Against the Gods - Chapter 1495 - Caizhi’s Strange Transformation

Chapter 1495 - Caizhi’s Strange Transformation

“Jasmine, just where exactly did you find the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations anyway?” Yun Che finally asked that question.

Jasmine bent her small pale legs as she leaned against Yun Che’s chest like a lazy cat before answering in a soft and wispy voice, “The Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.”

She was already unable to return to the Star G.o.d Realm and there was no place in this world where she could call home… No, it should be said that when she was still in the Blue Pole Star, Yun Che’s side had been her best place to return to.

“Moon Slaughter Devil Nest?” Yun Che said with a shocked look on his face. As the memories of what happened at that time swiftly surged into his head, the astonishment on his face gradually transformed into realization as he muttered, “Back then, when the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations had been released from its seal and had regained its freedom, it used the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s body as a medium…”

“No wonder, no wonder the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was actually able to live up to that point. No wonder the Heretic G.o.d could only seal him and not kill him.”

Jasmine’s answer completely dispersed the fog of mystery that surrounded the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign that year. In the Ancient Era, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s body was hijacked by the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations and he had become its living medium. As a result, he was able to survive even when all the other G.o.ds and devils had been wiped out. The Heretic G.o.d discovered his existence but he was unable to kill him… because the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s life had already been entwined with the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations.

Even if it was an Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations that had exhausted all of its energy, the Heretic G.o.d still could not destroy it, so he could only choose to seal the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign together with the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations.

After they had been sealed for a very long time, even the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations’ power to hijack the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had disappeared completely… The place where they had been sealed was precisely the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, and only the surviving Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign—the former king of the devil race’s Eternal Night Devil Clan, and the dormant Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations.

The Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, that terrifying devil wheel which was also synonymous with the name “World Destroying Wheel”, had actually been on the Blue Pole Star all along.

Including the Sky Poison Pearl and the Mirror of Samsara...

Three of the Seven Great Heavenly Profound Treasures had actually been on the Blue Pole Star!

On a planet in the lower realms that basically no one in the G.o.d Realm knew about, and even if they did come across it, they would not even bother to take a second look!

“Back then, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign left behind a piece of black jade after he died, do you still remember it?” Jasmine asked.

Yun Che nodded his head, “I’m carrying it with me right now. Could it be that you already know what it is?”

“That piece of black jade is actually the first part of the ‘Ancestral Divine Art’ left behind by the Ancestral G.o.d.” After Jasmine had finished speaking, she discovered that Yun Che had not violently reacted to her revelation. “It looks like you already know what it is.”

“Actually, I only found out not too long ago,” Yun Che said. Before he had gone to the G.o.d Realm, he discovered from Xiao Lingxi that a strange World-Defying Heaven Manual was engraved inside the black jade, but it was only two days ago that he found out from Qianye Ying’er that this World-Defying Heaven Manual was actually the Ancestral Divine Art.

“I also know that during the Ancient Era, there were three parts of the Ancestral Divine Art, one lay in the hands of Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Divine Emperor Mo E, another lay in the hands of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, and the last… had actually been in the hands of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, and that is actually quite mystifying."

“No,” Jasmine said as she shook her head, “that piece of blade jade is not something that belonged to the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign. Back then, he had been the king of the Eternal Night Devil Clan, but he still did not have the qualifications to even touch the Ancestral Divine Art. That piece of black jade was actually something that belonged to the Evil Infant.”

“Eh?” Yun Che was taken aback by that revelation.

“According to the records, two of the three parts of the Ancestral Divine Art lay in the hands of the G.o.d race, while the last one lay in the hands of the devil race. But in actuality, two of them had belonged to the devil race and one of them had belonged to the G.o.d race. It’s just that no one knew exactly where the first part of it was. In fact, the very first part of the Ancestral Divine Art had been with the Evil Infant from the very beginning.”

“The only reason it fell into the hands of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was because after the Evil Infant had hijacked him. This thing fell into his hands the moment it exhausted its power. However, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign probably did not know what it was, and it was even less likely that he could read it. Moreover, even the Evil Infant, who knew that it was the first part of the Ancestral Divine Art, was unable to read it.”

