Against the Gods - Chapter 1547 - Dead End?

Chapter 1547 - Dead End?

Submit to me, or die!

It was like the verdict of a monarch being handed down to a couple of lowly commoners!

But the eight people in front of him were no lowly commoners at all. They were the strongest profound pract.i.tioners of this entire realm!

The group of eight started laughing after their initial surprise had pa.s.sed. They looked like they had just heard the biggest joke of their lives, if not the most infuriating one.

They couldn’t remember the last time they were condescended to like this after achieving their status and power. Not even the great realm king would say such things to their faces! This was beyond the ability of the word “arrogance” to describe already.

“Hehe, hahahaha!” The Wan Star Hall Master laughed out loud, “Interesting, how very interesting! I thought he might be someone important, but no, he’s just a foolish madman.”

“Withdraw that statement and get out of the East Ruins Realm, and Shattered Moon Monastery may yet spare you,” said the Shattered Moon Monastery Master.

“I suppose the peace in East Ruins Realm has lasted for too long, long enough that someone would would want to climb above all of us. Heh, what a joke.” The Black Fiend Sect Master shot Ming Xiao a sideways glance before taunting, “Clan Master Ming Xiao, is this really the person who shattered your courage?”

“...” But the normally short-tempered Ming Xiao didn’t say anything.

Rumors could never match up to the real experience, not to mention that Yun Che was exuding the aura of a first level Divine King. Even the weakest among their group was a sixth level Divine King, so it was understandable that they felt no pressure whatsoever.

“Hmph! Why even waste words on him?” The Blue Profound Spiritual Master said sternly, “I don’t care who you are or where you come from, Yun Che! For killing my vice palace chief and great protector, I’ve come to take vengeance. You will not leave this Cold Cloud Mountain alive!”


There was a deafening noise, and a 1.5 meter wide blue cauldron appeared in his hands.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the object.

“That’s the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron!” Exclamations of shock came from both the ground and the sky.

“Heh, you’ve even brought your sect’s ultimate artifact? It looks like the Great Yin Palace Chief’s bloodthirst can only be sated with death today,” said the Blood Hand Poison Sovereign smilingly.

“Heh, Zixuan’s death can only be repaid in blood. Plus, aren’t you the same as me?” The Blue Profound Spiritual Master shot him a sideways glance and said, “You can’t hide the stench of the Poisoned Hand!”

The Blood Hand Poison Sovereign’s lips curled. A black flash later, a pitch black glove had appeared on his right hand. The poison aura spreading swiftly from it was enough to make even the group of sect masters look a bit apprehensive.

When the Blood Hand Poison Sovereign looked at Yun Che again, it looked like he was staring at a corpse.

“Hahahaha!” The Wan Star Hall Master laughed loudly as he lifted a star formation disc and said, “It looks like no one here is planning to let him leave alive.”

“Hmph, we would be a joke if we let him go after everything he did!”

It was true that no one had underestimated Yun Che. After all, there was no faking Ming Xiao’s injuries. Not only had they shown up to personally kill Yun Che, everyone was carrying a powerful profound artifact of their own to guarantee their success!

There was no chance they were ever going to allow a person who killed their people and taunted all of them to go scott free!

Yun Che’s excessive arrogance and contempt had made them laugh and yet angrier than ever before. Their emotions were definitely going to be reflected in their methods.

“Is this your answer?” Unperturbed in the slightest, Yun Che nodded at them once and said, “Very well.”

He took a step forward, and his pupils glowed black a little. His pitch black hair floated upward even though there was no wind, followed by a surge of invisible pressure.

Yun Che’s aura was undoubtedly the aura of a level one Divine King, but somehow his spiritual pressure was able to enter the deepest depths of their souls and strike terror in them.

That’s right, terror… It was a terror that came from the soul faster than their will could interpret.

Although the sudden emotion had lasted for only an instant, it was enough to cause everyone to freeze and feel a vague sense of unease. Ming Xiao’s reaction was especially bad—a look of deep fright seemingly etched on his face—since he was the only one here who had experienced Yun Che’s true power firsthand. He quickly gritted his teeth and forced down the terror that shouldn’t be, an odd glint flas.h.i.+ng across his eyes.

