Against the Gods - Chapter 1554 - Bent Shadow

Chapter 1554 - Bent Shadow

What exactly was a divine miracle?

It was a miracle of heaven that simply could not happen if the normal rules of logic applied.

The Divine Miracle of Life was the core divine power that belonged to the Creation G.o.ddess of Life Li Suo. It could fix any wound, heal any sickness, purge any poison but its greatest power lay in the fact that it could create life.

For example, the wood spirit race that had survived to this day were living creatures that had been created by the Divine Miracle of Life.

This was also the reason why, when Yun Che was crippled and on the verge of death, the Royal Wood Spirit Orb within his body was able to activate the dormant “Divine Miracle of Life” and cause Yun Che to miraculously recover.

Yun Che did not possess Li Suo’s divine blood or divine soul, so the Divine Miracle of Life he could use was naturally far from being able to compare to the one that Li Suo used. However, it was still a Creation G.o.d Art, so even if he did not have the corresponding Creation G.o.d divine power, to the present world of mortal beings, it still possessed a divinely miraculous power.

Under the light profound energy which coursed with the power of the Divine Miracle of Life, the profound veins that Qianye Fantian had personally destroyed were like withered flowers after a rainstorm. They had obtained new life, blossoming once more.

After a short twelve hours, Qianye Ying’er opened her eyes and sensed her reborn profound veins. She looked at Yun Che, whose body was wreathed in a sacred white light but whose eyes were as gloomy and dark as any abyss… She was not excited or filled with emotion and her heart and soul were incomparably calm.

From the day she had fled from the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm… she had never imagined that she would be able to have such a peaceful moment again.

She also discovered that Yun Che had far more secrets than anyone had ever seen or imagined. Perhaps, there was no one in this world who had ever truly understood him before.

He had fully restored her profound veins in twelve hours… She wondered what kind of look Qianye Fantian would have on his face once he found out.

The white glow on Yun Che’s body vanished and the dark and a sinister aura filled the entire s.p.a.ce once more.

“It looks like pinning my last hope on you was the correct decision after all,” Qianye Ying’er said slowly. Now that she was calm again, her eyes gleamed with such a powerful and icy light that others would not dare to look her straight in the eye. “You always give me such nice surprises!”

Now that her profound veins had been restored, her profound energy had stopped dissipating as well and her profound strength had stabilized at the third level of the Divine Sovereign Realm. Even though it was still a far cry from her strength at her apex, she had obtained a new hope that shone brighter than ever before!

Once she merged with the Devil Emperor origin blood, the invisible erosion effect of the Northern Divine Region’s yin energy would completely disappear.

Yun Che did not say anything. He simply extended his right hand, the devil blood that was wreathed in black light flas.h.i.+ng into existence on the tip of his finger.

“Do we begin now?” Qianye Ying’er asked. “We are not going to wait for my profound strength to recover?”

When a person’s profound veins were being restored, all of the profound energy in them had to be released. Since her profound veins had just recovered, they were still empty and in a place like the Northern Divine Region, the recovery of her profound energy was dozens of times slower than it usually was.

“There’s no need,” Yun Che replied in a low voice. “You are currently in the most perfect condition for this!”

As his voice fell, he thrust his arm out and the tip of his finger tapped against Qianye Ying’er’s chest in a manner that was neither light nor heavy. He watched as the drop of Devil Emperor origin blood which had come from Jie Yuan entered her body soundlessly.

Qianye Ying’er was not Yun Che, who had been intimately embraced by darkness profound energy. If she tried to forcefully merge with the Devil Emperor origin blood, it would only result in her being devoured by the devilish blood.


Black light blossomed around Qianye Ying’er’s body. Her golden hair danced in the air and her golden eyes instantly turned pitch-black. Yun Che’s palm did not leave her body and he completely controlled the devilish blood. It was at this moment that the black light around Qianye Ying’er’s body started to slowly recede, and the look of pain that had appeared on her face also disappeared along with it.

Yun Che’s body suddenly s.h.i.+fted forward, his palm still on Qianye Ying’er’s chest, as he pressed her down in a rough manner.

“Do you know how to dual cultivate and how to be a proper incubator?” Yun Che’s voice was ice-cold but his gaze was scorching hot and filled with l.u.s.t. To be able to push the G.o.ddess down… How many men had fantasized about doing such a thing? But only he had been allowed to do so.

And she had even offered herself up first!

