Against the Gods - Chapter 171 - Ironback Blue Wolf

Chapter 171 - Ironback Blue Wolf

Chapter 171 - Ironback Blue Wolf

In the surrounding fifteen kilometers, there were basically only Nascent Profound Beasts. After Yun Che ventured fifteen kilometers in, scattered or grouped up True Profound Beasts began appearing in his line of sight. The terrain also grew uneven as all sorts of dead trees and low mounds became increasingly dense.

Just as the rumors said, the profound beasts here were extremely frenzied in nature. If they saw a human, they would pounce and a.s.sault that person as if they were enemies who could never co-exist under the same sky. All those that he met initially were low-level True Profound Beasts, and they were not Yun Che’s targets, so during his travel, he avoided those he could avoid, and disposed of those he could not avoid. In this way, he progressed forward without much danger and surprise. As he was pa.s.sing through a small expanse of a withered dark wood forest, sounds of fighting and human voices suddenly came from ahead, accompanied by the enraged howls of profound beasts.

“Junior Brother Ding, quickly block off its escape route, don’t let it escape!”

“It won’t hold up for much longer! Don’t start taking it easy!”

“Junior Sister Mu, quickly retreat. It’s about to go berserk, and it’ll hurt you!”

Yun Che walked out of the black forest, and not far away, four people were currently besieging a profound beast. The profound beast’s build was comparatively large, and its entire body was covered in armored scales. A single sharp horn protruded from its head, and judging by its imposing air, it should be a high-level True Profound Beast.

The four people who were jointly attacking it were all very young. There were three males and one female; the oldest appeared to be around twenty three years old and around the ninth level of the True Profound Realm. The other two males also appeared to be a little older than twenty years old and their profound strengths were both at the fifth level of the True Profound Realm. The young lady who was referred to as “Junior Sister Mu” was of a similar age to Yun Che and appeared to be only seventeen or eighteen years old. Her profound strength was also the weakest, having just entered the True Profound Realm.

From how they addressed one another, they should be from the same sect. Their age also matched their cultivation of profound strength. The sect they belong to must also be quite powerful; it should at least be famous in a particular region, else they wouldn’t dare to rush into such a deep place with just four people.

As that young lady’s profound strength was the weakest, she was protected by the other three, stood in the back, and would only join the attack occasionally under the safest circ.u.mstances. The surrounded single-horned beast had thick flesh, coa.r.s.e skin, and the protection of armored scales. Even so, it couldn’t endure against the combined attack of four profound pract.i.tioners of the True Profound Realm, not to mention that one of them was a strong being of the True Profound Realm’s ninth level. Its body was already covered in blood and scars, and its counterattacks were growing weaker. Finally, it directly gave up retaliating and struggled in an attempt to escape.

“Hmph, trying to run!? Take my Wind Cloud Sword Strike!”

With an explosive roar, the eldest young man shouted and vaulted into the air; the long sword in his hands released a ferocious wave of sword force, and sent the single-horned beast which was trying to escape flopping onto the ground with its limbs facing upwards. After he landed, he rushed forward again as if an arrow released from its bowstring; his longsword ruthlessly pierced forward, and pierced through the single-horned beast’s throat in a straight line.

The single-horned beast gave a sorrowful roar; after its body spasmed for a while, there were no longer any signs of movement.

“Wow! Senior Brother Sun, you’re too amazing! Even such a ferocious beast was defeated by just two or three of your attacks.” The name of the young lady who was referred to as “Junior Sister Mu” was Mu Xiaoling. As she looked at the fallen single-horned beast, her eyes sparkled and her face was filled with admiration.

The one who had stabbed the single-horned beast to death was named Sun Zhou. He was the oldest among the four, and was also the one with the highest cultivation. Upon hearing Mu Xiaoling’s words, he laughed and said, “Junior Sister is over-praising me. It’s not that I’m strong, it’s that this profound beast was too weak. Junior Sister’s talent is much greater than mine. When you’re my age, you’ll definitely be able to vanquish this single-horned beast much faster than I did.”

His words sounded modest, but hints of smugness flashed through his eyes. He instructed the other two: “Junior Brother Ding, Junior Brother Han, extract its profound core.”

Junior Brother Ding and Junior Brother Han quickly moved forward and cut open the carca.s.s of the single-horned beast. Not long after, they extracted the profound core with much experience.

“Mn, including this profound core, our mission this time will be completed with another thirteen True Profound Beast’s profound cores. I believe this time, we’re bound to be the first group to finish this mission. Master will definitely praise us greatly.” Taking the profound core, Sun Zhou spoke with a face filled with pride.

The two junior brothers immediately went up and cajoled, “This was all because Senior Brother Sun is brave and powerful. Otherwise, even with three more days of time, we wouldn’t be able to finish the task. We’re really too lucky to be grouped with Senior Brother Sun.”

