Against the Gods - Chapter 1395 - Becoming Divine Overnight

Chapter 1395 - Becoming Divine Overnight

Chapter 1395 - Becoming Divine Overnight

By now, the rampaging profound beasts had completely calmed down. Even those that were naturally violent and aggressive had become unusually gentle, returning to their territories or nests in peace and confusion.

That was how the Phoenix Clan disaster had ended before it even began.

Yun Che looked around for any other signs of danger before dropping back down to the ground slowly. At his current strength, he had the power to determine the life or death of every profound beast in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. However, he was also aware that he would be damaging the ecosystem severely and leaving behind severe consequences even though it was a sure way to nip the problem in the bud… It was exactly why Feng Xue’er hadn’t dared to erase every profound beast from existence every time an attack had broken out, but had only suppressed them.

The Phoenix Clan members rushed over and gathered around Yun Che and Feng Xian’er. Once again they were staring at Yun Che in a new light, the younglings especially looking like they were wors.h.i.+pping a G.o.d who had just saved the world.

“Yun Che, that was…?” Feng Baichuan asked while barely suppressing his own excitement.

Yun Che replied, “The reason these profound beasts have undergone a ma.s.sive behavioral change as of late is most likely because they had been affected by some sort of darkness profound energy. Darkness profound energy can amplify a living being’s negative emotions, which is why I used a profound energy of the opposite element to calm them all down.”

That was what he told them, but in reality he was very puzzled.

Judging by the way the profound beasts were reacting, he was certain that they were being affected by some sort of darkness profound energy.

But if that was true then… why couldn’t he detect the darkness profound energy himself?

Could it be that this unknown darkness profound energy is at such a high level that even I at my current strength have no right to detect it?

A low ranking profound beast’s spiritual perception was both more sensitive and more fragile than the average human’s, so it wasn’t particularly strange that they were affected first. However… if the profound beast disturbances were to keep worsening like this, it was only a matter of time before it spread to other areas and affect higher level profound beasts as well.

In fact, if things were to keep worsening like this, would a human eventually succ.u.mb to its influence as well…?

Yun Che unconsciously furrowed his brows.

“I see,” Feng Baichuan nodded. He didn’t try to probe deeper.

“However,” Yun Che said, “I still don’t know where this darkness profound energy is originating from, and its influence has been worsening since the beginning. Although the profound beasts of the Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain Range have been pacified for the time being, it… won’t be staying this way for long.”

Every Phoenix descendant within the vicinity looked worried when they heard this.

“Father,” Feng Zu’er asked, “Should we move away from this place then? We have lost Lord Phoenix G.o.d’s protection, and… we can’t always ask Big Brother Benefactor to come over and help us every time there is danger.”

The younglings’ eyes started sparkling with hidden emotions when Feng Zu’er was finished, but Feng Baichuan hadn’t given him a reply. The older men and women of the group were silent as well, staring forward with complicated expressions on their faces.

They had lived here in seclusion for their whole lives, and they had gotten used to this lifestyle a long time ago. Although their bloodline curse had been broken, and their power had been growing stronger day by day, they still hadn’t returned to society even to this day… Naturally, leaving their homes wasn’t an easy decision for all of them.

“That is unnecessary,” Yun Che smiled before raising am arm. There was a flash of fire, and...


A bolt of phoenix flame flickered in the distant sky, and a new Phoenix Barrier exactly the same as the one before was created just like that. Not only that, it was so much stronger than before that even a Monarch wouldn’t be able to force their way in unless they had the Phoenix bloodline in them.

Right now Yun Che was still recovering his strength, and he wasn’t even at twenty percent of his peak form. However, he was still many, many times stronger than the Phoenix Spirit had been, so it wasn’t a problem at all to create a new Phoenix Barrier.

“Wah!” Exclamations broke out, “It’s a new Phoenix Barrier!”

It wasn’t just a new barrier either, every one of them could sense that the phoenix power flowing inside was stronger than the old one.

“If this barrier doesn’t get attacked by external forces, then it will remain this way for at least another two hundred years,” Yun Che smiled, “Which means that I will be returning every two hundred years or so to reinforce it… Although I’m certain that you won’t be needing it anymore after two hundred years have pa.s.sed.”

“This is wonderful… This is wonderful!” a phoenix old man exclaimed in excitement.

They knew from the start that a restored Yun Che must be incredibly powerful, and the latter had proven it easily by waving a hand and constructing a stronger Phoenix barrier that could last for two hundred years instantly. They hadn’t even sensed any profound energy activity from him! It was only then that they knew that Yun Che’s strength had fundamentally exceeded their understanding and the limits of their very world.

“Thank you… Big Brother Benefactor,” Feng Xian’er smiled brightly at him.

“Er… As long as you’re not angry with me,” Yun Che replied with a smile of his own.

Feng Xian’er looked down at that moment and said in a very tiny voice, “I would… never be angry with you.”

“...” Feng Zu’er made an effort to widen his eyes further after seeing his big brother benefactor and his sister together and noticing the strange atmosphere surrounding them.

Feng Baichuan and Feng Caiyun exchanged a glance with each other. Then, the former shook his head with a smile before whispering, “Sigh, to be young again.”


For the past few days, Yun Wuxin had been spending most of her time asleep. Although she would occasionally wake up from her slumber, her period of wakefulness didn’t last long because her vitality was incredibly weak.

Meanwhile, Yun Che was doing his best to calm his mind and regain his own strength. Some time later, he had finally regained enough strength to restore her profound energy.

Illusory Demon Realm, Yun Family.

A barrier that could isolate all light, sound and aura opened up inside a courtyard. It was a barrier Yun Che had created with his own power, and there was no one in this plane who was capable of breaching it.

