Against the Gods - Chapter 1533 - Heartless Qianye

Chapter 1533 - Heartless Qianye


When a dull rumble rang out, everyone raised their heads subconsciously and were stunned by what they saw. The sky that was previously clear and cloudless had acc.u.mulated layer upon layer of dark clouds and the entire universe had darkened quickly because of this.

A heavy oppressive force covered the universe silently and this birthed an uncontrollable uneasiness in everyone’s heart, an uneasiness that grew stronger with every pa.s.sing minute. It was just that, they did not know what this uneasy feeling was.

The black clouds that had arrived so suddenly departed just as quickly as they came. The black clouds had completely scattered in a short span of time and even though it was a little strange, a strange sight that had lasted such a short period of time would be thrown to the back of one’s mind almost immediately… Thus, no one would have known that the black clouds had not only appeared in a certain patch of sky or at a certain planet, they had completely covered the entire G.o.d Realm!

Moon G.o.d Realm.

Xia Qingyue stared fixedly at the sky and witnessed the appearance and disappearance of those black clouds.

“What strange clouds.” Jin Yue, who stood beside her, could not help herself and said, “It actually seems like four years ago when Yun… Ah!”

She let out a frightened cry before lowering her head and covering her mouth, “This...this servant girl has said too much.”

The black clouds had dispersed completely and the sky was bright once again. Xia Qingyue turned around and slowly made her way to her bedchambers. “I need to be in seclusion for a while. Before I come out of seclusion, all matters, big or small, will be decided by Yao Yue and Wuji. Unless the matter is of grave importance, you must not disturb me.”

“...Yes.” Jin Yue gaped with a startled expression but after that, she acknowledged obediently.

As Jin Yue watched Xia Qingyue’s departing figure, she turned absent-minded for a long while. She did not know if it was just a misperception but she sensed that Xia Qingyue seemed to be extremely exhausted.

At the same time, the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm.

Qianye Fantian turned his gaze away from the sky. The black clouds that had covered the sky made him frown for a long while. After that, he turned around and with a flash of golden light, he arrived at the Heaven Temple that Qianye Ying’er was residing in.

Qianye Ying’er’s Brahma Soul had been dispersed and the Brahma Monarch divine power she had inherited had scattered. Although a few days had pa.s.sed, both her profound veins and her vitality had still not completely recovered.

Upon sensing that Qianye Fantian had walked in, Qianye Ying’er’s beautiful eyes opened. Her long hair was still that exceptionally gorgeous and brilliant shade of gold, but the golden light in her eyes had turned extremely dull.

“Royal Father.” She did not stand up and although she was in her own chambers, she still wore a golden mask on her face. To Qianye Ying’er, this had already become a habit a long time ago… one that she had become numb to.

“How is your recovery going?” Qianye Fantian asked in an indifferent tone.

In the past, Qianye Ying’er’s aura had been so terrifying that even the G.o.d emperors had difficulty perceiving and penetrating it. But now, her Brahma Monarch divine power had completely scattered and her aura was weak and faint. But her power was still at the level of the Divine Master Realm!

And a fifth level Divine Master at that!

Even though the gap between her current power and her power when she was at her peak was so huge that it was incomprehensible to a normal person, she had still managed to retain the powers of a midstage Divine Master even after her Brahma Monarch divine powers had dissipated. One could imagine just how terrifying her innate talent and her accomplishments over the years had been.

And she was not even a thousand years old yet!

On the other hand, she had used the Brahma Monarch divine power as the foundation for all the profound arts she had previously cultivated. As a result, after her Brahma Monarch divine power had been dispersed entirely, all of her profound arts had been completely crippled. Currently, the only thing she possessed was the most pure and ordinary profound energy, so she would not be able to contend against anyone who was on the same level as her.

But the realization that she gained during her time of cultivation remained. Recultivating the Brahma G.o.d-related profound arts would surely be many times smoother compared to the past after she inherited the Brahma Monarch divine power once again.

“Sixty percent.” Qianye Ying’er suddenly asked, “Do you have news of Yun Che?”