Senior Brother Sun nodded, and said with an expression full of pride, “Not at all, not at all, this was the fruit of our combined efforts. Both junior brothers are still young; your future accomplishments definitely won’t pale in comparison to mine….Oh?”

At this moment, Sun Zhou suddenly saw Yun Che, who was walking out of the withered dark wood forest towards them. He originally only saw a single silhouette that had even come forth alone, so his heart immediately grew vigilant…… because whoever dared to come here alone, was either an expert or an idiot. But after realizing Yun Che’s age and scouting out his profound strength, he laughed disdainfully, and said in a low voice, “It is yet another reckless fool.”

Just after his low sneer, Junior Brother Ding suddenly gave a low gasp from beside him, pointed at Yun Che, and said agitatedly, “Senior Brother Sun, quick….. Quick, look at his right hand! It’s a purple….. A purple spatial ring!”

In the midst of his cry, Sun Zhou’s gaze fell on Yun Che’s right hand, then stared unwaveringly at the purple spot of light on his finger; he was unable to tear his eyes off of it for a long while as his gaze revealed a deep sense of greed.

“Purple spatial ring? Is that better than our spatial ring?” Mu Xiaoling lifted the yellow spatial ring on her hand, and asked in puzzlement.

“Of course it’s better, and it’s much better!” Junior Brother Han said in a low agitated voice, “Our spatial ring only has a few cubic meters of storage s.p.a.ce, whereas the purple spatial ring is said to have many hundreds of cubic meters of storage s.p.a.ce, and its price is exceeds fifty million yellow profound coins! It’s absolutely not something our yellow spatial ring can hold a torch to. In my entire life, I’ve barely seen any purple spatial rings. This fellow must be some disciple of some large clan. Who knows how much good stuff is in his purple spatial ring.”

Senior Brother, should we….” Junior Brother Han said while his hand imitated a cutting motion.

Sun Zhou had long had this same idea the moment he saw the purple spatial ring. The person wearing the purple spatial ring was not only merely at the fourth level of the True Profound Realm, he was also travelling alone. It was practically as if the heavens had dropped a large fat sheep at their feet. If it was outside, he would cease to dare to have any weird thoughts, as the owner of a purple spatial ring would definitely have very large influence. However, in this Wasteland of Death, the number of people who died here every year due to plundering and pillaging were too many to count. Therefore, it could be said that killing him here did not put them at any risk at all.

That Sun Zhou was about to nod when Mu Xiaoling moved closer and said, fuming, “Junior Brother Han, how could you have such thoughts! We come from a prestigious sect, and we came to train, not to kill and pillage like bandits replete with vice! If you really dare to do this, I’ll definitely tell Master! If Master knows of this, he’ll definitely punish you ruthlessly. Who knows, he might even chase you out of the sect!”

Sun Zhou’s expression changed as he immediately nodded earnestly and said “What Junior Sister said is right; Junior Brother Han, how could you have such despicable thoughts! Of this matter, Junior Sister won’t agree to it and neither will I. If you really dare to conspire against him, I’ll be the first one to block you.”

“Senior Brother Sun is still the most upstanding.” Mu Xiaoling said in adoration.

Junior Brother Han shrank back, and said in embarra.s.sment, “Senior Brother, Junior Sister, don’t get angry, I….. I was only joking offhandedly, only joking.”

Upon receiving Mu Xiaoling’s praise, Sun Zhou’s back became a little more upright, and he snorted coldly, “We come from North River’s number one sect, the Profound Sword Faction, and upholding our sect’s reputation should be our foremost priority in doing anything. When we are journeying, not only should we not oppress the weak or be wicked, when we encounter the weak, we should also take the initiative to help. This young brother’s profound energy is only at the fourth level of the True Profound Realm, yet he came here all alone. It’s simply too dangerous. At this moment, we should step forward and help him instead.”

While they were speaking, Yun Che had already walked into their vicinity. Sun Zhou took two steps forward, and said with righteousness, “This young brother, this should be your first time in the Wasteland of Death, eh? Coming to this place alone is simply too dangerous, so why not join us? We’re all young, so we can communicate easily and take care of each other too.”

Yun Che shot a glance at him; seeing the greed hidden in the depths of his eyes, he then laughed coldly to himself as he laid down two words indifferently, “No need”. Then, without turning back, he continued forward.

“Tch, Senior Brother Sun only righteously reached out in consideration for his life, yet this fellow actually doesn’t know what’s good for him. Just wait for your death!” Upon seeing that Yun Che actually refused, Junior Brother Ding said in disdain.

Sun Zhou didn’t say anything. The muscles on his face twitched a little and he stared at Yun Che’s back, unwilling to give up…… With Mu Xiaoling here, he immediately gave up the thought of killing Yun Che and robbing him. He had prepared to pull Yun Che into the fray, then find a chance to pull Yun Che into traveling alone with him. After killing him, he would cover it up as a death caused by profound beasts, and he would successfully obtain the purple spatial ring. Little did he expect that this person would still reject him even though he had purposely revealed his profound strength, which was of the ninth level of the True Profound Realm, while he was speaking just now.