“...” Confusion flashed in Qianye Ying’er’s beautiful eyes. Even she had times where she was at a complete loss.

“Heh…” Yun Che let out a wicked chuckle. “It’s okay. I will teach you all of these things. From today onwards, I will teach you every single day. Even if you don’t want to learn, your body will naturally start picking it up!”


A ripping sound rang in the air as Yun Che roughly tore the black robe that Qianye Ying’er was wearing. Her jade body, a body that was as perfect as a miracle created by the G.o.ds, suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

Even though her surroundings were dark and gloomy, her magnificent body seemed to be bathed in gentle moonlight. Every inch of her snowy white skin and smooth muscles, every gentle curve, painted the ultimate picture of beauty in this world, in the world of dreams, and especially in the world of fantasy.

“...” A slight shudder ran through Qianye Ying’er’s body. She did not resist. She did not have any right to resist, because this was a price that she had to pay. For those few fleeting moments, she would rather have been under his slave imprint. At least her spirit and dignity would not be subjected to such pain and humiliation if it was that way.

She slowly closed her beautiful eyes… but scorching flames had already started to burn in Yun Che’s own. He had originally thought that he would not be able to feel any strong emotion besides hate. However… the jade body of the G.o.ddess actually made him want to unreservedly sink into depravity.

He directly sealed away the drop of Devil Emperor origin blood that he had wanted to activate within Qianye Ying’er’s body. Yun Che could no longer be bothered about the matter of merging the devilish body into her body as he pushed her down in an almost violent manner...

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Dongfang Hanwei had obediently and quietly kept watch outside.

After Yun Che had brought that mysterious interloper into the cultivation room, he had not emerged for three whole days. While the Eastern Frost Royal City was being cleaned up, a sense of unease lingered in the air. After all, that interloper had also possessed an extremely terrifying degree of strength.

Today, the clan master of the Dark Roc Clan, Ming Xiao, had personally arrived to seek an audience with Yun Che. But the person that he finally saw in the end was naturally the person who was normally closest to Yun Che, Dongfang Hanwei.

“Senior Yun has sealed himself within the barrier for a few days, so it’s clear that he’s busy with something important and he does not wish to be disturbed by anyone.” Dongfang Hanwei told Ming Xiao. “Why does Clan Master Ming want to see Senior Yun so urgently? What matter is it regarding?”

“Replying to Your Highness.” In the past, Ming Xiao had zero regard for Dongfang Hanwei, but right now, his expression and att.i.tude were respectful and deferential. “Half a month ago, the supreme one specifically ordered this servant to help him find some… special information. This servant has personally prepared this information over the last few days. Fortunately, I did not fail my mission and I came to deliver the information.”

Dongfang Hanwei recalled that Yun Che had indeed intentionally asked Ming Xiao to stay behind half a month ago at the peak of Cold Cloud Mountain. After pondering the matter for a while, she said, “Since Senior Yun gave you these special instructions, then it should be something important and he would definitely want to obtain this information as soon as possible. It’s just that I don’t know when he will come out of the cultivation room.”

“How about this? Clan Master Ming can pa.s.s me the things that you need to present to Senior Yun first and I will pa.s.s them to him at the soonest possible moment.”

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Ming Xiao would definitely have refused.

However, he was far too terrified of Yun Che. He would be all too happy to avoid meeting him face to face if he could. Other than that, there were rumors going around that Princess Hanwei had caught Yun Che’s eye and that she was accompanying him every night, and that this was the main reason why Yun Che had chosen to stay in the Eastern Frost Nation...

Ming Xiao quickly took out two soul crystals of different colors without much thought or hesitation. “Since that is the case, I will have to trouble Your Highness to pa.s.s these on for me… I also request that Your Highness inform the supreme one that Ming Xiao has already done all that he could and that I have presented this information to him within fifteen days, I definitely did not exceed his stipulated time limit."

There were strong seals on both the soul crystals. Given Dongfang Hanwei’s strength, she would not be able to check them even if she wanted to.

After she took the soul crystals presented to her by Ming Xiao, Dongfang Hanwei returned to where Yun Che was. Just as she stood by the door, Yun Che’s voice suddenly rang in her ears. “Go get some women’s clothing for me and send it in.”

What a strange request… But Dongfang Hanwei did not dare to tarry and she hurriedly went to get some clothes.

“Senior Yun, I’m coming in.”

As she parted the barrier and opened the door, Dongfang Hanwei walked in carrying a bunch of luxurious palace robes that she had personally selected… After that, she was rooted in place, completely dazed.

