Against the Gods - Chapter 1506 - Messiah

Chapter 1506 - Messiah

Jie Yuan looked toward the east instead of staring at any one person on the Conferred G.o.d Stage. She said coldly, “You should all know why this ruler is here!”

Her emotionless words stopped everyone’s breathing and heartbeat for a second.

“Hmph!” Jie Yuan snorted coldly before continuing, “My people are returning in a month’s time, and truth be told this ruler couldn’t care less about what they were going to do or what would happen to the rest of you. But now, she has changed her mind.”

“This ruler has decided that her people will not be returning to the Primal Chaos. Six days from now, she herself will be leaving the Primal Chaos as well. The lot of you no longer have to worry.”

Jie Yuan turned around indifferently and looked like she was about to leave there and then.

Everyone already knew this from the start, but to hear it from Jie Yuan herself still threatened to explode their chests with excitement.

Since Jie Yuan’s return, these supreme rulers of the Primal Chaos had felt like a mountain the size of the heaven itself was hanging above their heads and forcing them into submission. It was also true that they had been worried day and night ever since they learned that almost a hundred hateful devil G.o.ds would be making their return.

But just now, Jie Yuan had personally given her word to end this disaster in an almost fantastical fas.h.i.+on...

How could they not be overjoyed?

Right now, every G.o.d emperor present felt like shedding tears of grat.i.tude.

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor looked up and took a step towards Jie Yuan. Then, he said with uncontrollable excitement, “We will never forget that Senior Devil Emperor was willing to sacrifice her own to protect the people of the Primal Chaos. We will never forget your kindness, compa.s.sion, and virtue. It’s a shame that we are so lowly that there’s nothing we cannot do to repay your favor… please accept a bow from this old one at least!”

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s words and actions broke the rest out of their reverie and made them all bow deeply as well. Their shouts of grat.i.tude filled the air for a time.

“Compa.s.sion? Virtue?” But Jie Yuan narrowed her eyes and curled her lips into a sneer as if she had heard a joke. “What a bunch of foolish and naive mortals you are. Did you really think this ruler is doing this for your sakes?”

“Heh, did you seriously think that this pathetic world is worth this ruler’s sacrifice?”

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor and the rest who were present froze indecisively upon hearing her answer.

“There is one person you should all be giving your thanks to, but that person isn’t me!” Jie Yuan said coldly. “The only things that this ruler brings are death and destruction. What favor? What virtue? You think the likes of you and this world are worthy of my attention!?”

“The reason this ruler has chosen to leave is because someone has absolved her of her lifetime regret and fulfilled her final wis.h.!.+ This ruler is the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. It is beneath me to owe a mere mortal a favor! The reason this ruler has chosen to abandon her clansmen and leave the Primal Chaos is simply to repay the favor and fulfill her promise. It has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else!”

“This person, is Yun Che!”

For a while, everyone was staring at Yun Che in shock and disbelief.

“You’d best remember his name and his virtuous achievement for the rest of your lives! Never forget who it was that saved you from the brink of despair when you enjoy life in the Primal Chaos!”

Jie Yuan had transformed into a ray of black light and disappeared from everyone’s vision and senses before she was even finished speaking, and the pressure that was larger and scarier than even the blue sky itself vanished there and then. Everyone felt like a mountain had been lifted off their shoulders, and they felt as if they were exhausted when relief finally entered their bodies. But even that was quickly replaced by looks of wild joy… Although the calamity hadn’t truly happened, the feeling of having seen the light at the end of the tunnel had never been stronger than it was now.

“It’s true… it’s actually true!” exclaimed the Qilin Emperor while looking upward. A tear had almost escaped his tear duct even though he was one of the five G.o.d emperors of the Western Divine Region.

“This is all thanks to Yun Che.” The Blue Dragon Emperor beside him looked at Yun Che and said, “Truly… he’s the only one who deserves the t.i.tle of G.o.d Child Messiah!”

“He deserves our wholehearted thanks regardless of status or seniority,” said the Qilin Emperor.

The Blue Dragon Emperor looked toward Long Bai and asked, “What do you think, Dragon Monarch?”

“You may go,” replied the Dragon Monarch expressionlessly.

Right now, Yun Che was completely surrounded. Everyone around him was a top tier Divine Master.

They had done this once when Jie Yuan initially returned to the Primal Chaos. At the time, they were hoping that Yun Che could change the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s mind because he was the successor of the Heretic G.o.d. After all, even a minor s.h.i.+ft in her stance would result in a lot less destruction and fewer lives lost.

No one had thought that Yun Che could elicit such a fantastical promise from the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor herself.

No one had thought that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor would promise to keep her clansmen from entering and leave the Primal Chaos forever!

Even better, the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor herself had said that Yun Che was the reason she had changed her mind!

“G.o.d Child Yun, please accept a bow from this old one!” said the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor before bending his back. He was the most popular G.o.d emperor in the Eastern Divine Region, and almost every top profound pract.i.tioner in the entire G.o.d Realm was gathered here right now. However, his bow was almost at a ninety degree angle, and behind him his children, grandchildren, and guardians were bowing deeply as well.

