Against the Gods - Chapter 1628 - Angry Crowd

Chapter 1628 - Angry Crowd

The crowd watched in utter shock as Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er exchanged a brief glance with each other before sitting on the right side of the Witch, Yao Die.

Moreover, they were sitting right next to each other. Less than half a person of s.p.a.ce separated them both, meaning they could touch each other directly if one of them so much as stretched their arms.

Yao Die frowned slightly but didn’t say anything. She didn’t try to separate them either.

Silence reigned over the Imperial Heaven Tower. The crowd—especially those from the Heavenly Net Realm—were stupefied and unsure what they should do.

The Witch wasn’t just an intimidating name in the Northern Divine Region. They were the most enigmatic existences in this corner of the world. Countless people knew about them, but most never got the chance to meet them even once in their lives.

Tian Muyi was the greatest realm king of this realm, but even he had never seen a Witch’s true face. The fact that he was able to identify Yao Die accurately was already a testament to his strength.

So why did someone like her choose to invite two Divine Sovereigns who disgusted Tian Guhu and maliciously insulted the Imperial Heaven Sect right in their home territory!?

It wasn’t like they knew each other either, or Yao Die wouldn’t have asked for the man’s name in the first place.

No one could understand what the Witch was thinking, but they dared not make unnecessary questions. After all, even Tian Muyi didn’t qualify to speak with the Witch as equals, much less the rest of them.

For a time, the atmosphere became very strange. Somehow, the offenders of the Imperial Heaven Realm were welcomed into the Imperial Heaven Tower’s most honored seats by Yao Die herself. Although Tian Muyi couldn’t wait to cut Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er into a million pieces, he had no choice but to bottle up this urge and smile genially at his guests.

He said,“My lady, King of Yama Demons, Your Highness. You are the honored guests of the Imperial Heaven Realm and the supervisors of the Heavenly Sovereign a.s.sembly. I’m sure that this a.s.sembly will proceed smoothly and fairly with your protection and supervision.”

“It is time to begin, as all our honored guests have arrived. I declare that the Heavenly Sovereign a.s.sembly begins now!” Tian Muyi declared. “Young Divine Sovereigns, all of you are the pride and future of the Northern Divine Region. This a.s.sembly belongs to you, so please s.h.i.+ne as much as you can and imprint your light to the skies for eternity!”

Tian Muyi then looked at the three supervisors and raised his voice even further. “If you are fortunate enough to be recruited by a king realm, then your future will be unlimited. It is up to you whether you can seize this once-in-a-century opportunity…”

Tian Muyi then went on to recite the rules. He also mentioned that Tian Guhu wouldn’t be entering the battlefield, and that challenging him was a privilege reserved for the winner of this a.s.sembly. Not only did no one complain about this, they all let out a huge sigh of relief.

Beside Yao Die, Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er were both staring at their feet and keeping quiet. They didn’t look at the Heavenly Sovereigns or the battlefield even once.

On the other hand, countless people were shooting shocked and puzzled glances at them. They just couldn’t understand what this Witch was planning.

A rumble and a flash of profound light later, a huge barrier was erected at the center of the battlefield. It also signaled the official start of the Heavenly Sovereign a.s.sembly. A man with sharp eyebrows held a sword in each of his hands before jumping onto the battlefield. Then, he declared in high spirits, “I am Nan Qingyu of Fallen Province Realm. Please meet me in battle!”

Another Heavenly Sovereign jumped onto the battlefield right after he spoke. The duo clashed without a word as a spatial rift spread swiftly in between their weapons.

Thus the war between the Heavenly Sovereigns began, with everyone staring at the battlefield fully concentrated. No one here was unworthy of attention and memorization.

The Heavenly Sovereign a.s.sembly never failed to bring pleasant surprises, with Tian Guhu being the biggest of them all during the last couple centuries. Tian Guhu’s eyes were fully focused on the battlefield. Sometimes he would shake his head, and sometimes he would nod approvingly, but it was clear that he didn’t view these Heavenly Sovereigns as equals at all. His att.i.tude was that of a superior’s.

More and more exclamations of surprise and praise filled the Imperial Heaven Tower as one battle happened after another. The quietest corner of the a.s.sembly without a doubt belonged to the Witch’s.

It felt like she was watching the battles despite the b.u.t.terfly mask covering her face, but she was dead silent to the point it was scary. Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er hadn’t said anything either this whole time.

They were undoubtedly the strangest trio in the entire Imperial Heaven Tower.

Some time later, the daughter of Huo Tianxing, Huo Lanji entered the battlefield and single-handedly defeated all the warriors present on the battlefield, raising the quality of the Heavenly Sovereign a.s.sembly to a whole new level.

