Against the Gods - Chapter 1380 - Something Went Wrong

Chapter 1380 - Something Went Wrong

Chapter 1380 - Something Went Wrong

Yun Che was never the type to only talk the talk and not walk the walk. When it came to Xiao Lingxi however, he had nothing but the most special of feelings for her. She was his most precious and protected, someone he would never even allow the slightest thread of harm to come to.

As a result, even though Xiao Lie had long ago personally consented to a relations.h.i.+p between Yun Che and Xiao Lingxi, add on the fact that it was plain for everyone else to see and understand, and even the fact that Xiao Lingxi would never vehemently reject him, he still didn’t really ever wish to obtain Xiao Lingxi.

Even the two peak existences of both continents, the Little Demon Empress and Feng Xue’er had succ.u.mbed to the villainous hands of Yun Che, yet Xiao Lingxi remained chaste.

What Su Ling’er had said today had no doubt impacted Yun Che.

Xiao Lingxi’s lips were as soft as flower petals and smooth to the touch… At this very moment both of Yun Che’s hands landed at the belt of her garments.

Xiao Lingxi started moaning, her breathing started getting heavier as she gently gasped for each breath. Her eyebrows were ever so gently tensing up, her skin turning a shade of red all over. Her eyes looked like they were lost, in a daze of ecstasy. Her belt had already been pulled off by Yun Che, the jade clasps at her skirt were being unb.u.t.toned one by one. He slipped his other hand into her garments slowly stroking the contours of her side.

The physical contact of skin against skin caused Xiao Lingxi’s pupils to jump, her eyes growing wider as she started moaning even louder. She didn’t resist, the only sign of tension was her body quivering in response.

Her undergarments were stripped away as a strange sensation started to spread across her body. Those two hands that were “invading” her started to grow hotter and hotter until she could feel that all her clothes had been stripped away by Yun Che, her body flawless like jade utterly exposed beneath him… Her hips started to sway gently by themselves as the sound of heavy breathing started to be heard. Her face was flushed and her eyes were glazed.

But she suddenly felt Yun Che come to an abrupt stop… and this stop was pretty long, not some mere pause.

Xiao Lingxi slowly opened her eyes. Both of Yun Che’s hands were still holding onto her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, but they weren’t moving, the sight in front of her was something strange that she couldn’t understand…...

“Little Che…” she whispered gently in a voice that could melt the soul.

Yun Che’s entire body shook and he suddenly left Xiao Lingxi’s body, then turned and fled.

“Bang!”... It was the sound of the room door slamming shut.

The world became silent. The air from the warm sensual atmosphere all around was rapidly cooling, it even held a hint of chill within it. Xiao Lingxi who was out of sorts pulled a quilt over herself, covering her snowy jade-like body, while a disappointed and dispirited look appeared across her face.

She was undoubtedly clear that all the girls by Yun Che’s side were stellar and spectacular, especially Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress. Both of them were magnificent and perhaps no other girl in both continents could ever dream of measuring up to them.

Even in Demon Imperial City, many royal families and guardian families had time and again visited the Yun Family, explicitly expressing the wish to be in-laws, even if it were that of a concubine or even to become a maidservant… And those that came were the daughters of kings and n.o.bles. When it came to talent, cultivation, family background, position, looks, right down to her very bones, she was unable to compare to them.

And with regards to them, Yun Che had never ever accepted...

Furthermore, she was clearly aware that amongst the women by Yun Che’s side, she could be considered the most ordinary of them all… In utterly every aspect.

Feng Xue’er was now known as the Phoenix Divine G.o.ddess while the Little Demon Empress was the Empress of the Illusory Demon Realm. Cang Yue was the Queen of the Blue Wind Nation while Su Ling’er was the direct disciple of the Medical Saint. Chu Yuechan was once considered the number one beauty of all in Profound Sky and she even had a daughter with Yun Che…

And when it came to her, she had nothing else to offer, apart from the feelings and closeness they had from growing up together.

Even the constantly following and serving by his side Feng Xian’er, having the status of being only just a maidservant… Feng Xian’er was superior to her in every way.

