Against the Gods - Chapter 1463 - The Dumbstruck Devil Emperor

Chapter 1463 - The Dumbstruck Devil Emperor

Chapter 1463 - The Dumbstruck Devil Emperor

When Yun Che returned to the Profound Sky Continent, the first thing he did was to search for Yun Wuxin’s aura before he flew straight towards it.

Blue Wind Nation, Snow Region of Extreme Ice, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

Yun Wuxin’s eyes were closed as she sat in the snow, the profound energy radiating from her body barely discernible. It was clear that she was going through some sort of mental cultivation.

In a place not too far away from her, Chu Yuechan and Chu Yueli were standing in the snow as they whispered to one another.

As this pair of sisters stood together, they brightened the color of this patch of snow while also dimming the beauty of the snow region itself.

Yun Che descended from the sky as he softly landed in front of Yun Wuxin. Yun Wuxin immediately sensed his presence and her eyes popped open. It seemed as if thousands of stars had sprung to life in her eyes as she let out a squeal of surprised delight.


When she let out that cry, she had already leapt to her feet excitedly and hurled herself into Yun Che’s arms as extremely delighted laughter escaped her lips… Even though Yun Che had only left for twenty-odd days, ever since they had reunited, this was the first time he had been away from Yun Wuxin for so long.

Chu Yuechan and Chu Yuelie turned around at the same time.

“Palace Master,” Chu Yuelie said in a pleasantly surprised manner.

A very small smile appeared on Chu Yuechan’s face. As she looked at Yun Che, she said, “You’re back so fast. So it looks like everything went just about according to plan?”

“Yes, you could say that,” Yun Che said as he nodded his head. After that, he reached out to rub Yun Wuxin’s face, “Did Xin’er miss Daddy?”

“Yes, yes!” Yun Wuxin nodded her head vigorously before suddenly asking, “Daddy, did you come back alone?”

“Of course I did.”

“You really didn’t bring back any more beautiful aunts?” Yun Wuxin said with an earnest expression on her face.

“Uhmm…” Yun Che turned to look at Chu Yuechan, his expression bitter, “Yuechan, what sort of strange things did you teach her this time?”

Chu Yuechan gave a half-hearted smile as she said, “You do not conduct yourself properly as a father. Xin’er sees all of these things, so do you think we needed to teach her anything?”

Yun Che, “(⊙o⊙)…”

“Heehee. Oh, I was just joking,” Yun Wuxin said cheerily as she stretched out her little hand, “Daddy, where’s my present?”

“Present…” Yun Che was instantly stunned.

“Yeah, that’s right. Before Daddy left, you said that you would definitely bring me back an awesome present when you returned.” As she looked at Yun Che’s expression, Yun Wuxin started to pout, “Could it be that Daddy forgot about it?”

“Ah, this…” Yun Che had indeed promised Yun Wuxin that he would bring her back a present from the G.o.d Realm before he had left. But he had suddenly been brought back by Jie Yuan today and he had not made any preparations whatsoever. So he could only brazenly ask, “Isn’t Daddy’s return already the best present?”

Immediately, Yun Wuxin’s pout grew even deeper, “Daddy is a liar and you even chose to be shameless! To think that I… even used so much effort to prepare a present for Daddy.”

As she said those words, she already looked like she was about to break out into tears.

Yun Che felt a shock run through his mind and his eyes lit up as he said, “What present?”

“Hmph! I don’t wanna tell a Daddy who doesn’t keep his word!” Yun Wuxin turned her face away in a fit of pique.

“Okay, okay… the next time I come back, I’ll make it up to you. How about I get you two presents to make up for it, okay?” Yun Che hurriedly said.

“Not okay!”

Chu Yuechan walked over and looked at the father and daughter who were stuck together as she said, “Yun Che, while Xin’er was waiting for you to come back, she has indeed been preparing a very special present for you. In order to prepare this present, she traveled across most of the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm.”

Yun Che, “…”

“However, you have come back a little ‘too fast’, so the present isn’t done yet. But I guarantee that you will enjoy it. So, for the sake of Xin’er’s feelings, you need the properly make it up to her.”

Upon hearing those words, warm feelings and guilt immediately bubbled up in Yun Che’s heart. He said, “Xin’er, it was Daddy’s mistake this time. I didn’t keep my word. So the next time I will definitely make up to you twice as much, many times as much, okay?”

“Heehee!” Yun Wuxin, who had originally looked really unhappy, started laughing at this moment instead, “Actually, the present isn’t really important at all. It’s fine as long as Daddy comes back safe and sound!”

She hugged her father’s neck tightly, her delicate head quietly resting on his shoulder.

When Yun Che had returned, Cang Yue, the Little Demon Empress, Feng Xue’er, Su Linger, and the rest of them had quickly sensed his aura. He did not hide anything from them and he plainly told them everything that had happened in the easternmost part of the Primal Chaos, including the current situation; a situation that was currently being enshrouded by a dark shadow.

“Does this mean that you really became the messiah?” the Little Demon Empress said in a calm voice.