Huo Tianxing smiled as he stroked his short beard. Tian Muyi shot him a glance and chuckled. “She really is your daughter, Brother Huo. I’m sure no other woman of her age could reach her level of prowess.”

Huo Tianxing withdrew his smile and shot Tian Guhu a sideways glance. Then, he snorted coldly and said, “Coming from you, that doesn’t sound as pleasant as you think.”

Tian Muyi chuckled again and asked, “Guhu, what is your opinion regarding our Heavenly Sovereigns?”

Tian Guhu said, “Royal Father, the Heavenly Sovereigns are even stronger than they were a couple centuries ago. Fairy Huo and Young Master Kui’s drastic improvements were especially praiseworthy.”

“This child is still young and inexperienced, but today’s show instilled much hope in him towards the future of the Northern Divine Region. I am even more certain now that our generation will not disappoint the seniors’ expectations.”

Tian Guhu caused all the realm kings to smile and nod at him in appreciation. Even Huo Tianxing’s frown had softened a little.

“Ling Yun.” Suddenly, Yao Die spoke up against everyone’s expectations. “What do you think about these Heavenly Sovereigns?”

There was something magical about Yao Die’s voice. It was incredibly quiet, and yet it penetrated everyone’s soul like mercury and drew everyone’s attention—even the Heavenly Sovereigns fighting on the battlefield—toward her like magic.

She was clearly doing this on purpose.

Yun Che raised his head slightly and half-opened his eyes. But instead of looking at the battlefield, he let out a disdainful snort. “To think that these trash would dare call themselves Heavenly Sovereigns. What a joke.”

Since Yao Die had attracted everyone’s attention, his answer entered their ears with perfect clarity. Fury instantly raged across the entire Imperial Heavenly Tower like a rock chucked into a pool of still water.

Even the Heavenly Sovereigns fighting furiously on the battlefield had stopped to glare at Yun Che with sudden anger.

They were the one hundred youngest Divine Sovereigns of the Northern Divine Region. They were also the only Divine Sovereigns of their generation to be gifted the t.i.tle of “Heavenly Sovereign”. They were looked up to by their peers, and they were praised throughout their growth. Naturally, their pride was as great as their strength.

This was their a.s.sembly, and more than half of the higher realm kings had shown up to watch their performance. Even the king realms had sent over important figures to act as supervisors. They might still be young, but their status and power in the Northern Divine Region was obvious for all to see.

Who dared to look down on them? Who even had the right to look down on them!?

To say that Yun Che was looking down on them was a ma.s.sive understatement. These children of miracle felt like someone was slapping them when Yun Che called them “trash” with all the humiliation and arrogance he could muster.

They were the youngest Divine Sovereigns of the Northern Divine Region. To insult them was to insult every Divine Sovereign that exists in the Northern Divine Region!

Not even the emperors of the king realms—the supreme rulers of the Northern Divine Region—would underestimate these true geniuses, much less call them trash like Yun Che just did.

“How dare you!?” Every Heavenly Sovereign standing on the battlefield glared at Yun Che with overwhelming power and killing intent.

“What a clown.” Huo Lanji sneered before looking away. It was as if she was afraid of dirtying her eyes.

Since someone had taken the initiative, every Heavenly Sovereign followed suit and attacked Yun Che verbally with all they had. If he wasn’t sitting right next to the Witch, someone would’ve already taken the initiative to cut him down with weapons and profound energy.

“Hahahahaha!” Prince Fen Jieran laughed madly while rocking back and forth. “Interesting, how interesting to hear this from a level seven Divine Sovereign, hahahaha.”

“Hehe, that is an understatement, Your Highness.” The Great Viper Sage’s eyes narrowed into dangerous slits. “This is the first time this old one has seen such a joke despite having lived for nearly fifty thousand years. This kid is either crazy or bearing a death wish.”

“Hmph, he is a shame to all Divine Sovereigns,” The Heavenly Net Realm King said in a low voice.

“It’ll dirty my hands to kill this evil creature!”

“Hehe, the journey to Divine Sovereign Realm is no easy feat for anyone, but this guy… I doubt he’ll even have an intact corpse after this.”


Cold stares, snorts, scorn, anger… Everyone was staring at Yun Che like he was a clown who was about to die a horrible death. At the same time, they found their own reaction hilarious because someone like Yun Che didn’t deserve their anger at all. However, emotion wasn’t something one could control just because they wanted to.

On the honored guest’s seat, the corpse-like Yan Sangeng shot Yun Che a glance before saying indifferently, “My lady, this man deserves death.”