“Fourth level of the True Profound Realm? He looks to be about the same age as me, but his profound strength is actually so high!” Thinking of Sun Zhou’s words just now, Mu Xiaoling said in surprise, “He also uses such a precious spatial ring, so he should definitely be from some large sect or clan.”

Sun Zhou turned around and said in scorn, “Should be. But the people I look down the most on are these disciples from large sects and clans. It’s because their profound strengths are all forcefully brought about by all sorts of medicines, and is not at all firm, unlike us who cultivate it step by step. Although his profound energy is at the fourth level of the True Profound Realm, if he fights, he might not even be able to beat junior sister.”


Just as Sun Zhou was speaking, an anguished wolf howl suddenly came from the black forest behind him. Subsequently, an enormous blue silhouette abruptly scuttled out from the black forest, rus.h.i.+ng straight at the group of four.

This blue silhouette was over three meters tall; its eyes were red, and its claws were like steel hooks. Its back was thick grey and its entire body gave off an extremely berserk aura. The four had just raised their weapons and prepared to go into battle, but when they saw the light blue silhouette’s complete appearance, their faces instantly revealed extreme expressions of fright.

“Iron…… Ironback Blue Wolf!”

“This…. Isn’t this the area for True Profound Beasts? How can a Spirit Profound Beast appear….. Senior Brother, wh….. what should we do?”

“What are you still standing here for! Hurry, flee!” Sun Zhou roared loudly and pulled at Mu Xiaoling while fleeing at the quickest speed possible. Ironback Blue Wolves were actually low-level Spirit Profound Beasts, and was absolutely not something the four of them could handle. Its claws and teeth, which were sharper than fine steel, could easily tear apart their profound defense and bodies.

At Sun Zhou’s loud roar, it was as if Ding and Han awoke from their dreams. They let out strange sounds as they desperately ran backwards.

But how could their speed match up to the Ironback Blue Wolf? In the blink of an eye, the Ironback Blue Wolf had caught up to Junior Brothers Ding and Han. With a snarl, the Ironback Blue Wolf’s enormous body sent both of them hurtling onto the floor. With a clap, the wolf’s claws pierced into both their bodies as if they were tofu.

Both men let out shrieks that were terrified to the extreme and lost consciousness as the whites of their eyes showed. It was unknown whether this was due to extremely severe injuries or if they had directly fainted.

“Ah!! Senior Brother Ding, Senior Brother Han!!” The blood-curdling screeches from both of them caused Mu Xiaoling to shriek in fright. Her voice also caused the Ironback Blue Wolf’s eyes to fixate on her and Sun Zhou. With a low growl, he bounded at them manically like a streak of blue lightning, and closed the distance between them within the blink of an eye.

“Senior…...Senior brother! What should we….. what should we do….” Mu Xiaoling ran with all her might, but behind her, the menacing aura of death continued to loom closer.

Sun Zhou looked back and realized that the distance between them and the Ironback Blue Wolf was already not more than ten steps. He broke out in a cold sweat, clenched his teeth, and then shouted loudly, “Junior sister, stall him first….. I’ll immediately send someone to save you!”

Saying this, he violently pushed Mu Xiaoling backwards, towards the Ironback Blue Wolf, as he ran forward desperately.

“Senior brother…. you!!” Never in her wildest dreams did Mu Xiaoling imagine that just to protect himself, Sun Zhou would push her towards the Ironback Blue Wolf. She fell on the floor and closed her eyes in despair.



The feeling of being torn apart by the Ironback Blue Wolf never came. After her despair, she heard a deafening sound and a series of miserable shrieks. She slowly opened both eyes and saw that in front of her was the back view of a luxuriously clothed youth who carried a colossal iron sword on his back.

And the Ironback Blue Wolf was already beyond ten meters away, rolling around haggardly on the ground.

It was him…. Looking at his back, she remembered that he was the youth who had just been walking away.

The Sun Zhou who was running away turned his head back and saw this scene. For a moment, he sent a wave of barraging insults, “This fellow, he’s really seeking death…. At least it allowed daddy here some time to escape! It seems like even the heavens don’t wish to see me die.”

The Ironback Blue Wolf which was knocked away climbed back up quickly, its bloodshot eyes staring straight at Yun Che. It exploded in an even more manic aura and with a roar, its aura stifling, it came pouncing over, high in the sky from twenty meters away.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Yun Che suddenly jumped up when it came close and lept above the Ironback Blue Wolf. Pulling the colossal sword from his back, he went hurtling down with a loud bang…


The reason the Ironback Blue Wolf was named thus was because its back was as tough as iron, and was also the strongest defensive area on its body. But under the attack from Yun Che’s heavy sword, its steel-like backbone was smashed in an instant with a sharp, clear, ear-splitting sound.