Against the Gods - Chapter 140 - Breakthrough, True Profound Realm

Chapter 140 - Breakthrough, True Profound Realm

Chapter 140 - Breakthrough, True Profound Realm

Under the comprehending process, the profound formula that was originally uncertain in his mind clearly revealed itself. And this, also meant that the fundamentals of the “Great Way of the Buddha” was successfully completed. From now on, he was now able to start to cultivating without any hindrances. At the same time, Yun Che’s spirit and body became extremely relaxed. Originally, towards the incomparably immense world and nature, Yun Che… as well as every living soul, would all carry a kind of innate awe; however, at this moment, not the slightest hint of this awe existed in Yun Che’s body.

Because I am my own way of heaven! I do not exist relying on you, or under your grace. In my world, I am the ruler of everything; at least during the time of my birth, everything in the world, existed because of me!

The awe before, turned into pride. All of Yun Che’s fifty-four profound entrances opened, and even the hair follicles on his entire body were opened; they proudly faced all the elements within the world, and unscrupulously absorbed the profound energy and world’s essence from the atmosphere.

Yun Che opened his eyes and noticed Jasmine unblinkingly staring at him. He smiled lightly and said: “Jasmine, I have successfully crossed the threshold.”

Jasmine nodded slowly, and said: “I know, and not just that. You only took three days.”

“Three days… what? Three days!?” Yun Che suddenly froze. At this time, a feeling of hunger came from his stomach. Only then did he believe that three whole days had actually pa.s.sed. While he was in silent comprehension of the ‘Great Way’, he couldn’t sense the flow of time; to him, it felt like only several breaths’ time had pa.s.sed.

Jasmine said with a face devoid of expression: “This time, you have far exceeded my expectations. But, you have only stepped through the threshold. As for when you’ll officially enter the first realm of the “Great Way of the Buddha”, it’ll be up to your own comprehension and dedication. If you’re hungry, you should go eat right now. After that, the true cultivation of the “Great Way of the Buddha” will officially begin!”

Yun Che nodded, and retrieved a small pile of rations he had prepared earlier from the Sky Poison Pearl. With a burst of voracious devouring, he was completely full in a short time. Then, he sat on the ground, closed his eyes, and rapidly entered a meditative state.

I am the Great Way, Buddha exists in my heart…

Everything in the universe, are all my captives...

A layer of silver light loomed on the surface of Yun Che’s body. Then, it gradually became more and more clear and rich as it attaching to the surface of Yun Che’s body, and lingered for a long time. The air around him also started to become agitated, and gusts of the world’s pure vitality quietly flowed into Yun Che’s body like a stream of water.

The purpose of the first stage of the “Great Way of the Buddha” is to absorb the vitality of the world; to allow the world’s vitality to fill, refine, and transform the body… Including the flesh, hair, blood, bones, organs, and marrow… Allowing the body to be born anew. Every following elevation of the realms in each stage will also result in a new reformation of the body.

And every new reformation of the body signified a slight separation from the mortal realm. One’s lifespan would also increase exponentially.

And during this process, with the profound energy-filled Profound Gathering Tower, as well as Yun Che’s completely opened Fifty Four Profound Entrances, the cultivation of his profound energy was also similarly advancing.

In the silent Profound Cultivation Room, the only sounds that could be heard were Yun Che’s even breathing and the sound of his heart beating. Under the total silence in the Profound Cultivation Room, it was impossible for cultivators to detect the flow of time. However, Yun Che could clearly feel the changes in his body. He felt a warm current wrap around all his cells, and he could feel his body slowly transforming in the midst of the warm currents.

Unknowingly, twenty days pa.s.sed. In these twenty days, Yun Che didn’t even take half a step out of the Profound Cultivation Room; other than being awakened by hunger, all of his time was spent in a state of cultivation. Even when he was sleeping, the profound entrances and all the pores in his body were still completely open, and the rich profound energy and pure vitality of the world continued to unceasingly flow into his body.

Cultivating without a sense of time or day, even Yun Che himself didn’t know how much time had elapsed. This day, his silent consciousness was awoken by the bizarre fluctuations in a gust of profound energy. He activated his inner vision, and suddenly discovered that the profound pulse seemed to be in the process of breathing as it gently expanded and contracted.

After consuming the Fire Seed of the Evil G.o.d, the color of his profound veins had turned into a crimson color; yet now, his crimson-colored profound veins emitted a brilliant glow, giving them an appearance similar to a glistening crystal.

Yun Che’s face instantly revealed a delighted expression… because, this was a clear sign that his profound strength was about to rise a level! And, this was an elevation spanning realms!

Yun Che quickly calmed his heart, focused his mind, and guided the profound energy in his body back into his profound veins. Then, he released it again and let it wander around his entire body. The three drops of Phoenix blood also seemed to sense the change in his profound strength’s nature and started to burn with excitement within his body. The n.o.ble essence belonging to that of a Primordial Divine Beast’s brought about an unparalleled supremacy that filtered inside the entire body’s profound energy and urged on the qualitative change that was about to take place.

Profound energy circulated in his body, and then returned to his profound veins. Every time a complete revolution occurred, his profound veins would visibly expand a little.

In the midst of the silence, two hours crept by. Yun Che’s profound energy had already circulated around his body over sixty times. This time, just as the profound energy returned once again, his profound veins suddenly expanded greatly, and after a moment, began to contract even more, until the profound veins returned to its usual size. Then, the turbulence stopped, almost as if it had solidified.

