Against the Gods - Chapter 225 - Glazed Glass Heart, Exquisite Body

Chapter 225 - Glazed Glass Heart, Exquisite Body

Chapter 225 - Glazed Gla.s.s Heart, Exquisite Body

Before the two swords closed in, the sword wind had already collided with the ice lotus. With a “Clang” sound, the ice lotus was grinded into pieces in the violent sword wind. However, it did not falter just like this, but instead transformed into countless solid chunks of ice, and rained down toward Xiao Kuanglei against the storm. In an instant, the storm carrying the shattered ice lotus swirled around the two, as if sweeping up a tornado of ice and snow.

Clang clang clang clang….

Amidst the string of colliding and breaking sounds, the dispersed ice flakes were blown away by Xiao Kuanglei. However, the cold energy that these ice flakes contained was heavier he had imagined; after he blew away all of the ice flakes, both of his hands were already thoroughly flushed red from the cold, and only fully recovered after two breaths of time. He moved back half a step, and said with a slight smile: “I had already heard that Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Frozen Cloud Art was unparalleled under the heavens, and as expected it deserves it’s reputation. Next, I’ll be more serious. G.o.ddess should be careful now.”

Xiao Kuanglei’s reminder out of “good will” that was full of arrogance did not gather any hint of reply from Xia Qingyue. Her clear and cold eyes was like tranquil water without any ripples, while also as beautiful as the bright moon. It made Xiao Kuanglei’s heartbeat speed up uncontrollably after he took two more glances. He immediately fiercely took in a breath as all of his profound strength surged up. The storm that swirled around him became even faster, and the image of the hawk behind him also became more and more clear, and felt like as if it had substantialized into the real thing near the end.

“Extreme Wind Sword!”

Xiao Kuanglei’s eyes flashed. The storm surged on his body as he suddenly rushed toward Xia Qingyue. His speed was really as fast as a storm; profound pract.i.tioners below the Earth Profound Realm could only see a wisp of afterimage flas.h.i.+ng through like a bolt of lightning —— Among the Four Major Sects, Xiao Sect’s speed was second to none!

“Haha, looks like Third Younger Brother has gotten serious, to actually display his fastest speed right away. Seems like, this match will be over before long.” Xiao Kuangyu said with a leisure smile.

Xiao Juetian also slowly nodded: “Seems like Lei’er did not ignore our advice. He did not underestimate the enemy, and did not hold back either. Very good. After this battle is won, he will be facing Ling Yun. Since the battle with Ling Yun is impossible to win, let’s heartily display the true power of our Xiao Sect in this battle!

“Hmph!” Xiao Zhen, who was beside Xiao Boyun, looked at the match in the arena with cold eyes and snorted in a quiet voice.

Under the storm-like high speed movement, Xiao Kuanglei’s sword also swiftly swept out. The storm engulfed the sword’s body, and as the sword’s brilliance danced magnificently, four lines of sword gust that could smash through mountains and rocks shot toward Xia Qingyue at the same time.

Clang Clang Clang Clang!

Four ice lotus flowers bloomed in front of Xia Qingyue, and blocked all four sword gusts as they shattered. Xiao Kuanglei had also successfully closed in on Xia Qingyue at this moment, and his chain of sword combos a.s.saulted at Xia Qingyue like a relentless storm of rain. Xia Qingyue retreated with leisure and uniform steps, and with every step retreated, a beautiful ice lotus would bloom below her feet...

“How astonis.h.i.+ng, this Xia Qingyue is only at the eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, but not only did her Frozen Cloud Art already reach the fourth stage of the Ice Lotus Realm, she could also handle it with so little effort. Mu Lingxue of the previous tournament was at the tenth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, but could only glimpse at the entrance of the Ice Lotus Realm. Seems like, Xia Qingyue must be the disciple with the highest apt.i.tude in these few tens of years, without any doubt.”

“But it seems that Xia Qingyue is clearly at a disadvantage. All of her moves are defending and warding without any spare strength to retaliate. That can’t be helped; the disadvantage in age and profound strength exists right there.”

The hawk’s image behind Xiao Kuanglei’s back spread its wings high, and his sword moves came one after another. That one longsword was swung by him into sword mirages that blotted out the sky; together with his speed, the illusory human mirage and the sword’s mirage overlapped, making one dazzled and unable to follow with their eyes. The crossing strikes of the sword, as well as the collisions of storm and ice lotus, brought up a series of explosive sounds that made one’s eardrums buzz.

