Against the Gods - Chapter 202 - Heavenly Sword Villa

Chapter 202 - Heavenly Sword Villa

Chapter 202 - Heavenly Sword Villa

Being treated in this way was not one bit out of Qin Wushang’s expectations. He originally thought that Cang Yue would bring a few experts to guard their journey, so aside from the three partic.i.p.ating disciples, he did not dare to bring any other people without permission. He didn’t expect that Cang Yue would leave alone. Out of the three disciples, two were crippled by Yun Che and one was forced away. After adding Xia Yuanba, there were only four people. Even he himself felt that it was somewhat laughable.

He stepped forward and said: “This little brother, I am Qin Wushang and I have come this time to attend the ranking tournament.”

“You four… are here to attend the ranking tournament? The Heavenly Sword disciple guarding the mountain gate blankly stared for a while; at this moment, Ling Haiya noticed Cang Yue. After blankly staring for a while, he promptly said: “And this, is Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Blue Moon Princess?”

“Yes.” Cang Yue slightly nodded while handing over the invitation letter and the name list at the same time. “We four came here to represent the Imperial Family and partic.i.p.ate in this time’s ranking tournament. This is our invitation letter and list of names.”

Naturally, the namelist only had four names: Qin Wushang, Cang Yue, Xia Yuanba, Yun Che.

And in the partic.i.p.ating disciple section, was only the name “Yun Che”.

Ling Haiya’s facial muscles twitched, then walked to the side and politely said: “So it’s actually the Imperial Family’s esteemed guests that are here. I ask that you’ll forgive me for my rudeness earlier. Four esteemed guests, please come in. Five kilometers ahead, is where the Villa is located, where Villa Master and Villa Mistress are already personally awaiting for you. Please.”

After the four pa.s.sed through the mountain gate, the few gatekeeping disciples all looked at each other in dismay.

“Only brought along one partic.i.p.ating disciple, who’s also only at the True Profound Realm… I believe that in these ranking tournaments thus far, there seems to never have been a partic.i.p.ating disciple at the True Profound Realm.” A disciple said.

“Ever since Cang Wanhe became seriously ill, his power was forcibly seized, plundered, and divided by the Crown Prince and Third Prince. With the political unrest and instability within the Imperial Family, I suppose he is in no mood to think about some ranking tournament. The Imperial Family’s performances thus far had always been dismal. I’d reckon that this time, the broken pot has truly been broken apart. For the Blue Moon Princess to personally bring the team here, is probably only to show how much they care about our Villa.”

“There are two definites.” Ling Haiya said: “In this ranking tournament, the Imperial Family’s performance is not only going to be dismal. I believe that they’ll be first place in reverse. As for the second, during tomorrow morning’s age and profound strength a.s.sessment, the Imperial Family would probably become a big joke. Sigh, to think that our Heavenly Sword Villa’s ancestor and the Imperial Family’s ancestor became mutual brothers to help each other. One held worldly authority while the other held worldly might. Nowadays, our Heavenly Sword Villa’s is at the crown of the Blue Wind Empire, unreachable by any. Although the Imperial Family declined day by day, they still were in authority for the commoners there. In the eyes of those large and influential sects, they were no longer a deterrence with each pa.s.sing day. There would probably be even more people looking down at them this time. It is truly regrettable.”

Yun Che and company walked along the mountain road. Although it there was a distance of five kilometers from Heavenly Sword Villa, the dignified atmosphere emitted from its majesty could still be clearly felt.

“It is worthy of being called the Heavenly Sword Villa. This kind of atmosphere lets one feel like there are countless swords dancing by their side.” Yun Che said with feeling.

“Uwaah… Not even in my dreams would I think that I would actually be able to personally come to Heavenly Sword Villa one day. Even Uncle Sikong, who I used to admire the most, had never come to Heavenly Sword Villa before.” On the road there, Xia Yuanba looked in all directions with two eyes that were always wide open, unwilling to blink for even a second.

Xia Yuanba’s emotionally excited manner made Cang Yue unable to hold back her smile. She said to Yun Che: “Junior Brother Yun, Heavenly Sword Villa is unlike any other places. This place could be regarded as Blue Wind Empire’s holy land, and also the one and only holy land. Even the lowest ranking disciples of Heavenly Sword Villa are distinctive geniuses in the outside world. Those disciples guarding the mountain gate earlier, are all at the Spirit Profound Realm. Twenty year old Spirit Profound rankers are all qualified to become instructors in every Profound Palace branch but in Heavenly Sword Villa, they are merely gatekeepers. Heavenly Sword Villa’s inside information is ample, and their strength is enormous. It is not something that an ordinary person is capable of imagining.”