She could feel the love Yun Che had for her, and even a sort of unique attachment they had… Even the greatest psychological and emotional barrier, Xiao Lie, had already given them his blessings. Furthermore, Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou loved and treated her well. Even the other girls, Feng Xue’er, Little Demon Empress, Cangyue, Su Ling’er all treated her as one of theirs...

But he had never touched her.

In fact, she did mind this much.

In fact, Su Ling’er, whom she was closest to also sensed this, and therefore often hinted to Yun Che with regards to this matter.

Now Yun Che had just suddenly up and run. This cast a heavy shadow across her heart.

Yun Che quickly put his clothes in order and hurriedly rushed out the courtyard’s door, nearly coming into a head on collision with Su Ling’er.

“Big brother Yun Che, you?” Upon seeing Yun Che’s fuming face, Su Ling’er couldn’t help but reveal a look of surprise.

Yun Che quickly grabbed Su Ling’ers hand. “Ling’er, I was just about to look for you about something…”

Before he carried on, he swept the perimeter with his eyes. Only after ascertaining that no one was around did he speak in a hushed but panicked tone, “I have a big problem, just now… just now… me and Lingxi… we were actually going to… but suddenly… it just went limp and had no reaction!”

“No… Reaction?” Su Ling’er confusedly blinked her eyes, only to suddenly realize what he meant, and then she held her sides and let out a laugh.

“You’re still laughing!” Yun Che’s current face was not your ordinary black one. As a man, as someone who was outstanding, a man that once stood tall and strong who could laugh at the heavens, when it came to a woman… and furthermore it was his beautiful and wonderful Xiao Lingxi… he suddenly couldn't do it!

This was something that every man would be frightened and ashamed of… In his entire life… no… in both his lives, this had never happened. Even earlier in the year, in his current state of losing all his profound strength, he was still unreservedly enjoying both the Little Demon Empress and Feng Xue’er every day.

“Is it because… Is it because my profound strength is gone, and I’ve still been going at it this entire year that I’ve exhausted all my yang energy?” Yun Che’s voice started to tremble.

No matter how powerful or mighty a man, as long as he met a situation such as this, he’d definitely be a mess. Quite obviously, Yun Che wasn’t an exception.

“Definitely not.” Su Ling’er replied matter of factly, “Although you’ve lost your profound strength, your body is definitely better than any other person. If even I am not able to make sure your body is healthy and well, I’m afraid I’m not worthy to be master’s disciple.”

“But... But…” Yun Che continued crying out in panic. He himself was beyond proficient in the medical arts, and with Su Ling’er by his side, they would be more than able to solve any problem with regards to the body, but right now this issue of his “being unable to do it” had truly surfaced!

“Let me have a look.” Su Ling’er’s jade-like fingers stretched out as she felt Yun Che’s lower abdomen and slowly moved down. As she went lower, her expression started to turn strange.

Yun Che’s yang energy didn’t become weak at all. Conversely it was extremely active, it was as if it were going to boil over. Quite obviously, he had definitely been having his way with Xiao Lingxi in an aroused state for quite a while, and then at the very last moment it had stopped abruptly.

Su Ling’er’s lips curved. She suddenly held up Yun Che’s hand, pressing against her soft chest. She lifted her beautiful eyes and looked at him seductively as her lips parted to coquettishly say, “Big Brother Yun Che, Ling’er right now... wants to…”

Just as her voice landed, in an instant, Yun Che’s entire body felt as if it were exploding, like a fireball igniting within him. With one hand he grabbed her and forcefully pressed his body forward, pinning Su Ling’er firmly against the wall… but almost immediately, Su Ling’er gently pushed him away.

“Is this called ‘unable to do it’? Are you trying to hoodwink me in broad daylight, trying to bully me?” Su Ling’er’s eyes were clear as water, laughing out loud.

Right now Yun Che had not only had a “reaction”, he was quite simply on the verge of near self implosion. The panic in his heart had completely receded and his confidence grew a million meters high, but he couldn’t care less. He hurriedly rushed forward once again pressing down on Su Ling’er.