How many people in the world could protect Yun Che after Yan Sangeng himself had sentenced him to death?

Witch Yao Die didn’t give him a reply.

“Hmph.” Tian Muyi stood up with a relatively calm expression, but he didn’t bother to hide the murderous intent in his eyes. “This man has insulted not just these great Heavenly Sovereigns, but all the Divine Sovereigns in the Northern Divine Region. His crime is unforgivable.”

“If you wish to die so badly, then this king shall fulfill your wis.h.!.+”

“Wait!” Tian Guhu suddenly spoke up before flying out of his seat. He said, “Royal Father, we Heavenly Sovereigns are the ones who are insulted so the ones to respond should also be us. You and all the seniors shouldn’t dirty your hands with his blood.”

Tian Muyi accepted his son’s persuasion and nodded slowly.

Everyone watched as Tian Guhu stopped in front of Yun Che before bowing deeply toward Yao Die. “Senior, please permit this junior to speak with Ling Yun for a bit.”

Although Yun Che was a dead man in everyone’s eyes, Tian Guhu still showed Yao Die all the respect she deserved.

“Do as you please,” Yao Die said indifferently.

Although she hadn’t attacked Yun Che herself, her response was practically a declaration that Ling Yun’s fate had nothing to do with her.

“Thank you, senior.” Tian Guhu bowed again before turning to face Yun Che. His gaze was impressively calm and void of anger as he faced Yun Che. “Ling Yun, do you dare repeat what you just said earlier?”

Yun Che looked up and shot him an indifferent glance. Then, he said, “Trash.”

“You!” The Heavenly Sovereigns’ fury exploded once more.

But Tian Guhu forced them to calm down with a raise of his hand before a half-smile pa.s.sed across his face. “We Heavenly Sovereigns are prideful creatures, but we never torment those who are weaker than us, and we definitely don’t tolerate insults from anyone! If you don’t justify yourself now, I suspect that you won’t be walking out of the Imperial Heaven Tower alive.”

“...” Yun Che didn’t say anything at all.

“You may be displeased if our seniors attacked you, or if we attacked you all at once, not to mention that you definitely don’t deserve such special treatment. So…” Tian Guhu’s eyes looked as sharp as a pair of swords as he said slowly, “As a proud Heavenly Sovereign of the Northern Region, it is only right that I show a level of magnanimity that is equal to my strength. I shall grant you a chance on behalf of my brothers and sisters.”

“We are both level seven Divine Sovereigns, so I, the ‘trash’ you speak of shall be your opponent. If you win, we will admit that we don’t deserve our t.i.tle. Naturally, we will not pursue you for your transgression because you are perfectly right in your a.s.sessment. But if you lose to me, the one you called a piece of ‘trash’...” He smiled before continuing, “I suppose you will know the price of humiliating we Heavenly Sovereigns of the Northern Divine Region, won’t you?”

“Don’t turn me down yet, I can grant you another huge favor.” Tian Guhu stretched a finger before Yun Che could reply. “Seven. If you can withstand seven attacks from me without losing, then I shall concede that you are the victor. What do you say?”

Tian Guhu’s words drew a smile from the raging crowd. Tian Muyi especially was filled with fatherly pride.

Both Tian Guhu and Yun Che were at the same realm, but he offered to concede defeat if he couldn’t beat Yun Che in seven attacks. Normally, a statement like this could only be described as impossibly conceited and idiotic coming from most profound pract.i.tioners.

But this time, the one who made the statement was Tian Guhu, the level seven Divine Sovereign who could fight a level ten Divine Sovereign to a draw!

No one thought that Tian Guhu would lose even though it was a ma.s.sive handicap. He was also the only Divine Sovereign present who could crush another opponent at the same cultivation level within seven moves.

Tian Guhu’s offer was a superb move because he could further his reputation, vent the Heavenly Sovereigns’ anger, and humiliate his opponent all at the same time. He would be killing three birds with one stone. He could make this “Ling Yun” lose all dignity before his death and become a joke for a very long time even after he died.

That’s right. It would be far too easy to just kill Ling Yun for his crimes against the Imperial Heaven Realm and the Heavenly Sovereigns.

The anger in everyone’s eyes turned into ridicule. Even the Divine Kings who normally had naught but admiration for Divine Sovereigns were staring at Yun Che with disdain and pity.

“Ling Yun… surely someone as bold as you will accept such a handicap, right?” Tian Guhu said slowly. A couple of Heavenly Sovereigns even snorted out loud when they heard this.

Yun Che finally lowered his arms to his side and got up to his feet. Then, he said weakly and indifferently, “Seven attacks are too much. Let’s make it three.”