Against the Gods - Chapter 1593 - A Sea of Dragon Blood

Chapter 1593 - A Sea of Dragon Blood

When the dragon’s roar reached the sky above, the draconic might of every Desolate Heaven Dragon including the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief’s crumbled in an instant. Even the black energy in their eyes dissipated, leaving behind only blank fear.


All haughtiness was gone from the dragons’ demeanor. They roared again—but this time in fear—before their giant bodies started dropping from the sky like dumplings.


The falling dragons caused a miniature earthquake for a time. It wasn’t just the dragons above the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan, the dragons responsible for maintaining the path through the lightning formation had fallen as well.

It was such a shocking sight that the whole thing felt like an illusion.

The ground of the sinful region was full of holes after the Desolate Heaven Dragons had collapsed to the ground. But instead of growing angry and struggling to rise, these kings of all races actually curled up and s.h.i.+vered like babes instead. They were in their true forms too.

The way they did their best to make themselves look smaller and their uncontrollable s.h.i.+vering were pathetic to say the least.

It was as if someone had completely popped their courage!

“Ugh… ugh…!” The Nine Lights Heavenly Sovereign’s eyes bulged when he saw the impossible scene; the fallen dragons that looked like mud stains on the ground and the s.h.i.+vering Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief. He even felt like he could faint on the spot.

Meanwhile, Yun Che was dropping down toward the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief when You’er winked into existence. A surge of black energy surrounded the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword before he swung it at the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief.

The Dragon Soul Domain intimidated all living beings, but it was especially effective against dragons because the Dragon G.o.d was their supreme G.o.d. As powerful as the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief might be, the roar of his G.o.d still popped his courage and shattered his soul like a balloon!

Mentally crushed, the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief naturally couldn’t summon his normal strength at all. The only reason he even remembered to s.h.i.+eld himself with his claw was because of his instinct as a Divine Sovereign and whatever remained of his consciousness besides fear. However, the fear he was experiencing was something beyond the ability of willpower to defeat. Let alone covering his claw in black lightning, he couldn’t even summon a sliver of profound energy.


The Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief’s claw was thousands of meters wide, but the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword had cut through it in one hit. This time, it was his real body and not a mere extension of his power! A fountain of foul-smelling blood instantly poured out of the wound like the rain.

The Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief was a Divine Sovereign devil dragon. His body was supposed to be as tough as divine steel even without the protection of his aura. However, the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword had cut through it like it was made of tofu.


The Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief let out a bloodcurdling roar… even when he was screaming, it was clear that his voice was painted with deep fear. He didn’t try to counter attack, resist, or even struggle. The only emotions that were reflected in his s.h.i.+vering eyes were fear and begging.

He was never this meek even when he was just a child.

Unfortunately for him, there was no pity or mercy in Yun Che’s eyes at all. He appeared above the dragon’s head in a flash, gathered black light around the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword, and stabbed downward.

Bang… Boom!!

The sword met resistance when it hit the tough skull of a dragon, but it only lasted for a fraction of a second before the skull crumbled beneath the blade. Then, cold, berserk energy poured out of the blade and into the dragon’s thirty thousand meter long body.


At this point, the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief’s scream had become completely distorted. There was even a semblance of the pride and dignity of a dragon as it screamed like a sinner who was subjected to an eternity of torture at the depths of the purgatory.

His screams grew increasingly weak and hopeless as the energy dyed his body black, and it wasn’t long before his entire body turned black in color.


Yun Che jumped back into the sky while pulling out the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword from the dragon chief’s skull. A crack spread from the point of entry to the entire body, and the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief crumbled into black bits and dust just like that.

“...” The Nine Lights Heavenly Sovereign was moving back slowly. For once, the chief palace master who used to look down on the world was demonstrating the adjective “ashen-faced” perfectly.

Cultivation wise, he was more or less the equal of the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief. But if they were to fight against one another, it was impossible for him to hold out against the latter for an extended period of time… There was a very good reason why dragons were considered the sovereigns of all creatures. A dragon’s body and soul were superior to all other creatures in the world.

However, Yun Che had turned the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief into dust in the blink of an eye.

It was almost as fast as when he had killed Venerable Hidden Sword!

Clearly, Yun Che was telling him through his actions that it would take him even less effort to kill him!

But contrary to his imagination, the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief wouldn’t have died this quickly if he was anything but a dragon.

The Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief, chief of the Desolate Heaven Dragon Clan had died without any dignity or honor at all. It was as if he was a long bug someone had decided to stomp on.

Without giving the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief a second glance, Yun Che surrounded himself in wind, appeared above the next Desolate Heaven Devil Dragon with lightning speed, and swung his sword.


The sky rained with blood when this dragon was split in half as easily as rotten wood...

Yun Che was on the third Desolate Heaven Devil Dragon already by the time the second dragon was splitting apart. Again, his attack caused the poor creature to explode into a terrifying shower of blood.






Four, five, six… ten...

Extreme Mirage Lightning, Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow, Moon Splitting Cascade, and the power of the wind enhanced Yun Che’s speed to the point where even a Divine Sovereign could scarcely captured his movement. He executed multiple long-range instantaneous teleportations in just a fraction of a second, and every time he moved a dragon would explode into a shower of blood.

Half a year ago, Yun Che could barely swing the reborn Heaven Smiting Sword. Now, he had complete control over the weapon.

The sound of a devil dragon breaking, crumbling, and exploding devoured every other sound in the world. Even the onlookers’ hearts had stopped beating in fear.

Desolate dragons were a kind of dragon that controlled devil thunder! It was a True Dragon with the strongest body, soul and power in the whole world!

The fact that their natural aura had almost caused the Yun clansmen to collapse to their knees in fear was proof that these True Dragons were no slouches.

