Against the Gods - Chapter 1218 - Heaven Drawn Glazed Light

Chapter 1218 - Heaven Drawn Glazed Light

Chapter 1218 - Heaven Drawn Glazed Light

Shui Yingyue took to the sky after Yun Che was sealed into the Sunflower Water Formation. The Jade Rivulet Sword glowed, and a curtain of blue power started gathering in front of her. However, her eyes suddenly changed before the sword wind could take form entirely. It was because the Sunflower Water Formation’s aura had suddenly grown erratic.

The Sunflower Water Formation’s light dimmed rapidly, and its rotation grew slower and slower. Its rich aura was vanis.h.i.+ng as if something was devouring it from within.

The profound formation stopped spinning in just a few breaths. The azure colored water had turned into faint blue ice...

The entire Sunflower Water Formation was frozen into ice—no, it was no longer a formation because the energy and laws that ran it were completely erased by the enemy!

Right now, it was nothing but a ball of ice!

The scene stunned everyone who was watching the fight.



The ice formation shattered and Yun Che’s flame shrouded figure emerged from within. He fired a sword blast straight at Shui Yingyue.

Yun Che could only use the Heaven Smiting Sword after Rumbling Heaven was activated. Therefore, Shui Yingyue’s opponent was, without a doubt, in his peak form right now.

The might of the attack caused Shui Yingyue’s brows to scrunch together. With a simple flick of the wrist, she switched from offense to defense and drew many layers of watery patterns in front of her. Shui Yingyue’s defense canceled out Yun Che’s sword blast perfectly, and she wasn’t even harmed in the slightest.

However, she was pushed back several hundred meters as a result. It was clear that her current position was slightly disadvantageous.

Shui Yingyue was obviously much more mild-tempered compared to Jun Xilei, choosing very wisely not to fight Yun Che head on. Yun Che himself was aware of this, which was why he fired off another fiery sword blast at her immediately.

Yun Che thought that Shui Yingyue would dodge far, far away from the sword blast and unleash a full powered counter attack. But contrary to his expectations, Shui Yingyue chose to stand still and drew some wavy lines with the Jade Rivulet Sword instead.

A blue whirlpool appeared in front of her.

At first, Yun Che looked puzzled by her actions. Then, his eyes abruptly widened in the next instant.

Yun Che was well aware how powerful his attack was, not to mention that it was also imbued with the Golden Crow’s divine flames. But Shui Yingyue didn’t take a step backwards even though the sword blast had almost reached her. She pointed the Jade Rivulet Sword at the sword blast, and an unbelievable scene appeared. Somehow, the blue whirlpool she conjured had stopped the destructive power made up of Yun Che’s strongest sword might and the destructive power of the golden flames, dead in its tracks.

Shui Yingyue rotated her wrist slightly, causing something even more unbelievable to happen. Yun Che’s attack was actually drawn into the blue whirlpool, forced to circulate slowly along the Jade Rivulet Sword’s trajectory, then fired right back at Yun Che with the flick of a wrist.

“It’s the Heaven Drawn Glazed Light!!”

The experts in the spectator stands exclaimed in unison.

“The Heaven Drawn Glazed Light can only be cultivated when the profound pract.i.tioner in question has learned the highest level water laws. How did the Divine Spirit Realm Shui Yingyue manage to learn it!?”

“This session’s G.o.d Children are sure an impressive bunch.”

Heaven Drawn Glazed Light was a famous divine technique of the Glazed Light Realm. Shui Yingyue had just mastered the basics last year, and originally she had planned to use it against Jun Xilei. Unfortunately, she had never ran into Jun Xilei during this Conferred G.o.d Battle.

The unbelievable sight startled Yun Che for a split second, and before he could react he was knocked far into the distance by his own attack. Meanwhile, Shui Yingyue had launched her own counter attack by slas.h.i.+ng the air sixty four times to weave a gigantic blue sword. The sword swung down straight for Yun Che’s head.

Yun Che forcefully stopped his backward momentum and unleashed his profound energy again with inhuman speed...

