Against the Gods - Chapter 1550 - Slaughter

Chapter 1550 - Slaughter

Rrrmb… Rrrrrmb...

Cold Cloud Mountain was trembling. Everyone’s heart was trembling as well. A chaotic storm that crushed both the Sun Death Sword Master’s sword might and Forefather Ming Peng’s omnipresent pressure was stirring in every corner, and it was as if an ancient devil G.o.d was awakened from its slumber. Everything was as petty as dust before him.

“This… this is…” Ming Xiao said shakily, his face as white as a sheet. This was a different kind of fear, a fear that was uncontrollable and applied directly to his soul.

The Sun Death Sword Master’s pupils widened to its largest, and his sword hand was shaking violently. For the first time in his life, he couldn’t believe his eyes and senses at all.

It was because that eruption of profound energy had nearly crushed his body to pieces!

“You…” The Sun Death Sword Master stuttered before recalling something. It was the only possibility he could think of in all his life. “Forbidden… technique!”

Yun Che grinned slightly before extending an arm. As the Sun Death Sword Master’s pupils shrank at the motion, Yun Che slowly pointed a finger at him… and flicked.


A spatial distortion reached the Sun Death Sword Master in an instant.

The sword master had reacted a fraction of a second slower than normal because he was gripped by shock. He instinctively held the Sun Death Sword horizontally in front of him and unleashed his profound energy and sword intent.


His vision actually turned dark for a second, and the impact had thrown him back almost a hundred meters. His right arm was shaking and completely numb...

The Sun Death Sword Master’s pupils contracted again as Yun Che’s malevolent grin entered his vision. The attack had just been just the flick of a finger!

The sky suddenly darkened. It was clear from his aura that the ancient Forefather Ming Peng was panicking. The old man let out a long cry and summoned another fifty kilometer wide hurricane, except it was even more powerful than before. While descending, it shrank into a deadlier dark wind blade in the blink of an eye.


The dark wind blade shredded s.p.a.ce itself as it sped toward Yun Che’s back.

Yun Che continued to face the Sun Death Sword Master as if he didn’t notice the dark wind blade’s approach. An instant later, the attack had become too close to dodge.

Forefather Ming Peng was overjoyed by the unexpected success. His mask of indifference cracked as he shouted savagely, “Die!”

The dark wind blade was so powerful it shattered the s.p.a.ce it traveled through. However, Yun Che suddenly moved his arm backward and grabbed toward the attack that had nearly cut the sky in half just now.


The dark wind blade slammed into Yun Che’s palm, but it failed to penetrate his skin or even unleash its power. Frozen completely between Yun Che’s fingers, it struggled with all its might and screeched painfully like a black snake whose weak point was caught. But no matter how it tried, it couldn’t escape Yun Che’s grasp no matter what.

The Sun Death Sword Master was going to utilize the opportunity and stab Yun Che with his sword, but the sight before him was so shocking that he had even forgotten to move.

Yun Che’s fingers tightened around the dark wind blade abruptly, and the attack created from a fifty-kilometer wide hurricane by the hands of Forefather Ming Peng himself was crushed in an instant, leaving only puffs of black smoke behind.

“Ah… ah…” Ming Xiao groaned as his body went limp. The proud Dark Roc Patriarch felt like shock was ripping apart his body and soul.

Yun Che’s figure blurred into nothing. Right arm crawling with darkness profound energy, he appeared right above Forefather Ming Peng like a ghost and swung at him.


It was only one hit, but Forefather Ming Peng was bleeding from all orifices after the attack. Yun Che landed on his left wing and grabbed it after spinning around, black light penetrating flesh and bone in just an instant.


It was definitely the scariest tearing sound anyone here had ever heard in their lives… In that moment, they felt like it was their own heart that was being torn apart.

The world’s scariest tearing sound came side by side with the scariest scene they had ever seen in their lives.

Yun Che had ripped Forefather Ming Peng’s twenty five kilometer long wing off of his body with his bare hands!

The bloodcurdling scream that tore through the old man’s throat was brutal to say the least. Soon after, a tremendous blood rain fell on the Cold Cloud Mountain.

But that wasn’t the end of Yun Che’s cruelty. He turned again and stepped on the old man’s right wing this time. Yun Che’s pale white hand looked like the hands of h.e.l.l to Forefather Ming Peng, and a black flash later his right wing was torn off as well.

To the Dark Roc Clan, their wings were their symbol and their life. To lose them was to lose his willpower and faith as well. Therefore, no one could imagine just how much despair and pain Forefather Ming Peng, the strongest profound pract.i.tioner of the eastern realms was in right now.


Yun Che threw one final punch at the broken old man.

Having lost all of his willpower, Forefather Ming Peng didn’t attempt to resist or struggle in the slightest, allowing the darkness profound energy to rampage through his body… Right now, death was actually the best release for him.


Blood was still dripping from the pair of wings. A thousand holes had been drilled into the old man’s body. The sky crazily rained blood, and a disgusting stench was quickly filling up the entire Cold Cloud Mountain.

Forefather Ming Peng was dead!

His own death was worse than anything he had heard, seen, or done to another person his whole life.

Yun Che dropped down from the sky. Not a single drop of blood had tainted his hair or clothes.



Forefather Ming Peng’s giant wings. .h.i.t the ground one after another, causing shower of blood and dust that stretched for over fifty kilometers. While he was descending, Yun Che suddenly turned to face the Sun Death Sword Master and made a grabbing motion at him.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Sun Death Sword Master was scared s.h.i.+tless right now.

