Against the Gods - Chapter 1312 - Breaking the Light

Chapter 1312 - Breaking the Light

Chapter 1312 - Breaking the Light




Shen Xi’s faint and indistinct celestial voice was like a demonic b.u.t.terfly that flitted through a fantastical illusory world, a demonic b.u.t.terfly that had begun to dance and flutter in his heart and soul.

What… was… she… saying?

What was she saying!?

It was an auditory hallucination… it must have been an auditory hallucination!

Even if it was not an auditory hallucination, it must also definitely be… some sort of test?

From the first moment Yun Che laid his eyes on Shen Xi, he had felt that she was a woman who had been born among the cloud peaks, a woman who did not belong to this mortal realm. She had lived while shunning the world, never getting involved in the mundane world. Her temperament was detached but gentle, and she was a woman of few words, but every time she opened her mouth, a faint celestial voice, that soothed one’s heart and soul, would ring out in the air. Her celestial appearance, for all intents and purposes, was a cut above the rest of the world, and even the legendary celestial maiden Guang Han would at most merely measure up to her beauty.

Even given his wild and untameable manner, he would always show Shen Xi the utmost respect whenever he was facing her. He did not even dare to look at her directly for fear of disrespecting her. No matter whether it was his eyes or his thoughts, there was absolutely no inappropriateness or profanity when it came to her.

Because he acknowledged that in Shen Xi’s eyes, he was no more than a mortal creature that she had shown mercy to and saved… A mortal creature that could not be any more ordinary, someone who perhaps was essentially no different from the bugs, plants and flowers that inhabited this place.

But the Shen Xi of just a few seconds ago had dealt him such a great blow that it had very nearly toppled all the convictions and beliefs that he had held about her.

Her features were extremely beautiful, as beautiful as any celestial mien, and it was so beautiful that it completely transcended any and all fantasies that he had before… it even transcended his very knowledge and understanding. Even though he had not lived a very long life, he had experienced many girls and women whose appearance could topple nations, whose beauty was so breathtaking that it robbed the soul of anyone who looked at them. But he had never met a woman who could cause a person’s willpower to dissolve into nothingness within an instant, and it was the complete and utter breaking of one’s spirit at that… She was so beautiful that she could well and truly be called one of those temptresses that brought calamity to the world.

She was like a person who should not exist in this world. Her features were celestial and beautiful, and likewise, they were also things that should not have existed in the mortal world.

The moment she revealed her countenance, she dealt an incomparably huge shock to Yun Che’s heart and soul...

Her voice still remained as soft and cottony as it usually was, yet it was also a low and bewitching voice that sounded like the recital of a beautiful and ancient poem, an enchanting sound which stole the soul of anyone listening.

He was simply unable to bring himself to believe that those words actually came out of Shen Xi’s mouth… and that it had actually been said to him in such a blunt and naked manner.

An auditory hallucination… it was definitely an auditory hallucination!

He unconsciously bit the tip of his tongue, and a clear wave of pain radiated out from it. But, this pain also managed to stir up the willpower that had been completely blown away by Shen Xi’s appearance… He used nearly all the strength he had to close his eyes and turn his body around.

It felt as if the dreamscape had been dispersed as Yun Che could once again sense reality and the world around him once more. He gasped heavily after that… He had been holding his breath this entire while as he had forgotten to even breathe.

Her beauty was simply far too terrifying, it was just as He Ling had said. It could wipe out all of the color that a person usually saw in his life, it could cause a firm and resolute man to willingly submit to oblivion… even if he had to die thousands of times over.

Perhaps even the legendary duo, “Dragon Queen and G.o.ddess” were not able to compare to her… Because in the end, the Dragon Queen and the G.o.ddess were still existences that belonged to the mortal plane, but she was someone who existed outside of this world, or one could say that she even existed outside of all fantasies.

After taking a few more heavy gasps of air, Yun Che’s heart and mind had regained some clarity and composure. He badly wanted to turn around and willingly be swallowed by that absolutely beautiful illusion which devoured all of a person’s consciousness, yet he also did not dare to turn around as he was afraid that he would truly sink into oblivion forever. He forced himself to forget the last thing that Shen Xi had said, and used all of his strength to divert his attention elsewhere before he finally spoke in a firm manner, “Senior Shen Xi, I am indeed not too interested in acquiring power that reaches across the universe and cannot be defied, and I also have never deliberately sought after the pinnacle of the profound way. So when you say that I have no ambition, I do admit that.”