“Heh, that’s some pretty impressive pressure! Too bad you have a death wis.h.!.+” Holding the cauldron with his left hand and a sword with his right, he suddenly appeared above Yun Che like a ghost and whipped the air currents into a bluish black storm, firing it straight down at Yun Che.

The attack felt like the yin winds from the depths of h.e.l.l itself, and in that instant, even those who were watching from the ground felt like the gates of h.e.l.l had opened up to devour them all. Countless people screamed in terror as a result.

It wasn’t just the East Ruins Realm. Most of the high level sects of the Five Nether Ruins focused mainly on the cultivation of wind profound energy. Wind gave rise to darkness, and a dark storm could easily cause untold destruction.

The fact that the people at the foot of Cold Cloud Mountain had felt the way they did proved how terrible the dark storm was.

The Blue Profound Spiritual Master was the first to act. No one else had made a move yet. They all wanted to see how powerful Yun Che was, and the Blue Profound Spiritual Master was no doubt the best candidate to do so.

Yun Che’s black clothes flapped loudly as he continued standing in the eye of the storm. To everyone’s surprise, Yun Che didn’t try to avoid the Blue Profound Spiritual Master’s dark wind at all, or even discharge his profound energy. Casually, he lifted a hand, faced towards the dark wind and made a grabbing motion at the Blue Profound Spiritual Master.

The scene caused the other seven people to frown in puzzlement. Then, everyone’s eyeb.a.l.l.s bugled in unison.

The dark wind started dissipating under the casual gesture. It looked like it was devoured by some sort of invisible force. By the time Yun Che’s palm got close to the Blue Profound Spiritual Master, the dark storm the latter conjured had vanished completely like it was all just an illusion.

The Blue Profound Spiritual Master’s eyes widened with impossible shock, but he had enough sense to realize that continuing his attack would be unwise. His blue-colored, ordinary-looking clothes flashed once before a pitch black armor that looked like it was half-stuck in reality replaced it completely.


Cold Cloud Mountain shook violently as a terrible noise resounded. The Blue Profound Spiritual Master was sent flying like a sack of straw, cras.h.i.+ng through dozens of giant-sized stones before sinking into the mountain itself in a shower of blood.

An oppressive, terrifying silence instantly enveloped the entire Cold Cloud Mountain Range.

The Blue Profound Spiritual Master, Palace Chief of the Great Yin Divine Palace, a powerful level seven Divine King and one of the known rulers of the eastern realms was inflicted with serious damage in just one hit!


The section of the mountain the Blue Profound Spiritual Master had crashed into collapsed, the injured profound pract.i.tioner emerging from the heap of stones with none of the confidence and power he had displayed earlier. Shock and fear overwhelmed his features completely… If it wasn’t for the protection of his clothes, that one strike would’ve claimed half his life!

Who would’ve thought that Yun Che was this powerful?

“Let’s attack him together!” The Blue Profound Spiritual Master roared, causing two people to pounce toward Yun Che in unison.

The Sun Death Sword Master was the only profound pract.i.tioner in the entire eastern realms who could inflict serious damage to the Blue Profound Spiritual Master in one attack. At this point, they had no choice but to admit that Yun Che was probably as strong as the Sun Death Sword Master even though he was just a level one Divine Master!

No one here was a match for him alone!

There was no other way to fight Yun Che except by working together. At the same time, everyone was glad that they had brought their sect’s ultimate profound artifact in case it was necessary.

The Wan Star Hall Master and the Blood Hand Poison Sovereign acted in unison. Two bolts of darkness energy surrounded by poisonous mist quickly locked down the s.p.a.ce Yun Che was in.

Yun Che still hadn’t moved an inch. He casually made a swiping motion in front of him.


The two sect masters’ combined profound energy was torn apart like they were nothing but a fragile curtain. Before the two were even able to get close, a powerful force had sent them flying just like the Blue Profound Spiritual Master.

However, another four figures rushed Yun Che at nearly the same time Yun Che performed his counter attack!

The Soul Cry Grand Elder, Shattered Moon Monastery Master, Black Fiend Sect Master, and Yaksha Devil Lord summoned their darkness profound energy and created a giant whirlpool of darkness above Cold Cloud Mountain. When the onlookers stared into the dark whirlpool, they almost felt like their gazes and souls were being sucked into the whirlpool itself, doomed to be devoured for eternity.

