Against the Gods - Chapter 1226 - Heart Burning Lightning, Dragon Compassion Blade

Chapter 1226 - Heart Burning Lightning, Dragon Compassion Blade

Chapter 1226 - Heart Burning Lightning, Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade

“Luo Changsheng… what does he want to do?” Huo Rulie shouted with a nervous face.

“To actually block the World Illuminator Red Lotus…” Yan Juehai had yet to fully recover from the soul impact he had received earlier. His Phoenix bloodline’s strongest flame had actually been firmly blocked by Luo Changsheng, so he was naturally beyond uncomfortable.

“It is, after all, the divine body tempered by the Divine Water of Absolute Beginning. Otherwise, I’m afraid he would’ve long been burned to ash,” Huo Rulie answered in a low voice. Just as he finished speaking, his brows suddenly grew taut as he recalled a certain forbidden profound art from the Holy Eaves Realm. He said with a start, “Don’t tell me he wants to…”

Zzzt! Zzzt! Ssssss...

Purple lightning incessantly crackled at the center of Luo Changsheng’s palms, densely crowding together. In the end, it formed to become a violently twisting ball of lightning.

Luo Changsheng lifted his palm. However, the lightning in his hands was not thrown at Yun Che, but ruthlessly smashed at his own chest.


Yun Che, “!!?”

The purple light on Luo Changsheng’s chest exploded, then, bright purple lines of light suddenly appeared. With the position of his heart as the center, they rapidly spread to every corner of his body, to his limbs, fingers, neck, face… until finally, even the remnants of his hair had completely stood up, changing from a charred black to a crystalline bright purple.

During this process, Luo Changsheng’s profound energy, which had weakened considerably, suddenly increased, recovering to his peak state in the blink of an eye… Then, he broke through his limits and his profound energy continued to grow. His aura inflated, and heavily pressed outward. The suppressed Yun Che quickly retreated, his face immediately glum.

“So it really is… the Heart… Burning Lightning,” Mu Bingyun muttered, her icy eyes filled with worry.

“Heart Burning Lightning, Holy Eaves Realm’s forbidden profound art that forcibly breaks through one’s limits… Isn’t it said that you need to be in at least the Divine King Realm to successfully learn it?” Mu Tanzhi said in shock.

“That is for normal people.” Mu Huanzhi sighed heavily. “If Luo Changsheng’s physique is truly like the rumors say, that it had been tempered by the Divine Water of Absolute beginning, being able to use Heart Burning Lightning is not out of the question. Sigh, it looks like we’re truly done for.”

“Oh wow, a forbidden technique that shortens one’s lifespan.” G.o.d Emperor s.h.i.+tian narrowed his eyes. “The best G.o.d Child of the Eastern Region, whose fame is even widespread in the Southern Divine Region, was actually forced to a point where he doesn’t hesitate to shorten his lifespan. Marvelous, marvelous, hahahaha.”

G.o.d Emperor s.h.i.+tian’s hearty laughter hardly concealed his ridicule.

Luo Changsheng’s body glowed with countless streaks of bright purple patterns, even his profound energy was a faint purple. Furthermore, its movements were much more berserk than before, like the tossing of lava from purgatory.

With purple patterns all over his body, Luo Changsheng’s profound energy increased by almost fifty percent. He slowly lifted his head, eyes flas.h.i.+ng with two streaks of deep purple lightning. Even the pain from the crimson flame’s burns seemed to have disappeared with the change to his body and profound energy.

Yun Che’s heart sunk… This was a profound strength amplification, and it was a full fifty percent profound strength amplification.

To the profound pract.i.tioners of the G.o.d Realm, profound arts that raised one’s profound strength in a short amount of time were hard to come by and were also high cla.s.s profound arts that were the hardest to cultivate. Moreover, due to the forcible breakthrough of profound strength limits, the burden on the body and vitality would also exceed one’s limits. As a result, it would generally be accompanied by a serious side effect.

