Against the Gods - Chapter 1363 - Wuxin Yuechan (3)

Chapter 1363 - Wuxin Yuechan (3)

Chapter 1363 - Wuxin Yuechan (3)

“Little monster!?”

Before Feng Xian’er could respond, the little girl reacted like a cat whose tail had been trod on as she immediately grew enraged, “Who are you calling a little monster!?”

“Eh…” Yun Che’s gaze swiveled back towards the girl. He very sincerely measured the girl with his eyes before giving a faint laugh, “Of course I’m not talking about you. You look so adorable, so how could you be called a little monster?”

“Hmph!” The little girl turned up her nose and it seemed like she quite enjoyed being called adorable by Yun Che.

“Little girl, what’s your name?” Yun Che asked… But he did not notice one thing; he, whose heart had been mired in gloom, who had been completely disinterested in everything, was actually taking the initiative right now… Furthermore, he had subconsciously started a conversation with her, and his tone and eyes were both strangely warm.

The little girl gave a straightforward reply in a stern and bossy voice, “I am Yun Wuxin, and who are you exactly? Why are you approaching this place!? Could it be that you don’t know that this is the territory of my mother and I!?”

“Yun Wuxin?” Yun Che did not answer her question, instead he gave a faint smile as he said, “What a strange… uh, I mean what a nice-sounding name. Who is the one who gave it to you?”

“Of course, it was my mother who gave it to me!” the little girl said, her starry eyes still filled with vigilance. Her gaze continued to sweep across Yun Che and Feng Xian’er’s feet as if she were using her eyes to warn them that they were absolutely not allowed to take a single step into the area around the bamboo grove.

“Wuxin… why did your mother give you such a name?” Yun Che asked yet again, he had also not noticed why he had taken such an interest in the name of this little girl that he had met for the first time.

It seemed as if there was some sort of inexplicable force, one that was both mysterious and inexorable, that stirred his desire to understand her more...

Feng Xian’er looked towards Yun Che and she was left dumbfounded for a little while… Because the Yun Che in front of her was actually giving a gentle smile that filled his face as he starred unblinkingly at the little girl in the bamboo forest in front of him.

It was not that Yun Che had never smiled over the last month or so, but his smiles had always looked very stiff and forced and they contained a gloominess and pained grief that anyone could sense. But at this moment, the smile that curved up from the corners of his mouth was actually incomparably natural and warm.

Feng Xian’er was completely stunned by what she was witnessing, and for a moment, she forgot to pull Yun Che away and leave… To depart from this “little monster” who looked adorable, but who in reality was extremely dangerous.

“My mother said this,” the little girl’s expression was stern and solemn as she strove to a.s.sume a powerful and threatening stance, “all things in this world are filled with bitterness and sorrow. If one does not want to descend into grief and sadness, then one must reach a state where one has no hope and no heart. One must possess no heart before one can have no hope, and one must have no hope before one can experience no sorrow, and it is only once one can experience no sorrow that one can have no regrets!”

“...” Yun Che was stunned by those words for a moments, but after that he broke out into great laughter, “Hahaha, little lady, do you understand what those words mean?”

Feng Xian’er: … (Eh?)

Yun Che’s question stunned the girl as well but after that she roared out in anger, “I… I, I, of course I understand! You, you, you, you still haven’t replied my question! Who exactly are you!? Why are you approaching this place!? Are you some sort of dangerous villain!?”

“Do I look like a villain to you?” Yun Che asked with a smile, but after that, the smile suddenly disappeared from his face… Wait a minute, her surname is Yun?

It’s not Feng?

Besides that… in the Illusory Demon Realm, the Yun Family was a Guardian Family that everyone knew of. But in the Profound Sky Continent, the surname Yun was actually a very rare and seldomly seen surname.

The little girl gave Yun Che a very serious stare but after that her eyebrows suddenly arced as she started laughing, “Wa! Uncle, you’re really weak! Heeheehee…”

Un… cle...

The corner of Yun Che’s mouth fiercely twitched upon hearing that. As the number one pretty boy in the Profound Sky Continent, the Illusory Demon Realm, the Eastern Divine Region, and the Western Divine Region, this was the very first time someone had addressed him so. He immediately displayed an expression that was even more indignant and infuriated than the little girl’s, and he nearly gnashed his teeth as he spoke, “Uncle? Have you ever seen an uncle as elegant and handsome as me!?”

