Against the Gods - Chapter 1321 - Heavenly Law Tribulation Lightning Art

Chapter 1321 - Heavenly Law Tribulation Lightning Art

Chapter 1321 - Heavenly Law Tribulation Lightning Art

A red figure flashed into existence in the skies above Blue Wind Imperial City. Feng Xue’er was clad in big poofy crimson robes that whirled around her like a blaze of fire. She floated down from the air and moved forward on nimble feet once she had landed. In a flash, she had pa.s.sed through most of the imperial city.

Upon entering the imperial palace, Feng Xue’er arrived in front of Cang Yue, who had been waiting for her. Cang Yue raised her head and gave a faint smile, “Xue’er, you’ve come.”

Feng Xue’er sensed the worry hidden in the depths of Cang Yue’s eyes and she had already guessed the cause, “Big Sister Cang Yue, has another profound beast rampage happened?”

Cang Yue bent her head, “This rampage is happening in the eastern part of the Wasteland of Death, and it’s a rather large one this time. I have already sent the Blue Wind Profound Palaces to deal with it, but I’m afraid that their strength is not enough…”

“I understand,” Feng Xue’er immediately understood Cang Yue’s intentions, including why she had activated the profound pract.i.tioners of the Blue Wind Profound Palaces as well. “I will dispatch people to look after them from the shadows. If the Blue Wind Profound Palaces can successfully suppress this rampage by themselves, it would be for the best. If they cannot, my people will take action, so Big Sister Cang Yue doesn’t need to worry.”

“What I’m truly worried about isn’t this,” Cang Yue said with a soft sigh. “This has already been the sixth time in the span of six months and the last time this happened was a short half month ago. These profound beasts are not only leaving their domains, but their temperaments have also become exceptionally violent and irascible… I am worried that this is some sort of evil omen.”

“I think so as well,” Feng Xue’er replied. “Furthermore… there is something that I was about to tell Big Sister as well. Just six hours ago, a similar profound beast rampage also occurred in the Illusory Demon Realm.”

“What!?” Cang Yue was rather shocked by the news.

“The place where it happened was to the east of Flower Mist Domain… and it also happens to be the easternmost part of the Illusory Demon Realm.”

Cang Yue’s delicate brow fiercely knitted in concern before she softly spoke, “It looks like this definitely isn’t a mere coincidence.”

Blue Wind Nation was located in the eastern part of the Profound Sky Continent. Furthermore, the place where the profound beast rampages had started was also the easternmost part of Floating Cloud City. It was only after the first time that the rampages started spreading westwards.

Similar profound beast rampages had also occurred in the Illusory Demon Realm and the place where it had occurred was also located in its easternmost part.

If this strange situation had only occurred in the eastern part of Blue Wind Nation, it would be fine. But now it had also occurred in the eastern part of the Illusory Demon Realm which was extremely far away from the Profound Sky Continent… If it was for the same reason, then this disaster’s area of influence was simply far too terrifying.

The two people cast their gazes towards the east at the same time, and even though the present Feng Xue’er had already stepped into the realm of the divine way, she still felt a sense of unease.

“Tomorrow, I will personally descend into the Eastern Sea Region and inspect an area fifty thousand kilometers wide. Big Sister Caiyi and her people are also taking this matter very seriously, so I believe that the truth will be out before too long. Big Sister Cang Yue, you don’t need to be so worried,” Feng Xue’er said in a bid to console her.

“Mn… then I’ll leave it to Xue’er and Caiyi then.”

Upon leaving Blue Wind Imperial City, Feng Xue’er’s beautiful eyes grew several degrees more focused and serious.

The most likely reason for an entire region’s worth of profound beasts to suddenly change their temperament and go rabid and violent was that they had felt something that caused them to become extremely afraid. But… Feng Xue’er was the first person to have truly stepped into the divine way in the history of the Profound Sky Continent. Given her current level, no one in the entire Profound Sky Continent could equal her, so there was no reason for her to not be able to detect any aura or energy that was able to affect these weak profound beasts.

But she had personally gone to every area where a profound beast rampage had occurred, yet she had not discovered anything, nor had she sensed any abnormal auras or energy.

This sort of strange unknown quant.i.ty was undoubtedly the most dreadful kind, and it had actually caused her to feel a far deeper unease than Cang Yue or anyone else.

“I’ll need to carefully check all of it,” Feng Xue’er muttered to herself. At this time, she suddenly seemed to recall something, her gaze darting towards the distant east, “Big Brother Yun said that to the east of the Profound Sky Continent, more than five hundred thousand kilometers away lies a place called the Azure Cloud Continent… Could it be something to do with that place?”

After she had finished her mumbled soliloquy, she was about to turn her eyes elsewhere before a crimson star twinkled in her eyes from the incomparably distant heavens above.

It was just a momentary flash, but it had stabbed fiercely into the depths of her eyes like an iron needle, causing her to involuntarily turn her phoenix eyes away… At the same time, she clearly felt as if a part of her soul had been pierced through as an iciness that was hard to describe spread through her entire body.