However, since a sharp increase in profound strength was usually able to turn situations around, so much so that the user could escape from a life threatening danger, the side effects could be completely endured and it was still something profound pract.i.tioners yearned for.

Profound arts able to increase profound strength by thirty percent were extremely rare, so the ones able to increase profound strength by fifty percent were even more rare. Luo Changsheng’s Heart Burning Lightning was precisely one that was able to increase one’s profound strength by fifty percent… and could last a considerably long time too.

With regards to increasing profound energy, the Evil G.o.d Arts was definitely the ancestor of these profound arts’ ancestors.

This was because the amplification brought about by the Evil G.o.d Arts could not be called amplification, but an incomparably terrifying berserking! It allowed Yun Che, with profound strength at the ninth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm, to withstand someone at the tenth level of the Divine Spirit Realm, so it was no longer a simple several fold increase. If this fact were to be known by others, even Divine Masters standing at the summit of the G.o.d Realm would wet themselves in shock.

Furthermore, even if Yun Che were to say that, it was doubtful that anyone would believe him.

If it was Yun Che in his normal state who did not receive the profound strength amplification from the Evil G.o.d Arts, he wouldn’t even be able to beat Luo Changsheng’s pinky finger.

Although a fifty percent increase in profound strength was extremely trashy in front of the Evil G.o.d Arts, it appearing on Luo Changsheng’s body was undoubtedly a frightening nightmare to the current Yun Che.

However, this nightmare had yet to end.


Luo Changsheng made a grabbing motion at the air and a dull white light suddenly flashed, instantly obstructing Yun Che’s vision.

At the same time, an incomparable heavy might was suddenly released alongside a dense fiendish aura. Beneath the outbreak of this frightening aura, Yun Che seemed to have been smashed in the chest by a huge hammer and was instantly forced to retreat a few kilometers away. On the spectator stands, the hearts of an uncountable number of profound pract.i.tioners suddenly throbbed, robbed of breath for a long time.

Even the hearts of the spectators watching from star tablets felt intense palpitations.

When the white light flashed, it seemed as though Luo Changsheng had removed an ancient seal and released a terrible devil G.o.d.

That’s… Yun Che was shocked. When he looked at Luo Changsheng again, he saw an additional, oddly shaped, huge white blade in the grasp of the purple line covered hand.

The blade was around three meters long, roughly the same length of his Heaven Smiting Sword. Its entire body was a strange pale white, and it was unknown how this material had been forged. The blade was without an edge and its back had six skulls lined up in a row. They weren’t human skulls, but… dragon skulls!

Every one of the six dragon skulls was sinister looking, a simple glance would cause souls to tremble. The position of the dragon eyes faintly flashed with white light and they seemed to retain their consciousness.

“That’s… the Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade!!”

Yun Che heard several startled cries coming from the spectator stands.

“So he really brought it out,” The Glazed Light Realm King said in a low voice tinged with a sigh. “Heart Burning Lightning with the Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade. If the current Luo Changsheng wants to win against Yun Che, it would require no effort… it’s just that the win will be a bit unsightly.”

“What… is that blade?” Huo Poyun asked in shock. He was a long distance away from Luo Changsheng and there was even a barrier between them, yet he felt an extremely frightening aura from that huge white blade. When his gaze swept across the dragon skulls on its body, his soul felt like it was being ruthlessly pressed down on by something, that was falling down an endless abyss.

“The Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade.” Huo Rulie closed his eyes. He heavily exhaled, his voice then became powerless. “It appears that the rumors were true.”

“Dragon Compa.s.sion… Blade?” Huo Poyun was in a daze. He had never heard this name, nor had he ever felt such a terrible aura from a profound weapon.

“Rumors say that in order to find the Divine Water of Absolute Beginning for Luo Changsheng, Luo Guxie entered the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning three times, and finally succeeded on her third try. Although she was unable to find it during her first two tries, on her second try, she obtained this primordial demon blade. The blade does not have an engraved name so she named it Dragon Compa.s.sion.”