“No.” Qianye Fantian said indifferently, “The Blue Pole Star was destroyed by Xia Qingyue, the Snow Song Realm King chose to throw her life away, and now we can’t even find anything we can use to force him to appear. But, given his strength, he will not be able to hide for long.”

“Hmph!” An icy light flashed in Qianye Ying’er’s eyes, “It’s a good thing that he escaped. This way, I will finally have the chance to personally rip him to shreds!”

As she stood up, Qianye Ying’er released her aura and sensed the state of her profound strength and strength of her soul. She frowned as she said, “So, in less than a month, I will have recovered to the extent where I can inherit the Brahma Monarch divine power once more. I was acknowledged once, so I will naturally be able to be acknowledged a second time. Within a few hundred years at most, I will definitely be able to recover to my peak state.”

“Mn!” Qianye Fantian nodded his head. “If it was someone else who had their divine power and divine soul scattered, being acknowledged a second time would be even harder than scaling the heavens. But if it is you, the likelihood truly is large. Let me take a look at the state of your profound strength.”

“Yes.” Qianye Ying’er reigned in her aura and thoughts at the same time.

Qianye Fantian drew close before he raised his arms and opened his palms. But… a strange golden light suddenly flashed in the depths of his calm eyes.


A blinding golden light lit up the calm hall like a blazing sun. In the midst of the golden light, Qianye Ying’er let out a frightened scream.

Countless golden strands entwined themselves around Qianye Ying’er’s entire body like a finely woven golden net and firmly bound her entire being… It was like her body and even her profound energy had been suppressed by ten thousand mountains. It was impossible for her to break out or even struggle free.

“Royal Father, you…” A startled expression flashed across her face but she swiftly calmed down soon after and asked, “Royal Father, what are you doing?”

She stopped struggling because she knew that it was impossible for her to struggle free given her current state.

Qianye Fantian put his arms down and turned around before speaking in a faint and indifferent voice, “You can forget about inheriting the Brahma Monarch divine power again because you are no longer worthy of it.”

“...” Qianye Ying’er’s gaze changed and she felt a sudden chill run through her heart. This chilly feeling in her heart had not only appeared because of his word, it had appeared because of his tone as well, because Qianye Fantian had never spoken to her in that tone before, “Royal Father what…kind of joke are you making?”

“The innate talent you had for the profound way, your single-minded focus, and your ambition led me to choose you as my successor without any hesitation back then. And subsequently, I even announced you as the future Brahma Monarch G.o.d Emperor to the world.” Qianye Fantian’s eyes faintly narrowed as his tone grew colder. “I had placed such great expectations on you. But you, you ended up disappointing me so greatly.”

“Let you down? What… huge mistake did I make?” Qianye Ying’er’s golden brows sank as she did not know how she had disappointed him or what mistake she had made… Even if she did make a huge mistake, why did he have to use the Brahma Soul Chains to bind her?

“What have I been teaching you all these years?” Qianye Fantian’s tone did not carry a hint of anger, and not even a trace of pity could be heard. There was only a cold indifference that chilled one’s heart, “As the future Brahma Monarch G.o.d Emperor, you must carefully consider every aspect of every single matter. As long as you can accomplish your aims and fulfill your own interests, you can sacrifice everything, you can trick or rob anyone, even if you have to use unscrupulous methods to do so.”

“But you...sacrificed yourself to save another and were willing to be a slave for others! You have greatly disappointed me!”

Qianye Ying’er’s head jerked upwards. Even given her mindset, a dazed look appeared in her eyes for several breaths, “I did it… to save you!”

“Hmph! Save me? Did I command you or force you to do so!?” Qianye Fantian spat out in an icy tone, “I even gave you the Brahma Soul Bell, but you returned it to me and committed such a stupid act!”

Qianye Ying’er, “...”

“Furthermore," His tone became even more indifferent, “From the moment you became Yun Che’s slave, you thoroughly lost the qualifications to inherit the position as Brahma Monarch G.o.d Emperor… No, you don’t even qualify to inherit the Brahma Monarch divine power anymore. Otherwise, that would be a disgrace to my Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm and a stain that we would never be able to erase!”

