Against the Gods - Chapter 1195: Profound Handle Manifest God

Chapter 1195: Profound Handle Manifest God

Chapter 1195 - Profound Handle: G.o.d Manifestation

“What is he doing? Is he going to surrender?”

“It… doesn’t look like it?”

Yun Che’s internal injuries were severe, and his breathing was incredibly heavy. However, he closed his eyes and quickly emptied his mind. Blue light suddenly flashed from his left arm before it flew away from the limb entirely.

The blue light flashed in midair before it suddenly discharged a great amount of heat and light. The fire quickly took on the shape of a giant three-legged bird.

It was the Golden Crow’s image!

“Is that… the Golden Crow’s divine image?”

“Why is he conjuring this image now?”

Every spectator looked confused and puzzled by this sight.

“Oh? What is he doing?” the Star G.o.d Emperor asked. “Is he trying to show off the majestic presence of the Golden Crow before his moment of defeat?”

“Maybe. He has inherited the power of the Golden Crow despite being a Snow Song Realm disciple.” Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor nodded slightly.

The Golden Crow image moved rapidly above Yun Che. At first, it was completely an illusion. Over time, it slowly gained substance and became a half real, half illusory thing. Finally, it manifested… fully into existence?


The fiery Golden Crow image spread its wings and let out a long, resounding cry.

In that moment, the five great G.o.d emperors and every Divine Master present froze where they were. A blank moment later, their expressions changed drastically.

“Is… is that the…”

Both the Star G.o.d Emperor and Moon G.o.d Emperor stood up at once. They cried out in utter disbelief:

“G.o.d… Manifestation… Art!???”

The two G.o.d Emperors’ exclamations stunned every spectator in the stands… Just what was it that stunned the two G.o.d emperors so much that they forgot themselves?

“The G.o.d Manifestation Art?... How… how is this possible?” An indescribably strange atmosphere started spreading from the spectator’s stands. Nearly every Divine Master was staring at Yun Che’s Golden Crow image with a stupefied look on their faces. They looked like they had just seen the most unbelievable and ridiculous thing in the whole wide world.

The Golden Crow image stood proudly above Yun Che as it quietly spread its fiery might to every corner and every soul present at the Conferred G.o.d Stage, oppressing them.

When a Divine Spirit’s power was wielded to a certain extent, or when a Divine Spirit was executing a certain profound technique, they could manifest a divine spirit image to show off their power. They could manifest or erase the image whenever they wanted to. For example, there were the Golden Crow flame image, Phoenix flame image, Heavenly Wolf image and Azure Dragon image...

However, an illusion was ultimately just an illusion. It had no use other than to intimidate.

The fiery Golden Crow image above Yun Che’s head was different though. Not only was it emitting a tremendous amount of spirit pressure and fiery aura, they could sense its life and soul as well!

“That’s not a phantom…” Huo Rulie looked up into the sky and mumbled like he was dreaming. “That’s a G.o.d he manifested!”

“Manifest G.o.d” was an alien concept to most young profound pract.i.tions and average experts. Only those who stood at the peak of the Primal Chaos would truly understand how precious the G.o.d Manifestation Art was.

It was precious because it was an ultimate power that only Divine Masters who inherited a certain level of primal G.o.d blood and above could unleash.

But Yun Che… was obviously just a Divine Tribulation cultivator!

“No… it cannot possibly be the G.o.d Manifestation Art. No matter how amazing he is, he cannot possibly use the power of a Divine Master.” The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor stared at Yun Che with clear shock in his eyes.

He tried to find a flaw or abnormality in the Golden Crow image as best he could, but the more he tried, the bigger his shock became.

A Divine Tribulation cultivator executing the G.o.d Manifestation Art… it was a revelation so ridiculous that their common sense, the common sense of G.o.d emperors, was completely overturned. That was why they couldn’t believe it no matter what.

Lu Lengchuan stopped in his tracks and stared at Yun Che in astonishment.

The G.o.d Manifestation Art was a power that could only be wielded by Divine Masters. Naturally, Yun Che couldn’t execute it. Therefore, the Golden Crow image he unleashed wasn’t a product of the G.o.d Manifestation Art, but Profound Handle: G.o.d Manifestation!

The day he returned to Snow Song Realm and dove to the bottom of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, after his request for power was turned down by the Ice Phoenix girl, she had given him a simple bit of advice. She had told him to fuse his profound handle, profound veins, and G.o.d souls together.

At first, Yun Che didn’t pay her advice much attention. His biggest desire at the time was to increase his profound energy level and nothing else.

After the Universe Penta Jade Pellet was completely refined, he still had some time before the Time Wheel Pearl was completely used up. It was during that time he started fusing the G.o.d soul granted to him by the Ice Phoenix girl. When the fusion process was complete, the girl’s advice flashed across his mind during his moment of enlightenment and greatest clarity.