Yun Che said, “This is too much, Senior. I’m simply acting in my own self interest as a member of this world. Plus, I really haven’t done all that much. Senior Devil Emperor ultimately made the decision to change her mind.”

“You’re wrong, G.o.d Child Yun.” The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor shook his head while saying seriously, “If it wasn’t for you, the devil G.o.ds would’ve caused havoc in the G.o.d Realm and the entire Primal Chaos itself after their return. As the savior of the entire world, there is no higher bow, praise, or grat.i.tude that you don’t deserve. Everyone in this world including the future generations should remember your name for eternity!”

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor sounded incredibly excited when he said this, and the Divine Masters around him were also nodding in deep agreement. Just like the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor, they were full of praise and bows toward Yun Che...

G.o.d Child Messiah… From this day onwards, this t.i.tle was no longer just a hope to rely on. It was a divine t.i.tle that would remain in everyone’s minds and accompany Yun Che for the rest of his life.

Yun Che looked past the crowd and saw Xia Qingyue immediately. She gave him a small smile when their eyes finally met.

This was the best smile he had ever seen from Xia Qingyue since the day they saw each other again in the G.o.d Realm. It seeped into his mind like a gentle rain, and it drew an unconscious, warm smile on his face as well.

Two hours later, the crowd finally left Yun Che, but no one had left the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm.

Everyone knew that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor was going to leave through the spatial pa.s.sage on the easternmost wall of the Primal Chaos in a couple of days. At the same time, she would destroy the spatial pa.s.sage and eliminate this calamity in its cradle once and for all. Naturally, no one wanted to miss this historical moment.

It was the moment the fate of the Primal Chaos would change forever. It was also a moment that would never repeat itself.

Yun Che didn’t leave either. He went to seek out the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor alone.

“Senior, this junior wishes to discuss something with you.”

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor had changed his att.i.tude towards Yun Che drastically again. Instead of treating Yun Che like a junior far beneath his level, he gave him a warm smile and said respectfully, “G.o.d Child Yun, you don’t need to act so courteously. Feel free to instruct me on anything you need.”

Not only was he speaking to Yun Che like a true messiah and a gift from heaven, he was even asking for instructions from him.

Yun Che replied hurriedly, “This junior does not dare instruct you to do anything, Senior. The matter I’m about to discuss is something that will trouble you a lot, but I beg you to give me some time to explain instead of rejecting it immediately.”

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor was still all smiles as he said, “Hehe, just tell me anything you need. If this old one can fulfill it, he promises to do his utmost.”

“It’s about the Evil Infant.”

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s expression froze for a moment, but he simply waited for Yun Che to continue without saying anything.

“Senior, I’m sure you’re smart enough to guess where I got my Heretic G.o.d divine powers from.” Yun Che looked at the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor calmly and sincerely.

A short pause later, the G.o.d emperor sighed quietly before saying, “It was the Evil Infant, wasn’t it…”

The news that the Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d had obtained the Heretic G.o.d’s inheritance was quite a hot topic back then. Although few people had believed that it was real, it was practically known to everyone.

The oddities around Yun Che—his mad charge into the Star G.o.d Realm, the now public fact that Yun Che possessed the Heretic G.o.d’s divine power, and his mention of the Evil Infant in the most serious tone...

Of course the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor had connected the dots.

“That’s right!” Yun Che nodded. He didn’t and wouldn’t reject others addressing Jasmine as the Evil Infant, because there was nothing about her that he wouldn’t accept. Jasmine was the Evil Infant, and the Evil Infant was Jasmine. “Over a decade ago, there was a rumor saying that she was dead, wasn’t there? In reality, she was with me during that time. It is true that she obtained the Heretic G.o.d’s inheritance in the Southern Divine Region, and due to some special reason she chose to use it on me instead of herself after we met.”

“This means that all of this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for her,” Yun Che said seriously. “In other words, she is the one who really saved us all!”

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor wore a troubled look on his face. He said after a sigh, “But she’s no longer the Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d we know anymore. She has been possessed by the scariest, most sinful Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, has she not?”

“You’re wrong, senior. All of you were wrong from the start. She… has never been possessed by the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations!”

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor frowned deeply. “What do you mean?”

“The Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations was inside her since a long time ago,” Yun Che said slowly. “However, the Evil Infant wasn’t using her as its host! It had acknowledged her as its master! She is the Evil Infant, but she’s not the Evil Infant you think. More accurately speaking, she is the master and main controller of the Evil Infant!”

“I…” The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s frown remained. Although it was the words of Yun Che, he still found them too difficult to believe. “I’m not saying that I don’t believe you, but the Evil Infant’s strength is so huge that even reading the records send chills up one’s spine. Level-wise, it’s probably higher than even the Creation G.o.ds and the Devil Emperors.”

“This terrifying object cannot be controlled even by the likes of a Creation G.o.d and a Devil Emperor, so how could it possibly acknowledge a mere mortal as master?”

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor was completely correct. It was a logic everyone could follow.

Yun Che said, “You are right, Senior. The Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations is at a level where its strength and its will are completely unfathomable to the likes of us. I can completely understand why you cannot believe that the Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d is in control, senior. However, I’m sure you didn’t imagine that Senior Devil Emperor would choose to exile her own race and herself to protect the Primal Chaos either, did you?”

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor was stumped for words.