Against the Gods - Chapter 1245 - Abuse

Chapter 1245 - Abuse

Chapter 1245 - Abuse


The Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade hit Yun Che’s palm, but there was no profound energy explosion, collapsed s.p.a.ce, or blood. All the impact produced was a hiss of lightning, and the blade came to a stop—or more accurately, Yun Che held it with three fingers—just like that. The devastating power of a Divine King had vanished like it had been devoured by a dimensional black hole.

The Conferred G.o.d Stage was completely silent.

Luo Changsheng looked deathly pale as his pupils trembled with confusion and fear. His weapon arm felt numb, but he couldn’t feel any power inside it… in fact, he couldn’t even feel the Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade itself.

The Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade had been injected with all of his power, but Yun Che had stopped his attack barehanded—no, with just three fingers!


Im… po… ssi… ble...

Yun Che remained expressionless, almost as if he had caught a tiny insect and not a blade. Then, he squeezed the Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade a bit.


There was a soft noise, and pale white cracks instantly spread throughout the blade.

Luo Changsheng’s pupils dilated until they couldn’t possibly get any wider.

Creak creak creak creak creak...

Aooo— wooh—

The Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade struggled and trembled intensely in Yun Che’s grip, all the while roaring fearfully and in pain. However, its futile struggles and sorrowful roars lasted for only a brief instant before it stilled and crumbled into countless gray white pieces in Luo Changsheng’s hand. The fragments fell to the light screen beneath their feet, s.h.i.+ning with despair during its final moments before everything finally turned silent.

“You… You…” Luo Changsheng staggered back a few steps while feeling numb all over. He felt as if someone had sucked the soul from his very body.

“Yun Che… took Luo Changsheng’s Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade… with his bare hand…”

“Not his hand, his fingers… he even crushed it… was the Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade such a fragile weapon?”

“The Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade was a primordial divine blade Fairy Guxie brought back from the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning! There’s no way it’d be fragile… not to mention that it was injected with Luo Changsheng’s powers; a Divine King’s powers! Yun Che’s the reason… Yun Che… he… he… Ssss…”

Gasps could be heard all across the spectators stands.

“Im… impossible… Impossible…” Luo Guxie looked completely stunned. If she was numb from the shocking event that was the lightning tribulation earlier, then she couldn’t even believe her eyes right now.

She had personally brought the Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade back from the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning, and she had spent a tremendous amount of effort to retrieve the blade. Admittedly, it wasn’t nearly as strong as it was during the Primordial Era, but the blade itself was still made using the back of an actual dragon. Not even she could have destroyed it so easily… How in the world had Yun Che done it when he had just survived his tribulation lightning...

Wait, that white tribulation lightning surrounding him!

“Changsheng!” Luo Guxie suddenly shouted, “If a lightning tribulation hadn’t interfered with this battle, you would’ve been victorious a long time ago. This so-called rematch is unfair and completely meaningless to you, so you may as well just give up this fight!”

Luo Guxie was obviously giving Luo Changsheng a reason to surrender the match, but the words she used—“unfair”, “completely meaningless”—made Honorable Qu Hui frown deeply… if she wasn’t Luo Guxie, he would’ve shown his anger already.

“Give up…” Luo Changsheng’s lips were trembling, but no one knew if it was out of fear or humiliation. As he stared at the Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade’s broken fragments with a distorted expression, he said, “Are you kidding me… I’ve become a Divine King! I thrashed him like a dog just moments ago! Do you think I’m afraid of him!?”

Luo Changsheng was the first thirty year old Divine King in the history of the Eastern Divine Region. Not only did this shock the entire Eastern Divine Region, it even won the admiration of the Divine Masters as well. It was such a proud and impressive achievement! Three days ago, Yun Che had handed him his very first defeat and shame of his entire life. He had ascended to a Divine King so he could vent all of his hatred and fury on Yun Che to achieve peace of mind. Before the lightning tribulation had occurred, Yun Che had seemed like a tiny worm that he could crush however he wished. Although he could’ve defeated Yun Che easily, he had chosen to torture and trample all over his body and pride right at the Conferred G.o.d Stage before everyone’s eyes.

After all that he had done to Yun Che, what would become of his reputation if he ran away now? He would become the biggest laughingstock of the entire Eastern Divine Region! How could he possibly accept this?

“Heh.” Yun Che finally said something, but it was only a sneer that had escaped his lips.

