Against the Gods - Chapter 1205 - Mental Breakdown

Chapter 1205 - Mental Breakdown

Chapter 1205 - Mental Breakdown

As Glazed Light Realm King Shui Qianheng slowly walked inside, everyone felt their minds being suppressed by a boundless force, despite the fact that there was no profound energy fluctuations around his body.

There was a youth behind him. He was actually none other than the ninety-ninth young master of the Glazed Light Realm, Shui Yinghen, whom Yun Che had b.u.mped into earlier this day and exchanged a few words with.

What level of an individual was Shui Qianheng? His arrival was absolutely an incomparably huge fright to the people from the Snow Song Realm. It was clearly because of Shui Meiyin that a person of his ident.i.ty bothered to come at such a place. It was only Shui Meiyin who could make the Glazed Light Realm King, who made the whole Eastern Divine Region shake with his every step, not hesitate to step into the temporary residence of people from a middle star realm.

“Glazed… Glazed Light Realm King, our Snow Song is extremely honored to have you personally visit us. But… have you come here for your daughter?” Mu Huanzhi, who had the highest seniority among the people from the Snow Song Realm, stepped forward to carefully greet the other party.

Shui Qianheng slightly nodded his head in response. His gaze swept around and caught sight of Shui Meiyin intimately standing beside Yun Che, whose body had become taut in this moment, causing a frown to suddenly appear on his face. He again looked at Shui Yingyue, and immediately asked, in a heavy voice with a rarely seen unpleasant expression, “What exactly happened?”

Shui Yingyue suppressed her emotions. She gave a glance at Shui Meiyin before saying a scolding tone, “Meiyin, even royal father has personally come because he was worried about you. Come back with us right now!”

“Daddy, I’m all right.” Shui Meiyin smiled beautifully. “I didn’t pay attention to you all earlier because I was very seriously thinking about a matter. Oh, that’s right. Daddy, Ninety-ninth Brother, there is something I want to tell you. I have already decided that…”

“Meiyin!” Shui Yingyue was greatly alarmed, but Shui Meiyin didn’t care at all about her intention to stop her from speaking any further. She continued while only thinking of herself, “I want to marry Big Brother Yun Che.”


Shui Yinghen’s body swayed all of a sudden and his head crashed into Shui Qianheng’s back.

Shui Qianheng was taken aback. He instantly widened his eyes a bit, “What did you say?”

“Royal father!” Shui Yingyue said in an urgent voice. “Meiyin is only playing around…”

“I’m not playing around!” Shui Meiyin immediately corrected her. She said with a solemn face, “I’ve made this decision after thinking it over very seriously!”

Mu Huanzhi drew back in fear, and the others also moved backwards carefully, not daring to exhale. Everyone knew very well that hearing such a thing would enrage Shui Qianheng to an extent that a world-shaking incident could happen at any moment.

Just as they expected, Shui Qianheng’s face became quite contorted upon hearing her words. His brows began to tremble. He wanted to be angry, but was still unwilling to get angry at Shui Meiyin, so he could only suppress his anger as he reprimanded Shui Meiyin, “What nonsense! Such terrible nonsense! What kind of foolish talk is that!? Are you not afraid of being laughed at by others? Return with us right away!”

“Eh? Why would people laugh at me?” Shui Meiyin tilted her head. “I found someone to marry, which is a very happy and beautiful matter. Daddy, shouldn’t you be glad for me?”

Yun Che, “…”

Shui Yingyue, “…”

Shui Yinghen, (⊙▽⊙)

“You…” It might be fine for her to say such a thing if there was no outsiders here, but the whole group from the Snow Song Realm was also watching them. Even the distinguished Glazed Light Realm King felt his face burning hot at his daughter repeatedly talking about marrying someone from a middle star realm… What the h.e.l.l was going on here!?

“Daddy, why do you look so angry? Don’t tell me that… you don’t agree with my decision?” Shui Meiyin slightly rotated her eyes, as she asked in a pitiful and lovely tone.

“Of course I disagree! You’re spouting nonsense. Nonsense!” How could the Glazed Light Realm King keep his anger suppressed any longer? His tone of voice had also become a bit heavier.

“Oh…” Shui Meiyin revealed a look of disappointment, before immediately showing a smile. “It doesn’t matter. It’s my personal matter anyway, so daddy doesn’t have any say in it.”

“How could that be true!?” Shui Qianheng asked in a heavy voice. “I don’t feel like caring about your useless big brothers, but all the major matters concerning you and your elder sister must be decided by me! You… Don’t you speak another nonsensical word. Return with us at once!”

