Against the Gods - Chapter 1388 - Miracle

Chapter 1388 - Miracle

Chapter 1388 - Miracle



The fierce battle over Profound Sky Southern Sea was still continuing. The sea, the s.p.a.ce, and even the sky itself was being burned and shattered apart at every moment.

This was the most dreadful battle that had ever happened in the history of the Profound Sky Continent, bigger even than the battle between Yun Che and Xuanyuan Wentian. When Yun Che and Xuanyuan Wentian had fought, their cultivation had only been a half step into the divine way. But right now, two real divine way profound pract.i.tioners were clas.h.i.+ng against each other with the intent to kill.

Feng Xue’er had been intentionally moving the battlefield deeper out to sea in order to avoid damaging the continent beneath her feet. As a result, both fighters had s.h.i.+fted several thousand kilometers to the south.

Now that nothing else was holding her back, Feng Xue’er’s divine Phoenix flames started burning brighter and brighter.

If Lin Qingrou’s profound art hadn’t been fire-based, she would’ve had the upper hand in this battle. Unfortunately, her fire was shrinking and dissipating every time it clashed against Feng Xue’er’s ultimate flames. Despite possessing a much larger quant.i.ty of profound energy compared to her enemy, Lin Qingrou was beaten down by Feng Xue’er to the point where even panting was becoming an impossibility.


A Phoenix Flame Formation exploded right in front of Lin Qingrou’s chest, completely penetrating and burning away her protective aura. Lin Qingrou let out a horrible scream before falling into the sea while burning yet again.

It took Lin Qingrou only an instant to regain herself and jump back into the air, but she looked much, much worse compared to before. She had lost more than half of her hair, and her garment had almost been burned away completely. Even her supple skin was covered in burn marks… if Lin Qingrou had a mirror right now, she would’ve been screaming at her own appearance.

On the other side of the battlefield, Feng Xue’er was panting heavily while a barely noticeable stream of blood flowed down from the corner of her lips. Otherwise, she was almost completely unhurt.

Thanks to the Phoenix bloodline and the World Ode of the Phoenix, Feng Xue’er had absolute dominance over Lin Qingrou despite being inferior by two small realms. It was an outcome Lin Qingrou could never have imagined when she had first set her eyes on Feng Xue’er.

“Just… you… wait…” Lin Qingrou was smiling, but her smile was especially sinister, “I’ve sent a sound transmission to master… he’ll soon show up and tear you to pieces, b.i.t.c.h!”

Lin Qingrou roared, and instead of escaping she charged toward Feng Xue’er again as if she had gone crazy.

Inside the Phoenix’s trial room.

Yun Wuxin pressed her tiny hand against Yun Che’s chest and allowed her profound energy to dissipate into nothingness.

The loss of one’s profound energy was also accompanied by the loss of one’s vitality, so her body had felt lighter and lighter to her. In the end, she collapsed lightly on top of Yun Che’s chest.

Yun Wuxin had lost all of her cultivation.

Just several hours ago, she had broken through to the Tyrant Profound Realm and was enjoying this moment of joy with her master, her mother, and her father.

Limp and powerless, Yun Wuxin felt like sleeping then and there. However, she forced herself to open her eyes and watch her blood drenched father.

“The next step is to transfer the Evil G.o.d divine aura from your profound veins to your father’s… Just relax your mind and don’t resist. You may sleep if that is your wish,” the Phoenix Spirit said. It could hardly believe how quietly it was speaking right now.

But Yun Wuxin shook her head lightly, “I want to watch daddy get better.”

“Alright,” the Phoenix Spirit replied softly before a deep, fiery beam of light landed on Yun Wuxin’s body. The light was powerful, gentle, and immeasurably cautious.

The Phoenix Spirit knew that failure wasn’t an option. It wasn’t just for the hope Yun Che carried, it was also for the girl with a heart of gold.

The fiery light entered Yun Wuxin’s empty profound veins and wrapped around the incredibly weak wisp of Evil G.o.d divine aura. Then, the light started moving it down her arms, her palms… and finally into Yun Che’s body.

When the divine aura had left Yun Wuxin’s body, the girl felt like someone had taken a knife to her life veins. Her face turned deathly pale in an instant, and she lost even the last shred of strength she had inside her body. She was so weak that she couldn’t even lift her little finger… However, her eyes remained stubbornly open.

After the Evil G.o.d divine aura had made it into Yun Che’s body, the Phoenix Spirit guided it into his dead Evil G.o.d Profound Veins.

Then, it spread out its power carefully and watched Yun Wuxin’s Evil G.o.d divine aura—also the last Evil G.o.d divine aura in the entire world—spread out inside his profound veins...

…and return to silence. Deathly silence. So silent, that it was starting to feel a little cold and stifling.

Yun Che’s profound veins hadn’t reacted at all. They were still completely dead and silent.

Meanwhile, the divine aura had dissipated completely in just a few stifling breaths’ time… Despite unleas.h.i.+ng the full capacity of its spiritual perception, the Phoenix Spirit wasn’t able to sense it any longer.

In the air, the wide open pupils of the Phoenix slowly contracted bit by bit. Not only that, its aura had become weak, and the scarlet light in its pupils had become incredibly dim as well.