The deeply ridiculing sneer seemed to pierce Luo Changsheng’s already taut nerves deeply, because he suddenly roared and charged Yun Che like a frightened animal. His movement were as quick as lightning, as his hands were encircled by a devastating tempest.

Yun Che remained still in the face of Luo Changsheng’s renewed attack. Not even the curl on his face had changed in the slightest.

“Don’t touch the lightning surrounding his body!!”

A panicked shout rang from the distance. It came from none other than Luo Guxie herself.


Luo Changsheng’s tempestuous powers slammed directly into Yun Che’s chest, and the terrific power of a Divine King exploded without reservation. However… it once again vanished into nothingness in the next instant.

It was like a beautiful bubble that was popped easily with a single touch.

Yun Che didn’t move at all, despite taking the full brunt of Luo Changsheng’s attack head on. His sleeves were the only thing that moved a little due to the shockwave.

Both of Luo Changsheng’s arms froze in front of Yun Che’s chest. His pupils were dilating, and his entire body was shaking badly. “Im… impossible… impossible… Waahh!”

Before Luo Changsheng could retrieve his soul from the abyss, a bloodcurdling scream abruptly escaped his lips. Due to the physical contact, the white lightning surrounding Yun Che’s body had abruptly crawled through his arms and spread across his entire body.

He felt as if he had suddenly sunk into a terrible, invisible cage. Every part of his body was bound firmly by an irresistible power. As lightning continued to hiss beside his ears, a numbness so terrible that it was cruel spread to his organs, his veins, his profound veins, his cells, his pores...

White light flashed repeatedly on Luo Changsheng’s body. The lightning had not only robbed him of his strength and the ability to control his own body, but had also made him spasm violently. The only thing he could feel right now was a numbness so painful he wished he was dead.

“This is the Divine King power you pride yourself in?” Yun Che sneered disdainfully. “How disappointing.”

Yun Che slowly stretched out his hand and grabbed Luo Changsheng by the throat. His movement was very slow, but Luo Changsheng was unable to struggle or back off at all due to the lightning. Like a herd animal whose bones were completely crushed, he was easily lifted into the air by Yun Che.

“Ugh… Ah… Aaah…”

Luo Changsheng could only spasm in Yun Che’s hands. Forget struggling, he couldn’t even let out a normal sound. Yun Che’s arm moved higher and higher as he stared at Luo Changsheng coldly, “Luo Changsheng, you are an impressive genius in the way of the profound. If a lightning tribulation hadn’t suddenly descended upon me, I wouldn’t have been a match for you at all.”

“You could’ve beaten me fair and square with the power you possess, and I would’ve accepted this defeat without any complaints. But you just had to show me that ugly side of yours, didn’t you?... It was so ugly I felt like puking just now!”

Yun Che had always been a vengeful person.

He always repaid those who treated him kindly, and he always paid back those who offended him ten times over!

The moment he said this, Yun Che tossed Luo Changsheng into the air. The latter screamed terribly.

Yun Che extended his right arm as a bolt of pale white lightning cut through the air. The moment it entangled itself around Luo Changsheng’s body, Yun Che swung his arm—and by extension, Luo Changsheng—downward and watched as Luo Changsheng was smashed violently against the ground.


The downward momentum was unbelievably powerful. It was to the point where even the barrier was shaking a little. The rope of lightning binding Luo Changsheng had even tightened the instant he hit the floor, sinking into his flesh cruelly and drawing a hoa.r.s.e, despairing roar.

“Changsheng!!” Luo Guxie’s eyes instantly widened to the point of breaking.

Yun Che raised his arm again, and the rope of lightning lifted Luo Changsheng high up into the air in response. Once again, he swung his opponent against the floor.


This throw was even stronger than the one before, and new b.l.o.o.d.y furrows were carved into Luo Changsheng’s flesh. Yun Che’s lips curled slightly as he rumbled in a low tone, “You must have had lot of fun when you threw me around earlier, didn’t you Luo Changsheng? In that case, I don’t mind lending you a hand and giving you an experience so pleasurable you won’t forget it for the rest of your life!”


The rope of lightning was swung once more, and this time Luo Changsheng landed head first on the ground. The sound of impact was as heavy as thunder, and it was accompanied by a shocking burst of blood.



Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang...

