Against the Gods - Chapter 1576 - Needlessly Barging into Hell

Chapter 1576 - Needlessly Barging into Hell

Beihan Chu had appeared with the halo of the “Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking” surrounding him, but Yun Che had never truly held him in any regard at all.

The number one genius of the profound way in the Eastern Divine Region, the man who had made history time and again, Luo Changsheng, had been abused by Yun Che and left completely at his mercy on top of the Conferred G.o.d Stage, and that dark shadow would probably haunt him for the rest of his life.

The Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking? What was that?

But at this moment, Yun Che had no choice but to admit that Beihan Chu truly was someone.

Because he had actually dared to point a sword energy projection at Qianye Ying’er!

“Yun Che,” Lu Bubai said as he gasped roughly, the killing intent present in his eyes had mostly disappeared. What replaced it was deep shock and fear. “Our Nine Lights Heavenly Palace has no wish to be your enemy and we truly do not wish to make this into an ugly scene. Give her to us and there will be peace between our two sides. Why would you want to engage in a life or death struggle… over a girl from that clan of sinners?”

He was afraid, he was truly afraid.

Yun Che’s ability to resist his power had already greatly shaken him. But to think that he could still explosively increase his strength… Furthermore, his strength had grown by multiple times in an instant, and one blow had very nearly crippled his arm, the arm of a fourth level Divine Sovereign!

What sort of monster was this… This startled exclamation had appeared in his mind countless times today.

Yun Che did not speak, and his hand was pressed against the white-robed girl’s shoulder.

Beneath them, the light in Qianye Ying’er’s eyes subtly changed underneath that pitch-black mask.

She softly muttered words that only she could hear. “Since it’s come to this… then let’s take it all the way.”

She gently brushed a finger across her waist.


A light ringing sound suddenly rang in the ears of everyone present… Even though it was very soft, it entwined itself around everyone’s ears and seeped directly into their souls.

Amidst this soft ringing sound, a long and thin golden line, flecked with pitch black, was suddenly drawn on this oppressive and desolate battleground.

Beihan Chu’s head was in the center of this golden line.

The sword energy projection which extended from Beihan Chu’s hand was pointed toward Qianye Ying’er and his aura had firmly locked onto her. The look in his eyes was dark and heavy and he could sense the appreciative gaze that Lu Bubai had thrown towards him, his heart swelling with emotion.

He was convinced that the relations.h.i.+p that Yun Che and this woman shared was no ordinary one. If he could force him to submit with this action and get back the young girl who could release the purple “Devil Handle”, then this great accomplishment could perhaps completely make up for his sin of losing the Hidden Heaven Sword.

He could even recover some of the ground he had lost to Yun Che!

Even though this method was extremely despicable, Yun Che was the one who had despicably tried to rob them in the first place, so no one could say anything against him.

However… for some odd reason, all of the sounds around him had suddenly vanished, and the only thing he could hear was a buzzing sound that was coming from an unknown place.

His vision had also suddenly become blurry, and his connection to his profound energy had also grown weak and faint. After that, everything actually… vanished altogether.

The world in front of him started tilting upwards… No, it was his vision that was tilting backward as it grew dimmer, before turning upside down… Suddenly he saw a person, that person had the same figure as him, was wearing the same clothes as him and even that person’s maimed right hand was exactly the same as his.

A black sword energy projection was also jutting out from that person’s left hand.

But that person only had half a head left.

A golden light that had come out of nowhere was drawn across that person’s head, and it seemed as if that golden line had perfectly split that head in half.

In that instant, boundless terror and despair flooded into the last remaining bits of his consciousness. He wanted to scream in a hoa.r.s.e voice, but he could not make a single sound. After that, the last remaining bits of his consciousness descended into the eternal darkness along with the greatest terror and despair he had felt in his entire life.

Lu Bubai was stunned, the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign was stunned… Everyone was stunned and it was as if billions of bees had surged into their brains and filled their heads with a buzzing cacophony of noise.

“Chu… Chu’er…”

The Northern Chill Divine Sovereign mumbled as his vision went dark… But before he could even stretch out a hand towards Beihan Chu’s corpse, which was still standing up straight, a beam of golden light suddenly swept toward his body.

Qianye Ying’er truly valued her life nowadays.

The profound veins she thought were crippled forever had been healed, she had obtained the blood of a Devil Emperor, and she even had Yun Che, a monster who used her as she used him. As long as she remained alive, there would definitely come a day when she could personally take revenge.