“But you don’t understand me either.”

“Even though I do indeed lack the ambition that Senior described, it does not mean that I have no goals or pursuits, and it means even less that I will be a coward and live in fear. On the contrary, I have always been a person who always takes revenge. If I had sufficient strength, I would have already paid Qianye ten times over for what she did to me… It’s just that the difference between the two of us is simply far too vast. The current me cannot take revenge, nor can I help He Ling take revenge, that is the most basic form of self-awareness.”

“Furthermore, compared to the grudge I have against Qianye, it is a far more important matter for the current me to figure out a way to get back home… and it’s also a far more practical goal.”

If he truly abandoned everything he had in the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm, he would indeed no longer be bound by anything, and he would truly be free of all worries and distractions. Furthermore his world would grow even bigger and his growth would become even faster.

But, to ask him to become someone like Qianye just for the sake of becoming unrivalled under heaven and just for the sake of vengeance… He would rather die than do so!

And that was how he had always been.

A shade of shock appeared in Shen Xi’s beautiful eyes… and it was not because of what Yun Che had said. Rather, she was shocked that Yun Che could actually regain such clarity and focus in such a short amount of time, and that he could actually p.r.o.nounce each word with a steely resoluteness.

She said in a soft and gentle voice, “You are the person who is most qualified to possess ambition in this world, yet you do not… Even though it is a pity, it isn’t something that is altogether bad either. That is no longer important. Like I previously said, the matter of He Ling’s revenge will be a topic for another day.”

She lightly took half a step forward and because the two of them were already extremely close, that small half step nearly caused Shen Xi’s towering bosom to come into contact with Yun Che’s back. A finger that was still covered in a dull white glow was slowly raised up before pressing against Yun Che’s back, and that already soft and gentle voice became even more silky and cottony, “What I desire to know right now is how much courage you have… Do you truly not want to… rip my clothes to shreds?”

The sensation of her jade finger touching his back… was very very light, yet it carried with it an irresistible magic, and it caused both his body and soul to go completely limp.

Just now, he could still tell himself that it was an auditory hallucination, but there was no way to deny it this time around.

Yun Che’s brain stalled completely as both of his eyes went blank, and the conviction and will he had barely pulled together with great difficulty were once again smashed into smithereens. He had never been so dumbfounded at any point in either of his lives, and even he did not know how long he remained in that stupor before he finally managed to say three words with much difficulty, “Why… are you…”

“Ai…” Shen Xi’s gaze was light and she let out a sigh. However, Yun Che, whose back was facing her, was unable to admire just how dewy and fantastically beautiful her eyes were. She said in a melancholic voice, “A woman that all men under heaven desire even in their dreams is standing right in front of you and telling you that you can do whatever naughty things that you desire with her. Yet your response is merely those three words which completely ruins the mood.”

Yun Che, “...”

“It looks like it’s not only ambition that you lack, you also don’t have a sufficient amount of boldness or daring… It is no wonder that girl called Xia Qingyue wanted to leave you behind to face Qianye on her own.”

Yun Che’s eyes immediately started to intensely focus… The words that Shen Xi had just said had viciously agitated his pride and dignity.

The corner of his eyebrows twitched as he whirled around. The Shen Xi that filled his vision still gave him an illusory feeling that he had entered some sort of dreamscape, but his eyes now contained a viciousness that had been birthed by her provocation. His right hand suddenly thrust out violently as he very nearly snarled, “Do you really think that…”

Just as he was about to say to complete the sentence “Do you really think that I do not dare to”, Yun Che’s entire body went completely stiff.

The palm that he had swiftly thrust out had landed heavily on Shen Xi’s chest and his fingers, which had been spread out wide, deeply burrowed into that supple and soft jade flesh.

Yun Che had been stunned by this turn of events, completely and utterly stunned at that… He had originally believed with all of his heart that Shen Xi was intentionally provoking him for a reason that he was not yet aware of, perhaps as some sort of test. And he had also firmly believed that this incomparably audacious and extremely indecent action of his would definitely be dodged by her… There was absolutely no reason or possibility for her to allow him to take advantage of her.

Yet, his hand had solidly grabbed onto her bosom with great force. A sensation which threatened to steal and captivate his soul was being transmitted from his palm with incomparable clarity as it spread through his entire body.

Yun Che’s entire body seemed to have turned to stone as his eyes grew fixed in place and did not move a single inch… and he even forgot to remove that offending hand as well.

