Against the Gods - Chapter 1412 - Divine Master Poyun

Chapter 1412 - Divine Master Poyun

Chapter 1412 - Divine Master Poyun

Yun Che suddenly discovered that the sky of ice had gone missing, and the spiritual pressure that was applied to his person was completely gone. It was instead replaced by a shocking amount of heat.

“...?” He stopped in midair and turned around to take a look.


Before he knew it, the sky had become tinged with a dull gold color, and a ray of golden flame fell from the sky, hit the giant white beast squarely, and penetrated its body without any pause.

The attack had cut the giant beast’s Divine Sovereign power in half like it was nothing!

“Golden Crow flame? Could it be…” Yun Che whispered to himself while frowning.

Mu Feixue, “...”

The fiery Golden Crow divine aura that lit the sky and the fiery sword that had cut the giant white beast in half was clearly the Golden Annihilation of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World!

Everyone—Yun Che, the escaping Ice Phoenix disciples, and the Illusory Smoke City profound pract.i.tioners—all came to a stop. They stared at the sky blankly as the golden flames cut the Divine Sovereign beast in half.

It was undoubtedly the most stunning scene they had ever witnessed in their lives.



The two halves of the giant beast’s torso crashed heavily on the ground and caused a great shudder. Then, every bit of snow and ice within dozens of kilometers started melting at a visible rate.

Normally, a Divine Sovereign profound beast overlord wouldn’t die immediately even if it was cut into two… But the Golden Crow flames had also burned its internal organs and life vein to ash at the same time.

Yun Che looked up while feeling shock… He was no longer his naive self when he had first entered the G.o.d Realm, so he knew this new spiritual pressure was that of a Divine Master’s!

Although his profound strength was only at Divine King Realm right now, he had already come into contact with too many Divine Masters during his time in the G.o.d Realm. He had even fought one personally during that battle at Star G.o.d Realm, so there was no way he would be mistaken!

Moreover, the spiritual pressure displayed by this newcomer in that instant clearly put them above Xing Mingzi, a level one Divine Master he himself had to stake his very life to kill!

To Yun Che’s recognition, the strongest Golden Crow flame expert currently should be the Golden Crow Sect master of Flame G.o.d Realm, Huo Rulie. However, he was only a late stage Divine Sovereign profound pract.i.tioner.

But this person...

A name flashed across Yun Che’s mind and caused his eyes to freeze… Could it be!?

A fiery figure slowly descended from the gold tinged sky, catching everyone’s gaze including Yun Che’s...

It was Huo… Po… yun!

The red figure instantly appeared in front of Yun Che and Mu Feixue. He shot Yun Che a glance before staring straight at Mu Feixue worriedly, “You really were here, Fairy Feixue. That was quite the dangerous situation just now.”

Then, he noticed Feixue’s unusual aura and frowned, “Are you hurt!?”

The young man clad in fiery clothes while wielding the spiritual pressure of a Divine Master was clearly Huo Poyun!

Yun Che had never imagined that he would encounter Huo Poyun right after he returned to Snow Song Realm, and in such a secluded place no less.

If he were to look at the time, Huo Poyun and the rest of the heaven chosen children should’ve finished their three thousand years of cultivation in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm at least a year ago. That instantaneous spiritual pressure he had felt from Huo Poyun and that Golden Annihilation were more than enough proof that Huo Poyun had exceeded Flame G.o.d Realm’s wildest imagination by an entire mile!

He had become a Divine Master!

And it was very likely that he wasn’t just a level one Divine Master!

Before he knew it, Huo Poyun had risen from an excellent junior to one of the strongest experts in the entire world!

Yun Che had no doubt that Huo Poyun was famous throughout the G.o.d Realm and the biggest pride of Flame G.o.d Realm. Huo Poyun’s ascension also very likely meant that Flame G.o.d Realm had become an upper star realm while he was gone.

“I’m fine, it’s just some minor injuries,” Mu Feixue said. “Thank you for helping again, Young Sect Master Huo.”


The word caused a ripple in Yun Che’s heart. He could sense that she wasn’t all too surprised by Huo Poyun’s appearance.