“Sealing Cloud Locking Sun!”

The Evil G.o.d Barrier appeared on the Conferred G.o.d Stage and held back the giant blue sword. Although the impact caused thousands of tears to appear on its surface, the Evil G.o.d Barrier ultimately didn’t shatter.

“What an amazing barrier.” Shui Qianheng let out a soft sigh. “It’s about as strong as Shrouding Sky Realm’s Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier, but unlike the latter it can be activated immediately.”


The Evil G.o.d Barrier exploded and took out the giant blue sword along with it. Yun Che rushed towards Shui Yingyue like a dragon emerging from its lair. “Now try this!”

“Destroying Sky Decimating Earth!!”

This latest sword blast was far stronger than the one before, and it was imbued with the strongest Golden Crow flames. The sword blast was like a fire hurricane that depressed the ground it traversed.

Shui Yingyue calmly waved the Jade Rivulet Sword and summoned the Heaven Drawn Glazed Light once more. She tried to draw the terrifying attack into the blue whirlpool just like before but the whirlpool’s circulation suddenly grew erratic, as if it would crumble any second.

Shui Yingyue frowned. She immediately halted the process and discharged the power absorbed by the whirlpool straight at the other half of the sword blast.


Both Shui Yingyue and Yun Che were knocked back by the fiery explosion.

Yun Che cut his backward momentum short again before rus.h.i.+ng towards Shui Yingyue with a slight smile on his face. His plan was to attack Shui Yingyue like lightning and give her no chance to breathe whatsoever. However, he suddenly noticed that Shui Yingyue had put away the Jade Rivulet Sword and withdrawn her profound energy completely.

Yun Che stopped in his tracks and stared at her in puzzlement.

“Let’s leave it at this.” Shui Yingyue turned away. “You should conserve your energy for Luo Changsheng. He’s far stronger than what he’s allowed you to see thus far!”

After she said that, Shui Yingyue flew into the air, pa.s.sed through the Conferred G.o.d Stage’s barrier and returned to the spectator stands.

Yun Che, “...”

Her actions caught Honorable Qu Hui off guard a little, but he quickly recovered himself and declared, “Shui Yingyue has left the Conferred G.o.d Stage. Yun Che wins. He will be fighting in the grand final three days from now!”


The spectator stands were engulfed in noise once more.

Another G.o.d Child had fallen to Yun Che after the latter had defeated Lu Lengchuan and Jun Xilei in succession. Unlike the previous two though, Shui Yingyue had surrendered the fight willingly.

Although the short fight had looked like a close one, Shui Yingyue’s surrender meant that she had confirmation that she was no match for Yun Che.

“The grand final,” Mu Huanzhi looked up and muttered dreamily. The grand final of the Conferred G.o.d Battle was something they thought they would never reach even in their dreams, but the fact was a Snow Song Realm disciple had entered the grand final in reality.

It was so unbelievable, so transient, and so ridiculous that it was more ridiculous than even the most ridiculous joke that he had ever heard in his life… and yet that was the reality that was presented before him.

“How unfortunate that the sect master wasn’t able to come to the Eternal Heaven Realm personally. She would definitely have been overjoyed by this news.”

Mu Bingyun, “...”

This victory was as unexpected as his victory over Jun Xilei, but the commotion it caused throughout the Eastern Divine Region was tremendous all the same.

Yun Che withdrew the Heaven Smiting Sword under countless stares and returned to the spectator stands calmly. His unusually mild reaction caused a lot of admiration and puzzlement.

“Congratulations, Brother Yun!” Huo Poyun exclaimed with barely restrained excitement, feeling proud on Yun Che’ behalf, “You entered the grand finals! That means you’ll be getting second place at a minimum! I swear, you must’ve shattered every record in the entire Eastern Divine Region… Ss, this almost seems like a dream when I think back to the day we first encountered each other.”

Yun Che smiled before he subconsciously looked in another direction as if he had just sensed something. His gaze met Luo Changsheng’s, and the latter smiled gently at him.