The entire procedure had been silent and slow-going, and it had the full cooperation of Yun Wuxin’s will. However, the Phoenix Spirit still had to be very, very careful as it guided the Evil G.o.d divine aura into Yun Che’s profound veins, so the amount of power and soul energy it expended every second was ma.s.sive.

Moreover, to the Phoenix Spirit, losing its flame energy and soul energy was the equivalent of losing its lifespan.


It had failed.

The Evil G.o.d divine aura’s entry had failed to trigger any reaction whatsoever from Yun Che’s dead Evil G.o.d Profound Veins. The divine aura had dissipated as if it had been released into some random s.p.a.ce before vanis.h.i.+ng completely… The world’s last Evil G.o.d divine aura was gone just like that, and of course there was no way of returning it back to Yun Wuxin.

Although the Phoenix Spirit had thought of the possibility of failure a long time ago, when it had actually happened the disappointment and sense of loss that sat on its soul was far heavier it could ever imagine… It did not dare to even come face to face with the hope and tears in Yun Wuxin’s eyes.

The Phoenix Spirit knew then that it had been far too naive. The Evil G.o.d Profound Veins were an impossibly high level existence, and there was simply no way they could have been awakened using a method that even it could carry out with its dying strength...

That wasn’t all. The Phoenix Spirit had inevitably crushed a girl’s hopes and purity of heart with its failure as well.

“Daddy…?” Yun Wuxin asked softly amidst the silence.

“...” The Phoenix Spirit couldn’t find it in itself to reply to her… but it had no choice. Its sad sigh resounded inside the darkening s.p.a.ce, “Ah… child, you…”

Before it could finish its sentence, a jade green light suddenly appeared in the dark room… it was a color that shouldn’t have appeared in this room no matter what.

The Phoenix Spirit cut itself short and stared straight at the source… The jade green light was s.h.i.+ning from Yun Che’s heart area, and it was warm and so pure that it was almost dream-like. The shape of a dark green orb slowly came into view.

“Wood Spirit… Orb?” the Phoenix Spirit muttered before its pupils suddenly trembled. “A Royal Wood Spirit Orb!?”

The Phoenix Spirit stared on in shock as the jade green light turned white in no time. It was an incredibly pure and sacred light. When the light spread out and wrapped around Yun Che lightly, and unbelievable scene started happening right before their eyes. The dreadful cracks across Yun Che’s body started healing visibly, and the process was so quick that even the Phoenix Spirit, with all its knowledge and experience couldn’t find it in itself to believe...

“So… warm…” Yun Wuxin’s vision was filled with white light. Despite still feeling weak and powerless, she felt like she was lying on top of a cloud or bathing inside warm water. The light had even washed away the fear and anxiety residing inside her heart.

The Phoenix Spirit’s pupils contracted intensely. Soon, even its scarlet pupils were dyed pure white by the light that was s.h.i.+ning from Yun Che’s body...

“This… this is…” The Phoenix Spirit’s voice had never been as agitated or distorted as it was now, “Lord… Li Suo’s… Divine Miracle of Life…”

The white light continued to s.h.i.+ne brightly. The Phoenix Spirit could no longer see nor sense Yun Che’s existence with its remaining power.

It was witnessing not just the profound light energy that belonged only to the ancient Creation G.o.ddess of Life, but also a true… miracle.

Meanwhile, the battle at the Profound Sky Southern Sea was still going on. Lin Qingrou had clearly lost her mind after she was fully suppressed by Feng Xue’er, and the outcome… was even worse than before. She was losing even faster and more thoroughly than before.

Feng Xue’er very rarely took a life, but today her killing intent had reared its ugly head fully. If she couldn’t kill this woman today, the consequences would be downright unimaginable.


The Phoenix flames devoured the purple flames again and slammed into Lin Qingrou, drawing a scream and sending the latter flying backward. Feng Xue’er’s eyes narrowed coldly, and she pointed a finger at Lin Qingrou and fired the Phoenix Ray. The Phoenix Ray was the eighth stage of power in the World Ode of the Phoenix, and it condenses the user’s energy into a high-powered beam that could burn through any s.p.a.ce.


Lin Qingrou’s protective aura had already been largely weakened in the first place, and the Phoenix Ray pierced through her body as easily as it would’ve penetrated a flimsy paper.

As blood splattered through the air, Lin Qingrou screamed until it sounded like her throat was tearing itself apart.

Feng Xue’er moved, wanting to end this once and for all… but she suddenly stopped herself as a serious look overcame her features, then turned into shock.

In the distant sky, the huge outline of a blue s.h.i.+p had suddenly entered a view… It was a profound ark, and both its speed and presence outstripped anything Feng Xue’er had ever seen or heard of before. However, what truly terrified her was the three people that appeared beneath the profound ark afterwards.

It was Lin Qingyu, Lin Qingshan, and their master, Lin Jun.

Lin Qingrou’s appearance was already a gigantic shock to this world, but these three newcomers were clearly far stronger than Lin Qingrou. Feng Xue’er felt like three giant mountains were holding her down and keeping her immobile, making even breathing an impossible task.

This was especially true regarding the middle-aged man in the middle of the group. Feng Xue’er was unable to determine what level of aura he was exuding, but one thing was certain… it was far, far bigger than even the sea beneath her feet.

She had never seen an expert who amounted to even one bit of this person.

Could it be… that they were all denizens of that “world”?

But why would those people come here one after another? What on earth is going on!?