“It has been said that the name Dragon Compa.s.sion refers to the six ancient evil dragon souls sealed on the blade’s body,” Yan Juehai continued Huo Rulie’s explanation, “and the blade’s body is most likely made out of the spines of these six dragons.”

“Primordial… demon blade?” Huo Poyun’s heart suddenly tightened.

The G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning was the core of the Primal Chaos. It was the most primitive secret realm and while it contained the greatest dangers, a vast amount of ancient treasures lay within it. As for profound weapons found in a place like the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning, even the lowest grade, would definitely shake the entire G.o.d Realm.

Because it was the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning!

“Even though this demon blade’s power could not reach the level it was at in the Ancient Era due to the changes in the Primal Chaos, I’m afraid even a sliver of its remaining sword might is beyond terrifying. Especially since… it has been rumored that the six sealed dragon souls all contain a wisp of remaining consciousness that has yet to die out. From the looks of it, that rumor seems to be true.” Yan Juhai’s brows rigidly locked together. That evil aura, which frightened the soul, proved that the souls in this blade still remained.

“However, judging from its aura, even though Luo Changsheng has used Heart Burning Lightning to raise his profound strength, he will still have to pay a price to wield it.” Yan Juehai shook his head. “In the end… Holy Eaves Realm’s Luo Changsheng still has a master like Luo Guxie. Yun Che winning against him is… sigh.”

“No,” Huo Rulie opened his eyes, his gaze ablaze. “Being able to force Luo Changsheng to this point, Yun Che has already won.”

“Yes! Master is right, Brother Yun has already won! It’s not just me and Master, I bet the majority of the people here also believe that he is much more amazing than Luo Changsheng!” Both of Huo Poyun’s hands tightened into fists when he firmly stated this.

Since he was able to feel such a scary evil dragon spiritual pressure from such a distance, how could Yun Che, who was facing Luo Changsheng not sense it? Yun Che’s expression sank. Blue veins appeared from his forehead as all the bones in his body faintly sounded.

As the Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade was slowly lifted, a bladestorm lightly unfurled, yet it instantly created a tremendous vacuum region. Luo Changsheng slowly raised his head, his eyes suffused with purple light had completely returned to their calm and indifferent state… He had recovered his former state, which believed that he had victory in his grasp, which judged he was in control of everything and could hold everything in contempt.

‘Yun Che, you truly are extraordinary. I cannot help but give you a word of praise. You are the strongest rival I have ever met since I was born. The injuries on my body and the pain I bore amount to more than I have ever suffered in this lifetime.”

He said this slowly, without the slightest fury in his voice.

Yun Che, “...”

“Activating Heart Burning Lightning allows me to break through my limits and it will also shorten my lifespan. As for the Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade, I have yet to completely master it, so forcibly using it will quickly consume my vitality. Being able to force me to use Heart Burning Lightning and the Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade, Yun Che, you are the first!”

“Although you are destined to lose, losing under the Heart Burning Lightning and the Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade…”

“You want to say that I’ll lose gloriously, right?” Yun Che’s entire body was stretched taut. His gaze was ice cold as a slight sneer appeared at the edge of his lips. “It appears that you have completely forgotten what I had reminded you of previously. It’s best to not boast too soon, otherwise… when you get slapped in the face, it’ll hurt more than before!”

“Heh,” Luo Changsheng lightly chuckled. Even though he looked calm on the surface, an acute fury violently stirred in his heart. Unprecedented pain, unprecedented heavy injuries… naturally brought about an unprecedented rage.

Even if his temperament could be diluted a hundred times, it was impossible for him to maintain his former tranquility.

He could easily pulverize Yun Che using Heart Burning Lightning, yet he still brought out the Dragon Compa.s.sion Blade, making it clear that his hatred had reached its limits. He wanted to thoroughly crush Yun Che… with the fastest speed, with the strongest power, with the most overwhelming state!

He wanted Yun Che’s defeat to be ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times more wretched than what he had suffered earlier, not giving him the slightest hope of being able to put up a fight!