Against the Gods - Chapter 128 - Are you sure?

Chapter 128 - Are you sure?

Chapter 128 - Are you sure?

Li Mo’s fight with Feng Yue could only be described as “pitiful beyond words”.

While exchanging pointers in seven moves, Li Mo consecutively used seven types of sword techniques consecutively, then fell seven times consecutively. The sword in his hands still did not touch even the tip of Feng Yue’s s.h.i.+rt. Feng Yue’s profound energy was seven whole levels above Li Mo’s, and they even had a realm’s gap between them. It was as if he forgot, or rather, he didn’t care that this was an a.s.sessment of strength while crus.h.i.+ng his opponent as he wished with his profound strength throughout the process. There was even a sliver of a smile on his face, as if he enjoyed this feeling of trampling on others without restrain.

After seven moves, Li Mo’s clothes were already torn and tattered. Falling over seven times also made him suffer many injuries.

“Seven moves have pa.s.sed, you can stop now.” Instructor Qi voiced, and then spoke quietly to Li Mo, “You flinch a little when you attack, but your profound energy control is still quite okay, you’ve pa.s.sed, but barely. Tomorrow morning, you can report to the Outer Palace.”

“Ah!” Li Mo exclaimed in a low voice, as his face revealed an expression of extreme joy. In his happiness, he completely forgot about the injuries on his body. Unable to contain his joy, he bowed repeatedly to Instructor Qi, “Thank you, instructor, for allowing me to accomplish my dream. Thank you for allowing me to accomplish my dream….”

After a round of endless thanks, Li Mo left in joyous happiness with the other pract.i.tioners staring at him in envy.

“Next: Chen Lu!”

The second examinee did not get much better treatment than Li Mo. The moment he went up, his head was smashed by Feng Yue, and within seven moves, he was left bruised and swollen…...

As the examination proceeded, the examinees at the back got increasingly nervous, because the outcome of those who went up against Feng Yue could be said to be worse with each person. Within them, there were many who had witnessed the examination a few days ago. Those teachers and disciples who were opponents never retaliated. Rather, they allowed the examinee to exhibit their profound strength as they wished. Occasionally, they would hit back, but it would only be to shake off their opponent. But this Feng Yue was merciless with each move. Seven moves to exchange pointers; the examinee would use seven moves, and he would retaliate seven moves without any mercy, and almost every move he used injured his opponent.

He didn’t seem like he was there to help the examination, but rather to enjoy the process of bullying and oppressing others.

This sort of situation persisted until Ao Yan went up, then some sort of change occurred.

After Ao Yan went up, immediately, he displayed his profound energy substantially. In an imposing manner like the gathering of large winds and dark clouds, his first move actually forced Feng Yue back by a small step, inciting large applause and surprised exclamations from the audience. Within seven moves, Ao Yan responded calmly; forget about getting injured, he wasn’t even beaten back by Feng Yue even once.

“Oh, pretty impressive.” After seven moves were over, Feng Yue nodded smilingly, saying to the elder, “Instructor Qi, this is a rare genius. Not only does he have uncommon profound strength, even both his presentation and control of profound energy are superb. To reach such a state at this age, he can be said to be one among millions.”

“Senior brother’s praise is too absurd,” Ao Yan said with a frightened expression, but his eyes were filled with complacency.

“Indeed, he’s an uncommon talent. Ao Yan, you’ve also pa.s.sed, report at the Outer Palace tomorrow.” Instructor Qi said, nodding.

Yun Che shook his forehead, giving a cold laugh silently: The exchange of looks between Ao Yan and Feng Yue really gave some food for thought.

“I thank Instructor Qi.” Ao Yan bowed composedly. When he walked down the stage and past Feng Yue’s side, he spoke quickly and extremely quietly, “Cousin, help me teach Yun Xiaofan and Yun Che a lesson, let them look as bad as possible… Tonight, the eighteen flower pavilions in the imperial city, choose as you wish.” (TL: Flower pavilions = brothels)

Feng Yue’s eyes instantly lit up. He licked his lips slowly as a sinister smile revealed at the corner of his mouth.

