Against the Gods - Chapter 1257 - Star God Realm (1)

Chapter 1257 - Star God Realm (1)

Chapter 1257 - Star G.o.d Realm (1)

“Among the twelve Star G.o.ds of the Star G.o.d Realm, the strongest has always been the Heavenly Wolf Star G.o.d. In the near hundred thousand year history of the Star G.o.d Realm, it has always been the Heavenly Wolf Star G.o.d who was the leader.”

“However, Xing Juekong inherited the powers of the Heavenly Chief Star G.o.d back then and eventually surpa.s.sed all the other Star G.o.ds to become the Emperor of the Star G.o.ds. Simply based on this, we know that he is extraordinary.”

When talking about the Star G.o.d Emperor, the Dragon Monarch’s demeanor bore hints of coldness underneath his calmness, “I rarely interacted with the Star G.o.d Emperor but based on my understanding of him, there is nothing unusual about his temperament and his joy and anger is also normal. However, when it comes to ‘important matters’, he is a most unscrupulous person.”

“...” Yun Che’s heart became agitated. Hearing the Dragon Monarch using the word “most”.

“Alright,” The Dragon Monarch turned around, “I hope that you really are what the Heavenly Mystery Realm mentioned, the ‘child of the heavens’ that is protected by the heavenly law. I hope you don’t die too young and waste the last divine soul of the Primordial Dragon G.o.d!”

“Everything Senior Dragon Monarch mentioned, junior will take to heart.” Yun Che paid his respects again, giving words of truthful grat.i.tude.

The Dragon Monarch taking the initiative to warn him was undoubtedly due to the Dragon Soul within him. However, this was still the greatest form of respect and honor within the entire G.o.d Realm.

“The person from Star G.o.d Realm that will be receiving you has already arrived. Take care.”

As his voice suddenly became distant, the silhouette and the grand dragon aura had already completely vanished.

Yun Che stood there thinking. After some time had pa.s.sed, the people from the Snow Song Realm finally approached carefully, their faces all filled with complete shock that still could not be erased.

“The Dragon Monarch actually came to find Senior Brother Yun… Seems like he really wants to adopt Yun Che,” a disciple from the Snow Song Realm said in agitation.

“Yun Che, if you were to become the adopted child of the Dragon Monarch, your status would exceed a higher realm king! Furthermore, you also offended the Holy Eaves Realm… you should never have rejected him! If Sect Master was here, she would also instruct you to accept.” Mu Huanzhi persuaded once again. He wracked his brain but still did not understand why Yun Che rejected this matter.


Yun Che was just about to answer when a bright voice rang suddenly from the outer yard,

“Star Guard, under Star G.o.d Realm Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d, requests to meet Sir Yun Che.”

The words were respectful and humble which caused everyone to be shocked.

“Star… Guard!?”

“Star Guards are under the command of their respective Star G.o.ds. Their status within the Star G.o.d Realm is extremely high and they only listen to the command of their Star G.o.d.” Mu Huanzhi lowered his voice and explained, “He should be here to fetch you.”

“Distinguished guest, please enter.” Mu Huanzhi’s voice was forty percent careful and sixty percent respectful.

The courtyard door opened noiselessly and a tall and straight, graceful and handsome man with sword brows and starry eyes slowly entered. He arrived before Yun Che and bowed, “I am Xing Ling, head guard under the command of Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d. I am here to specially invite Sir Yun Che to come to the Star G.o.d Realm as a guest.”

Star Guard… and the head star guard. All the bodies of the Snow Song Realm disciples tightened and they did not dare to even breathe loudly.

However, since the head star guard was treating Yun Che with utmost respect, they felt pride from the bottom of their hearts.

“Under the Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d? Did the Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d send you to receive me?” Yun Che’s voice was calm but he had to suppress the extreme agitation in his heart.

“It isn’t like that,” Xing Ling replied. “This time, I came along with the G.o.d emperor which is why I luckily obtained the chance to witness Sir Yun Che in full glory. The Star Master usually does not like to interact with outsiders which is why she did not come.”