As he said those words, he also casually brushed a hand across his cheeks… but what he touched was a whole lot of bristles and exceptionally coa.r.s.e skin.

He was immediately stunned by this.

Since he had the Rage G.o.d’s divine art, his body was constantly being nourished by the spiritual energies of the heaven and earth. While every inch of his skin was as tough and durable as heavenly steel, it was also white, flawless, and tender to the touch and no matter how severe his wounds were, they would not leave a single mark on his skin.

So outwardly he had always appeared no more than twenty years of age, and it would be the same even if another thousand or ten thousand years pa.s.sed.

But after he was resurrected, he no longer had his profound strength or divine body, and spiritual energy no longer washed over and tempered his body either. Furthermore, the muddy and turbid aura in the lower realms, the mountain winds which blew across his body every day, the weakening of said body… and especially the incomparably heavy knot of emotions in his heart. All of these things caused him to swiftly and unconsciously age.

Thus, during this short period of little over a month, it felt as if he had aged more than a decade.

Upon hearing Yun Che’s words, the little girl’s lips parted as she stuck out her tongue at him, “Your words are really shameless! Furthermore, to think that a big man like you is actually so weak, and you even need a woman to support you as you walk, that’s even more shameless!”

If anyone else had said similar words, it would have undoubtedly dealt Yun Che a silent blow. But when he was faced with this little girl’s disdain, Yun Che could only shake his head and laugh, “Fine, fine, fine. You’re completely correct. I am indeed a very weak and also a very shameless uncle. You see, I am so weak that I definitely don’t pose any danger to you, right? So could you let me take a look at what’s inside the bamboo forest?”

“No way!!”

Just as Yun Che’s voice fell, Yun Wuxin’s expression changed in an instant and those starry eyes that had previously grown somewhat gentle had also recovered some of their previous… fierceness? She pointed a finger of her white and tender hand at him as she warned him, “This is the territory of my mother and I, no one is allowed to approach it. If not… if not I’m not gonna play nice anymore! I’m warning you, don’t think that you can bully me because I’m still young, I’ll have you know that I’m really strong!”

“Big Brother Benefactor,” Feng Xian’er pulled Yun Che along and if Yun Che still possessed his divine senses, he would have sensed that Feng Xian’er had already released her profound energy and used it to protect him from any oncoming attacks, “It’s better if we return, otherwise… it will get dangerous.”

“...?” Yun Che gave a faint smile as he gave the little girl, who was trying to a.s.sume a bossy and overbearing stance, a deep look as he voiced his doubt, “Surely she can’t really be the little monster that you mentioned, right?”

Feng Xian’er, “...”

He did not listen to Feng Xian’er’s words as his heart started to throb for no rhyme or reason. Instead, he took the smallest of steps forward as he stepped on the border of the bamboo grove.

“You’re not allowed to come over here!!”

It was this one small step that seemed to trod right on that little girl’s heart, she let out a shrill yell as her long hair suddenly danced. It was at this moment that the bamboo plants beside her started to sway violently… As if a strong wind had suddenly blown through them.

“Ah!” Fenng Xian’er let out a startled cry as she hurriedly flashed forward to stand in front of Yun Che. It was also this unwitting movement that caused a single foot of hers to step inside the bamboo grove.

Yun Wuxin’s expression faintly changed. In this instant, her white and tender arm, which still had not fully matured, suddenly… thrust forward in what one could call a conditioned reflex.


An incomparably deep and m.u.f.fled explosion rang out in the still and quiet land.

Feng Xian’er did not step back at all as all of her profound energy was released in an instant as she fiercely blocked the attack in front of Yun Che… During the deep and m.u.f.fled explosion, the s.p.a.ce around them clearly distorted for a while and both she and Yun Che were instantly blasted backwards as they were pushed out of the bamboo forest.

“Oof…” Yun Che’s entire body vibrated and he nearly vomited blood. Feng Xian’er had already hugged him to her body in a great fl.u.s.ter, “Are you alright? Did you get injured anywhere?”

