Against the Gods - Chapter 1530 - Other Shore Xuanyin (2)

Chapter 1530 - Other Shore Xuanyin (2)

Yun Che was flung at least dozens of kilometers away with cold energy, but this gap was almost non-existent to a G.o.d emperor. The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor was able to close the distance between them immediately.

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor extended his right hand and fired a giant palm attack at Yun Che. The palm mark didn’t need to touch Yun Che at all. He would be killed the second the pressure of the palm mark reached him.

On the other side, Qianye Fantian flashed golden as he locked down Mu Xuanyin with his divine pressure. Mu Xuanyin moved rapidly across s.p.a.ce and constructed a giant ice barrier with her left hand just as the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor attacked.

She raised her right arm at the same time, but it was pointed behind Yun Che instead of the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor. A flash of blue connected her and Yun Che, and a sh.e.l.l of ice of the deepest blue appeared hastily across Yun Che’s skin.


The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s palm mark and the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s golden profound light slammed against the icy barrier at the same time. There was a giant explosion that nearly shattered everyone’s eardrums, and the s.p.a.ce in front and behind the barrier crumpled rapidly after both attacks… However, Yun Che only felt a slight tremor inside the ice, and nothing else.

It was because Mu Xuanyin had spent sixty percent of her energy protecting him, and only forty percent to defend herself from the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor and Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor.

The barrier shuddered, and the painful cry of an ice phoenix cut through s.p.a.ce. A trail of blood flowed down Mu Xuanyin’s lips, but the ice barrier held strong. Somehow, it had withstood the might of two G.o.d emperors.

Everyone was stunned speechless.

Ice came second to earth in terms of defense, so it was natural the ice phoenix divine power had incredible defensive capabilities. However, Mu Xuanyin was defending herself against two of the strongest G.o.d emperors of the Eastern Divine Region, and protecting Yun Che from harm!

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor and the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s expressions changed slightly. They backed off temporarily to charge up their strength before attacking the ice phoenix barrier again.


This time, the explosion was loud enough to shake several distant stars. A jet of blood burst out of Mu Xuanyin’s lips, and the barrier shook violently. But it didn’t fall apart, and Mu Xuanyin didn’t move from her spot.

This time, the shock on everyone’s faces became ten times more exaggerated.

“This… this is…” The higher realm kings of the Eastern Divine Region couldn’t believe their own eyes.

Two months ago, the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor had seen how Mu Xuanyin had defeated Luo Guxie and cut off one of her arms with his own eyes. However, Luo Guxie obviously wasn’t going to spread the news of her defeat, and most king realms and star realms found it difficult to believe that it was true regardless of the level of information they received.

It was only now that they recalled that rumor in their dismay. They started to realize that that rumor wasn’t a fake after all… On the contrary, it had severely understated Mu Xuanyin’s true strength!

She was just a middle realm king!

The ice that Mu Xuanyin had spent a large portion of her strength to construct had the unfortunate effect of restricting Yun Che’s movements completely despite protecting him from harm. It also cleared his head like never before.

Inside the ice, he wasn’t able to open his mouth or make any noises. The only part of him that could move was his pupils, and they were widened so much that they threatened to tear themselves apart.

The ice phoenix aura that kept him still also gave him easy access to her heart and soul. Clenching his teeth tightly, he shouted with his mind, “Master, run… run!!”

Why is she here...

I thought we were… I thought we were...


The ice barrier shuddered again as cracks formed all across its surface, and b.l.o.o.d.y gashes tore through her originally flawless clothes. However, her expression looked as frigid as ever, and she simply reacted by pouring more power into Yun Che’s barrier while holding up her own.

“Master… have you gone insane!!”

The soul message sounded shaky even though it wasn’t voiced.

“You can’t save me… I’ll only drag both you and the Snow Song Realm down… leave… please leave already!!”

The thirteen G.o.d emperors that came after him represented the peak of the world’s power and authority. No one could defy them, and no one could save him.

What Mu Xuanyin was doing was no different from committing suicide… worse, the Snow Song Realm would be caught up in this as well!

He just couldn’t understand why she had chosen to do this!


At this point, the cracks had spread across the whole barrier. It was at this moment a cold and painful voice replied, “If you… can abandon everything and die… for the Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d… then why… can’t I abandon the Snow Song Realm… for you!”