The cyan colored sword gust, along and the ice lotus’s broken shards, continually shot out from the profound storm, caging them. Facing the Xiao Kuanglei’s astonis.h.i.+ng speed, Xia Qingyue’s movements was instead as light as smoke, as if she was a G.o.ddess elegantly descending into the mortal world, yet she was not constrained by Xiao Kuanglei’s speed in the slightest. With every movement of their footsteps, many traces of sword marks as well as pit marks caused by colliding profound energy would emerge on the ground.

The entire audience was silent, and only the wave after waves of ear-piercing explosive sounds could be heard. Every single pair of eyes all firmly focused onto the two figures on the Sword Discourse Arena. They had thought that this was a match that would quickly end, and perhaps would even be over from the start; no one had expected that it would actually be this intense to such a degree. For the two who were three years apart in age and one rank apart in profound strength, their currently situation was actually without any doubt, evenly matched.

The complexions of the Xiao Sect’s people gradually became unsightly. Xiao Juetian’s brows sunk bit by bit, and said with a low voice: “Seems like, we have underestimated Xia Qingyue. Her strength, may perhaps, not be weaker than Shui Wushuang and Wu Xuexin at all.”

“No problem. Ao what if she could stalemate with Third Younger Brother? If Third Younger Brother uses the Earth Shocking Sword, the outcome of the match would be decided right away.” Xiao Kuangyu said without worry.

“Using the Earth Shocking Sword, would definitely be somewhat unethical and inelegant. The two right now looks evenly matched, but if it continues like this, the advantage still belongs to Lei’er’s side. After all, the richness of Lei’er’s profound strength, would no matter what, that of the little girl who’s only seventeen years of age.” Xiao Juetian remarked.

“Go Big Sis, go!” Xia Yuanba’s hands were gripping with sweat. His eyes stared wide as he shouted non-stop. He could not clearly distinguish the situation on the arena, and could only see that Xia Qingyue seemed to be retreating all this time. His heart also became more and more anxious.

“Don’t worry, your Big Sis won’t lose that easily.” Yun Che casually comforted him.

“Won’t lose that easily?” Within Yun Che’s mind, he heard Jasmine’s snorting sound: “This woman, simply doesn’t have any possibility of losing. If she uses her full strength, the person on the other side won’t even have the chance to last five rounds. The current situation, is merely done by her in deliberation for the purpose of hiding her true strength.”

“Oh?” A burst of surprise emerged within Yun Che’s heart: “To not have the chance to even last five rounds? That’s impossible right?”

“Hmph! Half of the reason why you can challenge other an entire realm above you is because of your apt.i.tude and comprehensive ability, the other half is your divine profound veins, divine bloodline and divine profound arts. But in the field of apt.i.tude, comprehensive ability as well as const.i.tutional, I’ve finally found someone that completely surpa.s.sed you, and that is this woman. Not only does she possess the ‘Heavenly G.o.d’s Spiritual Veins’ with all fifty-four profound entrances open, she also possesses the ‘Heart of Snow Glazed Gla.s.s’ that’s even ten thousand more times rarer than the Heavenly G.o.d’s Spiritual Veins. Her const.i.tution, even at the Realm of the G… the place I was born from, could only produce one with the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’ once every ten thousand years... After tomorrow, whether your opponent would be Ling Yun or not, really is still unknown.”

Yun Che: “!!!!”

Whether the previous life or the current life, it was still the first time that Yun Che who was extremely familiar with the medicinal ways and const.i.tution of the world had heard these two names of “Heart of Snow Glazed Gla.s.s” and “Nine Profound Exquisite Body”, and thus could not completely comprehend the true meaning behind these two names. However, from Jasmine’s words, he heard a hint of extremely clear tint of shock. Something that would shock even Jasmine, how could it possibly be ordinary?

And Jasmine’s last sentence, thoroughly shocked Yun Che. Because that sentence of Jasmine’s was clearly hinting… that Xia Qingyue, may even have the capability to defeat Ling Yun!!

The battle on the Sword Discourse Arena had already become white-hot. The hawk image behind Xiao Kuanglei spread its wings again. With a slight whistling sound, his body had already vaulted high into the air. Like boiling water, the profound storm that surrounded his body also started to rampage at this moment. Circles after circles of light cyan colored profound energy ripples slowly proliferated outwards, and forcefully pushed away all of the surrounding atmosphere. Immediately after, Xiao Kuanglei’s longsword pointed downwards with a slope, and all of his profound energy concentrated onto the sword’s tip. Instantly, the long sword’s tip greatly surged with a green light, and a ball of storm howled and swiftly whirled around the sword’s tip with an extremely frightening speed.

At this time, a wave of oppressive aura had also shrouded the entire Sword Discourse Arena, and made the audience at the arena’s borders feel a strong sense of suffocation just by looking at the sword tip that was currently encircled by green light.