It was why there was nothing more difficult than killing a dragon no matter what plane they existed in, and it couldn’t be carried out by a weak-willed person.

However… it was equally a fact that the Desolate Heaven Devil Dragons that looked like they were about to wipe out the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan had collapsed to the ground like frightened worms and were broken by that pitch black greatsword in a single hit each. Every one except the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief had crumbled easily like they were made of sand.

Not only that, they were curled up and s.h.i.+vering like babies even though Yun Che was killing all of them. Forget retaliating, they couldn’t even muster the slightest bit of resistance!

Three breaths… The slaughter had lasted for three stifling, dizzying breaths. During this time, over forty Desolate Heaven Devil Dragons had been killed in one hit each, and the exploding bodies had transformed the whole settlement into blood-caked purgatory.

However, the intimidation brought by the Dragon Soul Domain was about to disappear. Yun Che wouldn’t be able to cut them in one strike anymore if they recovered from both physical and mental collapse.

Yun Che suddenly paused in his tracks before looking at his surroundings. Then, an incredibly sinister and cruel smile appeared across his face as he lifted the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword…


The image of a howling heavenly wolf appeared, and the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword fell downward. It was the most basic form of the Heavenly Wolf h.e.l.l G.o.d's Tome, the Heavenly Wolf Slash, but seven times the image.

The wolf images tore seven azure cracks that stretched from the sky all the way to the ground. Everything that was standing in their way—the earth, s.p.a.ce, the s.h.i.+vering Desolate Heaven Devil Dragons—had disappeared into nothing.

The Dragon Soul Domain’s effects finally vanished, and the surviving Desolate Heaven Devil Dragons shakily took to the sky. Wherever they looked, there were the shattered bodies of dragons, giant pools of blood, and the black powder that was formerly their chief. Although the Dragon Soul Domain was no longer affecting them, they continued to s.h.i.+ver from head to toe. Every single scale on their bodies were shaking in fear.

As the supreme race, unleas.h.i.+ng their aura was normally all it took to make all living beings cower in fear. They had never imagined that there would be a day where they were trampled upon, frightened, and humiliated this badly like they were nothing more than insignificant worms.

Of course, the Desolate Heaven Dragon Clan weren’t the only ones who were scared out of their wits.

Everyone from the disciples to the palace masters of Nine Lights Heavenly Palace was as pale as a ghost. Some of them had even dropped their weapons without realizing it.

Right now, the Nine Lights Heavenly Sovereign was moving backwards step by step. He wasn’t consciously trying to escape, however. It was more of an instinctive reaction… an expert naturally won fear and respect, but Yun Che’s strength had been far beyond his imagination. The only thing that was worse was Yun Che’s viciousness and brutality.

He had slaughtered the dragons like they were dogs!

“Who… who… who on earth… are you!”

It was a short question, but the Nine Lights Heavenly Sovereign had to exert every bit of strength to utter it outloud. He could even hear his own teeth chattering.

On the ground, the Yun clansmen were staring at Yun Che like he was a living devil G.o.d. No one could say a word at all.

Was this really that Yun Che who had escorted Yun Shang home… and stayed with their clan for almost a whole month!?

Yun Che didn’t give him a reply. He simply turned around, raised his sword and pointed it slowly at the Nine Lights Heavenly Sovereign.

The Nine Lights Heavenly Sovereign’s pupils contracted as if the blade had stabbed into his eyes. Then, he let out an odd scream before running away with his back facing toward Yun Che… At this moment, he didn’t look like an overlord at all. He was just a dog whose courage had failed him completely.


Ever since Yun Che had obtained the Wind Seed, his maximum speed had drastically increased. There was a blast of air that sounded like thunder, and he appeared in front of the escaping Divine Sovereign in just the blink of an eye. Then, he swung the giant sword straight at the Nine Lights Heavenly Sovereign’s face.

His vision covered by encroaching darkness, the Nine Lights Heavenly Sovereign let out an odd scream and barely summoned a Nine Lights Sword Formation with flailing hands...


The sword formation was destroyed in a bang, and the Divine Sovereign was sent flying like a top while screaming. Every bone in his chest was completely shattered.

That being said, he was still the chief palace master of the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace, and he hadn’t suffered a complete mental collapse like the Desolate Heaven Dragon Chief. Had he fought Yun Che properly with everything he had, he wouldn’t have been defeated in a single exchange.

Unfortunately for him, he was scared out of his wits. There was nothing he could do to resist Yun Che.


The Nine Lights Heavenly Sovereign crashed several thousand meters into the ground. Yun Che changed his stance slightly and was about to give chase when an amiable voice suddenly reached him from afar, “Please don’t kill him, fellow cultivator.”

An old man dressed in blue clothes appeared to the south. He had a kind face, and he held an old, gray whisk. He examined Yun Che with a smile.

Yun Che’s eyes slowly moved to the side.

Yun Ting, Yun Xiang, and the Yun elders froze when they heard the voice. When the old man appeared, deep respect rose to their face as they shuddered.

“What’s wrong?” Yun Che asked the old man. “Do you want to die too?”

Yun Che’s question nearly caused the Yun clansmen’s gall to burst with fear. Great Elder Yun Jian hurriedly rose into the sky and said, “Yun Che, don’t be impolite, he’s…”

Yun Che’s eyes turned cold and he sent a pitch black sword aura flying toward Yun Jian. By the time the great elder fell back to the ground, his arms were missing and his body was drenched in blood.

“Ugh… Aaah…” Yun Jian groaned as his body spasmed in pain. Yun Che’s frigid voice entered his ears as he lay on top of shattered rocks, “Who do you think you are? How dare you tell me what to do!?”