“If you really want to force the issue, you could indeed say that,” Yun Che replied. “But actually, I feel that even if I wasn’t around, the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor would have merely killed a few of the power inheritors who got their powers from the G.o.d clans under Mo E in order to vent her hatred. She would not have implicated anyone else and it is even less likely that she’d do anything to destroy the universe. That’s because her nature isn’t the least bit evil, and it has not been warped either.”

“But, those devil G.o.ds that are about to follow after her…” Yun Che exhaled heavily, his expression grave and solemn.

“Big Brother Yun Che, you definitely won’t give up just like that, right?” Su Ling’er said in a soft voice.

“Mn,” Yun Che nodded his head and replied, “I will definitely do my best to advise the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor before those devil G.o.ds return. Only the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor can restrain those devil G.o.ds and only I can advise her. However, don’t you worry, even if the result isn’t as we wished, all of you will definitely be okay. This is something that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor has personally promised.”

The great calamity that the Primal Chaos faced had never been the returning Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor herself. Rather, it was the devil G.o.ds that were returning after her.

Nearly one hundred devil G.o.ds!

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had said herself that the nature of every single one of them had been completely warped by the resentment, pain, hatred, and death they had experienced over the last few million years. As a result, they had truly become complete and utter “devils”.

The return of any single one of them would be an enormous calamity for the current Primal Chaos, let alone the return of a hundred of them at the same time!

Furthermore, they were all the kinsmen of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and she had personally witnessed everything that they had endured over all of those years. They had been banished because of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, and as a result, she felt an extremely deep guilt towards the kinsmen who had pa.s.sed away and the ones who had managed to survive to this day.

Thus, trying to get the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor to willingly control the returning devil G.o.ds… was truly something that was harder than scaling the heavens.

Compared to him, it would naturally be far easier for the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s daughter to succeed at that task. But it was a pity that You’er could not speak, and as for Hong’er… It would be better to forget about that notion.

“Does this mean that you will be going to the G.o.d Realm quite frequently during this period of time?” the Little Demon Empress asked.

“Mn.” Yun Che nodded his head as he said, “However, because of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, the G.o.d Realm currently regards me as their messiah, so I will no longer be in the sort of danger I used to be in and all of you don’t need to worry about me any longer.”

At this time, Feng Xue’er’s aura stirred and after that, her expression changed a little.

Yun Che immediately sensed the change and asked, “Xue’er, what happened?”

Feng Xue’er replied in a rather anxious manner, “A profound beast rampage has suddenly erupted at the borders of Divine Phoenix City and this time, it seems to be a very violent one indeed.”

“No need to worry, I’ll immediately go and take a look.” After Yun Che said that, he swiftly got to his feet and sped straight toward Divine Phoenix City.

Upon arriving at Divine Phoenix City, the scene below gave Yun Che a big shock.

Violent auras and the roars of profound beasts blanketed the heavens and the earth. At this moment, the light profound energy that he had suffused this place with originally had completely vanished without a trace. The s.p.a.ce in the area had started to tremble slightly and even the fire elementals in the air were in complete chaos, as if they had gone insane.

This was…

Yun Che was secretly shocked but there was no time for him to think about this any further. He spread his arms out wide, swiftly releasing light profound energy before scattering it downward… After he thought about it for a moment, he expanded his radius to include the entire Divine Phoenix Nation.

The gloomy skies immediately brightened by a few degrees as the aura of disaster gradually weakened under the influence of the light profound energy. The profound beast tide grew calm as the frenzied profound beasts began to slowly retreat in a daze, it was as if they had woken up from a nightmare.

But Yun Che’s knitted brows did not relax after that.

He could clearly sense that the speed at which these profound beasts were recovering their senses under the influence of light profound energy was several times slower than usual. And he could also sense that the light profound energy that he was releasing was dissipating at a much faster rate than usual as well.

He immediately thought of the cause and a wave of powerlessness washed over him after that.

He did not sense that at some indeterminate point of time, a pitch-black figure had appeared not too far behind him and they were currently quietly gazing at the sacred profound light radiating from his body.

This “purification” lasted for a very long time and when the light profound energy finally dissipated from his body, he let out a small breath. But after that, he faintly sensed something, causing him to swivel around.

With a single glane, he saw Jie Yuan standing there silently. That pair of pitch-black eyes was fixed on him and it seemed as if there was actually a gloomy light… glinting in those pupils?

“Senior, why are you here?” Yun Che hurriedly stepped forward and asked.

“You… How come you have light profound energy?” Jie Yuan asked in a deep voice.

There was something very wrong with Jie Yuan’s tone. Upon recalling that she would definitely be very repulsed and disgusted by light profound energy as she was a Devil Emperor, Yun Che’s heart lurched a little. However, he still answered honestly, “This junior obtained light profound energy four years ago due to the machinations of fate. If Senior is not happy about this, this junior will definitely not use it in front of Senior… and You’er in the future.”

Jie Yuan fixed him with a stare, “Are you telling me that you lied to me?”

Yun Che was momentarily stunned and he replied in a shocked voice, “How would this junior dare?”