A trace of sudden realization flowed into his soul.

The power of the profound handle was the Illusory Demon Realm Yun Family’s core power. Back then, it was this power that had brought the Yun Family to the top of the Twelve Guardian Families.

However, Yun Che’s profound energy was special. The Evil G.o.d Arts sat at the core of his power, but didn’t affect the profound handle. Moreover, the profound handle was unusable because it helped little at the cost of much strength. The gain wasn’t worth the cost.

That was why Yun Che very rarely used it back in the Profound Sky Continent. Most of the time, he only used it to confuse his enemy’s senses.

After he arrived in the G.o.d Realm, the profound handle was practically useless to him.

However, in that instant of enlightenment, he finally realized that the profound handle in his bloodline wasn’t just an unsophisticated, completely separate special power. When he unlocked a certain key and completed the fusion process, he suddenly discovered a new, awesome power that had never been revealed to him until that moment.

Right now, his profound handle wasn’t just a profound handle anymore. It had completely fused with Yun Che’s bloodline, profound veins, and G.o.d soul. Although it was subordinate to Yun Che, it had a life of its own. Some of its power came from Yun Che, but it also had its own power, and a high level consciousness that originated from the G.o.d soul!

In terms of its very nature and level of power, it was completely on par with the so-called G.o.d Manifestation Art practiced by the G.o.d Realm’s profound pract.i.tioners.

However, a pract.i.tioner of the G.o.d Manifestation Art must be at Divine Master Realm and possess a rich amount of primal G.o.d blood. Yun Che’s Profound Handle: G.o.d Manifestation could be executed whenever he wished from the moment he learned how to use it… It was a special, divine power that he had learned on his own that belonged to no other.

It literally was the one and only in the entire Primal Chaos!

Profound Handle: G.o.d Manifestation was one of the trump cards Yun Che had planned for the Conferred G.o.d Battle. Originally, his plan was to use it during the final battle. However, he had underestimated the Four G.o.d Children’s true strength, and had no choice but to use it now.

When Profound Handle: G.o.d Manifestation was fully formed, Yun Che lowered his arm and gripped the Heaven Smiting Sword once more. By now, the discomfort plaguing his right arm had lessened by a lot, but instead of sparing some profound energy to suppress his wounds, he summoned his profound energy for battle once more.


Yun Che’s destroyed forcefield erupted into existence again. Despite his terrible wounds, it was as strong as it was before. Lu Lengchuan was staring at the bizarre Golden Crow image in doubt and puzzlement when Yun Che’s aura eruption caught him by surprise. He was just about to tell Yun Che to suppress his wounds when he saw the latter charging towards him while covered in fire.

Lu Lengchuan’s brow creased as the Skysplitter Spear’s dragon image danced around him. It was at this moment that he sensed a second blazing aura swinging towards him from above, prompting him to look up. The Golden Crow image, with spread wings, was swinging a three hundred meter long sword of fire straight down at his head! Its form was so mighty that it was only slightly inferior to Yun Che’s.

The crowd’s deafening roars of shock entered his ears.

“G… Golden Annihilation!?” The Flame G.o.d Realm elders and disciples were so shocked their eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly fell out of their sockets.

Momentarily distracted, Lu Lengchuan subconsciously raised his spear to block the flaming sword swinging down from the sky. By then Yun Che had already gotten close to Lu Lengchuan and struck him with his sword.

Boom… Boom!!

Two fiery auras exploded on the Skysplitter Spear and Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier separately. The amplified attack was a fiery h.e.l.l that Lu Lengchuan had never experienced until now. It left a dim golden mark on the barrier, and caused the guardian dragon image to cry out in pain.

Lu Lengchuan’s pupils widened in an instant. The Golden Crow image’s power was bigger than he imagined, and more importantly Yun Che’s power hadn’t decreased at all.

The fiery image was no illusion. In fact, its life and soul presence might be the real thing. Even more unbelievable was the fact that the Golden Crow image had executed the same Golden Crow sword technique Yun Che had used before!

“Did an image… just use… Golden Annihilation?” A Golden Crow disciple rubbed his eyes strongly.

“I said it’s not an image. It’s highly like that it’s a... Manifest G.o.d!” Huo Rulie said slowly. His lips had been trembling visibly for a while now.

“What’s a… Manifest G.o.d?”

“It’s a power none of you can understand right now. It’s not something even I can execute. You only need to know that a Manifest G.o.d is capable of using the power of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World. It’ll exhaust Yun Che faster, but won’t weaken his power. It’s like… getting a huge support for free!” Huo Rulie explained while reining in his boiling blood.

