Against the Gods - Chapter 1459 - Devil Emperor’s Tear

Chapter 1459 - Devil Emperor’s Tear

Chapter 1459 - Devil Emperor’s Tear

Yun Che’s words failed to draw any reaction from Jie Yuan. As she had said earlier, that was the absolute most generosity she could give. Besides Yun Che, there was nothing in this world that gave her a sense of fulfillment or familiarity at all.

Yun Che continued, “The reason I say that, is because you still have a home… and a family in this world.”

This one line caused Jie Yuan to break out of her sense of desolation and loss in an instant. She stared at him with a frown and asked, “What did you say?”

“Senior, have you heard of a planet named Bue Pole Star?” said Yun Che slowly.

“Blue Pole Star? I’ve never heard of such a planet.” Jie Yuan eyebrows sank even deeper. “What did you mean by that just now?”

Yun Che lifted his left hand, but in the end he couldn’t muster the courage to summon Hong’er. Instead, he turned around and said, “Please bring me to this place, senior.”

While saying that, he formed a soul imprint at the tip of his finger.

Jie Yuan didn’t even look at the soul imprint he created, much less touched it. A sweep of her spiritual perception later, she grabbed Yun Che as the World Piercer flashed red.

The s.p.a.ce before them switched suddenly, and a sea of blue suddenly replaced the desolate, dark world from before.

When it came to super long distance spatial travel, even the most powerful profound spatial formation in the world had to spend a long time transporting its pa.s.sengers to their desired location. However, the World Piercer’s teleportation time was so short that he didn’t even notice it until after reaching there!

The watery blue planet before their eyes was just an ordinary lower realm planet. In fact, it was so ordinary that no G.o.d Realm denizen could be bothered to take a glance at it.

It was the Blue Pole Star!

It hadn’t even been a month since he took off to the G.o.d Realm. After hearing Jie Yuan’s words and recalling the world he was most familiar with, his birthplace had taken on a whole new meaning again in his mind. He spoke up before Jie Yuan could shoot him a question, “This planet is the ‘Blue Pole Star’ this junior mentioned earlier.”

“Blue Pole Star is this junior’s birthplace. Nearly ninety nine percent of this planet is made up of seawater. The land that makes up one percent of this planet is split into three very distant continents. The reason it is called the ‘Blue Pole Star’ is because the entire surface is blue with seawater.”

He looked at Jie Yuan and asked, “Do you remember this planet, senior?”

“Hmph!” Jie Yuan gave a snort before saying disdainfully, “Why would I recognize a planet of mortals in the eastern region?”

Yun Che, “Huh…?”

Jie Yuan swept a glance at her surroundings before continuing, “This planet has an ancient presence, but its aura is unusually thin. It’s obvious that it has suffered some sort of external impact a long time ago and gone through at least one catastrophic destruction, if not more. That is why its land is so scarce…”

Suddenly, her voice was cut short before she could finish. Her cold, indifferent eyes suddenly started shaking with indescribable emotion… She abruptly turned around and looked left and right erratically. She even lost control of her spiritual perception as it enveloped the entire planet.

Her pupils started shaking more and more violently. In the end, even her body was starting to tremble involuntarily.

This aura… could it be… could it be...

The devil emperor’s unusual reaction cleared out all of Yun Che’s doubts. He continued, “This planet isn’t as ordinary as it seems, because I inherited both my Heretic G.o.d divine power and the Sky Poison Pearl on this planet. In fact, three out of four of my divine souls—the Phoenix Divine Soul, the Dragon G.o.d Divine Soul, and the Golden Crow Divine Soul—came from this small planet as well.”

Jie Yuan continued to stare into the distance and perceive the entire planet with her spiritual perception. Her aura was slightly erratic, and she looked like she wasn’t listening to Yun Che at all.

“It was only after I had reached the G.o.d Realm that I realized how unusual it was for an ordinary lower realm planet to hide this many True G.o.d legacies… In fact, the Golden Crow Spirit that gifted me my Golden Crow Divine Soul told me that this planet was the very first planet the Heretic G.o.d had created a long time ago.”

“It’s just that its current location seems far removed from where you remember it to be.”

Jie Yuan, “...”

“My guess is that countless planets were turned to dust during the terrible war between the G.o.d race and the devil race. After all, it was a calamity that killed both G.o.ds and devils in droves, much less fragile planets. Although this planet is small and ordinary, it is also the place where the Heretic G.o.d and you formed ties with each other and consummated your love. There is no way the Heretic G.o.d would have allowed it to be destroyed. Therefore, he must have borne a giant risk, spent a huge amount of energy to protect it from destruction, and used a method I couldn’t even imagine to move it from the battlefield to a relatively peaceful corner of the Primal Chaos.”

Jie Yuan continued to stare forward as her eyes turned misty. She muttered to herself distractedly, “It’s still here… it’s actually still here…”

Yun Che smiled and said, “Senior, your home isn’t the only thing that still exists in this world. Your daughter… is still alive as well.”

In that instant, it was as if Jie Yuan had been struck by a giant hammer of heaven. Her temporary loss of control even resulted in Yun Che being hit by a sudden wave of devilish aura that shook his body and caused his blood to rise to the top of his throat. However, Jie Yuan was already grabbing the front of his clothes as her pitch black eyes came within an inch of his eyes. “What… did… you… say!?”

Yun Che couldn’t breathe at all. He had to use almost all his willpower to force out his answer, “Your daughter… is still alive! She’s… on this planet right now.”

This time, Jie Yuan didn’t let a single word slip by her consciousness. His answer caused the devil emperor’s pupils to swell to twice its normal size. “Where… where is she? Where is… no… no… you’re lying to me… she can't still be alive… you’re lying to me!!”