“Hmph! I see your mouth is still stubborn!” Sullen anger appeared on Jie Yuan’s face as she said, “Didn’t you say that you already received the Darkness Seed? If you have the Darkness Seed, that naturally means that you possess darkness profound energy. But what you just displayed was clearly light profound energy!”

Yun Che, “?”

“It means that you didn’t find the Darkness Seed. Why did you lie to me about this?” Jie Yuan asked in a deep voice.

“???” Yun Che could clearly sense Jie Yuan’s rage. But his entire person was filled with doubt and suspicion as he replied, “This junior does not understand what you mean by that. This junior did indeed find the Darkness Seed… I don’t know what this has to do with the light profound energy that this junior possesses?”

“You still dare to be stubborn!” Jie Yuan thundered as her brows sank even deeper, “Very good. Since you said that you found the Darkness Seed, then release some darkness profound energy for me to see!”

Jie Yuan’s words carried with them some mockery and disappointment, and it was clear that she absolutely believed that Yun Che was telling a lie.

Yun Che’s heart grew even more puzzled and doubtful. He had not too long ago just sworn to Mu Xuanyin that he would definitely not use darkness profound energy in any situation. He wanted to explain himself but upon coming into contact with Jie Yuan’s eyes, his heart immediately tightened.

No… This concerned the safety of the current universe so he just could not leave a bad impression on Jie Yuan.

But why is she suddenly so convinced that I did not possess any darkness profound energy?

After he hesitated for a brief moment, Yn Che swept the area with his spiritual perception. After that, he raised a hand and a black light started flas.h.i.+ng above his palm before forming a pitch-black cyclone.

A thread of darkness profound energy suddenly erupted, causing the atmosphere around them to immediately become dark and oppressive.

The moment that thread of darkness profound energy appeared in Yun Che’s hand, he suddenly discovered that Jie Yuan’s body actually shook heavily and shockingly enough, a look of utter astonishment had… flashed in her eyes for an instant.

Jie Yuan’s reaction gave Yun Che a fright. But it was also at this moment that Jie Yuan’s gaze moved from his hand to his face. Her pitch-black eyes violently shook as she said, “You…”

Yun Che closed his fist and withdrew the darkness profound energy. After that, he asked with a frown, “That was this junior’s darkness profound energy, so why is Senior… so shocked?”

“…” Jie Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly as she stared at Yun Che. It was only after several breaths had pa.s.sed that she finally spoke in a low voice, “Release light profound energy for me to see again!”

“Okay,” Yun Che gave an affirmative reply. With a single thought, sacred profound light was already s.h.i.+ning from his hand as it instantly dispelled the gloomy cold that had been wrought by the darkness profound energy.

“You…” Jie Yuan fixed Yun Che with another stare. There was a shock in her eyes that Yun Che was unable to fathom as she said, “Darkness profound energy and light profound energy co-existing in a person’s body? How could such a thing happen!? You… What exactly are you…”

Jie Yuan’s words left Yun Che completely mystified. He frowned and said, “Being able to cultivate many different elemental powers isn’t something rare even in the current world, so why is Senior…”

“This is light and darkness, how can you even compare them to ordinary things!? The two of them are direct opposites and it’s fundamentally impossible for them to coexist in a person’s body!” Jie Yuan said in a deep voice.

“However, fire and water also supress one another and even though there are very few people who cultivate fire and water, and most people aren’t willing to do so either, it isn’t something that is impossible to do.”

“Hmph! Fire and water mutually suppress and repels each other, but light and darkness are two existences that are complete opposites. How can they be discussed in the same sentence!?” Jie Yuan slowly shook her head as her eyes locked onto Yun Che, “How could such a thing happen. This shouldn’t happen, this shouldn’t be possible!”

“This…” Yun Che was stunned by her reaction. His darkness profound energy had been birthed by the Heretic G.o.d Seed and it existed in an extremely natural state. He had obtained his light profound energy from Shen Xi and he had obtained it in an exceptionally easy and natural manner as well. He had never felt any sort of discomfort or feelings of unnaturalness when using them before. He thought about it for a moment before saying, “Senior Heretic G.o.d was initially the Creation G.o.d of the Elements, so for his profound veins to able to control all the elements is something that should be natural.”

Jie Yuan’s voice and gaze grew equally heavy as she said in a low and measured voice, “He could not cultivate light profound energy… Furthermore, because he possessed darkness profound energy, he was even somewhat afraid of light profound energy.”

Yun Che, “…”

“It wasn’t only limited to him. Any G.o.d, any devil, any race I knew of, any living creature, absolutely none of them were able to cultivate both light and darkness profound energy together! Because light and darkness were two diametrically opposed existences, just like life and death… So how can things which are ant.i.thetical to one another be able to coexist together!?”

“..” Yun Che raised his hands in astonishment. Light profound energy shone from his left hand as his right hand flashed with dark profound light. Light and darkness appeared on Yun Che’s body as it appeared in Jie Yuan’s vision at the same time. The two different lights shone quietly without interfering with one another.

As they verily went against every word that Jie Yuan had just spoken!