The “Star Master” that Xing Ling mentioned was Jasmine. Star Guards referred to the Star G.o.d that they were under as “Star Master”.

“I see.” Yun Che nodded but his heart sank.

“The G.o.d emperor and the other Star G.o.ds will be returning in an hour’s time. Sir Yun Che may follow me if you are already prepared.”

Yun Che breathed in slightly, turned around and said, “Elders and palace masters, this disciple will be heading to the Star G.o.d Realm now. If Master asks, please help me relay this to her.”

“...Be careful,” Mu Bingyun simply instructed, but her heart was filled with worry.

He would finally attain his wish once he entered the Star G.o.d Realm… but that place was still the Star G.o.d Realm.


Xing Ling swept up a gust of gentle wind and brought Yun Che towards the Star G.o.d Realm. Although he traveled extremely quickly, he did not bring any form of discomfort to Yun Che.

Naturally, Yun Che was unable to detect Xing Ling’s cultivation level. However, he could inadvertently feel that his profound strength was definitely not below Mu Bingyun.

Mu Bingyun’s cultivation was already in the later stages of the Divine Sovereign Realm. Within the Snow Song Realm, she was only below Mu Xuanyin… yet Xing Ling was just a mere star guard of the Star G.o.d Realm.

The might of the king realms was indeed something no ordinary person could imagine.

“Sir Yun Che, your name now resounds around the entire G.o.d Realm. Nine stage lightning tribulation, child of the heavens… It is with utmost luck that I was able to accompany the G.o.d emperor to the Eternal Heaven Realm and witness this marvel.”

Xing Ling’s words were not empty praise but instead awe from the bottom of his heart.

“Senior is too kind, this junior dares not accept such praise,” Yun Che replied with humility.

“Others may not be deserving of such praise but you definitely are. Even the Dragon Monarch wanted to take you as his son. Even if another million years were to pa.s.s within the G.o.d Realm, there will not be anyone that would receive such honor.” Xing Ling laughed, “However, I am definitely not deserving of you calling me ‘senior’ despite being two thousand years older. Though if you don’t dislike it, you may just call me ‘big brother’.”

Yun Che was not pretentious and replied directly, “Alright! Big Brother Xing Ling, I have long admired the Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d, you must be by her side often and know her best. I wonder if you could tell me… what kind of person is the Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d?”

Yun Che knew best what kind of person Jasmine was and he was undoubtedly the person who understood her the best within the entire world. However, he only asked this to know how she was recently.

“...” Xing Ling hesitated, “As a star guard, I should not gossip about my Star Master.”

Then, his tone changed quickly and he sincerely replied, “I can give you some warnings… The Star Master’s temper is eccentric. If you manage to meet her, talk with utmost caution and don’t say anything that might offend her even slightly. Otherwise… the consequences are unpredictable.”

“Ah?” Yun Che’s face revealed shock.

“However…” Xing Ling hesitated before lowering his voice and saying, “Sir Yun Che, since you were willing to call me big brother, I might… tell you something that I shouldn’t say.”

Yun Che, “...”

“Although the G.o.d emperor promised to let the Star Master teach you “Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow”, him agreeing does not mean that the Star Master will agree. It is highly likely that you may not meet the Star Master this time on your trip to the Star G.o.d Realm. You must be prepared… However, since the G.o.d emperor has promised, the divine arts for Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow will definitely be taught to you.”

After speaking, Xing Ling frowned slightly.

Weird… the G.o.d emperor should be the clearest about the Star Master’s temperament, why would he himself suggest that the Star Master personally teach him Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow?

Could it be...

A sudden thought, his heart ferociously skipped a beat as he felt that he said something that should never be said.

“Why is that?” Yun Che had a face of shock, “The Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d isone of the Star G.o.ds and the eldest daughter of the G.o.d emperor. Can she disobey his orders?”

“Not only that,” seeing that Yun Che did not have any unusual reaction, Xing Ling’s heart relaxed, “We Star Guards usually await orders within our Star Master’s Star G.o.d Palace. However… the Star Master does not allow any one of us to take a step into the palace.