A certain useless big brother, “…” (What’s that gotta do with me!?)

Shui Qianheng had never shown a look of anger in front of Shui Meiyin and that was why Shui Meiyin was stunned upon seeing his current expression. However, the resolute look in her starry eyes became increasingly stronger, and she also didn’t seem to be angry in the least, “Daddy, how can you act like this!? When I was small, mother told me that it’s only up to me to decide who I want to marry, and even mother and daddy can’t interfere in this matter. Daddy, why do you have a completely different opinion than mother!?”

“What… What does your mother even understand!?” When Shui Meiyin mentioned her mother, Shui Qianheng’s tone clearly grew a bit weaker.

“Mother also said that to marry someone is one of the biggest matters in the lives of us girls. Neither we nor anyone else should forcibly make decisions about such an important matter. If there comes a day when we meet someone we adore, really want to look at every day, and also wish to be together with all the time, then we need to very courageously voice our feelings and then try our best to marry him. Only then will we be able to have a happy life.”

“Mother also said that back then when she was filled with feelings of adoration for daddy, she acted very courageously and worked hard to marry daddy. It was only because of that, that she was able to have me and big sis, and live a very happy life… Don’t tell me that mother’s words were wrong? Don’t tell me that daddy doesn’t want me to be happy like mother?”

“…” Shui Qianheng opened his mouth, but was actually unable to utter a single word in response. His gaze s.h.i.+fted to her side, as he immediately took his anger out on Yun Che in a quite heavy and furious voice, “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Just what kind of decoction did you made her drink!!?”

“Glazed Light Realm King, please calm down!” Yun Che waved his hands in a flurry. He said in n urgent voice, “Junior had soul battle with your daughter today, so it is very likely that she is behaving in such a manner due to some mental damage that was caused to your daughter because of the extreme fierceness of the battle…”

“Glazed Light Realm King, Yun Che is right,” Mu Bingyun said. “You should have also watched that extraordinarily fierce battle of soul power between these two. Yun Che made a comeback at the last moment and emerged victorious. Her behavior is very likely that because there was some of his soul imprint left behind in her soul from the moment he defeated her.”

Yun Che nodded his head like a chick pecking rice grains, as he was also absolutely certain that it was the reason. Otherwise, Shui Meiyin should not have reacted in such a way, no matter what… It would only be normal for her to come over with her elder sister to beat him up.

“That’s not it!” Before the Glazed Light Realm King could reply, Shui Meiyin firmly shook her head denial. She turned her head to look at Yun Che, and her eyes shone quite brightly, as if there were stars embedded in them, “Yesterday, the battle between Big Brother Yun Che and Big Brother Lengchuan was really, really awesome. There were many times during the battle when I thought that Big Brother Yun Che would certainly lose, but Big Brother Yun Che would suddenly become even more awesome. Even daddy and Grandpa Eternal Heaven were so moved while watching the battle… At that time, there was only Big Brother Yun Che left in my sight, and I was no longer able to see Big Brother Lengchuan. Moreover, my heart started to beat faster and faster.”

“…” Seeing his daughter looking at Yun Che dazedly and longingly, as if she was in a trance, and listening to her cotton soft voice, the Glazed Light Realm King was dumbfounded at first, then felt a strain on his scalp.

Shui Yingyue also opened her lips unconsciously. It was only now that she noticed that the situation was even more severe than her expectations… and quite severe too.

“I was so happy all of yesterday, thinking that I would be fighting with Big Brother Yun Che today. When I saw Big Brother Yun Che today before arriving at the Conferred G.o.d Stage, I suddenly felt the urge to approach him. When I got to talk with him, I was feeling really happy in my heart. The feeling of satisfaction filling my heart was completely different from before… Today, I really worked hard to think over it the whole day, and I finally understood that it was definitely the feeling that mother had talked about with me!”

“…” The corner of Yun Che’s mouth twitched. S-s-she… must be joking, right!?

Could it be that… his heroic bearing the previous day had truly left a deep mark in the pure heart of this girl?

Or, was it his overly powerful and transcendent charm that brought about this disaster!?

W-w-wait a minute! No… No! In such a situation… wouldn’t the Glazed Light Realm King rip me a new one?!

“That’s enough!!” At this time, Shui Qianheng’s heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys were all jumping about. Irritated or suffocated was far from enough to describe his condition at the moment. He even felt like it would be better to die than live any further.