That… was...

She immediately turned her gaze towards the east yet again… But even though she stared straight at the sky and searched it for a very long time with her eyes, she was unable to see that star, which glimmered with crimson light, again.

Had she been mistaken?

Feng Xue’er closed her eyes, and the iciness that had spread through her heart and soul took a good long while to fade away completely. Following that, the figure that she yearned for day and night involuntarily appeared in her mind’s eye, causing her heart to grow exceptionally warm.

It had been four years already...

When she had stayed in the Phoenix Perching Valley by herself in the past, she had not felt lonely no matter how much time had pa.s.sed. But… these four years… seemed interminably long for her...

Big Brother Yun, one more year and you’ll be back… I pray that you’ll definitely return home safely…


Western Divine Region, Dragon G.o.d Realm, Forbidden Land of Samsara.

The pure land of Samsara, which had been tranquil and quiet since ancient times, was now being rocked by the rumbling explosions caused by thunder.

Yun Che’s body floated in midair as it was entirely immersed in a purple-colored sea of violently raging lightning. Following a wave of his hand, the millions of purple lights whinnied and snarled, and every single one of those purple lights not only seemed sinister and glaring, but they also clearly contained a startling heavenly might.

A huge white barrier had completely encased the s.p.a.ce around Yun Che and no matter how much that lightning surged and tore at it, it was not able to open even a crack, much less harm a single bit of the Forbidden Land of Samsara.

Shen Xi wore a long plain white robe as she stood in front of the barrier, the light wind occasionally exposing the endlessly bewitching contours of her body as it pushed the cloth against her flesh. Her silky bosom towered in the air, her skin was as white and l.u.s.trous as ice and snow, and her face was as fantastically beautiful as a celestial’s. She quietly stood there observing the Yun Che inside the barrier, and it was as if her entire figure was bathed in sacred light, radiating a n.o.ble holiness and purity that was hard to put into words.

He Ling approached on soundless feet, a cl.u.s.ter of white light held up in her hand. Within that white light was a drop of spirit liquid. Even though it was only a drop, it contained the concentrated effort of one day and one night of He Ling’s labor. She looked at Yun Che, a strange light rippling in her eyes as she could not help but saying, “Master, he is really awesome.”

Shen Xi’s gaze did not move away from Yun Che’s figure. She merely gave a light nod of a.s.sent as she said, “He is indeed an absolute monster in every respect.”

“Master has been praising him very often recently,” He Ling said with a faint smile. Every time she had heard Shen Xi praise Yun Che recently, she would strangely feel a kind of happiness bubble up in her heart.

She did not know whether it was because his body contained all the hopes of He Lin or whether she had long ago already decided to link her destiny with his.

“On one side is the heavenly law tribulation lightning which no one has ever been able to control, on the other is a common and ordinary ‘Purple Cloud Art’, yet he was able to flawlessly and perfectly merge the two and he was even able to produce such a startling heavenly might at that.”

Given Shen Xi’s temperament and level, Yun Che was definitely the first person in history to have received such high praise from her.

“The birth and creation of a profound art is an exceedingly difficult thing to do, it will normally take tens of generations worth of effort before it can be considered perfect. Even though Yun Che did not create this art himself, given the extreme complexity of mixing and changing everything, this was no different from creating it by himself. Furthermore, he has only used such a short span of time, not even a year, to complete it to such a degree… An existence like him is probably unique in this universe, one would probably not be able to find a second person like him.”

Shen Xi’s word caused the strange light in the wood spirit girl’s eyes to grow even more brilliant, “No wonder the Sky Poison Pearl recognized him as its owner.”

Shen Xi glanced to the side and looked at the wood spirit girl’s profile, “Ling’er, in three more days, the Brahma Soul Death-Wis.h.i.+ng Mark on his body will completely fade away.”

“...Ah!?” He Ling was stunned by those words. Following that startled cry, the hand which held the spirit liquid involuntarily withdrew a little as she unconsciously asked, “So… so fast?”

“I also did not think that it would be this fast,” Shen Xi spoke in a soft voice as if she was muttering to herself, as the complexity in her beautiful eyes grew by several degrees.

The Divine Miracle of Life was a Creation G.o.d Art of the highest level in the current universe. Without the light origin power of the Creation G.o.ddess Li Suo and without any light sacred veins, if a mortal human wanted to rely on their own strength to cultivate it, it would be as hard as reaching the heavens.

Yun Che possessed the Evil G.o.d’s profound veins, so there was no barrier in level when it came to cultivating the “Divine Miracle of Life” and in Shen Xi eyes, he would have the easiest time cultivating it in the entire universe. He was also perhaps the only person who could actually cultivate the “Divine Miracle of Life”, so she held very high hopes and expectations for him… Yet these very high hopes and expectations were only to the extent that she hoped that he was able to start unravelling the mysteries within a year’s time.