“It is nothing. However, you don’t look like you’ve just suffered some minor injuries. Are you sure you’re okay?” Huo Poyun asked worriedly before turning towards Yun Che again. This time, he saw the arm Yun Che had wrapped around Mu Feixue’s waist as a glint pa.s.sed through his eyes, “And you are…?”

Yun Che lamented amount the pa.s.sage of time in his mind before letting go of Mu Feixue in a natural manner. After all, they were no longer in danger. He smiled, “My name is Ling Yun.”

Huo Poyun had clearly changed.

A few years ago, Huo Poyun was just a pure chaser of the profound way. He had achieved many great things because he had poured all his mind and soul into mastering the Golden Crow divine flames, but his singular focus had also left him exceptionally naive, inexperienced, and fragile in the face of the world… Jun Xilei had been able to shatter his belief with a single attack, and Yun Che had been able to see through him with a single glance.

But now… appearance wise, Huo Poyun hadn’t changed too much except for his growing physique, but his presence was completely different from before. His heavy aura reminded Yun Che of an unrivaled sovereign of a world.

Even his eyes had lost all their former innocence and clarity. Now, they were replaced with an unfathomable depth that not even Yun Che could penetrate.

In the past, Huo Poyun wouldn’t have had the decisiveness to kill a Divine Sovereign profound beast without even showing himself.

Three thousand years… Three thousand years could change a lot of things.

It was enough time to warp someone into a completely different person. At the same time though, there were some things that no amount of time could change.

“Brother Ling? I see.” Huo Poyun nodded. “It looks like you’re the one who saved Fairy Feixue from danger. I am Huo Poyun of the Flame G.o.d Realm, and my arrival was delayed due to certain matters. Thank goodness you were here to help during a time of need. But, you don’t look like a denizen of the Snow Song Realm, are you? May I ask why you’re here?”

Yun Che smiled, “I just happened to be pa.s.sing by this area. You are here despite being a denizen of the Flame G.o.d Realm yourself, aren’t you?”

Huo Poyun smiled at his reply. He didn’t show any arrogance toward the Divine King “Ling Yun” despite having become a proud Divine Master already. “The Flame G.o.d Realm and Snow Song Realm have always been close friends, and there has been a lot of profound beast rampages as of late. That’s why I have come to help the Snow Song Realm.”

“Today, I heard that Fairy Feixue had come to the northern region herself, so I decided to rush my way over. I didn’t think I would almost be one step too late, however.”

Huo Poyun exhaled lightly as he said that. He obviously looked a little frightened after the fact.

After all… the mere news that a Divine Sovereign profound beast overlord had stepped out of its territory was enough to shock the entire Snow Song Realm.

“I see,” Yun Che looked at Mu Feixue from the corner of his eyes and let out a complex sigh on the inside.

Obviously, Huo Poyun’s natural obsessiveness didn’t apply to the profound way alone.

A couple of years ago, Huo Poyun had fallen in love with Mu Feixue on first sight… Yun Che was even a direct witness himself.

Yun Che hadn’t thought much about his friend’s infatuation back then. Mu Feixue was naturally beautiful, a descendant of the Ice Phoenix bloodline and a denizen of the Snow Song Realm. Her pale white skin alone could “kill” countless inexperienced young men...

But it had been three thousand years since he saw Mu Feixue. Why on earth was he still holding on to that infatuation!?

Even a fool could see that Huo Poyun was here for Mu Feixue. There was no other way to explain why his presence in the Snow Song Realm otherwise!

In fact, the only thing that could drive a Divine Master—a profound pract.i.tioner with enough power to look down on the entire world—to travel to another star realm and lend his hand to another disciple… was a pretty face.

In Yun Che’s opinion, this obsessiveness… was even starting to grow a little frightening.

Recalling Mu Feixue’s behavior and his own master’s temperament, Yun Che felt a rising headache… Back at the Profound G.o.d Convention, Yun Che had already warned Huo Poyun that it was almost impossible for Mu Feixue to love another person.

While it was true that Huo Poyun had spent three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, it was ultimately just a closed off world. No matter how high Huo Poyun’s cultivation was, Yun Che was one hundred percent certain that Huo Poyun was inferior to him regarding the ways to a woman’s heart.