Su Ling’er deftly turned away, jumping out of his grasp. She giggled, “Last night probably wasn’t enough for you… Go look for your Lingxi.”

As her coquettish voice landed, she disappeared in a flash, disappearing from Yun Che’s line of sight… The current Yun Che wouldn’t be able to chase after her even if he grew another five pairs of legs.

Yun Che grinned and took in a deep breath, thereafter quickly running back to his own courtyard.

The door violently bursting open startled Xiao Lingxi who was just putting on her undergarments. She gave a startled cry after which she was pushed violently on the bed by Yun Che. The undergarments she had just carefully put on were ripped off her.


“Little Che, you… Oooohhh…” Just as the words left her mouth she broke into a whimper.

Ten breaths later, Yun Che once more walked through that courtyard door, his face as dark as the bottom of a wok that had been left on the fire for weeks.

Su Ling’er who had come to spy on them saw Yun Che walk out. She slowly descended from the sky, saw Yun Che’s face, and softly asked, “Big Brother Yun Che, since when were you… so… quick?”

“Haah…” Yun Che placed his hand on his forehead, breathing out a long sigh, “It wasn’t a matter of finis.h.i.+ng quick or not… I suddenly… Couldn’t ‘do it’ again.”

“...” This time Su Ling’er didn’t laugh, but was instead in deep thought. She tried to comfort him by explaining, “Ling’er promises you that there is absolutely no problem with your body, especially where your masculinity is concerned. If this is happening, perhaps it’s more of a psychological issue. I believe Big Brother Yun Che definitely knows this as well.”

His body was fine, his physical state was tip top. Facing Su Ling’er he definitely could proceed, but when it came to Xiao Lingxi… he had actually failed… Twice.

The only possibility now was that it was a psychological problem.

Being Yun Gu’s disciple, Yun Che naturally had considered this possibility, but the problem was that he definitely felt that he had no such psychological barrier when facing Xiao Lingxi…

Originally, he was someone who had even dared to make a move on the Little Demon Empress, a person who could have killed him countless of times with just a single finger... He had even dared push down an existence like Shen Xi, and even when he knew after the fact that the supreme ruler of the Primal Chaos, the Dragon Monarch himself, was madly in love with her, he could still do the deed with no problems at all.

Why did he have this issue then when it came to Xiao Lingxi?

If it was really a problem, what did this problem stem from? If there was indeed a psychological issue, shouldn’t he be the most clear about whether he had a problem?

Looking at Yun Che’s contorted expression, Su Ling’er offered some words of consolation, “Or perhaps, you’re this way because I brought up the issue of it being a psychological problem, and so you weren’t emotionally prepared the second time around. Add to that that you treasure her so much and thus your mental state is in a bad place. Perhaps you will be fine tomorrow.”

“...” Yun Che’s face started to look a little better as he nodded.

“You should go comfort Big Sister Xiao Lingxi. The way you are right now, I bet you’ve given her quite the scare.” Su Ling’er said with a smile.

“I think it’s better if you do it.” Yun Che pressed his hand against his forehead once more. “I don’t know how to face her right now… Do you think… Lingxi will look down on me in the future?”

“...” Su Ling’er shook her head, “Of course not. Even if everyone under the sun looks down on you, Big Sister Lingxi will never look down on you.”

“Not that. I’m not talking about that kind of look down… It’s… it’s… it’s…” Yun Che placed both his hands on his head. “Any… Anyways… I’ll go head over to Xue’er’s place!”

“Alright, alright.” Su Ling’er could only reply so. She knew what Yun Che was really going to do… If he went to look for the Little Demon Empress or Chu Yuechan, he would definitely be slapped and sent flying. Only Feng Xue’er would entertain him at this point, in fact, she wouldn’t reject him at all no matter the time or situation.

Yun Che took two steps forward, then hurriedly turned around, his face serious and stern, “You are not to breathe a word of this to anyone.”

“I know,” Su Linger said with a laugh.