Thus, she had warned Yun Che time and again that he was absolutely not allowed to take unnecessary risks before they had grown strong enough.

However, the moment her killing intent was ignited, she would become completely merciless and cruel!

With one stroke of her sword, she had lopped off half of Beihan Chu’s head, and with her second attack, her sword was already streaking toward the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign in a bid to take his life. She did not show an iota of hesitation, nor did she hold back at all.

As the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign, he had grown far too used to death, so he naturally would not lose his wits because he had witnessed one. But Beihan Chu… had not only been the son he was most proud of. He had also been his future, the future of the entire Northern Chill City!

He had become the number one disciple in the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace, his name had been entered into the Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking, he had become the greatest genius in the Five Nether Ruins, its pride and joy. All of these things had been so glorious and brilliant, but they had suddenly been buried right before his eyes in this moment.

The enormity of this impact was no less than the heavens capsizing and the earth collapsing.

He was so distracted by this event that his soul had practically left his body. As such, when confronted with Qianye Ying’er’s sword strike, a sudden attack that flowed as fast as light, leaving afterimages in its wake, the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign did not even have time to circulate his profound strength when he came back to his senses. He could only just barely move his body to one side.


A second golden light ripped through the air, drawing a horizontal line across the left side of the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s body, cutting through the ribs on the left side of his chest while severing most of his left arm. Fresh blood spurted into the sky.


The top half of Beihan Chu’s head hit the ground with a soft thud. That sound seemed to have smashed into the hearts of everyone present, suppressing all the sound in the world.


The Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s left arm hit the ground at almost the same instant that Beihan Chu’s bisected skull landed.

All of this happened in a split second… Qianye Ying’er’s profound aura had only been at the fifth level of the Divine King Realm, and she was a woman at that, so why would Beihan Chu, Lu Bubai, and the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign bother put their guard up against her?

“Ah…. AAAAAHHHH!” The Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s wails of misery only started ringing out at this moment. At the same time, the body of Beihan Chu finally toppled backwards. Having lost both his son and an arm, a shrill and miserable wail that should not have come from the mouth of a Divine Sovereign resounded in the air.

However, that fatal golden light shot at him again in the next instant.

“Ah… UWAAAAHH!!” The Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s wails of pain bordered on despair as he let blood freely spurt from the stump of his left arm. With a wave of his right arm, a green-black great sword appeared in his hand and his wild and frenzied Divine Sovereign power was concentrated inside it as he sent it smas.h.i.+ng downwards.

“Divine Sovereign!!” Lu Bubai, who hovered overhead, let out an involuntary cry of shock as the pupils of his eyes contracted.

Yun Che’s cultivation in the profound way was indeed at the fifth level of the Divine King Realm, that was no lie.

However, Qianye Ying’er’s profound strength had been hidden by the Ni Yuan Stone. Thus, when her profound strength erupted from her body, it completely exposed her true power.

The Ni Yuan stone was something that had belonged to the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. As long as the wearer did not choose to expose one’s profound strength, even the ancient G.o.ds and devils would not be able to see through its obfuscation, much less any of the people present.

When the power of a Divine Sovereign suddenly burst out from the body of a fifth level Divine King, the moment of bewilderment it caused in everyone else was enough to be fatal!

Even though the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign was wielding his sword with only one hand, the might of that greatsword was still incredibly shocking. In comparison, the long and thin golden sword in Qianye Ying’er’s hand seemed frail and tiny.

However, in the instant that both swords collided, the slender golden sword bent like a whip. It instantly pierced through both the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s sword might and power like a spirit snake before striking him in the chest… With an explosive sound, it pierced through his body.


Qianye Ying’er borrowed the power of the Northern Chill’s sword might to move backwards, gracefully flying through the air. The flexible sword left her hand like a streaking golden light and wrapped around her slender waist. It did not look like anything other than a normal golden-colored belt.

However, a fist-sized hole had appeared in the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s chest.

“Sect… Sect Master!?”

“Royal Father!!”

Everything had happened far too quickly and suddenly. From the moment Beihan Chu’s head had been bisected to the moment a hole had been bored into the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s chest, everything had happened in the matter of instants. It was also at this time that the people from Northern Chill City started to cry out in shock and fear.