“Next, Yun Xiaofan.”

“Phew, it’s finally me.” Extremely nervous, Yun Xiaofan let out a low sounding exhale.

“Be more careful. This Feng Yue isn’t anything good.” Yun Che reminded in a low voice.

“Mn, I’ll be careful.” Yun Xiaofan nodded. With a rise of profound energy, he jumped onto the tall stage in front of Feng Yue, “ Senior Brother Feng Yue, please give me your guidance.”

“Oh? Yun Xiaofan?” Seeing the youth before his eyes who still possessed a childish innocence, the look in Feng Yue’s eyes began to grow dangerous and sardonic. He smiled blandly and said, “Looking at you, you should be only fifteen, it’s really such a pity… Show me your moves and let me see what you’re worth.”

“It’s really such a pity”; these few words from Feng Yue made Yun Xiaofan confused, but he didn’t dare to say anything else. Crossing his arms in front of his body, profound energy from his entire body surged. Atop both palms, two lumps of purple light slowly gathered and sizzled.

“Oh, you actually have lightning attribute profound arts, not bad.” Feng Yue stretched out his right hand slowly and said laughingly.

“Rolling Thunder Palm!”

Both of Yun Xiaofan’s palms clapped into one as a traditional family lightning attribute profound art combined with a lightning attribute profound skill and crashed straight for Feng Yue.

Yun Xiaofan’s profound energy was only at the second level of Nascent Profound Realm, falling short of Feng Yue by eleven whole levels. To pract.i.tioners at the same level as him, this attack was definitely uncommon, but to Feng Yue, it didn’t even pose the slightest bit of a threat. Just before Yun Xiaofan approached Feng Yue, Feng Yue’s figure suddenly shook and neared in front of Yun Xiaofan out of his own accord. With his elbow, he knocked aside Yun Xiaofan’s protective profound energy and heavily knocked on his chest…. In the split second of impact, the corner of his mouth revealed a trace of evident malicious smile.


A clear sound of breaking bone rang out beside everyone’s ears. The condensed bright lightning in Yun Xiaofan’s hands immediately vanished as his body flew out like a thrown sandbag. Blood spurted from his mouth in midair and he fell heavily outside the stage.

Immediately, a large commotion broke out in the surroundings, everyone was shocked by this unforeseen situation. Yun Che’s expression fell solemn and he rushed hurriedly to Yun Xiaofan’s side. Yun Xiaofan laid on the ground with an ashen face and lips full of fresh blood. Three of his ribs were broken on the left side of his chest and it was completely impossible for him to stand up.

The fury in Yun Che’s heart came out with a “whoosh”. He turned towards Feng Yue and said in a deep voice, “Feng Yue! Even though this is only an examination, you actually dealt such a heavy blow!!”

Feng Yue spread both hands and showed an innocent expression, “How would I know that his profound energy would actually be so low? I saw that he had lightning attribute profound arts and thought that he would be quite resilient. But it turned out that…. Tsk tsk, it’s really such a disappointment.”

Ao Yan, who was on the other side, grinned and laughed coldly: Yun Xiaofan, this is the price you have to pay for speaking rudely to me….. As the one up next, is Yun Che. To actually dare steal my limelight….. I want you to never be able to dream about entering Blue Wind Profound Palace for the rest of your life.

“Feng Yue, you’ve done it too harshly!” Instructor Qi also furrowed his eyebrows and said severely.

“Indeed, your disciple did not have a good grasp of the situation.” Feng Yue said as he turned towards Instructor Qi, “However, your disciple does not regret it. Within this Profound Palace, one of the fastest methods of raising profound strength is to fight hand to hand with a strong opponent, so getting injured is a very common thing. Although I might have somewhat made a miscalculation, it is just as well that I can let them understand and integrate earlier. As compared to the injuries we Middle Palace disciples have suffered while exchange pointers, this small bit of injury doesn’t amount to much. If he can’t even withstand this small bit of pain, then he doesn’t have the right to enter our Blue Wind Profound Palace anyway.