Yun Che raised his arms and spread out his fingers. The black light around his palms glowed much brighter as he met the approaching whirlpool head on.

The two opposing darkness profound energies clashed and engulfed the entire mountain peak in darkness. The impact nearly caused the four sect masters to spit blood as a terrible chill enveloped the entire mountain range in just an instant.

The combined power of two sect masters and two grand elders finally forced Yun Che to move a bit. His upper body was bent backward slightly, and his foot was s.h.i.+fted half a step backward.

The four sect masters were attacking together, but the clash was almost completely in favor of Yun Che. The casual sheen of light the latter conjured easily suppressed their dark whirlpool before devouring it all layer by layer. Their bodies hurt like they were being cut by a thousand blades, and they felt like they could fall apart at any moment. Their shock level was also at its absolute limit.

The other four sect masters didn’t move while they were struggling. A strange energy started flowing out of the Wan Star Hall Master, Blue Profound Spiritual Master, and the Blood Hand Poison Sovereign’s bodies.

Ming Xiao had moved far, far away from the battlefield since a while ago. His non-partic.i.p.ation made sense because he was seriously injured.


The black light exploded loudly. The standoff between Yun Che and the four sect masters broke off as the latter were sent flying away with blood gus.h.i.+ng out of their lips. The light in the Wan Star Hall Master’s star formation disc froze at the same time, and he leaped into the air before swinging the profound artifact downward. A dark star formation winked into existence, surrounded Yun Che and the other four sect masters and locked them to the center of the formation.

Everyone looked overjoyed by his success. The Wan Star Hall Master shouted, “Do it!”

“Well done!” The Blue Profound Spiritual Master leaped out of the rubble and threw the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron at Yun Che. It grew to about three hundred meters wide before falling down right on top of Yun Che and swallowing him whole.

“Hahahaha!” The Blue Profound Spiritual Master laughed madly after the attempt was successful. “This is the end of your arrogance, Yun Che!”

Exclamations of shock filled the entire mountain.

“Sigh…” The Eastern Frost Monarch sighed heavily before closing his eyes. Yun Che’s defeat of the Blue Profound Spiritual Master in one hit and victory over the combined power of four sect masters were impressive to say the least, but when he was shackled by the Wan Star Formation and swallowed by the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron, the Eastern Frost Monarch knew that everything was over.

“Ah…” Dongfang Hanwei pressed her lips together tightly and trembled, unable to say anything at all.

She was young, but even she knew what the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron was.

It was rumored that the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron had refined countless dark corpses and acc.u.mulated an infinite amount of death energy, ghost energy and resentment energy. Anyone who was trapped inside it would be tortured by these energies to the point of mental collapse.

What did profound energy and physical strength matter when the mind was already destroyed? Anyone who was trapped would be refined into a dark corpse in no time, and it was rumored that no one had ever escaped from it, not even adding in the fact that Yun Che was already trapped in the Wan Star Formation.

“Hmph! No wonder he dared to taunt all nine sects at once. His power is truly impressive. Unfortunately… there is only one outcome for this crime!” the Wan Star Hall Master said with a sneer.

“Yun Che, you’re the first person ever to ridicule the nine great sects and the eastern realms so, and you will know of the consequences immediately. You have only yourself to blame for this!” The Blood Hand Poison Sovereign then opened his right hand and added, “Allow me to send you on your way!”

The “Poison Hand” instantly grew to several hundred meters before its pitch black fingers grabbed onto the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron. A black mist of poison was injected straight into the ghost cauldron.

The Soul Cry Grand Elder also walked forward and said, “It’s a worthwhile death to have us send you off like this! Unfortunately for you, it’s too late to beg for mercy!”

A small, black bell flew out of his palm while he was speaking. It moved right next to the ghost cauldron before ringing out ripples of black demonic patterns.

In that moment, the entire Cold Cloud Mountain Range was filled with the soul-wrenching cries of the dead.

The Soul Cry Bell was the Soul Cry Monastery’s greatest demonic artifact! It was also the strongest demonic sound profound artifact in the entire East Ruins Realm!

Star formation, ghost cauldron, poisoned hand, soul cry… even at a distance, the onlookers could feel the terrible waves emanating from the profound artifacts. They could scarcely imagine what kind of torture and despair Yun Che was suffering from right now.

Everything was completely over. This was the consequence of offending the nine great sects.