“Not only us, the other Star G.o.ds, the Star Master’s brothers… even the G.o.d emperor are forbidden from taking a step into her Star G.o.d Palace. Otherwise, no matter who it was, the Star Master will directly kill them.”

“...” Yun Che’s mouth was agape.

Xing Ling laughed, “Sir Yun Che does not need to be shocked, the Star G.o.d’s powers affect their temperament. All the previous Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.ds acted the same way. Furthermore, the Star Master’s mother…”

Xing Ling’s words fell to silence before he quickly changed the topic, “However, there is one exception. Her Highness Caizhi is the most loved by the Star Master. She can enter the Star G.o.d Palace freely. Usually, it is her that accompanies the Star Master.”


Wait! This name...

This was the name that Moonflower mentioned when she brought Jasmine back. It was also after this name was mentioned that Jasmine left without hesitation, breaking their bonds and leaving behind cruel words to never meet again.

“Could it be that this highness Caizhi is another princess?” Yun Che probed.

“That’s right, Her Highness Caizhi is the little princess of our Star G.o.d Realm. Although she does not have the same birth mother as our Star Master, their relations.h.i.+p has always been close. Also, Her Highness Caizhi is the current Lord Heavenly Wolf.”

“Heavenly Wolf Star G.o.d?!” Yun Che was shocked.

He once heard Mu Xuanyin mention before that although the previous Heavenly Wolf Star G.o.d had not perished for long, a new Heavenly Wolf Star G.o.d had already emerged and their compatibility was overwhelming. He did not expect it to be a girl younger than Jasmine.

He remembered vaguely that Moonflower might have mentioned this back then.

The Star G.o.d Emperor had many descendants but only two daughters… and both of them had become Star G.o.ds.

“Although, Her Highness Caizhi is not even in her twenties, her compatibility with the Heavenly Wolf Star G.o.d’s powers is far more perfect than the deceased ‘Lord Xisu’. The future Star G.o.d Emperor will also most likely be Her Highness Caizhi.”

Yun Che, “...”

Xisu…this was the name of Jasmine’s most respected brother...

Although Xing Ling was the head Star Guard, he did not have any airs to him and even told him numerous things without restraint. Furthermore, he was Jasmine’s Star Guard… this made Yun Che highly fond of him.

The Star G.o.d Realm’s rank within the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm was naturally far superior to the Snow Song Realm’s. Spiritual energy was concentrated, the place was surrounded by clouds, and at one glance it seemed as though it was a palace within the fairy realm.

“We’re here. The G.o.d emperor instructs you to temporarily wait here with me.”

Xing Ling descended with Yun Che. As he finished speaking, his face suddenly changed drastically… Just in front, two female silhouettes were approaching slowly.

The figure on the left wore a purplish pink robe, possessed absolute beauty that was elegant and pure. It was as though she was a fairy that appeared from a cold lake.

The figure on the right was tall and wore a jade green dress that was nearly translucent. When she walked, her jade body seemed to be visible. Her snow white thighs and beautiful legs were almost completely exposed. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were half covered and stood proudly. Even from afar, a white ravine could be seen. Her entire body emitted an alluring and soul stealing charm.

Of the two, one was beautiful like a fairy while the other was as alluring as a demon. It was enough for any man to instantly feel the deepest and most original form of desire.

Yun Che frowned slightly, but Xing Ling had already stepped forward quickly and knelt down, “Heavenly Slaughter Star Guard Xing Ling greets Lord Rose and Lord Moonflower.”

Neither of them even looked at Xing Ling, their gazes fell onto Yun Che at the same time.

These two people were two great Star G.o.ds!

One was the Heavenly Demon Star G.o.d, Rose!

As for the other person, Yun Che would never forget even in death… Back then, she was the one that took Jasmine away from him; the closest to death he had ever been in his life was also granted by her!

Heavenly Poison Star G.o.d, Moonflower!