“So the Evil Infant is also unable to read it?” Yun Che asked as his brows twitched

“The Ancestral Divine Art was transcribed using the Divine Text of Absolute Beginning. Other than the Devil Emperors and Creation G.o.ds who inherited the fragments of the Ancestor G.o.d’s memories, no other living creature will be able to decipher it,” Jasmine said.

“...Outside of the Creation G.o.ds and Devil Emperors, is there truly no other possibility?” Yun Che asked in a somewhat dazed manner… To think that even the Evil Infant, this existence that was a step above the Creation G.o.ds and Devil Emperors, would actually be unable to decipher the Ancestral Divine Art.

“Mn,” Jasmine gave a simple confirmation. She noticed Yun Che’s peculiar look and she slightly raised her eyes. “Why did you ask such a question?”

“Actually…” Yun Che’s eyes looked a little dazzled but after that, he shook his head once more as he said, “It’s not something important.”

Jasmine did not pursue the issue as she said, “That piece of black jade is completely useless to you, but you can give it to the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. If the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor is truly someone who does not want to owe anyone any favors, then she will definitely owe you another a huge favor because of this.”

The reason why Jie Yuan could be ambushed all those years ago was because she had been lured in by Mo E’s part of the Ancestral Divine Art. So it was clear that she had an extremely deep desire for it.

“Mn, I understand,” Yun Che said as he nodded his head, he would indeed do that.

He had two parts of the Ancestral Divine Art. In addition to the part that lay in Jie Yuan’s hand.

So, the two pieces of the Ancestral Divine Art that had fallen into his hands by chance gave Yun Che a huge boost in his confidence for when he faced Jie Yuan… because this was undoubtedly a huge bargaining chip he could use when he was trying to persuade the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor to control the returning devil G.o.ds. In fact, this was possibly his biggest bargaining chip.

At this time, Yun Che suddenly thought of the Star G.o.d Wheel that Xing Juekong had given to him. He was just about to take it out but his heart suddenly jolted and he gave up on that idea after that.

It would be better to not add any more burdens to Jasmine’s heart and soul. Currently, she also definitely did not want to hear about anything regarding Xing Juekong.

“I heard that Caizhi was also in the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning and it seems like she has not left this place for the past few years.” Yun Che asked, “Do you go and see her often?”

“...” Jasmine’s breathing came to a halt. It was only after a long time had pa.s.sed that she only spoke in a soft voice, “I do indeed visit her often, but she has never come out to meet me.”

“...” Jasmine’s reply was exactly as Yun Che had expected it to be.

“Back then, I forced the two of you to get married. I did that so that she would still remember your existence after I died, so her heart would not be left without a home, causing her to fall into the abyss of hatred and resentment. But who would have imagined that I was still far too childish in the end.”

The change in circ.u.mstances back then was countless times worse than the worst scenario that Jasmine had imagined. Even she had greatly underestimated the limits of human depravity… After all, even though she always pretended to be mature and sophisticated in front of Yun Che and Caizhi, in the end, she still only had twenty-odd years of experience.

She had originally thought that after she had sacrificed her life to save Caizhi, Caizhi would still have Yun Che and Yun Che would still have Caizhi. But it had resulted in both of them being tricked into becoming sacrifices by their own birth father and their fellow Star G.o.ds, whom they shared the same sect and origin with. In the end, Yun Che died and Jasmine transformed into the Evil Infant and Caizhi had witnessed, endured, and experienced it all. The blow that she had received was so great that no one could imagine it.

She was someone who had originally been downcast and gloomy because of the deaths of her birth mother, her maternal aunt, and her older brother, someone who was already teetering on the edge of the abyss. But now everything that had happened this time had completely and utterly pushed her into that abyss...

“She is in a very deep part of the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning and she keeps going deeper and deeper,” Jasmine softly said. “Over the past few years, she has faced an uncountable number of primordial wild beasts and she would suffer many injuries every single day… In the past, under my strict rules, she had never stained her hands with blood or robbed anyone of their life, but now, when she comes into contact with showers of blood or the loss of life, she is so indifferent that it alarms me.”

Yun Che, “...”

“Her Heavenly Wolf divine powers are also awakening at an inconceivable rate. Every time I go look for her, even if it’s only one or two months later, her aura would be completely different.”