At this moment, the girl who had reflexively made an attack had now withdrawn her hand in a somewhat rattled manner. As she looked at Yun Che, whose face had clearly gone a deathly pale, panic flashed in her eyes. She hurriedly took a few steps forward… then immediately retreated yet again as she spoke in a stammering voice, “Are you… you… alright? I, I… I didn’t do it on purpose… Who… who… asked you not to listen to me…”

Yun Che’s hand pressed against his chest as a burst of agonizing pain ran through his chest, but he did not pay any attention to that. His eyes were firmly fixed on this little girl and it was as if he was looking at a monster who should not exist.

Just now… there had clearly been a distortion in s.p.a.ce!

Even though the spatial element in the Blue Pole Star could not be compared to the spatial element in the G.o.d Realm, it was also definitely not so easily distorted. To be able to create such a clear spatial distortion, at the very least, one needed to have cultivated until the Emperor Profound Realm.

However, this little girl in front of him was only ten years of age even by the most generous of estimates, yet she actually… already possessed a profound strength that was at the Emperor Profound Realm!?

In Blue Wind Nation, a power at the level of the Emperor Profound Realm was equivalent to the strength of a grand sect master of the four best sects in the realm! The number one person in Blue Wind all those years ago, Ling Tianni, was also merely a level six Throne.

Furthermore, in order to protect him, Feng Xian’er, in her desperation, had definitely not dared to hold back anything. Yet even though Feng Xian’er had brought her full power to bear to block that attack, she was still blasted back by the hand that this little girl had thrust out reflexively… That also meant that this little girl’s cultivation was actually above that of Feng Xian’er’s!?

She was not only a Throne, she was also possibly a mid-stage or even late-stage Throne!

“You… How old… are you… this year?” Yun Che asked and he stammered nearly as badly as that little girl as those words spilled from his mouth.

“Eleven,” the little girl replied in a somewhat fl.u.s.tered manner, but her starry eyes were still vigilant and cautious.

Yun Che quietly sucked in a breath of cold air, an eleven year old late-stage Throne…In the entire Profound Sky Continent and even the Illusory Demon Realm, such a case had definitely never occurred before, let alone Blue Wind Nation!

At this age, the profound veins of the majority of profound pract.i.tioners had just formed and they had just barely managed to stumble into the starting point of the profound way… When he was eleven years old, he was hiding behind Xiao Lie’s legs and he had not even truly understood what the profound way was.

But the little lady in front of him could warp s.p.a.ce itself with a single palm!

Just when did such a little monster appear in the Profound Sky Continent!!?

Hmmm? Little monster?

No wonder Feng Xian’er called her a little monster? Just how was she only a little monster...

Upon realizing that Yun Che was probably alright, the little girl’s heart finally managed to relax a little but her expression became very tense, “Uncle, you’re really really weak! Hmph, now you know how powerful I am, right!? If you’re afraid now, you should hurry up and go. If not… If not, I… I really am going to be angry.”

“Big Brother Benefactor, let’s go,” Feng Xian’er said in an urgent voice. The sudden attack of the little girl had left her feeling anxious and afraid.

Great waves surged up in Yun Che’s heart but he did not persist any further. Instead, he simply gave a faint nod of his head.

As he turned around, he gave that little girl another deep look… For some odd reason, an incomparably intense feeling of not wanting to be parted from her surged up in his heart.

Strange, why does my heart beat so wildly whenever I look at her?

Could it be that her mental strength is very strong while my mental strength is simply too weak?

As she witnessed the two people departing, Yun Wuxin gave a small sigh of relief, and it was only then that her small and delicate figure disappeared into the bamboo forest.

In an instant, the bamboo grove swayed and a light wind started blowing as it carried with it the coldly clear but gentle voice of a woman.

“Xin’er, were you cultivating just now?”

“No, Mother.” This time, it was the girl’s voice that rang out in the air, “There was a strange uncle that wanted to come inside the grove, but I chased him off already.”

As they had already departed quite some distance from the forest, with his current hearing ability, Yun Che would not have been able to hear the voices of the mother and child.

But this gust of cool wind inadvertently blew in the direction that Yun Che had left, causing that billowy celestial voice to ring in his ears.

That celestial voice that had been carried along by the wind was as light and faint as mist, but it caused Yun Che to react as if heavenly lightning had suddenly struck his body, and he suddenly froze in place...