“Manifest G.o.d… sss… how can a power like this exist in the world? Still, even if his power isn’t split, he has to spare some consciousness to control the Manifest G.o.d, especially when he’s executing a flame technique, right? Isn’t he afraid that he’ll lose control?”

“No!” Yan Juehai shook his head firmly. “If that really is a Manifest G.o.d… then it could operate entirely on its own. You can say that it has its own consciousness… or soul!”

It wasn’t just the Golden Crow Sect. Every Divine Master and G.o.d emperor present in the Conferred G.o.d Stage felt their eyes twitch like they were p.r.i.c.ked by a needle when they saw the Golden Crow image unleas.h.i.+ng the flaming sword.

Although Lu Lengchuan was completely unharmed, the force of impact still knocked him back hard. He did his best to quell his puzzlement and shock as quickly as he could, but Yun Che was already slas.h.i.+ng downwards at Lu Lengchuan.


Yun Che’s attack was blocked by the Skysplitter Spear. At the same time, a giant, golden fireball several hundred meters wide fell from the sky towards Lu Lengchuan like a meteor. Lu Lengchuan was kept occupied by Yun Che’s heavy sword, so he had no choice but to resist the attack with the Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier. There was a loud explosion, and both Yun Che and Lu Lengchuan became engulfed in flames.


Distorted sizzles could be heard from the surface of the Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier, but the Golden Crow image was already following up with another attack. Again, the image swung its sword straight at Lu Lengchuan’s body.

Lu Lengchuan was keeping the sea of flames at bay with the Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier and struggling full force against Yun Che. The attack instantly broke the balance between the duo and knocked Lu Lengchuan a dozen steps backwards. Yun Che immediately followed up with a torrent of attacks.

Boom boom boom boom boom!

Every time Yun Che swung, he left behind a fiery impression on the Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier. It took five hits before Lu Lengchuan finally recovered his balance, and he counterattacked with a straight stab while ignoring Yun Che’s attacks.

This time though, Yun Che didn’t try to trade damage with Lu Lengchuan. Instead, he stopped his a.s.sault and dodged the attack instantly with Moon Splitting Cascade. Meanwhile, a new blast of fire buried Lu Lengchuan in a sea of flames yet again. The attack was quickly followed by more swings from Yun Che. The one man and one image duo kept attacking Lu Lengchuan with the Golden Crow flames and kept him buried in flames nearly all the time.

A profound handle’s strength could be deduced from its color. A blue profound handle could unleash sixty percent of Yun Che’s strength.

A profound handle was the body of the Manifest G.o.d. Therefore, the Manifest G.o.d could only wield sixty percent of Yun Che’s strength. But unlike a normal profound handle, the blue profound handle that had fused completely with the Evil G.o.d profound veins now wielded the same type of power as Yun Che, meaning that it could now be amplified by the Evil G.o.d Arts. In short, the Manifest G.o.d wielded sixty percent of Yun Che’s current strength.

Combat strength wise, there was very little difference between Yun Che and Lu Lengchuan. The stalemate at the beginning of the fight was a sign of that.

Since the difference between their strengths was so small, any tiny variable could change the tides of battle entirely. For example, Lu Lengchuan was able to push Yun Che gradually to the edge of defeat after evoking just one layer of the Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier.

But now what would happen if Yun Che suddenly gained sixty percent more power out of nowhere?

Even better, it wasn’t just a plain addition of strength. Yun Che himself gaining sixty percent more strength, and Yun Che gaining a Manifest G.o.d with its own soul and consciousness wielding sixty percent of his strength were two entirely different concepts!

The cries of the Golden Crow resounded again and again on the Conferred G.o.d Stage. Yun Che and the Manifest G.o.d cooperated flawlessly to attack and defend, defend and attack, or attack and defend Lu Lengchuan at the same time. Lu Lengchuan could take on Yun Che alone, but not Yun Che and his Manifest G.o.d at once. His defense was easily picked apart, and his attacks were interrupted before he could complete any one of them… It was almost felt like he was dragged into a borderless sea of Golden Crow flames. The Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier kept sizzling like it was on fire, and the dragon image never stopped crying out in pain.

One might say that Yun Che was wiping the floor with Lu Lengchuan in a sea of fire.

If Lu Lengchuan chose to stop Yun Che, he wouldn’t be able to defend himself from the Manifest G.o.d. But if he chose to stop the Manifest G.o.d, he wouldn’t be able to defend himself from Yun Che. If he tried to stop both of them… it couldn’t be done even if he went all out against them.

If he hadn’t encased himself in three layers of Glowing Dragon's Sacred Barrier, his body and soul would have crumbled already.

Countless mouths were agape as the spectators watched the fight.

“Are we sure… that isn’t a… contracted profound beast?”

“Have you ever seen a profound beast that can use an ancient divine flame G.o.d art? This is the Golden Crow flame we’re talking about, the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World!”