As for those from the East Ruins, Western Ruins, and the Southern Phoenix, all of them were dumbstruck by the events that had just unfolded before their very eyes. Every corner of the Central Ruins Battlefield burst out into a riotous clamor at this moment.

The members of Northern Chill City surged forward and rushed toward the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign. The greatsword in the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s hand hit the ground and he stood frozen in place. His eyes were and blank, and it was as if his soul had left his body.

“Royal Father, are… you okay?” The Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s eldest son asked in a trembling voice.

Even though the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s arm had been lopped off and a hole had been put in his chest, a Divine Sovereign could reconst.i.tute an arm, and a hole in their chest definitely would not be fatal… After all, how could it be so easy for a mighty Divine Sovereign to die?



At this moment, the greatsword fell from his grasp and crashed into the ground.

“Chu’... er…” He muttered in a voice that was as soft as a wisp of wind. After that, he stiffly fell backwards, like a log tumbling to the ground.

“Sect… Sect Master!!”

The members of Northern Chill City cried out in great shock. The Northern Chill Great Elder stepped forward and caught the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign. But in that moment, his entire body trembled violently, and it was as if he had been smashed by a huge hammer.

Because the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s internal organs had already been reduced to a b.l.o.o.d.y mess. It was as if millions of devil claws, millions of sharp swords, had ruthlessly and cruelly torn them to shreds. Not even the smallest fragment of an organ remained.

The Northern Chill Great Elder had frozen in place and the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign’s aura swiftly dissipated from everyone’s spiritual perception before disappearing completely.

“He… died?” The East Ruins, Western Ruins, and Southern Phoenix… all muttered those words. These two short words caused them to s.h.i.+ver more violently than they ever had before.

Qianye Ying’er’s current cultivation was still at the third level of the Divine Sovereign Realm. Even with the advantages provided to her by the Devil Emperor’s origin blood, when facing off against an opponent like the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign, a level four Divine Sovereign, she might not lose, but there was practically no way for her to win either.

However, she was still the previous Brahma Monarch G.o.ddess in the end. She still possessed experience and knowledge at the level of a G.o.d emperor and she still possessed cruel and ruthless methods that made even the G.o.d emperors shudder.

Furthermore, from the time she had been the Brahma Monarch G.o.ddess, she had always had a Brahma Golden Soft Sword wrapped around her waist. Its name was “Divine Oracle”.

To be able to instantly kill a first level Divine Sovereign and fourth level Divine Sovereign with the power of a third level Divine Sovereign. In the entire G.o.d Realm, perhaps only Qianye Ying’er was able to accomplish this task.

“Ah… Aahhhh…” Lu Bubai stretched out an arm, his fingers trembling wildly as fear and shock seized his throat and his spirit like a demon.

Beihan Chu had died… The first disciple in the history of the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace to have entered the Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking had died. The pride and the future of the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace… had died!!

His father, the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign who was closest to him in strength, had also died!

How could… such a thing… happen in this world...

Beihan Chu’s miserable death had been a foregone conclusion in Yun Che’s eyes. Just pointing his sword energy projection toward Qianye Ying’er ensured that even ten thousand lives would not be enough to help him survive. However, he had not antic.i.p.ated that she would kill the Northern Chill Divine Sovereign in an instant as well.

Yun Che grabbed the white-robbed girl and as he descended, then tossed her at Qianye Ying’er. “Protect her.”

Qianye Ying’er caught the girl as she spoke in an icy voice, “Since it has come to this, just kill everyone… After that, you better have prepared a perfectly suitable explanation for me!”

With a cold snort, Yun Che barreled toward Lu Bubai.

After she had helped Yun Che get rid of two Divine Sovereigns, Qianye Ying’er stopped attacking. Instead, she grabbed the white-robed girl in a rough manner and returned to within the Southern Phoenix’s barrier.

The two of them had perfectly divided their duties.

When she returned, a chorus of strangled cries immediately rang out from within the Southern Phoenix’s battle formation. Everyone backpedaled in fear and Nanhuang Jian very nearly fell to the ground as he stumbled over himself.

Even Nanhuang Mofeng had swiftly retreated a few steps.

As they recalled how she had simply sat quietly in the middle of the Southern Phoenix’s battle formation during the duration of the Central Ruins Battle, cold sweat ran down the spines of all the members of the Southern Phoenix. At this moment, their entire bodies were tensed up and they did not even dare breathe too loudly.