Unfortunately, this was one of those things that couldn’t be taught. Even worse, Mu Feixue was a woman whose emotions were padded with the biggest lock, so Huo Poyun’s hopes to strum her heartstrings was difficult to say the least.

He had no idea how their relations.h.i.+p would grow in the future.

While they were chatting with each other, the Ice Phoenix disciples and Illusory Smoke City’s profound pract.i.tioners had finally reached them. Mu Hanyan said to Huo Poyun, “It is Young Sect Master Huo, thank you for helping us again, Young Sect Master Huo.”

Although he was saying thanks to Huo Poyun, he was clearly wearing an odd look on his face.

Moreover, he had purposely used the word “again” while he was thanking Huo Poyun…


“It is nothing. You don’t need to pay it any heed,” Huo Poyun returned the greeting humbly.

The fact that Huo Poyun had saved and returned the greeting of a Divine Tribulation Realm junior disciple had probably marked him as the friendliest Divine Master in the G.o.d Realm’s history.

The governor of Illusory Smoke City and the profound pract.i.tioners behind him couldn’t believe their eyes and ears for a while. After hesitating excitedly for a very long time, he finally stuttered out, “Oh venerable one… Are you that legendary… Golden Crow young sect master?”

Huo Poyun smiled at him and nodded, “It is I.”

The governor started trembling like a leaf after hearing Huo Poyun’s direct reply and replaying the scene where a Divine Sovereign beast was killed in one strike. Then, he abruptly dropped to his knees and said, “I… I am the governor of Illusory Smoke City… I… I am absolutely honored… to be able to meet the legendary Golden Crow young sect master… supreme Divine Master of Flame G.o.d Realm… There will never be a time when Illusory Smoke City will be able to repay this favor… Please, accept my thanks.”

Yun Che shot the governor a sideway glance before cursing him slightly: You’re a Divine Tribulation Realm profound pract.i.tioner and a governor, aren’t you? Don’t you think that you’re selling your knees a little short!?

The rest of Illusory Smoke City’s profound pract.i.tioners were also excited beyond words… First, the direct disciple of the Great Realm King had come personally to save them. Then, a Divine King had appeared out of nowhere and rescued them from the Giant Glacier Beasts. Finally, a bonafide Divine Master had literally descended from the skies to take out a giant Divine Sovereign beast who hadn’t showed its face for a thousand generations.

Illusory Smoke City had had to be visited by a G.o.d or something today.

Huo Poyun waved a hand and said, “Please, rise. There is no need for this.”

Then, he looked at Mu Feixue as his voice turned gentle, “Fairy Feixue, the profound beasts have been growing more and more erratic lately. It is possible that anything may happen in the future. It is simply too dangerous for you to move around without being accompanied by a senior.”

He looked at his surroundings once before continuing, “There should be no more danger nearby. Your wounds are quite serious, and you seem to have lost some vitality and blood essences as well. Let me help you.”

Huo Poyun hadn’t even taken a step forward yet, but Mu Feixue had already acted to reject his request immediately. She had even subconsciously raised a thin sheen of ice in front of her, “No need, I can take care of myself. Flame G.o.d Realm is constantly embroiled in unrest as well, you really shouldn’t divide your attention and come here so often, Young Sect Master Huo.”

Yun Che, “...?”

Huo Poyun smiled at her and said, “To me, protecting Flame G.o.d Realm and the place where you reside are equally important, Fairy Feixue.”

Yun Che: (⊙o⊙)... (Dafak?)

“Cough… Cough cough…” Mu Hanyan let out a light cough before interrupting, “Senior Sister Feixue, your wounds are too serious to be delayed any further. Why don’t we enter the city and help you recuperate first? We may return to the sect once your wounds have stabilized somewhat.”

“Right, right right,” The governor of Illusory Smoke City hurriedly nodded before turning around to face both Yun Che and Huo Poyun, “Golden Crow young sect master, Senior Ling, please come with us so we may express to you our grat.i.tude.”

“Alright, in that case I’ll be troubling you.” This time Huo Poyun didn’t turn down his offer.

His reply caused the governor to reply reverently and fearfully, “Oh, not at all, not at all.”

Yun Che thought for a moment before nodding as well.