“Big Brother was previously the strongest Heavenly Wolf Star G.o.d, but the speed at which Caizhi’s Heavenly Wolf divine powers are growing is actually at least… ten times faster than Big Brother’s.”

That incomparably terrifying compatibility Caizhi had with the Heavenly Wolf divine power and its incomparably terrifying speed of growth had not made Jasmine the least bit happy. In fact, she only felt a deeper and deeper worry.

“Let’s go look for her together,” Yun Che said. “Let her see that I’m still alive and well and let her see that your heart and mind haven’t been influenced in the slightest, that you are still that big sister who worries about and cares for her. She will definitely…”

“No.” Jasmine still rejected him. “The place where she is at is not a place that you can approach. Furthermore… there were a few times that I sensed that she had discovered my presence, but she did not call out to me or search for me. Instead, she always stayed far away from me.”

“Why?” Yun Che’s brows greatly furrowed.

“When she wants to see us, when she wants to leave this place, she will leave. Before that, let’s not disturb or force her.” Jasmine closed her eyes, her voice soft and coldly gloomy.


At the same time, somewhere in the unknown depths in the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning.


A drop of cool water landed on an impish and tender face, a face that was l.u.s.trously white and flawless. The young girl opened her sleepy eyes, the pet.i.te body that had been curled up under an ancient tree sitting up as she raised her head to stare at the gray-colored sky.

“It’s raining…” she whispered to herself, her half-lidded eyes still clouded by sleep.

A cold wind blew past her, causing her multi-colored skirt to flutter like a dancing rainbow b.u.t.terfly… It was just that the world she was in, five kilometers, ten kilometers, five thousand kilometers, the entire world around her… was a stretch of boundless desolate gray, so she was the only bit of color in this gray and desolate world.

However, this smear of color was dyed in boundless loneliness.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground moved and the mountains shook as a towering gigantic beast burst out from the ground. It rushed toward this rainbow-robed girl, who was clearly extremely pitiful and tiny but was releasing an aura that made it uneasy.

Its entire body was ash-gray and it blended perfectly with this world. Its body seemed to be made from limestone and its roar contained a terrifying might that could annihilate stars.

The young girl did not panic. Her eyes remained clouded and hazy and in an instant, her body, a body that resembled a colorful b.u.t.terfly, left behind an illusory colorful afterimage as it flashed by.


Her delicate, white, and tender hand that seemed to be formed from ice and snow touched the gigantic beast’s chest, causing a towering image of a wolf that was even bigger than its own body to explode against its chest.


It was as if an azure arc of lightning had swept through the air. In an instant, the gray-colored sky suddenly split apart and an azure crack appeared, stretching until the end of one’s sight, to the limits of the sky itself...

This was the s.p.a.ce and sky within the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning and it was many times tougher than the s.p.a.ce and skies in the G.o.d Realm.

The roar of that towering beast stilled. Within the flas.h.i.+ng image of the wolf and under that sky that had been split apart, its enormous bulk froze in the air before suddenly exploding into countless fragments… Causing a scarlet rain of blood that was even more terrifying than the most violent storm.


As the rain of blood drenched and dyed that girl’s colorful robes, an extremely acrid and pungent stench crazily spread through the air. She stood amidst that crazy rain of blood without dodging or blocking it. Instead, she slowly stretched out her hand, looking at her fingers that had been stained the color of blood. The coldness in her eyes, eyes that looked as if they had stars embedded in them, was extremely shocking.

“It’s still not enough… still not enough…” she softly muttered.

The b.l.o.o.d.y storm finally came to a stop and the sounds of many wild beasts who had fled in terror could be heard in the distance… These dangerous existences of the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning, primordial wild beasts that everyone feared, felt a terror they had never felt before when they sensed this girl’s aura.

“Big Sister… wait for me…” she softly muttered in a voice that was so hazy that it sounded as if she was still sleeping. “Those people who bullied you… I will kill every single… one of them… kill every single one of them… every single one of them…”

“Every single… one of them…”

As she muttered under her breath, her hand slowly fell to her side and a gloomy and deep blue light flashed through her eyes… It was just that this flash of blue light that represented the Heavenly Wolf divine power had lost its previous beauty and resplendence and had gained a hint of incomparably frightening gloom.

A gloom that symbolized darkness profound energy!