Instructor Qi furrowed his eyebrows, but did not say anymore.

“Hehe, you actually have the nerve to say something so pompous.” Glancing at the cold smile on Ao Yan’s face, and thinking back to the previous unusual looks exchanged between them, Yun Che was still somewhat confused. This was obviously Ao Yan’s act of petty revenge on Yun Xiaofan by using Feng Yue’s power…. but only because Yun Xiaofan had lectured him a little previously.

Since he had revenge on Yun Xiaofan, then it would certainly fall on him too.

He was about to speak when suddenly, a trembling hand fell on his. Yun Xiaofan clenched his teeth, exerted his body to sit up, and said in a pained voice, “Brother Yun… I….. I’m fine…. The examination hasn’t ended, I’m fine…. Fine…..”

In his struggle, Yun Xiaofan’s upper body actually managed to rigidly sit up. His internal organs were hurt and three ribs were broken. To finish this action must have taken gargantuan willpower and extreme pain. The moment his upper body sat up, Yun Che clearly saw two streams of tears flowing from his eyes…. Because he understood, in the situation he was in now, he was completely unable to continue the examination. Being unable to partic.i.p.ate in the examination meant he was unable to enter Blue Moon Profound Palace. His dreams, and all of his family’s hopes were all ruined in that moment. How could he not shed tears in heartbreak?

“Xiaofan, this incident was not caused by you, so there is no reason for you to be stripped of your right to enter Blue Wind Profound Palace. Don’t move about now, else your body would truly be damaged. By then, it would really be impossible for you to enter the Palace!” Yun Che pushed YunXiaofan back down from his upright position and placed a medium grade Heaven Returning Pellet in his mouth. Then, he took a step and leapt in front of Feng Yue.

“My name is Yun Che. This time, I’ll accept your ‘a.s.sessment’.” Yun Che’s voice was flat. His gaze was as tranquil as water and there was not even a hint of emotion or color to be found within.

“Oh? So you are Yun Che, number one in this group’s Profound Strength a.s.sessment?” Feng Yue gave Yun Che a lookover and narrowed both eyes. In regards to the fact that he had just severely hurt Yun Xiaofan, it seemed like he completely didn’t take it to heart.

“That’s right.” Yun Che indifferently replied, “Before we start, I have something I want to clarify with you. You just said that in Blue Moon Profound Palace, suffering heavy injuries after an exchange of pointers is the common norm, isn’t that so? Then if I accidentally hurt you, do I have to take any responsibility?”

The moment Yun Che said these words, everyone present was stunned. Even Feng Yue, who starting laughing manically a bit after, “You…. hurt me? HAHA... HAHAHAHAH! This must be the funniest thing I’ve heard this year. Good, very good, a person who’s confident to this extent is also a rare sight. Then please, try to hurt me as much as you like. Not mentioning hurting me, even if you kill me, it would be of your own capabilities. Abso~ lutely~ no one will fault you for it…. HAHAHAHA,” After saying this, even he himself, found it too hilarious and couldn’t help but mockingly laugh again.

“Then I’m relieved.” Yun Che smiled faintly, and the look in his eyes gradually sharpened.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s start.” Feng Yue hugged his chest with both arms and stared at Yun Che like he would at an idiot. Loftily and disdainfully, he continued, “Since you vainly wish to hurt me that much, I’ll give you a chance. I’ll stand here without moving and let you attack me with three moves. If I move or get hurt, I’ll walk upside down in future when I see you. If you can’t injure or make me move within three moves, hehe, then obediently get out of this Blue Moon Profound Palace. And before you get out, I might just give you a ‘big gift’.”

The tip of Yun Che’s brow, which was originally furrowed in concentration, instantly smoothed out. He tapped the tip of his nose and said with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, “Are you sure?”