He was the number one sword master of the eastern region, and the power he displayed earlier was undoubtedly impressive. However, when Yun Che had moved toward him without warning, his movement was unusually slow, and his sword intent was chaotic at best.

Yun Che’s crooked fingers touched the Sun Death Sword, but the chunk of metal had failed to cause even the slightest bit of resistance. The Sun Death Sword… the greatest demon sword of the Sun Death Sword Realm was shattered like some fragile piece of ice all the way from the tip, down the body and finally to the hilt.

Crack crack crack crack crack crack...

The blade shattered wherever it was touched by Yun Che. By the time the hilt of the sword had crumbled completely, Yun Che’s claw-like hand had grabbed onto the Sun Death Sword Master’s wrist already. The latter’s sleeves exploded into bits with a bang, and his pupils abruptly lost color.

“Do you really think you’re worthy enough to fight me?”

Yun Che spoke quietly beside his ear. Every word was infused with the coldest disdain.

Who knew that two level ten Divine Kings would fall so low before Yun Che? When the Sun Death Sword Master recalled his earlier words, he had to admit that it was the most laughable, shameless and ignorant joke he had ever said in his life.

The Sun Death Sword was his life’s belief, and to lose it was the same as losing his belief. Yun Che released his grip on the Sun Death Sword Master’s wrist, and the latter fell and hit the ground loudly like a piece of rotten wood. His eyes were staring at the dark blue sky above him, but they were completely empty and colorless.

He never knew who Yun Che was and why he had acted as cruel as he did even to the moment he died.

Yun Che’s foot hit the ground, and the s.p.a.ce where the Sun Death Sword Master’s corpse lay exploded into a shower of pitch black dust. The strongest profound pract.i.tioner of the eastern realms, the most admired person for thousands of years was killed just like that! His sword was crushed, and not even a speck of his body was left behind!

Yun Che had said that he only had one chance to submit. Once he refused, death was the only option!

Whoosh… whoosh...

The air flow in Cold Cloud Mountain Range had fallen into complete disorder at this point. Big and small storms swept the area at random, carrying wafts of blood stench into everyone’s noses. The supposedly battle-hardened profound pract.i.tioners were all shaking and feeling like they could vomit at any moment.

Dongfang Hanwei had to summon all her willpower to keep herself from fainting. The fact that her face was completely bloodless showed just how strained she was.

She might be young, but she had witnessed many deaths as the princess of the Eastern Frost Nation. However, she had never seen such a cruel death until today… He could’ve killed Forefather Ming Peng easily, but he had purposely ripped off his wings and destroyed his body so that blood would rain across the whole mountain. The Sun Death Sword Master was already dead, but he had purposely desecrated the body and left not a speck of it behind.

What kind of a person was he? Was he a devil of violence and tyranny?

The crus.h.i.+ng defeat of two level ten Divine Kings should be a momentous event. However, the only emotion that spread throughout Cold Cloud Mountain Range and appeared on everyone’s faces was fear… The nightmare that was the death of Forefather Ming Peng and the Sun Death Sword Master didn’t just belong to themselves, it was the nightmare of everyone present as well.

In this moment, they vaguely realized that an infinitely terrifying shadow had covered up the sky of the eastern region.

At the blood drenched peak of Cold Cloud Mountain, Yun Che slowly turned around to face the remaining Divine Kings. All eight sect masters and grand elders s.h.i.+vered like a poisoned blade was plunged into their souls.


Ming Xiao abruptly crashed onto the ground so hard that his knees nearly shattered upon impact. Even his head was smashed against the soil that was drenched with his forefather’s blood. “The Dark Roc Clan swears to follow the supreme one to the death! From this day onward, the supreme one’s orders are the same as a mandate of heaven to the Dark Roc Clan!”

His posture was so humble it couldn’t be any more humble. He had willingly thrown his pride to the bottom of Yun Che’s feet right in front of everyone, and his words were loud and clear even though his voice was s.h.i.+vering a bit.

Jackals and wolves could be tempted to challenge tigers and panthers, but when the gap was as big as that of an ant and a fierce G.o.d, any resistance was pointless and laughable, especially considering how cruel and tyrannical this G.o.d was.

The various Divine Kings were already at their limits even before Ming Xiao had succ.u.mbed. Now that their willpower had crumbled completely, they shouted words of submission and obedience they thought they would never swear in their lives, shaking and trembling all the way...

Dear silence enveloped the Cold Cloud Mountain Range, the people and the profound vessels. Two level ten Divine Kings had appeared today, and they had died almost as quick as they came...

Dark clouds rolled across the sky of the eastern region. Nothing would ever be the same anymore.

The eight Divine Kings prostrated themselves before Yun Che like jackals who had their legs broken. Let alone rising, they didn’t even dare to move without Yun Che’s permission.

They had never acted this submissive even when the great realm king had visited them in the past… After all, the ruler and lawmaker of the East Ruins Realm hadn’t tried to murder them cruelly for no reason at all.

Yun Che stared at them without any emotion whatsoever and said in a low tone, “Remember, you only have one chance at loyalty!”

“From this day onward, anyone who dares to even think of defying me… you know what will happen.”

His tone hadn’t changed, and his aura was withdrawn, but the threat took root in everyone’s heart like a living devil anyway. It was a soundless fear that spread from the soul to every part of the body.

It was no casual threat either… Right now, there was nothing he hated more than betrayal.

Somehow, Ming Xiao found a way to make himself meeker than he already was before saying fearfully, “Ming Xiao will never forget that the supreme one has spared his life, much less think of betraying him. Anyone who dares to offend the supreme one will become the Dark Roc Clan’s sworn enemy. All… all who disobey this oath will be smited by both heaven and earth.”