When Jie Yuan had returned to the Primal Chaos after millions of years of exile, she had been so calm that it was almost scary.

But now, her eyes had lost their color, her aura was chaotic, and her body was trembling… she looked like a wild animal who had suddenly lost its mind.

“...” Yun Che felt like his body was about to crumble under the devil emperor’s grasp. He opened his mouth, but he just couldn’t say another word after that.

Jie Yuan regained a bit of clarity of mind and released Yun Che after realizing his condition, but her aura was still erratic as she stared at him with glowing black eyes. She said, “it's impossible that I couldn't detect her if she was still alive… you… you have to be lying to me!”

Yun Che clutched his chest and took in a couple of deep breaths. Doing his best to calm himself down, he said, “I dare not lie to you, senior. There’s a special reason why she was able to avoid that calamity back then, and why you aren’t able to detect her even now. You’ll understand what I’m saying once you see her… I’ll lead you to her right away.”

Jie Yuan couldn’t see any s.h.i.+ftiness or fear in Yun Che’s tone or eyes. This caused her heart to beat even faster as she replied in a low tone, “If it turns out to be a lie… then I’ll tear you apart!”

“Please come with me, senior.”

The worse Jie Yuan was reacting, the calmer Yun Che actually became. He quickly picked up the direction of the Azure Cloud Continent and started flying toward his destination.

However, Jie Yuan grabbed him by the arm before he could go far and said urgently, “You move like a tortoise! Just tell me where it is!”

Literally no one could catch up to Yun Che’s Extreme Mirage Lightning at the same profound level, but in Jie Yuan’s eyes he was about as slow as a tortoise...

Yun Che released a soul imprint to inform where exactly Cloud’s End Cliff was on the Azure Cloud Continent. Then...


His soul and mind were still stuck at the same spot, but his body had already moved to another place far away from here...

By the time he finally returned to earth, he realized that he was already standing at the edge of Cloud’s End Cliff. He felt so numb and shaky that it was as if someone had beat him up for several days and nights in a row.

Holy s.h.i.+t, this is no different from spatial teleportation… Even Yun Che’s soul was shaking like a leaf.

Jie Yuan frowned slightly as she stared at the bottomless abyss beneath them. She muttered to herself, “Why is there a pocket world here…”

“Wait. This aura…”

She s.h.i.+vered as if she was struck by thunder. Then, she jumped right off the cliff without a care.

“Senior!” Yun Che subconsciously shouted after Jie Yuan, but the devil emperor had already vanished into the darkness below.

Yun Che’s hesitation lasted for only a brief instant. He quickly leaped off Cloud’s End Cliff and chased after Jie Yuan at his fastest speed.

Yun Che pa.s.sed through many layers of darkness before arriving in a world of darkness he was intimately familiar with at this point.

This time though, he couldn’t hear any devil beasts roar at all. The only things that greeted him were darkness and silence.

He guessed that they had probably collapsed to the ground in shock and terror because of Jie Yuan’s aura.

Yun Che withdrew his own aura and flew towards You’er’s location. Soon, he was greeted by the familiar sight of a glowing purple field… and Jie Yuan.

The devil emperor stood in the darkness and stared at the girl with half a soul sleeping amidst a sea of Netherworld Udumbara Flowers.

The light of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower was cold and mysterious, but it was also the only thing that kept her company in this world of darkness.

In the sea of flowers, You’er slept with her arms held close to her chest and her legs curled upward. She looked like a sleep loving cat who was a little afraid of the cold. She also looked very quiet and lonely… no one could look at her without feeling a heartache.

Jie Yuan didn’t move close to her. She simply stood at a distance and stared at her without a sound.

Yun Che obviously didn’t need to tell Jie Yuan who the girl was… After all, there was no mother who wouldn’t recognize their own daughter no matter how much time had pa.s.sed.

Of course, Jie Yuan had easily figured out You’er’s current condition… she didn’t have a body, not even a complete soul. She had to stay in this darkness and the nether energy of the Udumbara Flower field to keep her soul from dissipating.

Everything told her that the girl before her couldn’t leave this cold and lonely world of darkness she was in. She couldn’t even leave this field of Netherworld Udumbara Flowers for long before having to return.

This meant that she had endured an unimaginable period of darkness and loneliness until this day.

“Senior?” Yun Che called out to Jie Yuan softly.

Jie Yuan didn’t react to his words at all.

Yun Che softened his footsteps and walked next to Jie Yuan. He was about to say something when he suddenly froze in his tracks.

It was… an unbelievable sight.

A single tear had slid down Jie Yuan’s cheeks slowly, refracting the glow of the Udumbara Flowers before falling down to the black ground beneath her without a sound.

Yun Che, “...”

It was… the tear of a devil emperor.

He had witnessed something even the ancient G.o.ds and devils hadn’t seen in their entire lives, not that they would believe that such a thing was even possible.

Slowly, Jie Yuan touched the tear stain on her cheek. Perhaps even she couldn’t believe that she was capable of tears.

Her eyes never left the girl with only half a soul in a sea of flowers.

“Even if we were wrong…” Her mutter sounded like the sleep talk of a painful nightmare. “Even if we were doomed to suffer the heaven’s wrath for breaking the taboo of G.o.ds and devils… what wrong did our daughter do?”

“What wrong… did our daughter… do…”

Every word that Jie Yuan uttered contained a pain that felt like an arrow rain piercing through one’s soul.

From the moment she saw her, she immediately knew that she was her daughter.

She should be overjoyed for reuniting her daughter after millions of years of separation.

But when she saw her daughter as a lonely, broken soul who was stuck in a world of darkness for millions of years...

Her joy and excitement were extinguished by a pain that was worse than even the millions of years she suffered outside of the Primal Chaos.