He, the distinguished Glazed Light Realm King, who looked down on all living beings with arrogance, was always dying to keep this daughter of his in his hands. But who would have thought that she would be smitten with a boy from a middle star realm… Oh, no, from the lower realms!!

His daughter was widely recognized number one heaven favored G.o.ddess of this generation, and the Eternal Heaven Realm King had personally made a visit to receive her as a disciple but was rejected by him. But now she actually wanted to be with a boy from a middle star realm, even though it was clearly a losing deal!!

“Meiyin,” Shui Qianheng’s scalp was tingling endlessly as his eyes emitted fury. “Listen here. Only the most outstanding man in this world could deserve you. In daddy’s eyes, even Luo Changsheng isn’t worthy of you! As for this boy… he would be unworthy of even a hair of yours, even if becomes ten thousand times stronger! You’re still young right now, so there are too many things that you don’t understand. When you grow up, only then will you be able to know the most suitable man for you!”

Shui Meiyin, however, pouted in response before voicing her disapproval. “Big Brother Yun Che isn’t as bad as daddy says. In the future… he might become even more powerful than daddy.”

Shui Qianheng’s lungs were on the verge of blowing up… Looking at Shui Meiyin’s att.i.tude, it was evident that she was displeased with him belittling Yun Che, and had even started to defend him!

He couldn’t bring himself to flare up at Shui Meiyin, so he targeted Yun Che to vent the feelings of suffocation and rage building within him, “Yun Che… Boy, I see what you did…”

Shui Qianheng had still not done anything, but Shui Meiyin’s body flashed as she stood resolutely in front of Yun Che, “Daddy, what… what do you want to do!? Big Brother Yun Che is my future husband and your son-in-law. You can’t hurt him, or so much as shout loudly at him. Otherwise… I’ll get angry!”

“![email protected]#¥%…” Shui Qianheng almost spurted a mouthful of blood on the spot.

“Eh… Ah… Uh, Fairy Meiyin, could you listen to a few words?” Yun Che finally spoke… Now that the situation had gone out of control to such an extent that even the distinguished Glazed Light Realm King was about to collapse, he might truly be done for if he didn’t do something.

If the Glazed Light Realm King were to truly make his move against him in rage, so as to permanently eliminate any chance of future trouble, even the combined strength of everyone present would not be enough to stop him.

“Big Brother Yun Che, just call me Meiyin.” Shui Meiyin turned around. Her soft and fair face was blooming with a smile, and her eyes looking at him… contained the expressions of joy and intimacy, as if she was looking at her husband.

The Glazed Light Realm King’s brows moved sideways, but he didn’t interrupt them. There was only a cold and harsh look in his eyes, as he clearly warned him: This all started because of you, so you’re going to die if you don’t fix the issue!

“Eh, you see, about you wanting to marry me… Possibly… the actual situation is quite a bit different from your expectations.” Yun Che chose each of his words carefully, as he spoke as slowly and tactfully as possible.

“Ah?” Shui Meiyin blinked her eyes. “Could it be that… Big Brother Yun Che doesn’t like me?”

“No, no, no, Of course, that’s not the case.” Yun Che promptly waved his hands. It was not because he was afraid of hurting Shui Meiyin. Instead… if he dared to say that he didn’t like Shui Meiyin, Shui Qianheng would absolutely fly into a rage: Who do you think you are to not like my daughter!?

Of course, he absolutely couldn’t say anything along the lines of him liking her, either. Otherwise, Shui Qianheng would similarly fly into a rage: Who do you think you are to like my daughter!?

“Actually, well… you should be aware that I come from a very humble origin, from a very distant, desolate, and really low level planet. Before arriving in the G.o.d Realm, I have actually already… gotten married.”

“Ah?” Shui Meiyin opened her lips, as a visible change appeared on her face.

Yun Che continued, “Moreover, I have three wives. If you truly want to marry me, you can only… uhh, have the position of… a concubine. Given your incomparably n.o.ble ident.i.ty, there is no way such a thing would be all right. Therefore…”

“It doesn’t matter!” Yun Che had never expected for Shui Meiyin to smile at this time. Furthermore, her smiling face… looked very happy?

“My daddy has a total of one hundred seventy three wives, and my mother is one of the youngest, as well as the one who is most doted on by daddy. If I become Big Brother Yun Che’s concubine, I’ll also certainly be doted on the most by Big Brother Yun Che… That’s so great!”

Yun Che opened his mouth wide, stupefied.

Shui Qianheng could only facepalm at her words.