

The Heavenly Star Frenzy that was executed just a moment ago was only half a pretense. This was Ling Jie’s genuine finis.h.i.+ng move that he had been acc.u.mulating power for!

Ling Jie’s instantaneous movement exceeded the scope of Yun Che’s reaction time. Sword light flashed and the Celestial Yang Sword had already arrived in front of Yun Che in its thrust, making him completely incapable of swinging his sword in time to block it, and also did not give him enough time to activate Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow.

In a split second, Yun Che immediately threw away all thoughts of retreat and defense. The heavy sword in his hands did not have the slightest retracting intent that it should have. Instead, it struck forward without hesitation.


Along with a light echo, the Celestial Yang Sword easily split apart Yun Che’s protective profound energy defense and pierced his left shoulder as a b.l.o.o.d.y arrow spurted outwards. Ling Jie’s finis.h.i.+ng blow was a success so he ought to been happy, yet his complexion suddenly changed right at this moment, because his Celestial Yang Sword pierced through the protective profound energy defense, pa.s.sed through flesh, penetrated into the bone… then stabbed onto an incomparable hard ten thousand year old profound iron, and then was incapable of even advancing an inch forward.

Forget about stabbing a hole through Yun Che’s body… he could not even pierce through a tiny half an inch.

This was not a strike that any average Joe could randomly execute. Instead, it came from Ling Jie, after completely pouring in his surging sword intent, and was a strike dealt by the Celestial Yang Sword, a Sky Profound Weapon! Even if it was a monolith or profound metal, they could both be pierced through as easily as tofu!

The shock that Ling Jie was in was no small matter. At this time, Yun Che’s heavy sword also swung towards him. Wherever the heavy sword went, a berserk air current blasted open. Ling Jie quickly used all his strength to receive the sword explosions while retreating. At the same time, he continually swung out numerous waves of sword energy in resistance. But even though he did that, he was still swept by the heavy sword’s wind force. The wild force suffocated his heart as his inner organs violently quaked.

Ling Jie staggered backwards as he landed and had to take several steps back before barely managing to stabilize his balance. A line of blood slowly trickled down the corner of his mouth. At the Heavenly Sword Villa’s seating area, Ling Yun creased his eyebrows greatly. Then, he suddenly stood up and shouted: “Little Jie, take this!!”

In the midst of Ling Yun’s roar, a thin sword completely suffused with a bizarre cyan light flew out from his hands. Like a shooting star, it crossed a distance of over three hundred meters in a flash. Without even being slightly obstructed when it pa.s.sed through the profound energy barrier, it was then caught in the hands of a somewhat stupefied Ling Jie.

Once the cyan sword was in hand, as if they had suddenly developed intelligence, the two swords simultaneously emitted an excited sword cry. As the orange and cyan colored glows added to each other’s beauty and radiance, they became more and more intense. What intensified along with it, were two waves of sword energy that stirred and surged out, while also merging into one amidst the stirring.

“This is… Big brother’s Celestial Yuan Sword!” Ling Jie clenched the cyan sword with one hand, and the orange sword with the other. The two swords at this time seemed to have let go of all their proud air, and even gave him a feeling that they were connected through blood.

As he wielded both swords in his hands, Ling Jie slowly lifted his head. There wasn’t the slightest hint of childness that belonged to a sixteen year old in his eyes. There was not any color of excitement, and even the sharpness from earlier had all died down.

“Hm?” Yun Che’s brows slightly knitted as vigilance suddenly birthed in his heart. Because the Ling Jie in front of his eyes, had suddenly went through a great transformation in his aura. This kind of transformation did not come from himself, but instead came from… the two swords in his hands!