But the dreadfulness of Yun Che’s comprehension ability had completely capsized all of the knowledge and experience she had acc.u.mulated in her life.

She had used several thousands years just to cultivate half of the Divine Miracle of Life, but Yun Che had used only six months!

Furthermore, with the first half as a foundation, he had completely comprehended the latter half within the span of three short months.

When they dual cultivated, she was the one who guided Yun Che’s light profound energy at first, but later on, it was Yun Che who was guiding her instead as he helped her understand the latter half of the Divine Miracle of Life at an even quicker pace.

The Divine Miracle of Life could save every living creature, cleanse every living thing, and it would also gradually give a person a sacred body that could not be invaded by any evil. After possessing light profound energy, Yun Che had been able to sense the traces that Brahma Soul Death-Wis.h.i.+ng Mark had left inside his body. But after that sudden revelation from the Divine Miracle of Life, he had begun to cleanse himself of the Brahma Soul Death-Wis.h.i.+ng Mark every day, and following his complete comprehension of the Divine Miracle of Light, the pace at which he cleansed his body of it had grown faster and faster.

At present, given his current light profound energy, even if he did not do anything, the Brahma Soul Death-Wis.h.i.+ng Mark would still gradually be removed. From now on, he would also never need to be afraid of the curse power coming from the Brahma Soul Death-Wis.h.i.+ng Mark or any other curses—even if it was a powerhouse that was on the level of Qianye who attempted to inflict him with it.

“Ten months ago, he told you that the day he finished purging the Brahma Soul Death-Wis.h.i.+ng Mark would be the day you became the Sky Poison Poison Spirit,” Shen Xi said as she looked at He Ling, “Ling’er, have you changed your mind?”

After the initial shock and slight uncertainty had faded away, the wood spirit girl’s eyes shone with a firm and persistent light, “Ling’er… definitely won’t regret.”

Shen Xi was not the least bit surprised at He Ling’s words. She said in a soft and gentle voice, “The Sky Poison Pearl did not recognize him as its master, it merged together with him while it was in a state with ‘no spirit’. In other words, the current Sky Poison Pearl is a part of his body, so when you become the Sky Poison Poison Spirit, you will also become his poison spirit. After this, you will accompany him forever, rely on him, and whatever destiny and life you have after this will be decided by him.”

“Ling’er understands,” He Ling’s eyes still remained as resolute as they had in the beginning.

Shen Xi gave a light nod of her head before she spoke in a very soft voice, “Ling’er, I believe he will help you take revenge and he will also treat you well. His appearance in your life is not only a form of salvation for you, it is also a form of compensation given to you by the heavens.”


A huge explosion that even the barrier was unable to contain rang out in the air, thousands of lightning bolts exploded within the barrier as the heavenly might surged. Yun Che’s sleeves and long hair fluttered wildly in the wind and an imposing aura radiated from him, as if he was a thunder G.o.d descending to the earth.

Furthermore, once he put both his arms together, the frantically surging tribulation lightning quickly receded, and within the short span of two breaths, it had disappeared completely without the smallest trace of lightning remaining.

Even if it was the heavenly law tribulation lightning, he could still manipulate and control it in an incomparably natural fas.h.i.+on.

Yun Che’s long hair fell around his shoulders. He extended a hand and looked at his own palm, a small and satisfied smile appearing on his face.

Finally… Finally...

Jasmine, if you could see this, you’d definitely be very happy.

When he was in the Star G.o.d Realm, Jasmine had advised Yun Che to combine the heavenly law tribulation lightning together with the Yun Family’s Purple Cloud Art—because even though the Purple Cloud Art was only a common profound art from the lower ream, it had evolved throughout the ten thousand year history of the Yun Family, so it was undoubtedly the lightning profound art that was most suited to the Yun Family profound veins. She had even given it the name “Heavenly Law Tribulation Lightning Art”.

Jasmine’s words had been fixed in Yun Che’s heart.

During this period of time, he had dual cultivated and comprehended the Divine Miracle of Life together with Shen Xi every day. Following the study of the Divine Miracle of Life, the light profound energy that he could produce had kept changing as well, and even his heart and soul were affected as they grew calmer and more tranquil.

Under these sorts of conditions, he finally started to combine the “Heavenly Law Tribulation Lightning Art” as described by Jasmine.

And now nearly ten months had gone by. Following the successful transformation of the “Netherprison Lightning Emperor Formation”, the strongest forbidden technique in the Purple Cloud Art, using the heavenly law tribulation lightning, his “Heavenly Law Tribulation Lightning Art” had finally taken shape.

Even though it was far from complete, in the eyes of the world, being able to do this much within the short span of ten months was already a miraculous feat.

Even the one who understood Yun Che the most, Jasmine, would also not have thought that he could have reached this level of completion within such a short period of time… After all, this was one of the goals she had given Yun Che bearing the “three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Pearl” in mind.