“...” Qianye Ying’er’s entire being froze and her golden eyes started to tremble in an incredibly violent fas.h.i.+on.

She was in disbelief. She could not believe a single word.

Becoming Yun Che’s slave was undoubtedly the greatest sacrifice and greatest humiliation of her lifetime. It was a great shame and humiliation that she would have never been willing to bear even if her other choice was death.

But, for Qianye Fantian, she had thrown all of her dignity at the feet of Yun Che and Xia Qingyue.

Qianye Fantian, her birth father, her one and only weakness according to Xia Qingyue.

Her world was icy cold and ruthless. But it was also because of this, that the only person that gave her warmth, the only person she could entrust her soul to, would be the greatest treasure in her life.

She had never dreamed and simply could not believe that her great sacrifice had not only failed to earn her a gentler look from him, it had even earned her such indifference and heartless words.

Qianye Fantian had countless children and grandchildren, but he would never sugarcoat his words when speaking to them. But ever since her mother had pa.s.sed away, he had been exceptionally indulgent and warm towards her and her alone, and he would give her anything that her heart desired. He had even announced that she would be the future G.o.d emperor and had given her authority that surpa.s.sed the Three Brahma G.o.ds a long time ago. She had directly decided many important matters, matters of the realm, and even if she made mistakes, whether they were big or small, he could never bear to punish and would always end up siding with her to the end.

All these years, Qianye Ying’er had directly or indirectly killed so many important figures in the various king realms. And even though they were king realms, no one had dared to truly make a move against her. Because everyone knew her position in the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm and if they dared to touch her, they would be provoking the entire Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm!

Qianye Fantian had always treated her in such a manner and thus, she had always seen Qianye Fantian… as her last and most important family, a father that she could not let down. Just like what she had said in front of her mother’s grave… All of her years of single-minded focus and hard work, a very large part of it was so that she would not let her father down.

But today, everything… had suddenly become so incomparably unfamiliar and distant.

Qianye Ying’er closed her eyes. She did not get angry, neither did she question him. Instead, she asked in a low voice, “Perhaps, it was indeed my fault. In this case, is Royal Father going to abandon me?”

“No,” Qianye Fantian said. “Although you don’t have the qualifications to inherit the position of G.o.d emperor or the Brahma Monarch divine power anymore, you are still useful for something else.”

“Useful?” Qianye Ying’er gave a very soft and cold laugh. “You bound me just because of this ‘usefulness’? You’re so afraid of me running away, it looks like this ‘usefulness’ must not be something that’s viewed in a very good light then.”

“The Southern Sea G.o.d Emperor is rus.h.i.+ng over right now,” Qianye Fantian turned his gaze to look at her. His gaze remained as peaceful and indifferent as ever, without a single trace of reluctance or guilt, “He will arrive in about an hour, and then he will bring you to the Southern Sea G.o.d Realm. And with that, you will fulfill your last bit of usefulness.”

Qianye Ying’er, who had maintained a sober expression all along, had an abrupt change of expression. Her pupils constricted and she simply could not bring herself to believe a single word he had spoken, “You want to… give me to the Southern Sea G.o.d Emperor!?”

She was able to understand what Qianye Fantian had said previously as total disappointment… It was just as he had said, if someone who was once a slave to a devil succeeded the throne, it would indeed attract the ridicule and castigation of many, and it would end up bringing shame down on the entire Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm.

He could strip her of her right to inherit the position of G.o.d emperor. But how could he… simply gift her to the Southern Sea G.o.d Emperor like a simple object. Her, the famous Brahma Monarch G.o.ddess, his daughter who abandoned all of her pride to save his life!

“Why are you so surprised? Isn’t this a given?” Qianye Fantian spoke with indifference, as if he were speaking about an extremely ordinary matter. “My Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm lost two Brahma Kings because of the Evil Infant, then we lost the Three Brahma G.o.ds because of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and after that, even your divine power and divine soul ended up being scattered. It could be said that we have suffered terrible losses and our prestige has been greatly reduced. So we definitely can’t afford any more losses.”