“Senior sister, I understand. Don’t worry. If I am mocked or provoked in anyway, as long as they don’t touch my bottom line, I will retreat.” Yun Che nodded with a slight smile. He knew the meaning behind Cang Yue’s words. Because Cang Yue knew that he was a person who refuses to suffer a loss. Amongst the one thousand or so partic.i.p.ating disciples, his profound strength level was the lowest of the low. It was likely for him to be ridiculed and if he struck back here, if by chance he angered Heavenly Sword Villa, even if Cang Yue personally steps forward, it might not necessarily be possible to keep it under control.

But his prerequisite, was that it had to touch his bottom line. As for this bottom line, it was obviously up to him to decide. For a n.o.bleman to take revenge, ten years was not too long… But that was in regards to n.o.blemen, and never once did he believe that he was a n.o.bleman.

At the same time, Frozen Cloud Asgard’s party of five had already approached Heavenly Sword Villa’s main entrance.

“Elder sister, aside from that time when you went to get three Sky Profound Beast profound cores so Qingyue can cultivate ‘Frozen Heart Liquid Jade’, you haven’t left Frozen Cloud Asgard in ten or so years. Why have you taken the initiative now to come to this ranking tournament?” Chu Yueli’s eyes s.h.i.+fted as she asked the question that she had been wondering about in her heart ever since leaving the Asgard.

Chu Yuechan’s eyes shone like crystals without the slightest of ripples. Her voice was even more like the wind that brushed by with profound ice; soft, yet it also contained a bone-chilling coldness: “I have lived away from the world for far too long. I want to see whether this generation’s young juniors are flouris.h.i.+ng or are already in decline.”

Chu Yueli actually shook her head: “Elder sister, in this world, I’m the one who understands you the most. Other people may believe this reasoning of yours, but how can I possibly believe that?”

Chu Yuechan: “...”

“You suddenly left Asgard half a year ago and only returned last month. When you returned, your heart was always restless. Elder sister’s Frozen Cloud Arts and Frozen Heart Arts have both reached the sixth stage. If something huge did not happen, that would absolutely not be so. And now that Elder sister suddenly says that she wishes to personally come to Heavenly Sword Villa this time…”

“Heavenly Sword Villa is at hand, no need to ask more about what should not need to be asked.” Chu Yuechan coldly stated, interrupting Chu Yueli’s speech. The coldness within her voice had made the bodies of the three Frozen Cloud disciples at the rear tremble with terror.

Chu Yueli immediately stopped talking and did not dare to ask again. At this time Heavenly Sword Villa’s main entrance had now appeared.

“Qingyue put this on. Until the very last moment, do not take this off.” Chu Yueli turned around and put a Frozen Crystal Necklace in the hands of a young veiled girl.

“Yes, Master.” The young girl took the Frozen Crystal Necklace and encircled it around her snowy neck.

Ling Yuefeng was more than fifty years old but he only looked to be around thirty. When reaching the Emperor Profound Realm, one’s lifespan would increase by four or five hundred years. To a Throne, fifty years of age was only the beginning of youth.

Ling Yuefeng’s complexion was like crown jade and did not need to be enhanced by make up. He was elegant and his temperament was gentle and mild without the dignified air of a sword master. Bother his hands were like white jade and did not seem like they had frequently wielded swords at all. When he saw his guests, not only did he personally welcome them, he also had on an amiable smile and gave the proper courtesy in a warm manner without the pride and arrogance of Blue Wind Empire’s number one master. A few partic.i.p.ating young disciples that saw him all revealed an admiration that was close to infatuation.

Standing next to him was a thirty year old or so woman dressed in floral pattern. She was Ling Yuefeng’s only wife Xuanyuan Yufeng, and also the birth mother of Ling Yun and Ling Jie. Her temperament was graceful, and her appearance was as beautiful as blossoming flowers. Even though her looks were also one in a thousand, if compared to Chu Yuechan, it was still like comparing a mortal woman with a G.o.ddess of the heavens; there was at least a difference of one hundred and eight thousand miles.

To make the Ling Yuefeng who was infatuated with Chu Yuechan take Xuanyuan Yufeng as wife, naturally it was not on account of her looks, and instead was because of her family’s background… However, after some twenty-odd years of their marriage, no one had ever dared to ask about the background of Heavenly Sword Villa’s Villa Master’s wife, and none also dared to investigate. It was because her surname “Xuanyuan”, made a deep sense of fear emerge from one’s heart just by thinking about it.

Because, that was the surname of a certain Sacred Ground Master that belonged to one of the Four Sacred Grounds in the Profound Sky Continent.

“Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Chu Yueli, has brought Senior Sister Chu Yuechan, disciples Shui Wushuang, Wu Xuexin, Xia Qingyue to visit Heavenly Sword Villa and also sends our Mistress’ regards on her behalf to Villa Master Ling and Villa Mistress Ling.” Facing Ling Yuefeng and Xuanyun Yufeng who were welcoming guests, Chu Yueli stood at the very front and slightly bowed towards the coupled surnamed Ling.

As soon as they came over, Ling Yuefeng’s state of mind was already in great turmoil because he saw Chu Yuechan. Even though Chu Yuechan wore a snowy veil, even though thirty one years had pa.s.sed since he had seen Chu Yuechan, he still recognized those eyes of hers in one glance. Only, he didn’t dare to be certain because he did not believe that Chu Yuechan would personally come to Heavenly Sword Villa. It was only until the name “Chu Yuechan” came out of Chu Yueli’s own mouth did he dare to believe it.

Thirty one years had pa.s.sed. No one would think that he had missed and yearned for her for a full thirty one years. Even though he had taken a wife and had children now, and even though two of his sons have already reached the marriageable age, he still had not let that extremely beautiful figure walk out from his heart and the depths of his soul.

This was the first time in several tens of years that this number one master’s state of mind was in great turmoil. After Chu Yueli announced her entire sect, he had actually stared in a daze for a full three seconds before laughing ashamedly and returning the courtesy: “Welcome, five fairies, and thank you for honoring our lowly Villa with your presence. It has also been a several years since I have seen the Asgard Mistress. I wonder if she is still well?”

“Mistress has always been well. I thank Villa Master Ling for his concern.” Chu Yueli slightly nodded her head.

“Oh? This is the world famous ‘Fairy of Frozen Beauty’, Chu Yuechan?” Xuanyuan Yufeng’s gaze fell on Chu Yuechan’s body as she revealed a meaningful smile: “Several years ago, Yufeng has heard of Blue Wind’s number one beauty, Fairy of Frozen Beauty’s great name. I didn’t expect that I would have the fortune to actually meet you. May I ask if the Fairy of Frozen Beauty could remove her veil to let Yufeng have a look at the gracefulness of Blue Wind’s number one beauty and resolve one of her life’s wishes?”

How many in the entire Blue Wind Empire would dare to not reply to the words of Blue Wind’s number one master’s wife? Although these words were clearly directed towards Chu Yuechan, Chu Yuechan’s eyes did not waver in the slightest. She coldly looked straight without the slightest of movements, as if she did not hear her say anything.

Xuanyuan Yufeng’s crescent eyebrows suddenly slanted to the side.

Ling Yuefeng chuckled and opened his mouth to speak: “Honey, these fairies are our esteemed guests. I understand that you are impatient, but asking guests who have not entered our household a favor, really is a bit somewhat neglectful.”

Xuanyuan Yufeng nodded with a slight smile: “I was indeed a little short-tempered, and I hope that Fairy of Frozen Beauty won’t mind me. Fairies, please enter, there will naturally be personels taking care of the residence for you all. If you have any needs, you can tell the disciples within the villa without holding back. If there are any neglections, I hope for your magnanimity and forgiveness.”

“Madam is too polite.” Chu Yueli gave another courtesy, and thereupon, the group of five entered the Heavenly Sword Villa.

Xuanyuan Yufeng’s expression, also draped down after they entered the villa. She glanced at Ling Yuefeng, and sneered: “Ling Yuefeng, you really are deeply sentimental with love. You bitterly chased after her for ten years, and didn’t even get to see her shadow; we have been married for over twenty years now, yet you actually still haven’t forgotten about her! This time, she came to your doorsteps herself instead, aren’t you feeling pretty elated right now?”

“Honey, you are misinterpreting me with your words.” Ling Yuefeng grasped Xuanyuan Yufeng’s hand, and said with a wry smile: “I was young at that time, so naturally would have done some stupid things like a young man would. We have been married for twenty-one years; how would the naive longing back in the days, be comparable to even one ten-thousandth of our affection of over twenty years? I, Ling Yuefeng having a wife like you, am already satisfied to the point of wanting nothing else. I haven’t even accepted any concubines in these twenty years, so how could I have any other thoughts? Losing myself in a trance earlier, was only because I had recalled the dumb things I did back then, and merely had some lamentations.”

Holding Ling Yuefeng’s hand with a reverse grip, the dark clouds on Xuanyuan Yufeng’s face dispersed completely. However, she didn’t know that as Ling Yuefeng spoke, the voice in his heart was more than ten or hundred of times louder than his voice from the mouth.

She actually came… She actually came...

I finally got to see her again...


Author Note: 【Does it feel a little repet.i.tive mentioning about Ling Yuefeng being infatuated with Chu Yuechan… Actually, this is a very, very, very enormous fuse to be lit (c.r.a.p, even those words are forbidden!).】