Yun Che and Yun Wuxin weren’t the only people who were present inside the barrier. Cang Yue, Little Demon Empress, Feng Xue’er, Xiao Lingxi, Su Ling’er, Chu Yuechan, and Feng Xian’er were all here as well under Yun Che’s invitation.

Yun Wuxin was currently lying in Chu Yuechan’s lap, her face deathly pale. Anyone who had seen her would’ve felt a terrible heartache. Yun Che sat down in front of her and produced a small jade bottle from the Sky Poison Pearl. Inside the bottle was a drop of Divine Water of Life and Dragon Dawn Jade Nectar.

“Will Wuxin really recover to full, Yun Che? Are you absolutely certain it won’t hurt her?” Chu Yuechan asked, knowing that she had asked a very stupid question. Knowing how much love and regret Yun Che felt towards Yun Wuxin, she knew that he would never allow any harm to come to her. However, she just couldn’t let go of her worry completely.

Yun Che gave her a smile before replying, “Don’t worry, this jade liquid is made from the least harmful power in the entire world. Not only will it not harm Xin’er, it will greatly enhance her const.i.tution, her profound veins and profound energy, and bring her all the way to Xue’er’s level.”

“Ah!” Yun Che’s words stunned every woman in the courtyard. They all let out a surprised cry at the same time.

What cultivation was Feng Xue’er at again? She was the Phoenix G.o.ddess of the Profound Sky Continent and the first person to truly step into the divine way on this plane. Aside from Yun Che, she was without a doubt the number one profound pract.i.tioner on the Blue Pole Star and a historical miracle of the profound way...

But Yun Che also just said that he could restore Yun Wuxin from no power… all the way to Feng Xue’er’s level in one go!

Although the remark had come from Yun Che himself, it was still so unbelievable that even Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress were having a hard time believing or accepting it.

Yun Che didn’t give them an explanation. He tapped a finger against the jade bottle, and the Divine Water of Life and Dragon Dawn Jade Nectar appeared at his fingertip immediately. They looked like translucent dews that shone as bright as stars.

An indescribable aura of purity and holiness instantly filled the entire courtyard.

“Xin’er, you don’t have to think or do anything. Just believe in me, okay?” Yun Che said softly.

“Mn,” Yun Wuxin answered before parting her lips obediently.

A white light appeared from Yun Che’s body, and he closed his eyes before brus.h.i.+ng his fingertip against Yun Wuxin’s pink lips. Then, he delivered the Divine Water of Life and the Dragon Dawn Jade Nectar into her body with a tiny surge of profound energy.


In that moment, Yun Wuxin felt like a tiny universe had exploded inside her own body.

An impossibly vast power spread across every corner of her body… but it was also incredibly gentle. Not only did she not feel discomfited in the slightest, she actually felt like she was in paradise.

The two droplets’ energy was so huge that some of it was discharged out of Yun Wuxin’s body and into the surroundings, causing an equally vast but unnaturally gently profound energy storm around her.

However, the storm had immediately vanished in the next instant. Turning his wrists and wrapping Yun Wuxin in a layer of light profound energy, he made sure the Divine Water of Life and Dragon Dawn Jade Nectar's medicinal force were fully locked inside his daughter’s body without leaking. At the same time, he guided the spreading spirit energy and fused them swiftly into Yun Wuxin’s body, blood, meridians, and profound veins...

What happened next was like a dream to the girls who were watching with their eyes and their spiritual perception.

Yun Wuxin’s weak life force had suddenly gotten unusually strong in just a few breaths’ time. Then, her profound strength aura began climbing at a rate that could only be described as absolutely terrifying.

Elementary Profound Realm… Nascent Profound Realm… True Profound Realm… Spirit Profound Realm… Earth Profound Realm… Sky Profound Realm… Emperor Profound Realm...

The cultivation of the profound way demanded foundation, acc.u.mulation, study, and opportunities. Some people might never be able to climb up to the next great realm in their entire lives...

However, Yun Wuxin’s profound energy was defying all common sense and skyrocketing through several great realms in a row.

In less than half a quarter of an hour’s time, Yun Wuxin had reached the Tyrant Profound Realm… her former level before she had sacrificed herself to save her father.

Her ascension didn’t end there, however. Her profound energy was still increasing at an extraordinary rate… and all the while Yun Wuxin had her eyes closed peacefully without showing any signs of pain whatsoever.

Tyrant Profound Realm… Sovereign Profound Realm...

Finally, after almost an hour had pa.s.sed, Yun Wuxin’s profound energy had surged past the final limit of the Sovereign Profound Realm and the mortal way smoothly without any hitches. In the end… she started giving off a divine profound aura the girls had only ever sensed from Feng Xue’er.

It was only then that the white light enveloping Yun Wuxin had finally started to dissipate.

Yun Che withdrew his outstretched arm after the treatment was finally over, and he opened his eyes at the same time as Yun Wuxin.

Right now, Yun Wuxin was sitting at the first level of the Divine Origin Realm!

In just an hour’s time, she had ascended from a powerless mortal all the way to the divine way!

Yun Wuxin raised her arms and felt the power in her. Then, she looked at Yun Che with starry eyes and said, “Daddy, you’re so amazing!”

“Haha,” Yun Che smiled from the bottom of his heart when he saw the look of pleasant surprise on Yun Wuxin’s face, “Of course, how do I deserve to be your father otherwise?”

“However, your understanding of the profound way is far behind the power you currently possess, so you’ll have to spend much time studying and adapting to it. But don’t worry,” Yun Che slapped his chest once before continuing, “None of that will be a problem since daddy’s here. From here on, I’ll be teaching you about the profound way myself.”

“Mn!” Yun Wuxin’s smile looked incredibly happy.