“You… are not the only one in the world who gets to act selfishly!”


The ice phoenix barrier finally exploded into countless pieces, and the blood Mu Xuanyin was holding in burst out of her lips like a fountain. Her figure started falling rapidly like a swan that was shot… However, a new figure of ice took form in an instant, and Mu Xuanyin spent all of her blood essence to create a gigantic Frozen End Heaven Sealing Formation with unnatural speed. It locked down the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor and the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor, immediately slowing down their their power and their movements.

Countless icy needles penetrated Qianye Fantian and Zhou Xuzi’s body, causing their facial features to be overcome by shock once more. They charged toward Mu Xuanyin again while resisting the effects of the Frozen End Heaven Sealing Formation. It had barely been a few breaths since they clashed against the Snow Song Realm King, but they were already practically giving it all they had.

The blue of ice phoenix profound light looked terribly grim and sad after Mu Xuanyin had sacrificed her blood essence. Even the ice that kept Yun Che sealed and protected had undergone a slight change. Yun Che was only a Divine King, but the shockwaves of energies from the two attacking G.o.d emperors weren’t able to harm him at all.

Mu Xuanyin’s increasingly b.l.o.o.d.y figure slowly occupied Yun Che’s vision. His mind fell into completely chaos once more…


“She should have told you many times already that she isn’t your master anymore. But it seems like you have never truly understood the true meaning behind those words, or perhaps… you did not dare to believe it.”


“Xuanyin, let’s send Senior Jie Yuan off together, okay?”



"Today is the death anniversary of Master’s and Palace Master Bingyun’s father. On this day every year, Master and Palace Master Bingyun will go and pay their respects to him. As a result, Master and Palace Master Bingyun harbor an extreme hatred towards devils and they will kill them on sight.”


“I can’t leave here, so I chose Mu Xuanyin to protect and guide you… I interfered with her soul through the Ice Phoenix divine soul… The reason she treated you so well is a product of my interference, and not something out of her own will.”


“If it is removed… she will no longer be under my influence. She might even want to kill you…”


“Master said that she does not wish to see you… She said she’s too busy to send off the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.”


“...” Yun Che closed his eyes. His soul had never been this shaken before.

What is real? What is fake?


A loud boom shook the s.p.a.ce once more, and the blue light protecting Mu Xuanyin flickered and died. A long trail of blood was painted across s.p.a.ce before her back slammed into Yun Che’s ice barrier.

Half her body was drenched in blood after the repeated barrages of the two G.o.d emperors. However… Yun Che was still completely unharmed.

At this point, everyone knew that Mu Xuanyin was spending most of her energy protecting Yun Che, using only the vestiges to protect herself from the two G.o.d emperors.

“You don’t have to do this, Snow Song Realm King,” the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor said.

“You are strong, Snow Song Realm King. You’re probably as strong as Ying’er already… but your strength isn’t a reflection of your intelligence! To think you would commit yourself to a useless death for your disciple, a devil person!” Qianye Fantian’s palm glowed golden and he said, “You’re probably the stupidest woman I’ve ever seen in my life.”

If she had fought the two G.o.d emperors with her full strength, she would’ve been able to hold her ground for a time. But she had saved only forty percent strength for herself, and so the two G.o.d emperors were able to wound her grievously with a one-sided barrage. At this point, her eyes were even starting to lose focus.

“Sigh. What a shame,” the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor said with a sigh before moving into action. He was far beyond the point of no return, and he must eliminate this “mistake” from the surface of the world no matter what. He couldn’t allow the “devil G.o.d” of the prophecy to come true.

By now, Mu Xuanyin’s aura had become largely diminished. She thrust the Snow Princess Sword toward the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s giant palm mark, but the icy flash of her attack seemed impossibly weak.

However, the moment the tip of the sword came into contact with the palm mark, a strange glint suddenly flashed across Mu Xuanyin’s unfocused eyes. She abruptly spat a mouthful of blood onto the Snow Princess Sword...

Inside the ice barrier, Yun Che’s ice phoenix bloodline suddenly trembled violently… The blood Mu Xuanyin spat out was her ice phoenix origin blood!