After a long battle with no results, Xiao Kuanglei finally lost his patience, but did not take out the Earth Shocking Sword. The reason was just as Xiao Juetian had said; not only would it be inelegant to use the number one sword of Xiao Sect when facing someone that was both younger and lower in profound strength, it may also garner mockery from others. He decisively used his strongest ultimate move.

“Fleeting Strike!!”

Xiao Kuanglei cried out loudly, and his entire body plummeted downwards within the surging storm. His entire being was as if a descended sword G.o.d, and the extremely sharp sword force overwhelmingly closed in on Xia Qingyue….

“Oh! I didn’t expect that Third Younger Brother could actually cultivate the ‘Fleeting Strike’ to this degree… It ought to be around forty percent attained?” Xiao Kuangyu said with surprise.

“This is a breakthrough he had only recently acquired. Seems like the match is about to be over.” A victorious smile has already emerged onto Xiao Juetian’s face.

Along with the extremely swift downfall of Xiao Kuanglei’s sword force, a line of fissure crazily extended outwards on the ground. Yet when facing this incomparably terrifying strike from the air, Xia Qingyue appeared extremely relaxed. She lifted her white hand, and slowly pointed the ice sword above her. On top of the sword tip, a ice lotus flower bloomed in silence. But this ice lotus was no longer crystal clear, and instead carried the sky’s light-blue color.


Xiao Kuanglei’s Fleeting Strike and Xia Qingyue’s ice lotus collided in midair. Then, a thundering noise resounded throughout the entire arena. The cyan colored profound energy storm completely shrouded the surrounding s.p.a.ce, and the ice lotus also completely exploded, raining down ice crystals and mist that covered the sky. All of a sudden, the two’s bodies were completely shrouded by cyan colored and light-blue colored profound energy, making one unable to see even a hint of their figure. They could only hear the two waves of exploded profound energy crazily colliding...

It was only after an entire ten breaths of time, did the cyan light and blue light finally disperse completely. The swords of the two had also finished their last collision, and they respectively retreated backwards under collision’s impact.

There was not the slightest hint of change in Xia Qingyue’s expression, and her pair of charming eyes were still as clear and silent as water. Let alone injuries, not even her white colored long dress was tainted by a single speck of dust. The ice spirits that floated around her body were also not disordered in the slightest.

It was also the same for Xiao Kuanglei who was on the opposite side. Other than his hair that appeared slightly disordered, there weren’t any wounds at all on his entire body. During that intense collision of ultimate skills earlier, miraculously, neither of the two actually received any hint of injuries.

But just by judging from the expression, Xiao Kuanglei clearly wasn’t as calm as Xia Qingyue. He totally did not expect that such a result would happen. He used his ultimate move that had just achieved an initial success, but during that collision earlier, all of his sword force and gust were blocked by the opponent one after another, and didn’t even touch a single hair on her head. This made him secretly shocked in his heart, and at the same time made him feel greatly ashamed.

In this situation, he understood that if he was to win, he would have to take out the Earth Shocking Sword.

“As expected of a G.o.ddess from Frozen Cloud Asgard, you really are unable to be underestimated by others. When I was the same age as G.o.ddess, I definitely wasn’t a match for G.o.ddess. But this match, I must win no matter what. If I have offended G.o.ddess in anyway because of this, I’ll be sure to apologize toward G.o.ddess after the match.”

As he finished speaking, Xiao Kuanglei’s sword had already been put away. His right hand pressed onto the spatial ring, and was just about to take out the Earth Shocking Sword. But just as his right hand touched his left, his expression suddenly froze, and his actions stopped right then. Right after, his complexion became whiter and whiter with an astonis.h.i.+ng speed… Then, as if a statue carved from ice, his entire being stiffly fell down onto the ground while facing upwards.

As he fell, Xia Qingyue’s gaze did not appear to quiver in the slightest, and wasn’t surprised at all.

It was also at this time that several tens of wounds of varied sizes suddenly bursted open on Xiao Kuanglei’s body, and waves after waves of blood spurted out… These wounds all came from Xia Qingyue’s ice sword, but under the Frozen Cloud Art, which encompa.s.sed the energy of extreme cold, these wounds were instantly sealed by ice after they were stabbed open. Not only did they not bleed, not even pain would be felt. Just like this, Xiao Kuanglei intensely fought with Xia Qingyue while being unaware, and did not notice at all that under the shrouding cyan light, his body was had already been consecutively slashed more than thirty times ten breaths ago… And if any of these wounds were to be slightly offset, they would be able to damage the life veins… Which is to say, if not for Xia Qingyue showing mercy, within that ten breaths of time, he had already died over thirty times.