Right now, the son of the Holy Eaves Realm King, the strongest G.o.d Child of the Eastern Divine Region, and the first ever genius who had become Divine King at thirty years old, was tied to a rope like some pitiful gra.s.shopper and slammed to the ground repeatedly. Every swing was so powerful that hearts trembled, and every time Luo Changsheng hit the ground blood splattered everywhere as his flesh became mutilated. It was so cruel that most profound pract.i.tioners were looking away in shock and fear.

Nearly no one pitied Luo Changsheng, however.

Earlier, Luo Changsheng could’ve sent Yun Che out of bounds with a finger after Yun Che had lost all ability to resist. But he hadn’t. Instead, he had started trampling, torturing, and humiliating Yun Che like he had gone completely mad… He had become a most terrifying Luo Changsheng that none of them had ever seen before.

Now that the tables were flipped, Yun Che’s b.l.o.o.d.y revenge against Luo Changsheng was practically justice!

“...b.a.s.t.a.r.d… fiend…”

Luo Guxie was shaking all over and gritting her teeth so hard that they threatened to break. Her hands were clenched so hard that they had started bleeding a while ago. As Luo Changsheng’s master, she had trained him strictly, but also showered him with love. She could never bear to scold or hit Changsheng even when he grew lazy or had committed some terrible mistakes… But now, she was forced to watch Luo Changsheng being abused right in front of everyone’s eyes and do nothing about it. The splattering blood and hoa.r.s.e, blood-curdling screams felt like cruel demons who were chewing at her very heart and soul.

Luo Shangchen was also gripping his hands tightly with bloodshot eyes.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang...

Luo Changsheng hadn’t taken out Yun Che because he wanted to vent his dark emotions on him, so Yun Che made sure to return the favor in an even crueler fas.h.i.+on. The rope of lightning both preserved Luo Changsheng’s life and made sure that he wouldn’t faint out of pain or humiliation. Its electrical power constantly stimulated Luo Changsheng’s mind so that the latter had no choice but to suffer all the pain and humiliation that was inflicted upon him in the clearest of mind.

As the thunderous slams continued, Luo Changsheng became mutiliated beyond recognition. The outer garment Luo Guxie had just changed for him personally was completely torn and drenched in blood, giving him the appearance of someone who had just emerged from a literal blood bath. His screams grew more and more hoa.r.s.e and despairing. It was to the point where some people couldn’t stand listening to it any longer and sealed off their hearing.

It was at this moment that something unexpected occurred.


There was the sound of breaking s.p.a.ce, and a condensed but absolutely deadly storm flew towards Yun Che while being accompanied by a rancorous and murderous growl, “Die, fiend!”

It was Luo… Gu… xie!

The unexpected attack caught everyone by surprise.

“You dare!?”

The deafening shouts came from Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor and Dragon Monarch respectively.

For the first time, Qianye Ying’er’s expression changed drastically.

Because everyone was paying attention to the Conferred G.o.d Stage, no one had expected a famous Divine master and the strongest, most respected pract.i.tionerof the Eastern Divine Region to suddenly attack a junior during the Eastern Divine Region’s most important ceremony!

At this point, the word “surprising” could hardly fit her action. It was an utterly insane action that disregarded the pride of a Divine Master, the honor of the profound way, and mocked the Eternal Heaven and the Eastern Divine Region itself!

Luo Guxie was not in the least an ordinary character! Because she was gripped by violent anger, she had used between seventy to eighty percent of her strength when she fired the attack. Needless to say, it was enough power to destroy an entire continent and not something a Yun Che, or a million Yun Ches could block at all. He would undoubtedly be destroyed until not a speck of him was left in this world.

But the storm was too swift, and Luo Guxie had attacked when everyone had least expected it. Not even the Dragon Monarch or the G.o.d emperors were able to stop her in time.

The only one who could block the attack was Honorable Qu Hui, the closest person to Yun Che.



There was a loud noise, and Honorable Qu Hui was knocked back by the shockwave before he could even get close. Countless cracks appeared all over his right arm.

Honorable Qu Hui let out a dull, painful grunt, but there was nothing else he could do except to watch the terrible storm fly straight towards Yun Che, about to murder the unparalleled genius whose ascension had summoned the most shocking nine tribulations of the world...

Yun Che turned around slightly. Surprisingly, there was no fear on his face at all.

The rope of lightning binding Luo Changsheng abruptly loosened, and Yun Che suddenly swung his right arm straight at the incoming storm. The pale white lightning that had entangled him all this time suddenly pulled free and charged straight towards the storm, roaring like a living lightning dragon.