Yun Che returned the smile before looking back at his companions. His heart was turbulent right now.

Jasmine, there is only one grand final wall standing between you and me now.

I haven’t made up my mind to conquer the Conferred G.o.d Battle just because it was the “requirement” you set for me to achieve. I… refuse to believe that you truly don’t wish to see me.

I want to show you that I can grow stronger for your sake, and I want to show you how much I’m willing to endure for you… I’m willing to shoulder your burden no matter what it is.

A few blue golden words appeared on the screen on the G.o.d Conferred Stage:

The Conferred G.o.d Grand Final:

Luo Changsheng of the Holy Eaves Realm vesus Yun Che of the Snow Song Realm.

One of the names displayed on the screen belonged to a region-famous G.o.d Child. He was known as the indisputable number one genius among the young generation and an invincible fighter among his peers. He was thought to be the champion of the Conferred G.o.d Battle even before the Profound G.o.d Convention had begun.

The other name on the screen was a newly ascended G.o.d Child who defeated three G.o.d Children in a row and shocked the entire Eastern Divine Region with his skills.

When the Conferred G.o.d Battle first started, no one would’ve put the two of them on the same scale. At that time, they were as different as a firefly and a moon.

But today, no one would even think to question Yun Che’s right to stand next to Luo Changsheng.

In fact, no one even dared to claim that Luo Changsheng would beat Yun Che for sure, not after the latter had taken out Lu Lengchuan, Jun Xilei, and Shui Yingyue all in a row.

The match between these two would definitely be the pinnacle on this session’s Conferred G.o.d Battle.

“Luo Changsheng, Yun Che, I offer you my congratulations for entering the grand final.” Honorable Qu Hui’s gaze swept through the entire stage once before he continued in an indifferent tone, “It is the honor you both deserve, and the best proof to your strength. The first place of the Conferred G.o.d Battle will be decided between you two.”

“However,” Honorable Qu Hui turned to look at Yun Che, “There is one thing about this grand final that I must remind you, Yun Che.”

Yun Che, “...”

“Your current score is eight wins and one loss, whereas Luo Changsheng’s score is nine wins and zero losses. If Luo Changsheng wins the upcoming match, he’ll become the champion of the Conferred G.o.d Battle and you the runner up. That’ll be the end of the Conferred G.o.d Battle.”

“If you win the upcoming match, Luo Changsheng will still have lost one match only. His score will be the same as yours, and you’ll have to fight Luo Changsheng a second time. You can become champion only if you beat him a second time as well. Do you understand!?”

“I understand.” Yun Che nodded without hesitation.

“Ah?” Huo Poyun’s mouth fell open. “That means that Brother Yun has to beat Luo Changsheng’s two times in a row to become champion, but Luo Changsheng only needs to beat him once… this… this is just too unfair!”

“These are the basic rules of a double elimination format. It’s nothing to feel strange about,” Huo Rulie said. “Luo Changsheng won every match he fought and took the crown in the Conferred G.o.d Group, but Yun Che lost one match and took the crown in the Losers Group. Of course these two wins are incomparable to each other.”


“Save your buts. Do you see Yun boy complaining about this?” Huo Rulie answered while tugging his lips. That being said, he was deeply worried for Yun Che on the inside.

Luo Changsheng was no ordinary person. He was a living legend among the young generation in the Eastern Divine Region… It would be a miracle already if Yun Che somehow managed to beat him even once. But twice…?

Was that really possible?

It was a miracle that Yun Che managed to enter the grand final of the Conferred G.o.d Battle. But who wouldn’t want to watch an even bigger miracle and the fall of a living legend?

“Very well.” Honorable Qu Hui nodded slightly. “The grand final shall begin three days later. You will both be given an additional Time Wheel Pearl. Please show up on the Conferred G.o.d Stage in your optimal state.”

“No one is allowed to disturb the two combatants during these three days, or the enforcers of the Eternal Heaven Realm will not take the offense lightly!”