Shen Xi had not dodged nor did she presently attempt to struggle free. Her absolutely beautiful celestial mien was not colored with the slightest hint of anger and her eyes had grown misty, a mistiness which was extremely moving. Amid Yun Che’s stupor, she actually raised her jade arm to touch Yun Che’s neck as an alluring, cottony and seductive voice came from those cherry-colored lips, “Is this the limit of your boldness?”



Yun Che’s vision started growing more and more narrow, it contracted one last time… and after that, his hand finally eased its grip. But he did not withdraw this arm. Instead, he grabbed on to the corner of her robe and fiercely ripped his arm downwards.

In an instant, her plain-white robes had been completely torn asunder. Amidst the flying fragments of cloth, Shen Xi’s jade body which was as perfect as a miracle bestowed by the G.o.ds… was completely exposed.

It seemed as if her entire body was being bathed in gentle moon light as a soft and supple light, that resembled a halo made out of moonlight, spread across her fragrant shoulders. It flowed along her snowy skin and traced the outline of her collarbone and the two incredibly smooth and sleek half-globes that hung right below it. Two proudly towering and perfectly-rounded snow-white mountains hung in the air as flowing light, that glowed like white jade, traced the perfect arc formed by those towering peaks… that light flowed down the curves of her enchanting and bewitching waist until it reached her powdery white and l.u.s.trous jade thighs...

He did not respond to this sight with any words. Instead, a fire seemed to boil up in every part of Yun Che’s body. He fiercely hurled himself towards Shen Xi as he pressed her down against the bamboo bed behind them.

Shen Xi… She looked as sacred and otherworldly as a G.o.ddess, yet if the current her were to suddenly turn seductive and alluring, a simple look from her would be enough to overturn whatever will and rationality any man had.

There was still some bewilderment and rationality remaining in Yun Che’s heart… But the moment he heard a faint and dreamy moan tumble from Shen Xi’s lips, the only thing burning in his eyes was the most ardent desire he had ever felt in both of his lives...

To h.e.l.l with rationality!!

He resembled a starved wolf in heat as he threw himself against her body with a force that could nearly be described as violent. A hand directly raised up those beautiful legs which were as supple as jade as his body pressed down on hers.

Shen Xi’s towering and silky b.r.e.a.s.t.s drew arcs of absolute beauty in the air as she shook. Her celestial body did not reject him but her pair of beautiful eyes did not contain a single hint of desire. They also did not contain any disgust or rejection, they were only covered with a mistiness that grew more and more hazy with each pa.s.sing second…


From morning until noon, and then until evening.

He Ling, who had many things weighing on her heart, had been quietly standing amidst the flowers, but an entire day had gone past and she still had not heard or seen any activity from Shen Xi or Yun Che. She would definitely not disobey Shen Xi’s instructions, so she quietly waited where she was, and she did not take a single step towards that small green bamboo hut.

The most perfect jade body in this world also happened to belong to the only otherworldly G.o.ddess whom even he did not dare to think of defiling. Yet this very G.o.ddess was currently pressed down beneath his body and he was free to defile her in whatever manner he pleased. This feeling was simply far too intense and it caused a person to become far too enraptured in it. As a result of that, Yun Che practically morphed into some crazed wild beast as he spent an entire day and night venting his l.u.s.t on Shen Xi’s body, he exerted so much effort that it was as if he hated that he could not die from making love to her.

It was a wonderful feeling that could not be described, a stimulant that words could not do justice to… It was as if he had returned to his past life in the Azure Cloud Continent when he had first made love to Su Ling’er...

This continued until a certain time when he limply fell on top of Shen Xi’s body and hurtled headlong into a deep sleep.

The world finally grew peaceful again.

Shen Xi lightly pushed Yun Che off of her body as she slowly got to her feet.

This originally incomparably pure small bamboo hut, that had always belonged to her and her alone, was now a complete mess as nasty fluids had splashed all over the place. Even the air itself was filled with a completely lascivious aroma… it was simply far too dense, even the fresh fragrance of the plants and flowers in this place could not get rid of it in a short amount of time.

Shen Xi stood up, white light flas.h.i.+ng across her body. After that, all the things that soiled her body were immediately removed and she once again wore a plain white robe that was simple and elegant in the extreme.

Her beautiful eyes were like limpid blue lakes and not a single ripple could be seen within them. Amidst the peace and quiet, she raised her hand and looked at the pure white light that flashed from her palm. She quietly stared at it for a long period of time before she finally whispered, “As expected…”

“As such, I have also finally…”