A woman sat beside Yun Che.

The woman’s back was to her, her golden hair falling somewhat messily over a fragrant shoulder. It was clear that the black robes that she was wearing had been through some rough treatment. They were so torn and ripped that they could not conceal her body or her back. A large portion of her b.u.t.tocks and jade thighs were exposed to the air… Her skin was actually whiter than the first fall of snow, more l.u.s.trous than jade china, it even gave off a faint moon-like glow. Just looking at her caused Dongfang Hanwei to feel a wave of dizziness.

Yun Che’s robes were parted and loose, exposing most of his upper body, and there seemed to be beads of sweat on his forehead.

There was a strange smell in the air, and it was so thick that it made her dizzy. Even though Dongfang Hanwei was a virgin, how could she not realize what had happened here and how intense it had been… She simply stood there in a daze for several full breaths before she finally managed to come back to her senses. She lowered her delicate head in a fl.u.s.ter as she grabbed up the palace robes and arrived in front of Yun Che.

“Senior Yun, these are the clothes you wanted,” she said in a panicked voice. At this moment, how could she not understand the reason why Yun Che had suddenly asked for women’s clothing?

“Has Ming Xiao been here?” Yun Che asked. He had not forgotten that today was the deadline he had given Ming Xiao.

Dongfang Hanwei hurriedly replied, “He just came and he also asked me… to pa.s.s these two soul crystals to you.”

As she spoke, she frantically took out the soul crystals… But in a moment of panic and carelessness, she dropped one of the soul crystals by accident.

Just as she was about to pick it up, Yun Che hooked his finger and the two soul crystals arrived in his hand. The corner of his lips started curving in a rather dangerous arc as well.

“It looks like you’ve already thought of what you’re going to do next.” Qianye Ying’er turned around, her eyes sweeping across the soul crystals in Yun Che’s hand.

Upon hearing Qianye Ying’er’s voice, Dongfang Hanwei involuntarily looked up, her gaze making contact with the profile of Qianye Ying’er’s face… In that instant, her gaze suddenly froze and it was as if something had fiercely smashed into her soul, setting her head buzzing.

There was no doubt that Dongfang Hanwei was an extremely beautiful woman and her t.i.tle as the number one beauty in the Eastern Frost Nation definitely was not just for show. She was also well aware of her beauty, so during this period of time, she had always thought that it was very likely that Yun Che had come to the Eastern Frost Nation and had chosen to stay there because of her.

But, upon seeing the woman in front of her… with her tattered black robe and messy hair, even looking at the profile of her face had actually made Dongfang Hanwei, a fellow woman, feel as if she had been plunged into a surreal fantasy… an illusion that was even more unreal than a dream.

“You may withdraw.” She vaguely heard Yun Che’s voice in her dazed state.

As her soul was yanked back from the world of fantasy, she hurriedly lowered her delicate head, not daring to take another look at that woman… After that, a sense of inferiority and shame so intense that it was indescribable a.s.saulted her, and for the first time in her life, she actually felt ashamed of the face that she had always been so proud of.

She did not know how she got up or how she left… As she stood outside, she looked at the sky and she only managed to recover her wits after a long time had pa.s.sed.

After she gave a gloomy sigh, her eyes had become much duller and dimmer than before.

As she casually picked up a light blue palace robe, Qianye Ying’er’s brow faintly furrowed, but she still waved a jade hand. As profound light flashed, it appeared on her body, her tattered black robes falling to the ground at the same time.

It was not that she lacked any clothes to change into, it was just that the clothes that she had brought with her were all divine robes that had been emblazoned with the symbols of the Brahma Monarch divine power. They were also golden and far too gaudy and glaring, they were things that she no longer wished to touch.

“What is that?” she asked.

As he took the two soul crystals and erased the seal on them, Yun Che said in a bland voice, “One of these crystals contains information about every single king realm and upper star realm in the Northern Divine Region. However, given this star realm’s level, it can only contain the most superficial information.”

“As for this crystal…” Yun Che’s fingers pressed down on the red-colored soul crystal. “It is a list of women in the Northern Divine Region. I was originally going to choose my incubator from this list. But now, I no longer need it.”

As his voice fell, he was about to casually break it… But a jade figure flashed by and the soul crystal fell into Qianye Ying’er’s hand. She gently held it up in her long and delicate jade fingers as she said, “This just might have some use.”