All of her ice phoenix origin blood!

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s palm mark and even the golden profound light Qianye Fantian was gathering suddenly froze unnaturally… On the other hand, the diminished profound light around Mu Xuanyin suddenly grew several times, no, dozens of times stronger than it was before!

“Ah… mas… master!” Yun Che screamed out in his mind.

That was clearly Broken Moon Oblivion!

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor and the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s pupils were suddenly dyed blue as an icy chill and a sense of fear suddenly crept into their bodies. They felt as if their power and their bodies had sunk into an invisible mud… Mud they couldn’t pull free of.

Inside the slowed world of ice, Mu Xuanyin thrust the Snow Princess Sword and watched it penetrate the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s palm mark, his palm, and finally his chest...

An azure-colored profound formation exploded soundlessly from the center of the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s chest, releasing a mult.i.tude of colors that enveloped the world.


The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor groaned as half his palm flew away into s.p.a.ce. In fact, the severed palm had turned into bits of ice the moment it became separated from his body. At the same time, the explosion of blue enveloped Qianye Fantian completely before knocking both G.o.d emperors backwards, all the while feeling like they had fallen into an icy abyss.

The profound energy holding down Yun Che and Mu Xuanyin disappeared in that instant.

Wh… what!”

“Oh no!!”

The attack that knocked back two G.o.d emperors at once was without a doubt a sight to behold, but what really worried the G.o.d emperors present was the fact that Yun Che had regained his mobility after the attack had dispelled the profound energy on him.

He only had an instant to move, but it was enough for him to do what he needed to do!

The Dragon Monarch, the Southern Sea G.o.d Emperor, the s.h.i.+tian G.o.d Emperor, the Guardians of Eternal Heaven, and the Brahma Kings all released their profound energy immediately… but it was already too late. They could only watch as the ice barrier that protected Yun Che vanished the instant the two enemy G.o.d emperors’ power was dispelled.

At the same time, a gray flash appeared in Yun Che’s hand.

The Void Illusion Stone!

“Go!!” Mu Xuanyin’s impossibly weak but fierce voice appeared in his mind.

But instead of crus.h.i.+ng the Void Illusion Stone, Yun Che gathered all of his strength and tossed the object...

The Void Illusion Stone cut a streak of light across s.p.a.ce and flew straight toward Mu Xuanyin.

Mu Xuanyin had spent all of her blood essence and origin blood. Both her aura and her life force were fading rapidly. It was true that she had created a miracle when she knocked back two G.o.d emperors with a single strike...

But even that miracle could only last for an instant.

The Dragon Monarch, Southern Sea, s.h.i.+tian, the Guardians, and the Brahma Kings had reacted immediately. Even the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor and the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor had regained control over themselves… Right now, Mu Xuanyin didn’t even have the power to escape.

The only thing that could save her was the Void Illusion Stone.

But before the Void Illusion Stone could hit her, Mu Xuanyin extended her hand gently and dispelled all of the force surrounding the object in an instant. She had caught the Void Illusion Stone perfectly.

“!!!” Yun Che turned deathly pale after seeing this.

Mu Xuanyin flipped her palm around in attempt to toss it right back at Yun Che… but an overwhelming pressure that felt like the sky itself was already falling right on top of her head.

If she tossed the Void Illusion Stone now, it would be destroyed immediately.

She abruptly altered her posture and poured out all of her remaining power. She lifted an ice phoenix barrier with her left hand and encased Yun Che in ice again with her right.

This time, she had spent ninety percent of her power on Yun Che.


The noise was so loud that the entire world was silenced.

The Dragon Monarch pressed a hand against the ice phoenix barrier, but didn’t do any damage to it at all. His expression was also completely devoid of emotion.

However, a draconic figure appeared out of nowhere and pa.s.sed right through the barrier and Mu Xuanyin.

Long Bai was the one and only emperor of the four divine regions, and the supreme ruler of the Primal Chaos.

His power represented the ceiling of power of the entire world. How many people had had the fortune to witness his skill first hand?


An extremely soft ring cut through s.p.a.ce, and the ice phoenix barrier suddenly vanished like mist.

Mu Xuanyin’s pupils turned completely blank, and she slowly fell down like a snowflake being carried by the wind...