And the crimson glow around the profound veins became even more rich and strong, as if the entire profound vein had turned into a bright and eye-catching red crystal. This red glow persisted for several breaths’ time longer until it gradually dimmed. Once the light completely disappeared, a stream of profound energy gushed out, and spread throughout his body. This profound energy was much stronger than before, and also much more rich and powerful! As for the source of profound energy in his profound veins, whereas it could be considered a tiny creek before, in this short span of time, it had expanded into a huge river.

A wave of comfort spread across Yun Che’s body, and he couldn’t help but let out a comfortable moan.

After entering the Profound Gathering Tower for twenty-three days, his profound strength had directly completed the crossing over a great realm. From the Nascent Profound Realm, he had splendidly entered the first level of the True Profound Realm!

This was also under the condition where he was simultaneously training the “Great Way of the Buddha”, because otherwise, he would have taken much less time to do so.

“Hmph, you’ve finally entered the True Profound Realm, even though you were a little slower than I had expected. Now that you’ve entered the True Profound Realm, you can finally easily control ‘Evil Soul’; it wouldn’t be a problem even if you kept the first realm open all the time.”

Yun Che opened his eyes and looked at Jasmine, who was currently in front of him, and revealed a slightly confident smile.

The clothes on his body had long since been drenched by sweat, and stickily clung onto his body. However, after these twenty-three days of closed-door cultivation, the greatest change was nevertheless his external appearance. Yun Che was currently sixteen so his skin was naturally suppose to still be tender, but at the moment, his skin was actually as white and tender as a woman’s… No, it was just like that of an infant’s. It was so white and tender that pinching it once would discharge water. His face had a slightly significant thinness during his profound strength promotion. The “Great Way of the Buddha” had not made him more masculine. Instead, it added an additional prettiness and gentleness; his eyes became even more clearer, like perfect gems that had been soaked in water.

Yun Che was not surprised in the slightest when he saw his current appearance. He firmly gripped both fists and felt an immense power and vitality course through his body, and his face revealed a confident smile. He retrieved a common dagger from the Sky Poison Pearl, and stabbed at his own palm.

The sharp dagger p.r.i.c.ked the palm of his left hand. If he had used the same amount of force before, his palm would have been splattered with blood, and possibly could have been directly punctured. But this time, Yun Che only felt a trace of slight pain. After removing the dagger, only a white mark remained on his palm; even the outer layer of his skin had not been punctured.

“Now do you believe in the power of the “Great Way of the Buddha?” Jasmine asked lightly.

Yun Che nodded: “It is indeed worthy of being a Forbidden Heavenly Tome. I have only crossed the threshold, yet it has already produced astounding results. If I proceed at my current pace, I believe that within a month’s time, I can officially enter the first stage. At that time, even if my profound strength does not increase, I would still be able to defeat Murong Yi!”

The shocking power that filled Yun Che’s body brought him this confident feeling.

Jasmine, with the air of a tiny adult, nodded with dignity and said: “We’ll temporarily stop cultivating at the Profound Gathering Tower for now. Your profound strength just broke through, so you’ll need a period of time to get used to it.”

When Yun Che found out from Jasmine that he had stayed in the Profound Cultivation Room for twenty whole days, he was also a little surprised. After looking through the Sky Poison Pearl, he discovered that he had completely consumed all of the rations he had prepared before. Yun Che touched his stomach, which was flat from hunger, changed into a set of new clothes, and left the Profound Cultivation Room... After all, he was only in the True Profound realm, far from the realm where, with the support of profound energy, he wouldn’t need to eat or drink for a long time.

But now that he was at the True Profound Realm, he would finally be able to do something with the stuff on the body of the Emperor Profound realm Fire Dragon… For example, with his current profound strength, he would probably be able to withstand a Dragon Blood Pellet made with small quant.i.ties of dragon blood.

Other than dragon blood, four types of herbs and a type of precious crystal was required to create a Dragon Blood Pellet. He had found all four of the necessary herbs from the Xiao Branch Sect’s treasury, but he was still missing a cyan crystal.

I should be able to purchase it from the Black Moon Merchant Guild… Confidently surmised the nouveau riche Yun Che, who had pocketed fifty thousand purple profound coins.

He walked out of the Profound Cultivation Room and traveled from the tenth floor to the first floor. Just as Yun Che took a step out of the Profound Gathering Tower, a young man slowly walked over.

The young man was clad in black, and he looked to be around the same age and height as Yun Che. His face was cold; his thick, black eyebrows were like two inclined sharp swords, and his gaze was as calm as a pool of still water, without any waves of motion.

Yun Che’s gaze fell on his body, and his eyelids jumped a little.

This was a very arrogant person… And arrogance, is usually presented in one’s demeanor, or eyes, or actions, or language. However, one could not detect a trace of arrogance from his outer appearance, because that air of arrogance had already been ingrained in his bones.

He walked past Yun Che without even giving him a glance; even the corner of his eyes didn’t move, for he acted just as if Yun Che didn’t exist. After brus.h.i.+ng shoulders, Yun Che slowly turned around and watched the silhouette of the young man while lost in deep thought...

At such an age, and that suffocating aura of profound energy which he deliberately released from his body, along with that searing fiery power...

Without a doubt, this person was the first on the Heavenly Profound Ranking, who also had the status of being the Burning Heaven Clan Master’s son… Fen Juechen!

Sikong Du had said he was an extremely arrogant man, and it looked like his evaluation was not exaggerated in the slightest.