“The Southern Sea G.o.d Emperor has been yearning for you for a very long time and no matter how brazen he was in the past, he did not dare to make any rash moves. But after we lost two Brahma Kings and the Three Brahma G.o.ds, he started to threaten us. But at that time, you had not made such a stupid decision yet and so I would never have let him have his way. But now…”

“The greatest value you can bring to the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm is to be gifted to him.” Qianye Fantian gave a small smile. “In this current situation, even if I did not give you to him, given his temperament, he definitely wouldn’t sit still. But there is a big difference in whether he s.n.a.t.c.hes you with his tricks or if I make the first move and give you to him. The latter will prevent any potential disaster, as well as creating an alliance with the Southern Sea G.o.d Realm. Also, he will owe me an extremely huge favor… After all, to the Southern Sea G.o.d Emperor, women are more important than anything in this universe. And as for you, Ying’er, he would not hesitate at any cost if he could obtain you.”

“I am looking forward to seeing what kind of gift I will receive in return.”

“...” Qianye Ying’er’s lips trembled but no words came out from her mouth.

The father who stood in front of her actually seemed so foreign to her right now… No, it was at this moment that she suddenly realized that she had perhaps never truly understood her father or seen his true colors. Not even once!

“But before that, I have something important to do.” Qianye Fantian turned to the side and slowly walked toward Qianye Ying’er, “As the most outstanding one out of all of my children, even if you do not have the Brahma Monarch divine power, given your innate talent, you could perhaps reach the pinnacle of the Divine Master Realm in the future. If I were not forced by circ.u.mstances, how could I bear to give you to the Southern Sea G.o.d Emperor.”

“But given the innate talent you have, it would truly be a waste to simply give you to the Southern Sea G.o.d Emperor. And I think that the Southern Sea G.o.d Emperor wouldn’t like it either. After all, if a woman is too strong and hard to control, that simply isn’t something that is very beautiful.”

“And so…”

He suddenly pointed a finger toward her, shooting a ray of golden light directly at Qianye Ying’er which blossomed into a golden profound formation that spread out over her body.

The moment that the profound formation was formed, countless auras suddenly bombarded Qianye Ying’er’s profound veins like powerful currents, causing her profound veins which had already been damaged by the dispersal of her Brahma Monarch divine power to explode...


Qianye Ying’er spat out three mouthfuls of blood consecutively and her jade countenance contorted in agony. She firmly held back shrieks of pain even though her entire body shook uncontrollably. She felt as if her soul was being trampled by a demon as her body curled up and trembled violently.

She was a cruel and ruthless person. When she wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the Heretic G.o.d’s powers back then, she had planted the Brahma Soul Death-Wis.h.i.+ng Mark on Yun Che without a single frown on her face.

But now, she was unable to comprehend having to suddenly face such a ruthless and terrifying father… She would be more willing to believe that this was nothing but a preposterous and ruthless nightmare.

Qianye Fantian put his palm down but the golden light continued to twist around Qianye Ying’er. He turned around and once again clasped his hands behind him as he gave her a small smile and said, “As such, from now on, your profound energy will gradually decline and scatter until it reaches the Divine Sovereign Realm. In this lifetime, you will never be able to become a Divine Master again.”

“In this way, the Southern Sea G.o.d Emperor won’t be gaining too many benefits and at the same time, it will end your intentions to ever kill your father.”

“If you perform well enough once you reach the Southern Sea G.o.d Realm, perhaps the Southern Sea G.o.d Emperor will be willing to confer you the t.i.tle of empress. Given how much I have nurtured you all these years, I believe that as long as you are willing, you will surely succeed… You definitely must not waste your last chance and last bit of value.”

Inside the golden Brahma Soul Chains behind him, Qianye Ying’er was trembling in agony as her body slowly bent down… Nearly half of her profound veins had been destroyed and they were destroyed to the point where it would be impossible for them to be repaired. Her chaotic profound energy swiftly drained from her body.